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Sun May 6th, 2001, 19:30
If you fancy writing a review and having it published on UKMIX, please send them to me, using this form page:

www.ukmix.net/central/review.html (http://www.ukmix.net/central/review.html)

or send them by email to aneta.reviews@ukmix.net

Here are a few suggestions which albums you may want to review:

Ash - Free All Angels
Avalanches - Since I Left You
Crazytown - The Gift Of Game
Dr Dre - 2001
Gorillaz - Gorillaz
Hear'Say - Popstars
Janet Jackson - All For You
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Orbital - The Altogether
Papa Roach - Infest
Shaggy - Hot Shot
Spooks - Siosos vol. 1
Stereophonics - Just Enough Education To Perform

Thanks in advance!

Sat May 26th, 2001, 10:13
I'm in the middle of exams at the moment, but when I've finished I'll write a few album reviews. - I sent in a Divine Comedy ("Regeneration&quot:wink: one - didn't get published, just checking it was received.

Sat May 26th, 2001, 14:52
Ooops, sorry about that. I haven't received it, so it must have been submitted when we were having problems with the submission form.

If it's not a problem, please send it again, I'll be very grateful :smile: