The people behind UKMIX

Many people have been involved in the development and success of UKMIX. Here are the main ones:

Site Development
Lars Janssen

Aneta Janssen

Amir Hussan
Aneta Janssen

Features & Fanbase
Aneta Janssen

Sites Directory
Thanks to everyone who has contributed their efforts in this somewhat tedious but highly essential task.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed reviews and features. All individuals are credited on the relevant page.

Thanks to Sian Rance for designing the UKMIX logo.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has taken part one way or another in making this site, or provided valuable feedback.

Free software

UKMIX is heavily indebted to the efforts of thousands people around the world who have written software under the "Open Source" model. That means the software is free - as in "free choice", not "free lunch". This is a very good thing, for a wide variety of reasons that would look out of place on a music site, so visit if you want to know more.

We've been using Open Source software right from the start for the simplest reason of all: it's better! We would therefore like to thank the developers of the following:

Apache Linux MySQL PHP phpBB