Review: All Saints Live


by David Lucas

The show kicked off with Phoebe One - who put you in completely the wrong mood for the start of the show. She was terrible and I couldn't understand a word that she was saying. I suppose that she had comedy value - we all laughed at her trying to do the dance routines. She said "This is my last single so everyone'll know it". No one recognised the song!

Then came Andrea Grant. The harmonies at the beginning of her set sounded like Mariah Carey and her dancers looked like they should have been in strip clubs. Her voice was good, and the songs were quite nice. I thought that it was sweet of her to throw some flowers to the crowd.

And then was Damage. I think they thought that they were All Saints, they completely took over the show, doing about seven or eight songs. The girls all screamed as they stuck their hands down their trousers. The songs were alright and the voices were good but it got a bit boring

After Damage was the interval. During that there was an advert for Sky Digital. It was quite funny because it featured different scenes from Sky programmes, football matches, films and music clips. One of the music clips was All Saints which everyone cheered and clapped for. Most of the boys booed Leonardo DiCaprio, whereas the girls loved the Michael Owen and David Beckham clips.

And finally... ALL SAINTS! The show begun with a video of All Saints clips. As you would expect everyone cheered, screamed etc. And then the curtain went down and the stage set was revealed. At first it was kind of spooky because all of the dancers were hanging from the ceiling, which looked like they were hanging themselves! As the intro to "Bootie Call" started All Saints came down from the ceiling in four American-style phone boxes! The audience went wild. The song was perfect, although the dance routine was quite dodgy! They wore black costumes with black and white hats and headset mics.

Following that came "I Know Where It's At". As soon as the first few notes started everyone recognised the songs and cheered. Shaznay changed part of the rap to Wembley, again causing much cheering!

After "I Know Where It's At", Shaznay welcomed everyone to the show and they performed Take The Key, swapping the hats and headset mics for hand-sheld mics. Vocally this was excellent, although there wasn't much of a dance routine.

"Beg" came next, and I knew that this one would be good. They whipped the dancers into action with their canes, in true Girl Power style! Songs like this always go down well.

"Always Something There To Remind Me" and "Get Down" followed. These weren't as well recognised as some of the others, but they were both brilliant, and Nat sounded fantastic on the first one, but Mel did some really dodgy dancing. "Get Down" would have made a good album track. By then they'd swapped their costumes, with Nic and Nat now wearing nice tops (or lack of)!

New song, "Ready, Willing and Able" was next up. Mel introduced it, talking about her baby, which everyone cheered at. The song is quite epic, Nat's voice sounded good, and I thought it had a kind of Spanish feel.

Nicole introduced "War Of Nerves" with a huge Mexican wave around the arena. I didn't think that the wave would work, but it did and Nic got really excited. "War Of Nerves" was fantastic - everyone sung along to the chorus, and it was one of those 'lighters in the air' type songs.

A cover followed. It was "Walk This Way", originally by Run DMC and Aerosmith. They burst onto the stage through a paper screen wearing all of the rapper clothes (big coat, glasses, hats etc). This was a real surprise, really different. Everyone loved it, I hope it's released on a b-side.

Nicky introduced the next song - the next single (out in August), called "Distant". It went down really well, the song's really cool. It's mainly group harmonies as apposed to solo parts.

"Under The Bridge" was quite good. The dance was good, and audience loved it.

After that the show supposedly ended - as if! All Saints came up from the floor of the stage, wearing white. Everyone sung along to "Never Ever", Mel even stopped singing at one point and just let the crowd sing. It extended into the All Star remix which worked well, and then back into the normal version. In the end it was at least seven minutes long.

"Lady Marmalade" - Nat introduced it as a French lesson. Definitely one of the highlights of the show. The version they did was really good.

And then they were gone through the bottom of the stage. Afterwards they showed out-takes from the tour rehearsals which was funny!

Set list
1. Bootie Call
2. I Know Where It's At
3. Take The Key
4. Beg
5. Always Something There To Remind Me
6. Get Down
7. Ready, Willing and Able
8. War Of Nerves
9. Walk This Way
10. Distance
11. Under The Bridge
12. Never Ever
13. Lady Marmalade

Other info
Mel had blonde highlights in her hair and Shaznay had red highlights in her hair.
On Friday night the concert was delayed by about twenty minutes because Gail Porter had to film the links for Sky Digital. Also on Friday, the Sky cameramen got in the way a lot, they just stood in front of the girls.
The old men behind me thought that it was like the Smash Hits Pollwinners party.

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