Avril Lavigne Ready To Let Go


by Mikey

Avril Lavigne The USA is raving about a new teen skater girl. Her debut single, "Complicated", has been hyped and achieved a very high position in a whole host of America's many charts. Her album, "Let Go", looks set to follow suit, and quickly too. But just who is she?

Avril Lavigne.

The 17-year-old's music has been acclaimed by many critics for being way beyond her years lyrically and musically. Her songs talk about the hardships of teenage life ("Sk8er Boi" - spelling mistakes intentional - is a story about preppies and skaters not being compatible superficially) as well as take a deeper form now and then, which shows Avril has a maturity that is unusual amongst people her age. "Losing Grip" reflects perfectly the emotions felt in a rejection situation - confusion, anger, denial amongst others.

Avril's voice is plain yet emotive and strong. It displays a sure sense of self-style - although, as with many young artists, this will most likely change from album to album - and is sometimes remarkably similar to Dido's own vocal capabilities. The accompanying backing tracks equal Avril's voice in strength and emotion. The girl has a talent.

It's so easy to liken Avril to Alanis Morissette. The music is all guitar-based (and, yes, she plays it herself), many of her tracks are angry (surely to be expected from a 17-year-old) and the lyrics are somewhat bonkers, verging on poetic.

However, there is a stark contrast. Whereas Alanis and Dido rely in the main part on the music to get them in - or, indeed, out of - the charts, Avril already has merchandise available on her official website, including clothes branded with her name or logo to mimic her individual dress sense - tanktops and ties.

Avril Lavigne But, of course, nowadays, how can she possibly be expected to pit against Britney and the likes without a bit of commercialisation?

Avril is the latest in a breed of new-age starlets that play their own instruments. She's following suit from Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch (both also American/Canadian).

So is this recent spate for pop babes with their own instruments hitting the charts fashionable?

Who cares what's fashionable?

Avril and her trusty electric guitar look set to take over the world. And she doesn't seem at all fussed.

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