Has Britney Gone Bad?


by Mikey

Britney Spears You may well have read about Britney's recent visit to Mexico where, amongst paprazzi and screaming fans, she flicked her middle finger to the crowd and giggled in the protection of a van. Her reasons? The paparazzi were chasing her recklessly and nearly caused an accident. But at the time of the offending gesture the van was stationary.

Further into the visit, a concert - as part of the "Dream Within A Dream 2002" tour - was cancelled, with Britney completing just four songs and leaving the stage halfway through "Stronger", the fifth song of the set, with a pathetic apology to the fans. And the reasons behind this? Bad weather (heavy rain storms) meant that the high-tech show couldn't go on as it just wasn't safe.

This was the second show to be cancelled on the tour. Both times, Britney was booed off stage by angered fans. In the first cancelled show (in Texas), Britney pleaded with her fans not to boo and then left, apparently near-crying.

Before all this, there was the questions revolving around her virginity (which Britney fuelled by likening chocolate to sex), there were the pictures of her with a cigarette in her hand and of Britney drunk.

Is this any way for a superstar to act? The majority of her fans are at a very influential age, where puberty and life in general make them very aware of themselves and on the look-out for a role model, which they usually find in celebrities.

Britney Spears On the other hand, does this just prove that Britney is a normal girl progressing into woman-hood? Well, yeah. Who, at Britney's age, hasn't gotten drunk or giggled at flicking-off unwanted attention? Not many people.

So Britney is finally proving that she is, after all, a human being. Something that we should all have in mind. But even so, this is no excuse for the blatant disrespect she's shown to fans. It's still unclear as to when the cancelled shows will be re-scheduled or if the tickets will be refunded - leaving many many fans disappointed.

What Britney needs to do is come out on her own from behind the guise of record company big-wigs and bodyguards - this will gain her much more respect, as a person and an artist, and prove that maybe she does care.

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