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UKMIX is run on an entirely non-profit basis. We aim to provide an independent, non-commercial community site for music fans.

Everything published on the site is contributed by the community. We don't have full time staff. However, because the site is busy, it costs a fair amount in server space and bandwidth to run (up to 1,000 UK pounds per year at the time of writing).

UKMIX is offered as a free service to anyone who wants to participate. On the same basis, if you would like to contribute a token amount towards our running costs that would be very much appreciated.

Note that you're not buying anything, it's a voluntary contribution. Please don't feel bad if you can't afford to pay or don't have the means to send funds via Paypal or credit/debit card.

Click here for a list of people who have contributed.

Suggested amounts

Donate whatever you want, however small. If you'd like some help deciding, here's a rough outline:

  • Occasional user, modest income: nothing.
  • Occasional user, good income: 3 UK pounds/year (4 Euros, 5 US$)
  • Regular user, modest income: 3 UK pounds/year (4 Euros, 5 US$)
  • Regular user, good income: 6 UK pounds/year (8 Euros, 10 US$)
  • Benefactor, good income: 12 UK pounds/year (16 Euros, 20 US$)

Please consider setting up a subscription - this is by far the easiest way, and it gives us a more reliable and predictable income. Click the link below:

Click here to set up regular payments.

How to pay

We're currently accepting payments via Paypal. This includes all the major credit and debit cards. No Paypal account needed.

Donating is easy and safe. Paypal will never send us your credit card details or other personal information - just name and e-mail, which we will treat in the strictest confidence and never share.

To donate with Paypal, click the button below corresponding to your preferred currency. If your local currency isn't listed, you can use any. If you have a Paypal account and want to use it, log in and continue.

To pay by credit/debit card, click the button where it says: "If you do not currently have a Paypal account [click here]". You then have a choice to enter your card details or create a Paypal account. If you use your credit/debit card to pay in foreign currency you be billed an extra 0-3% handling fee by your card provider.

You don't need to enter a shipping address, we don't send you anything (just gratitude!)

UK £ Euros USA $ Australia $ Canada $

Thanks very much indeed for contributing, and thanks also for taking the time to make the payment! When you've made the payment, you'll get a reference code. We'll get the same reference code, your e-mail address and the amount. We won't publish your e-mail address or share it with anyone.