The Day I Met Fierce


by David Lucas

On Wednesday 18th August my friends and I went shopping in Oxford Street, London. Our first stop was the huge Virgin Megastore.

As I was looking around it was announced over the in-store radio that the British girl group Fierce would be doing a signing in the shop. I'd already bought the album ("Right Here Right Now") when it came out earlier in the week, so I was fairly excited that they would be there.

As I hadn't known that they were going to be there I didn't take anything to get signed, so I had to quickly buy a copy of the "So Long" single.

Fierce are Sabrina Weathers (aged 21), Chantal Alleyne (19) and Aisha Peters (18). They form a girl group who released their debut single, "Right Here Right Now", in January 1999. This charted at No. 25 and was followed up by "Dayz Like That", which went to No. 11. The third single, "So Long", reached No. 15. Their first album, "Right Here Right Now", debuted at No. 27 in the chart.

I joined the ever-growing queue and waited for about half an hour before they finally arrived (thankfully I was standing next to the magazine section so I read a few!). In Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street, there is a booth overlooking the shop with glass windows in the front which the in-store radio is broadcast from. It was here that I first saw Fierce.

They went into the studio booth and waved through the window before doing a fantastic a cappella version of their most recent single, "So Long". At first I thought they'd just do the chorus but they sung the whole song brilliantly.

Eventually they came downstairs, sat down, and started signing. Five minutes later I got to the front of the queue and they signed my single. I told them that I really liked their album. They asked me why I hadn't brought it to be signed. I explained that I'd bought it on Monday and hadn't realised they were going to be there. They thought that it was sweet that I'd 'rushed out' to buy it. I think a photographer took my picture whilst I was chatting to them.

They were really nice and I was really lucky that I'd been there. Fierce have gained themselves a big fan.