Chart Of All Time - Best Charting Artists Of All Time


by Tom Eames

So this is it. Here we come to the top 100 charting artists of all time from 1952 to 2002. Who will it be? Could it be Frankie Laine or Frank Sinatra who had the two best charting songs of all time? Could it possibly be Cliff Richard or Elvis Presley who are known for charting well in every decade? How about The Beatles who hold the record (along with Elvis) for most No. 1s? What about Madonna who was the best charter of the 1980s and 1990s? Could it be someone else like Michael Jackson, Queen or Elton John? In a few moments, you will know.

David Bowie Some artists who just missed out on the 100 include the likes of Bananarama, the Sweet, Oasis, Eurythmics, Simply Red, Take That, the Drifters, Wham!, Westlife, the Police, Roxy Music, Mud, the Jam and Marvin Gaye amongst others. Its really tough to reach the top 100 as all artists got 89 or more points which isn't easy to do at all! Right, lets begin!

The top 100 starts with The Bachelors, diva of many decades Tina Turner, and rock legends Fleetwood Mac. The first of two Beatles in the 100 lands at No. 97 and it is John Lennon who had successes with "Imagine" (No. 24), "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" (No. 437), "Just Like Starting Over" (No. 833) and "Give Peace A Chance" (No. 1480). The Spice Girls are at No. 96 thanks to their many No. 1s including "Wannabe" (No. 115), "Say You'll Be There" (No. 609) and "2 Become 1" (No. 655). Boney M are at No. 95 after huge success with "Rivers Of Babylon" (No. 19) among others. 70s hearthrob David Essex is next, followed by the mighty Blondie with hits such as "Tide Is High" (No. 975), "Denis" (No. 1284) and "Sunday Girl" (No. 1292), soon followed by Gene Pitney and 1950s crooner Bobby Darin.

Brenda Lee is at No. 90, with Cilla Black, Gary Glitter and Buddy Holly following. Bon Jovi are at No. 86 after hits with "Always" (No. 276), "Living On A Prayer" (No. 1137), and "It's My Life" (No. 3317). Frank Ifield is at No. 85 mainly due to "I Remember You" (No. 16). Depeche Mode are next with an amazing 35 hits under their belt, followed by Russ Conway. Robbie Williams somehow finds himself at No. 82, and is sure to climb as his career is nowhere near finished yet! Paul McCartney is rather lower than expected at No. 81. After leaving the Beatles he has had many sucesses with Wings and as a solo artist with hits with "Say Say Say" (with Michael Jackson) (No. 987), "We All Stand Together" (with the Frog Chorus) (No. 1094), and "No More Lonely Nights" (No. 1171).

Queen Dusty Springfield is at No. 80, followed by Duane Eddy and the Rebels. Prince is at No. 78 with hits with "Most Beautiful Girl In The World" (No. 1435), "When Doves Cry" (No. 1533), and "Batdance" (No. 2320). Paul McCartney's group Wings are at No. 77 after hits with "Mull of Kintyre" (No. 120), "Let Em In" (No. 1647) and "Silly Love Songs" (No. 1752). Classic crooners Dean Martin and Andy Williams are next, followed by surprise entrant Ken Dodd at No. 74. The Jacksons are next after hits with "I Want You Back" (No. 517), "I'll Be There" (No. 821), and "Show You The Way To Go" (No. 1569). Big 1990s charters Steps are at No. 72 followed by Hermans Hermits at No. 71.

Cher is at No. 70, after doing quite well with ex-hubby Sonny, she has done quite well since, quite notably with "Believe" (No. 53) and "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" (No. 395). The best charting boy band of all time is next, Boyzone. They've had hits with "No Matter What" (No. 393), "Father and Son" (No. 543), and "Words" (No. 1334). 1980s pop giants Duran Duran are next, followed by another, Erasure. Rock giants who to this day are still doing well are at No. 66, U2. They've had massive success worldwide, their biggest singles are "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" (No. 1178), "Pride" (No. 2605), and "Beautiful Day" (No. 3183). Phil Collins, Doris Day and Showaddywaddy are next, followed by the two artists with the most consecutive No. 1s of all time. Wet Wet Wet are first at No. 62 thanks to many hits including "Love Is All Around" (No. 6), and Bryan Adams is at No. 61 thanks to "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" (No. 9).

