Review: Unwrap And Party


Performances by Hepburn, Thunderbugs, The Moffats, Honeyz and 5ive.

by Amanda Kilsby

The concert took place on 11th September and was held in association with MTV and Cadburys at the Brixton Academy in London. It started at 7:30 pm and was introduced by MTV Select's Donna Air and Richard Blackwood.

The first group to perform were Hepburn and the crowd were quite welcoming towards them. The audience was pretty young and it was basically full of people wanting to see 5ive i.e. young girls.

Hepburn performed four songs, none of which I recognised, other then their first single, "I Quit." In total they were on stage for around 20 minutes and did a good job of warming up the crowd. If they were miming then it was quite convincing, as it was almost sung too well to be live, but you couldn't say that they definitely lip-synched.

Next up came the Thunderbugs. They sung around five songs and, again, I don't know the names of any of them other than the single they've released, "Friends Forever." They also performed pretty well and weren't as bad as I thought they would be, as they didn't actually sound that awful!

At this point a 20 minute break was taken, and after that the Moffats came on. The group were on stage for what felt like a really long time, I don't know if that's because it was a long time, or because the whole audience was awaiting the arrival of the Honeyz and 5ive. The Moffats sang a huge variety of songs, from their previous single to their current single, even stretching to the Lenny Kravitz number one, "Fly Away."

After another 20 minute break it was time for the Honeyz to take the stage. Their part of the show consisted of five songs, starting with "Love Of A Lifetime" and "Never Let You Down", followed by two songs from their current album, "Wonder No. 8". They finished their performance with their debut smash, "Finally Found."

They all looked amazing, dressed in black outfits similar to those in the "Never Let You Down" video. I don't think that they were singing live, but the sound was really good, their dance routines looked great, even though they were basically the ones from the video, and all in all they gave a fine all-round performance.

Next up came 5ive. As you can probably imagine, the crowd went mad when the boys appeared on stage looking really good! They sang about seven songs, old and new, including "When the Lights Go Out," "Slam Dunk Da Funk," "If Ya Gettin' Down", "Got The Feelin'" and loads more, including ones from their new album, which is due to be released soon.

They were all very chatty throughout the concert and they also changed quite a few times into various outfits. They performed really well, looked gorgeous and sounded great.

All in all the concert was really good, well worth eating 24 chocolate bars for. Even though I was sceptical as to how well the groups would fit in at Brixton, they performed really well and it turned out to be a really good evening.

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