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  • Originally posted by pedrolabre View Post

    Youtube started to count for Billboard in 2019

    for RIAA have always been a factor
    Incorrect, not for albums. For singles yes. That person was talking about albums. It was announced in Dec 13, 2019 and started to count from Jan 3rd.

    For RIAA yes you're right but only from official sources. But they dont recognize anything until you hit a certification level and they ignore any sales that fall between those levels basically.
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    • What exactly is your point? You stay fishing for arguments in all the diva threads and for what?


      • Originally posted by Instinct View Post
        What exactly is your point? You stay fishing for arguments in all the diva threads and for what?
        I made my point in my first reply, that your number was just pulled out of nowhere. Looks like you are the one who wants to argue ?
        Unless you have receipts for what you claim you are just speculating.


        • InFamous Let me make it clear for you, since apparently you lack reading comprehension.

          378.9 million AUDIO streams in the past 12 months is an official figure, not speculation. And they equal to 252k album sales. Now that we got that very clear, let's take a look into her album sales.

          January 2019
          Spears has sold 33.6 million albums in the U.S.

          May 2020
          Spears has sold 33.8 million albums in the U.S.

          That's an increase of 200k in 16 months. Around 150k in a year. But these numbers are rounded so yeah could be anywhere between 100-150k. Remember, her vinyl re-issues sell like hot cakes and that's why she had such a big increase.

          According to YouTube, she's gained 163 million views in the US over the past 12 months. That's 108k albums (and yes, they do count for certification purposes whether you like it or not).

          Pure Album Sales - 100-150k
          Audio Equivalent Sales - 252k
          Video Equivalent Sales - 108k
          Track Equivalent Sales - ?
          Total: 460-510k

          All of these numbers are based off official sources like Billboard and Rolling Stone (which compiles data from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc), so tell me again, how are we just "speculating"?


          • ^^ Firstly I never questioned the audio converted streams. When I quoted you the figure you were working with was 300 million.
            So now there is nothing wrong with my reading comprehension, I simply asked you to show receipts for your claims that she had totalled circa 500k, which you have now done. Of course I'm not going to doubt official receipts, which is why I asked you to provide them, which surely you could have done in the first place without being rude. Thanks.

            Are those youtube views all from official sources, as they are the only ones that count for sales purposes ?
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            • Maybe I would've been nicer if you didn't have a story of causing trouble in other threads....and your first reply wasn't exactly nice either. But anyway. The YouTube numbers come from Type the artist name, change the date to past 12 months and type the country, in this case, the US.


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