Frankie Laine Worldwide bestseller Mariah Carey is at No. 60, followed by another diva Celine Dion, and rock legends The Who are at No. 58. Other 60s legends The Kinks land at No. 57 with hits including "Sunny Afternoon" (No. 800), "Lola" (No. 872), and "You Really Got Me" (No. 882). Olivia Newton John is at No. 56, mainly due to Grease, followed by Johnnie Ray. The Pet Shop Boys are next with hits including "West End Girls" (No. 1038), "Always On My Mind" (No. 1161), and "It's A Sin" (No. 1248). Manfred Mann are at No. 53, followed by ska gods Madness with hits including "It Must Be Love" (No. 710), "Baggy Trousers" (No. 1428), and "House Of Fun" (No. 2035). Janet Jackson lands at No. 51.

Rod Stewart The Top 50 starts off with Electric Light Orchestra or ELO, followed by disco diva Donna Summer, and Petula Clark. 1950s rock and roll legends Bill Haley and his Comets are No. 47, after huge success with "Rock Around The Clock" (No. 3), "Rockin' Through The Rye" (No. 137), and "The Saints Rock N Roll / R.O.C.K." (No. 149). One of the giants of 1970s glam rock T Rex are at No. 46 with hits such as "Hot Love" (No. 288), "Ride A White Swan" (No. 424), and "Get It On" (No. 552). Englebert Humperdinck is next, followed by Guy Mitchell and George Michael. Billy Fury lands at No. 42, one of the biggest artists never to have a number one single. Hot Chocolate are at No. 41 with hits such as "You Sexy Thing" (No. 82), "So You Win Again" (No. 732) and "It Started With A Kiss" (No. 946).

Adam Faith starts off the Top 40, Frankie Vaughan, Four Tops and Shakin' Stevens. The Beach Boys, who had hits with the likes of "Good Vibrations" (No. 235), "Do It Again" (No. 208), and "Cottonfields" (No. 832), with David Whitfield at No. 35. Another big artist to never get a No. 1 single is Nat "King" Cole who lands at No. 34 with hits such as "When I Fall In Love" (No. 87), "Pretend" (No. 185), and "Smile" (No. 359). Other glam rock giants Slade are next with "Merry Xmas Everybody" (No. 329), "Coz I Luv You" (No. 417), and "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" (No. 1087) all doing the business. The Supremes are at No. 32, with Jim Reeves at No. 31.

Michael Jackson Connie Francis starts off the top 30, with Whitney Houston with hits with "I Will Always Love You" (No. 26), "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (No. 619), and "Saving All My Love For You" (No. 699) at No. 29. UB40 are at No. 28, with Shirley Bassey and The Hollies following. One the most successful pop groups of all time are ABBA who are at No. 25 with huge hits including "Dancing Queen" (No. 112), "Fernando" (No. 354), and "Knowing Me Knowing You" (No. 516). Kylie Minogue lands at No. 24 so far in her career, surely to climb soon, with Diana Ross and Roy Orbison at Nos. 23 and 22. At No. 21 are The Bee Gees who have had many hits including "Massachusetts" (No. 252), "Night Fever" (No. 337), and "How Deep Is Your Love" (No. 563).

The Top 20 begins with Stevie Wonder and Perry Como, with still going strong Tom Jones at No. 18, whos hits including "The Green Green Grass Of Home" (No. 75), "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" (No. 309) and "Help Yourself" (No. 411) have done incredibly well. A surprise high for Pat Boone at No. 17, who was nearly always runner up to Elvis Presley in the 1950s. The Shadows, who began as The Drifters and as Cliff Richard's backing group are at No. 16 with hits including "Apache" (No. 92), "Wonderful Land" (No. 124), and "Frightened City" (No. 457). They are the biggest instrumental group ever. The group with the most hits ever, 56 in all, are Status Quo who are at No. 15, with hits such as "Rockin' All Over The World" (No. 572), "Caroline" (No. 646), and "In The Army Now" (No. 1555).

