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Released: 25th November 2002.

Floetry - FloeticEvery once in a while you come across an album that blows your mind and you wonder how you lived without it. For me that latest album comes from Philly-based, English duo Floetry.

With very poor promotion from record company (DreamWorks) the album, entitled "Floetic" has been a success purely on word of mouth. The group is made up of the "Floacist", who is responsible for the rap and spoken word, and the "Stongstress" - singing every note with melodic perfection. The original duo have already turned heads, upon the inclusion of their stunning "Butterflies" on Michael Jackson's 2001 flop album, "Invincible".

One of the first tracks opening the album is the brilliant debut single "Floetic" which is one the funkiest hip-hop romps I've ever come across. With songwriting talent like that you could only expect the rest of the album to be top notch - and it doesn't disappoint.

Made up of more down-tempo songs than fast-paced, the duo effortlessly glide from track to track. Highlight tracks include the smouldering fizzle of "Getting Late", incredibly sexy vibe of second single "Say Yes", club pumpin', possible future single, "Mr Messed Up", laid-back smokiness of "Hey You" and the soulful musical journey of "If I Was A Bird".

With a unique approach to hip-hop, Floetry are a breath of fresh air to the genre today. And while getting no help from their record company, Floetry gained much well-deserved exposure at this years Grammy Awards, having been nominated in two categories.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this R&B sensation - which I suspect is most of you - head on over to an online music store and listen to some samples, you will more than likely be sucked into the small yet still growing world of Floetry.

* * * * * (Lachlan Sutherland)

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