The Invincible 5ive


by Christian Chua

Rich 5ive When you think of the Brit boy band 5ive, you probably either start humming the tune of their first UK No.  1 "Keep On Moving" or one of their hit songs such as "When The Lights Go Out" and "If Ya Gettin' Down"... or maybe you just start thinking of how hot Abs, Rich, Sean, Scott and J are! Either way, we think you should know that there's more to this group than pretty faces and catchy songs. 5ive give everyone a taste of their off-beat senses of humour and what they're really like.

5ive was created by the same people who brought us the Spice Girls. Even though they come from the father/son tandem of Bob and Chris Herbert, members of 5ive can quickly point out that they are totally different from the former British female quintet musically and prospectively.

J 5ive "5ive isn't a typical pop band," says J. "That's what we've been trying to get across. We're not just doing ballads with our music, we add different things, like rap. People have been referring to us as hip-hop and that's a joke. We're a pop band and sometimes we put rap in it, but that's not hip-hop."

5ive's debut single "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" shot straight in to the UK Top 10 from its release 2 years ago. Thanks to the single's enormous success, 5ive begun appearing in numerous magazine interviews, TV shows, and even being a part of the Smash Hits tour in the UK. This further heightened their current pop stardom and thus enabled them to become true popsters!

Sean 5ive After conquering Europe and months of touring, 5ive decided it was time to cross over to the American market, like most British acts, including the famous Spices. The boys were received quite well, their first US single "When The Lights Go Out" shot across the Billboard Hot 100 Singles for weeks. 5ive was definitely added to the roster of new acts of 1998 spawning merchandise like home videos, books, t-shirts, and other 5ive collectibles.

Just as any band, 5ive also experienced a few problems on their way to total worldwide stardom. Their other two singles barely made an impression in the US charts. Also problems with their other prior commitments caused 5ive to drop off their highly anticipated US tour with 'N Sync this summer, which sparked much talk about 5ive's unexpected absence.

Abs 5ive Just recently 5ive's manager, Chris Herbert, was killed in a car accident while on his way to an audition call in London. Unfazed from what had happened, 5ive is still holding strong due to the support of their loyal fanbase around the world. "We can never do it without our fans' help," says Rich while on a recent promo tour.

This November, 5ive are again set to dominate the charts with the release of the follow-up to their multi-platinum debut album. The album, entitled "Invincible", includes "If Ya Gettin' Down" and their spanking brand new single, "Keep On Moving", released on 25th October in the UK. The album will also be set for release by Arista Records in the US later this year.

Scott 5ive The group have still more to offer, and lots to come! We feel sure fans will still not get enough of the invincible 5ive. Let's just see what happens, especially with their sold-out tour coming up early next year, and more future hits on the way!

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