Get Your Freak On With StoneBridge


Written by Aneta Janssen
12th May, 2005

StoneBridge - Freak On UKMIX got a chance to interview everyone's favourite Swedish DJ and producer of the moment - StoneBridge.

After years of solid remixing for the likes of Texas and Melanie C, the time has come for solo work, and it was StoneBridge's critically acclaimed "Can't Get Enough" album that was the first artist album released on the dance label Hed Kandi.

The hit singles "Put 'Em High" and "Take Me Away" have gained him an army of fans in the UK and across Europe, and things are looking promising for the new single, "Freak On".

UKMIX: You collaborate with Ultra Nate on your new single, "Freak On". Please could you tell us how that came about?

StoneBridge: We were both thinking about doing something together as we have met on various occasions over the years. When a common friend of ours asked her if she wanted to do something for my album she said "yes" right away.

UKMIX: "Freak On" has a very different sound than your first two singles, "Put 'Em High" and "Take Me Away". Which of the two would you describe as being closer to the StoneBridge sound?

StoneBridge: I think "Freak On" probably reflects more of my early influences like SOS Band and Change. I haven't used this sound so much in recent years, so the other singles are probably more what people expect from me. "Take Me Away" is actually inspired from a mix I did in 1995, so it's probably THE StoneBridge tune on the album.

UKMIX: The brilliant video to "Take Me Away" has some similarities to Kylie's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" (the dress Therese is wearing, the lights in the blocks, the driving) - was this intentional?

StoneBridge: Interesting, because I think Kylie's track is heavily influenced by my sound too, so it might be something the video people were thinking about when they shot the video. We never discussed or planned to do something like Kylie, so it's not intentional.

UKMIX: What's your favourite Hed Kandi compilation and why?

StoneBridge: I loved the first two Twisted comps, such a fresh sound.

UKMIX: What do you like best about your job?

StoneBridge: To do what I love and getting paid for it, I'm incredibly grateful!

UKMIX: What artists inspire you and what is currently in your stereo?

StoneBridge: I think Pharell is so hot right now, that Snoop track is incredible and Frontin' was cool too. I usually listen to the CDs labels send though so there's not much time left to just chill and listen to music.

UKMIX: What are your plans for the next 6 months?

StoneBridge: I will tour a lot, the singles are released in 29 countries so theres' a lot to cover there. I will do something in Ibiza and a few festivals like Leeds Love Parade and Dance Valley. Later in the summer I will release a new mix album and re launch my label Stoney Boy Music.

UKMIX: Thanks so much for answering!
StoneBridge: You're welcome, anytime.

"Freak On" featuring Ultra Nate is released through Hed Kandi on May 16th 2005.

WEBSITE: Official StoneBridge site