Elton John At No. 14 is another brilliant group of the 1960s, The Rolling Stones whose hits include "Honky Tonk Woman" (No. 215), "Its All Over Now" (No. 497), and "Get Off My Cloud" (No. 742). Ol' Blue Eyes is next at No. 13, Frank Sinatra. He's had loads of hits, but this is mainly due to of course "My Way" (No. 1). A very surprising high for Lonnie Donegan at No. 12, who sadly died this year, with hits including "Gamblin' Man / Puttin' On The Style" (No. 129), "Battle Of New Orleans" (No. 293), and "Stewball / Lost John" (No. 310). The act just missing out of the Top 10 is the biggest duo of all time, The Everly Brothers whose hits in the 50s and 60s included "All I Have To Do Is Dream" (No. 45), "Cathy's Clown" (No. 140), and "Bird Dog" (No. 340).

The Top 10 artists of all time start off with the second biggest group of all time, Queen. They have had loads of hits, 48 in all, with the big three being "Bohemian Rhapsody / These Are The Days Of Our Lives" (No. 11), "Under Pressure" (with David Bowie) (No. 747), and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (No. 1034). David Bowie is next at No. 9, with an incredible 61 hits, including "Space Oddity" (No. 121), "Under Pressure" (with Queen), (No. 747), and "Dancing In The Street" (with Mick Jagger) (No. 956). Frankie Laine is at No. 8 who was the most successful artist of the 50s, with huge hits including "I Believe" (No. 2), "A Woman In Love" (No. 55), and "Cool Water" (No. 56).

The Beatles Rod Stewart lands next at No. 7, who's massively succesful hits include "Sailing" (No. 21), "Maggie May" (No. 57), and "I Don't Wanna Talk About It" (No. 555). Then at No. 6 is one of the most successful artists of all time, who holds the record for best selling album of all time worldwide. Its of course Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop. He's had many hits over the years, with the three biggest being "Earth Song" (No. 292), "You Are Not Alone" (No. 485), and "One Day In Your Life" (No. 916).

Madonna The Top 5 starts with another huge solo male of the 1970s to now. Elton John. Elton's had many many hits spanning four decades, and he holds the record for best selling single of all time, in the UK and worldwide, with "Candle In The Wind 1997 / Something About The Way You Look Tonight" the tribute to Lady Diana Princess of Wales. His three biggest hits of all time are the before mentioned track itself at No. 85, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (with Kiki Dee) (No. 264), and "Sacrifice" (No. 386).

The biggest charting group of all time are next, The Beatles are at No. 4. They had 17 No 1s, and although weren't the best charting act of the 60s, they were without doubt the most popular, as their craze, not only here but on both sides of the Atlantic, was absolutely huge! Their biggest three hits however were "She Loves You" (No. 8), "From Me To You" (No. 81), and "Hey Jude" (No. 151).

Cliff Richard At No. 3 we have the most successful female of all time, who was the best charter of both the 1980s and 1990s, and is still going strong today and who knows if she may climb even further, it is of course Madonna. The Queen Of Pop has had a huge and successful, and at time controversial career, but the hits have always been coming, and all 55 have done incredibly well in the UK charts with the three biggest being "Crazy For You" (No. 244), "Holiday" (No. 275), and "Into The Groove" (No. 509).

The runner up in the best charting acts of all time is the best charting Brit, and best charter of the 1960s, at No. 2 is Sir Cliff Richard. Cliff has had an incredible career, having a No. 1 hit in every decade but the 2000s (which will probably change!), having a career lasting and still going for six decades, and being the act with the most hits of all time, 121. His biggest hits were "Living Doll" (No. 28), "Please Don't Tease" (No. 131), and "Travellin' Light" (No. 134). Well done Cliff!

