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  • madfan13
    Originally posted by thebigham View Post

    1989: MADONNA
    Thanks for this! Madonna is also the greatest pop star in 1985, the greatest comeback of 2012, rookie of the year in 1984, and has a few honourable mentions — 1990 (Immaculate Collection, Vogue & Dick Tracy), 1998 for Ray of Light.
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  • music126
    Yay! 661,606 needed views on YouTube for Papa Don't Preach to hit 100 million. Can it happen within the week!?

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  • thebigham

    1989: MADONNA


    With guitars starting to give ground and hip-hop not yet fully crossed over to a wider audience, the 1980s were the biggest decade for dance-based pop in the American mainstream. And as it came to a close, the era's biggest female pop star -- and arguably the biggest female pop star of all time -- reached a new apex in terms of artistry and impact.

    The year 1989 didn't start out on a high note for Madonna: After three years of marriage to Sean Penn (and a nullified 1987 divorce filing), she again filed for divorce from the actor in early January citing irreconcilable differences. But no matter: Soon thereafter, Madonna was back to topping charts, rankling pearl-clutchers and raking in the dough. She signed a $5 million deal with Pepsi in January, culminating in a two-minute ad that would eventually get pulled due to a religious backlash to her latest music video. Released March 3, the day after the Pepsi ad first aired, the controversial clip featured cross-burning, stigmata and an erotic encounter with a saint. Regardless, Madge still pocketed the soda money, and the video became an MTV staple.

    And oh, what was the name of that song again? "Like a Prayer"? Yes, this is the year where Madonna went from dance-pop purveyor with an iron-grip on American teens to a capital-A Artist, someone who could deliver an album every bit as geared toward the charts as to critics' tastes. Universally acclaimed, the song’s parent album (also called Like a Prayer) topped the Billboard 200 for six consecutive weeks and was eventually certified 4x platinum by the RIAA.

    The title track brilliantly mixed the secular and the sacred both lyrically ("I'm down on my knees" works both ways) and musically (a transcendent gospel choir takes the hard-hitting pop-rock anthem into the heavens), and the result was a sing-along for the ages that even non-fans are likely to know damn near every word to. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks, while follow-up singles "Cherish" and "Express Yourself" both reached No. 2 (as the David Fincher-directed video for the latter, inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis, became one of the most instantly iconic of the era). This was a release so stuffed with hits that Madonna could afford to not release a duet with Prince as a single.

    Five years after her game-changing "Like a Virgin" at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna was courting controversy at the 1989 VMAs once again with a performance of the Motown-flavored "Express Yourself" that featured her simulating masturbation. That song's video would nab three VMAs and "Like a Prayer" the viewer's choice award, although inexplicably the latter lost video of the year to Neil Young's "This Note's For You" -- a decision that has not aged particularly well.

    While Madonna would go on to notch bigger hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and reach more idiosyncratic artistic heights, Like a Prayer was the last proper studio album where she would enjoy such universal adoration. As the '90s set in, her detractors would get louder, but in 1989, Madonna was able to own the charts, charm the critics and – even though she released a video so controversial Pepsi decided to scrap something they paid $5 million for -- reign as the most celebrated female artist in pop.

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  • thebigham


    1985: Madonna


    By the end of 1984, Madonna had already established herself as one of the MTV era’s brightest stars, with boundary-pushing videos, underground-nodding dance-pop hits, and a writhing Video Music Awards performance that turned the then-fledgling telecast into a must-watch event. But the year after Like a Virgin’s release was owned by Madonna from back to front -- the last four weeks of the title track’s run at No. 1 on the Hot 100 opened 1985, and she followed it up with smash singles like “Material Girl” and “Angel,” her feature-film debut and first silver-screen starring role, and yet more unavoidable music videos.

