View Full Version : UKMIX gains three new moderators

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 13:19
I'm pleased to announce that we're adding three new moderators to help look after you all! :-)

Amir will join Matthew Dixon in running the Chart Chat forum;

pm_01 will be taking care of the Dance and Sport forums;

Jami will join CJB in looking after Soul / R&B / Hip-hop.

As ever, there are plenty of people who I'm sure would be good moderators, but only the above unlucky few have been burdened!

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, anyone who's asked to be a moderator can choose whether to be in one forum or two, so it's not that we like Amir and Jami less! :D

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 14:29
Yay! Welcome to the team!

You and Aneta are a lazy bunch aren't you Lars,giving all the forums away? :lol: ;)

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 16:37
Wooohoo!! Thanks ! :P Well isnt that special, this is post # 1000 and I'm now a moderator :lol:

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 18:36
That's great! Well done guys! :D

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 18:47
thanks everyone! wd amir and jami!

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 21:30
Well done to all the new moderators.

Amir - glad to have you on board at moderating Chart Chat - it always seemed rather odd having a chart chat forum without you moderating it.

Jami - I'm sure you'll do a great job in moderating Soul/RnB/Hip Hop - you seem to live in there just as much as CJB (if not more so!) and I'm sure you'll do well as a moderator

pm_01 - Paul, well done on gaining moderator status on the Dance and Sport forums - sure you'll make a good moderator (and it means Lars/Aneta won't have to read all the football posts!)

Great to have all three of you on board in our ever growing list of moderators (we're surely close to optimum capacity now - possibly a "Gossip Column" moderator, maybe a second one in "Pure Pop" as it's so "Pop"ular :lol: and possibly someone to moderate "UKMIX" and "Test" - although I can't think of anyone who would know as much on those topics as Lars!

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 22:14
Yeah i also was wondering why Amir was never moderator of Chart Chat - perhaps there was already enough to do for him in helping with running the site. And also great to see Jami as moderator of the r'n'b and hiphop forum.

Thu August 22nd, 2002, 23:13
Thanks guys! I promise will do my job as good as possible :P Also wd to Amir and pm_01 !

Fri August 23rd, 2002, 07:03
Congrats Jami, pm_01 and Amir!! :D

Fri August 23rd, 2002, 08:28
Thanks guys, I'll try not to be too strict ;-)

Amir. 8-)

Fri August 23rd, 2002, 18:06
Well done everybody :)

Rawiri James
Sat August 24th, 2002, 06:48

Well done guys!

Amir, Jami: Couldn't have thought of anybody better to help moderate your respective forums than yourselves! Bout time, I say!

And pm_01 - I think you'll be great as the Dance and Sport forum moderator!

Sat August 24th, 2002, 19:40
Well done guys and especially a big welcome to my new partner in crime - Jami! :)

Sat August 24th, 2002, 20:26
lol!! thanks partna 8-)