Elvis Presley I'm sure you can all guess now who is the best charting artist of all time. It's a guy who's had huge hits every decade, including this year! A man who was runner up in both 1950s and 1960s artist chart, and the best charter of the 1970s, and a man who has released 110 singles, and the artist with the most No. 1 ever - 18. It is of course Elvis Presley, the best charting artist of all time. He had a very successful career, and to this day is still going strong despite his death 25 years ago, he has had a No. 1 single and album this year. His five biggest hits in the Chart Of All Time are "Hound Dog" (No. 14), "Heartbreak Hotel" (No. 23), "All Shook Up" (No. 42), "It's Now Or Never" (No. 70), and "The Wonder Of You" (No. 117).

Here are the 100 best charting artists of all time:

No. Artist Points
1 Elvis Presley 695.60
2 Cliff Richard 646.62
3 Madonna 299.20
4 Beatles 295.62
5 Elton John 253.62
6 Michael Jackson 250.64
7 Rod Stewart 234.90
8 Frankie Laine 229.76
9 Queen 222.44
10 David Bowie 221.55
11 Frank Sinatra 212.96
12 Everly Brothers 206.91
13 Lonnie Donegan 206.53
14 Rolling Stones 199.36
15 Status Quo 198.09
16 Shadows 196.36
17 Pat Boone 192.91
18 Tom Jones 189.55
19 Perry Como 187.73
20 Stevie Wonder 184.23
21 Bee Gees 179.55
22 Roy Orbison 178.30
23 Diana Ross 176.89
24 Kylie Minogue 174.31
25 ABBA 169.05
26 Hollies 166.07
27 Shirley Bassey 164.11
28 UB40 159.75
29 Whitney Houston 154.43
30 Connie Francis 150.99
31 Jim Reeves 150.08
32 Supremes 145.58
33 Slade 143.98
34 Nat 'King' Cole 140.38
35 David Whitfield 140.07
36 Beach Boys 139.97
37 Shakin' Stevens 138.83
38 Four Tops 135.80
39 Frankie Vaughan 134.43
40 Adam Faith 134.37
41 Hot Chocolate 133.61
42 Billy Fury 132.80
43 George Michael 129.57
44 Guy Mitchell 128.95
45 Englebert Humperdinck 128.24
46 T. Rex 127.53
47 Bill Haley and his Comets 126.58
48 Petula Clark 126.16
49 Donna Summer 125.97
50 Electric Light Orchestra 125.43
51 Janet Jackson 124.15
52 Madness 122.58
53 Manfred Mann 121.28
54 Pet Shop Boys 120.42
55 Johnnie Ray 118.98
56 Olivia Newton-John 118.79
57 Kinks 117.94
58 Who 117.30
59 Celine Dion 116.06
60 Mariah Carey 115.66
61 Bryan Adams 111.51
62 Wet Wet Wet 109.71
63 Showaddywaddy 108.88
64 Doris Day 108.71
65 Phil Collins 108.59
66 U2 108.28
67 Erasure 108.13
68 Duran Duran 107.32
69 Boyzone 107.28
70 Cher 106.83
71 Herman's Hermits 106.66
72 Steps 106.40
73 Jacksons 106.35
74 Ken Dodd 105.86
75 Andy Williams 105.58
76 Dean Martin 104.93
77 Wings 104.34
78 Prince 102.39
79 Prince 102.24
80 Dusty Springfield 100.02
81 Paul McCartney 100.01
82 Robbie Williams 99.15
83 Russ Conway 98.36
84 Depeche Mode 98.33
85 Frank Ifield 98.12
86 Bon Jovi 97.1
87 Buddy Holly 97.00
88 Gary Glitter 96.85
89 Cilla Black 96.03
90 Brenda Lee 95.25
91 Bobby Darin 95.09
92 Gene Pitney 94.86
93 Blondie 94.33
94 David Essex 93.62
95 Boney M 92.33
96 Spice Girls 92.04
97 John Lennon 91.64
98 Fleetwood Mac 91.63
99 Tina Turner 90.84
100 Bachelors 89.06

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