    “Like a Virgin” hit No. 1 in December 1984 and stayed there until the end of January -- just as her Marilyn Monroe-saluting, Keith Carradine-starring video for “Material Girl” was being added to MTV’s rotation. The bouncy, sardonic track would go on to reach No. 2 and become one of Madonna’s career-defining songs, its video establishing Madonna’s blonde-ambition ideal while also showing off her more down-to-earth side. It also helped Like a Virgin reach the top of the Billboard 200 for three weeks in February,

    Madonna racked up another career milestone that month, when the May-December drama Vision Quest was released. In the movie, Madonna played a singer at a Spokane bar, performing “Crazy For You,” a lush, Jellybean Benitez-produced ballad that showed off Madonna’s lower range. Madonna’s star power was so strong that in some countries the movie’s title was changed to Crazy For You -- although in America, she had to settle for the soundtrack single being No. 1 on the Hot 100 for a single week in May.

    A month later, Madonna appeared in her first starring role in a movie, getting top billing alongside Rosanna Arquette in the hit mistaken-identity comedy Desperately Seeking Susan. The Susan Seidelman-directed ode to New York City’s bohemian enclaves featured the pop star’s “Into the Groove” in the background of a smoky club scene, although it wasn’t on the official soundtrack. At the time of Susan’s release, Madonna had two other videos still in regular rotation on MTV, and because Madonna’s label was worried about over-saturating the market, “Groove” was only released as the B-side to the glittery “Angel,” rendering it ineligible for the Hot 100. But the punchy, commanding song got an accompanying, movie-promoting visual, and became both a channel staple and a signature Madonna hit anyway -- while its “you can dance... for inspiration” koan would later inspire the title for her 1987 remix LP You Can Dance.

    In April 1985, Madonna embarked on her first live trek: The Virgin Tour brought Madonna’s vision of pop into arenas around North America, kicking off in Seattle and wrapping up with five shows in New York City -- three at Radio City Music Hall and two at Madison Square Garden. The video for “Dress You Up,” the final single (and fourth straight top 5 hit) from Like a Virgin, used footage of the song’s live performance from the Cobo Center in Detroit, while the home video featuring the show in its entirety, Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour, came out in November.

    Even while selling out arenas, Madonna remained a force in the clubs, with “Material Girl” and the double-A-sided “Into the Groove”/”Angel” single hitting No. 1 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart after “Like a Virgin” began the year at its summit. She was also a stealth (yet utterly unmistakable) presence on her frequent collaborator Jellybean Benitez’s blippy, freestyle-influenced “Sidewalk Talk,” a No. 1 dance hit and yet another crossover top 40 entry on the Hot 100 by year’s end -- a final testament to Madonna’s first year of true omnipresence

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  • jjavier1978
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  • Shego
    DCFMA rising on youtube (finally)

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  • LostAvenger
    Fascinating! I've seen so many conflicting reports of her sales in Brazil, like I thought True Blue or TIC were closer to a million.

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  • 88marcus88
    Madonna sales in Brazil (till 1993) and worldwide according to Jornal do Brasil.

    Source: André Barcinski and Sérgio Garcia. (31 October 1993) No banco com Madonna. Jornal do Brasil.


    Brazil: 310k
    World: 8kk

    Like a Virgin
    Brazil: 715k
    World: 15kk

    True Blue
    Brazil: 818,600
    World: 17kk

    Who's that girl
    Brazil: 250k
    World: 5kk

    You Can Dance
    Brazil: 248,250
    World: 5kk

    Like a Prayer
    Brazil: 710k
    World: 10kk

    I'm Breathless
    Brazil: 182k
    World: 5kk

    The Immaculate Collection
    Brazil: 310,700
    World: 11kk

    Brazil: 180k
    World: ?

    Total: 3,724,550

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  • jjavier1978
    Madonna - Papa Don't Preach Total views: 99,033,600
    Most recent data:

    2020/03/18 75,904
    2020/03/19 80,094
    2020/03/20 102,397
    2020/03/21 111,098
    2020/03/22 97,165
    2020/03/23 87,575
    2020/03/24 88,725
    2020/03/25 97,181
    2020/03/26 87,438
    2020/03/27 97,183
    2020/03/28 121,785
    2020/03/29 105,193

