What's happening?

After 2004 UKMIX will no longer support any version of Internet Explorer below version 6 (the current one).

At some point in 2005 we'll refresh the design of UKMIX, and it will not be tested in Internet Explorer 4, 5 or 5.5. Just 6. If you try to view the site with an older IE version, you'll probably find problems with the layout, maybe errors too.

This is not as drastic as it seems - less than 10% of our visitors are running IE 5 browsers now (IE 4 is almost non-existent). In fact Mozilla/Firefox should soon overtake IE 5 in the user statistics.

Why are you doing this?

We want everyone to enjoy UKMIX, and are committed to the following:

  • Making a site that conforms to the relevant standards. If a browser has proper standards support, it should work.
  • Supporting all popular browsers, even if the browser is broken or doesn't fully support the standards.

Internet Explorer 5 never fitted the first category, and it no longer fits the second category because most people have upgraded now.

It is especially difficult to support multiple versions of Internet Explorer because Microsoft put restrictions on downloading and installing older versions.

What if I'm using IE 5?

Upgrade now! No need to wait.

  • Mozilla Firefox
    Our recommended choice. Quick download. Ideal for forums users.
  • Opera
    Good browser, but you have to pay for it. Or suffer adverts.
  • Internet Explorer
    Poor security record. Needed for some sites using non-standard code though.