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  • UnapologeticKenny
    01 (=) La Isla Bonita* 10.004.773 391.054.492
    02 (=) Hung Up* 6.128.004 238.002.085
    03 (=) Like A Prayer* 5.091.924 113.929.915
    04 (=) 4 Minutes* 3.302.670 138.265.819
    05 (+1) Papa Don't Preach* 2.737.019 127.333.041
    06 (-1) Frozen* 2.597.309 68.811.149
    07 (+1) Vogue 2.120.368 113.332.137
    08 (+1) Material Girl 1.937.458 46.521.203
    09 (+3) Sorry* 1.682.447 48.653.503
    10 (+1) Into The Groove 1.502.565 27.573.009
    11 (-1) Like A Virgin* 1.171.397 81.615.141
    12 (-5) Bitch I'm Madonna 1.119.304 315.723.890
    13 (+4) The Power Of Good-Bye 1.088.615 32.147.945
    14 (=) Crazy For You 954.892 26.025.750
    15 (-2) Express Yourself 791.947 26.899.804
    * Combined views

    NOTE: Two live performances recieved more views than her 15th most watched music video: LAP/Future at ESC (905.375 views) and Vogue at MTV Awards (859.266 views).
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  • thebigham
    Thanks to SoulSista!

    Billboard Top 10 from 35 and 25 years ago:

    April 6, 1985

    01 01 One More Night - Phil Collins (2nd and final week at #1)
    02 05 We Are The World - USA For Africa
    03 02 Material Girl - Madonna
    04 09 Crazy For You - Madonna

    05 04 Lovergirl - Teena Marie
    06 03 Can't Fight This Feeling - REO Speedwagon
    07 10 Nightshift - The Commodores
    08 14 I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen
    09 18 Rhythm Of The Night - DeBarge
    10 06 Too Late For Goodbyes - Julian Lennon

    Madonna was the first female artist to have 2 songs in the Top 5 since Donna Summer did it twice in 1979.

    April 8, 1995

    01 01 Take a Bow - Madonna (7th and final week at #1)
    02 02 Candy Rain - Soul For Real
    03 06 Run Away - Real McCoy
    04 04 Red Light Special - TLC
    05 05 Strong Enough - Sheryl Crow
    06 07 This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
    07 03 Creep - TLC
    08 08 Baby - Brandy
    09 11 I Know - Dionne Farris
    10 09 Big Poppa / Warning - The Notorious B.I.G.

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  • autumnwind
    M is the queen of pop. period

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  • jjavier1978

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  • jjavier1978
    Congratulations!!! LAV

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  • UnapologeticKenny
    commented on 's reply
    Hello. Welcome to the forum!

    They have the same number of plays, so yes, they are the same version, as far as streams are concerned. And MJD's tool shows wrong numbers sometimes, especially if the streams are being updated on Spotify.

  • UnapologeticKenny
    SPOTIFY UPDATE - FROM 20/03 TO 26/03/2020
    01 (=) Like A Virgin 1.665.888 -1,88% 301.403.137
    02 (=) True Blue 1.259.939 -2,05% 209.639.257
    03 (=) Confessions on a Dance Floor 1.217.619 -2,84% 193.704.957
    04 (=) Like A Prayer 1.144.286 -2,94% 220.786.558
    05 (=) Madame X 833.359 -9,23% 140.641.698
    06 (+1) Madonna 693.112 -0,22% 141.520.091
    07 (-1) Hard Candy 691.777 -3,62% 176.630.113
    08 (=) Ray of Light 568.761 -0,78% 120.539.500
    09 (=) I'm Breathless 516.146 -0,52% 108.399.405
    10 (=) Music 416.547 -2,08% 86.820.187
    11 (=) Rebel Heart 380.862 0,17% 209.857.037
    12 (+1) MDNA 231.008 0,83% 86.065.605
    13 (-1) Bedtime Stories 226.452 -2,32% 48.093.827
    14 (=) American Life 202.816 -0,88% 48.965.266
    15 (=) Erotica 144.522 -0,75% 33.450.938
    01 (=) Material Girl 892.767 -1,32% 151.203.392
    02 (=) Like a Prayer 863.957 -3,73% 166.743.435
    03 (=) Hung Up 805.427 -3,78% 110.718.723
    04 (=) Like a Virgin 677.651 -2,68% 127.429.933
    05 (=) La Isla Bonita 655.575 -2,31% 100.289.385
    06 (=) 4 Minutes 515.885 -3,86% 128.071.102
    07 (=) Vogue 494.865 -0,65% 102.679.464
    08 (=) Holiday 407.216 -0,86% 79.504.783
    09 (=) Crazy for You 306.846 -1,22% 38.107.031
    10 (=) Papa Don't Preach 291.809 -2,48% 44.495.462
    11 (+1) Frozen 231.715 -3,16% 45.206.774
    12 (-1) Medellín 223.143 -11,51% 47.450.174
    13 (=) Into the Groove 200.503 -1,12% 47.608.225
    14 (=) Faz Gostoso 162.308 -15,78% 28.441.343
    15 (=) Sorry 154.754 -2,44% 28.447.115
    * Like a Virgin hit the 300 million streams, M's first album to reach this mark!

    * La Isla Bonita - 100 million (TB + TIC versions - Her 7th song to reach this mark)

    * Future - 9 million

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  • reyvn

    Hello guys, long time lurker and this is my 1st post!

    I decided to look into Madonna's Spotify figures more closely and found that:

    - It looks like there are 2 versions of "Celebration":
    + 1 version with gold cover - 38 songs (ID 3cc9LPeZ2WB7qtMuGbkwbG)
    + 1 version with black & white cover - 18 songs (ID 4kjimnl1CewIvZYYzh3leu)

    - For the same song appearing in these 2 versions, they have different song ID:
    + Eg 1 - "Hung Up"
    • Gold cover - "Hung Up" in this version has song ID 5pVUnPf7nEMbfBEype8XY8
    • Black & white cover - "Hung Up" in this version has song ID 5pATTxf0b1HIbUbdGXmC6t
    + Eg 2 - "4 Minutes"
    • Gold cover - "4 Minutes" in this version has song ID 1AL0StSc00aZBBd8Ggktgj
    • Black & white cover - "4 Minutes" in this version has song ID 1ElWOZlFaqlwRMM8GZVVna

    So my questions are:
    - Are these 2 versions of Celebration the same? If they're the same, they must have same number of plays correct?
    - What if these 2 versions of Celebration are different? And for so long we've only been collecting number from 1 version, omitting number from the other version?

    Funny thing is I use MJD's tool and has Madonna's total Spotify figure at 4.2 billion! I forgot to screencap the results, but I remember very clearly - are there any chances that we haven't calculated correct M's Spotify figure?
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  • acrolyu
    Originally posted by DevilPray View Post
    Does anyone wonder why her Early Years album on Spotify has low streams? I mean her fanbase that streams her isn't THAT small, unless many of them haven't bother to listen her stuff before the debut.

    I've been a fan since 1986 and I've never wanted to hear it

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  • jjavier1978

    iTunes Album Charts:

    #9 True Blue

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  • beredy
    Originally posted by DevilPray View Post
    Does anyone wonder why her Early Years album on Spotify has low streams? I mean her fanbase that streams her isn't THAT small, unless many of them haven't bother to listen her stuff before the debut.
    Because it's not an official release but something that guy Otto has been using to make money using Madonna's popularity since the 80's. Madonna never wanted those songs out. The less streams that has, the better.

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  • MrLeonix
    Quite weak streams for such a brilliant album. COADF deserves better.

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  • Shego
    Hung Up - 103,285,297
    Get Together - 11,094,945
    Sorry - 16,783,975
    Future Lovers - 4,134,420
    I Love New York - 3,529,125
    Let It Will Be - 3,178,367
    Forbidden Love - 4,960,102
    Jump - 14,509,012
    How High - 3,095,723
    Isaac - 3,804,694
    Push - 2,793,493
    Like It or Not - 2,752,769
    Total: 173,921,922

    Whole discography total plays: 2,536,163,187

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  • Shego
    Does anyone wonder why her Early Years album on Spotify has low streams? I mean her fanbase that streams her isn't THAT small, unless many of them haven't bother to listen her stuff before the debut.

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  • music126
    In a couple of days Frozen will become her 11th most viewed video. (Will place at #12, because of the 2 LIB videos.)

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  • UnapologeticKenny
    commented on 's reply
    And March 25: 88,389