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    "The Altar" will be the second studio album by American singer Banks, expected to be released on the 30th september 2016. Two singles were already released: "**** With Myself" and "Gemini Feed".

    "The Altar" in the Urban/R&B section

    "**** With Myself" in the Urban/R&B section
    "Gemini Feed" in the Urban/R&B section

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    reserved for the album


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      reserved for the singles


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        Gemini Feed on iTunes
        #25 Peru
        #66 Australia
        #71 Poland
        #92 Russia
        #98 Canada
        #130 United States
        #155 United Kingdom
        #181 Ireland
        #198 Vietnam

        Just took a look at iTunes and saw that the single is doing quite well for her standards, so i thought i'm opening a topic now. Not sure what to expect, i hope this album will do better than "Goddess" did, which didn't live up to its hype chartswise.


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          I asked whether I should turn the Goddess thread into her C&SH but this answers my question

          Edit: Just saw your PM Tansike!


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            Gemini Feed is brilliant and has real potential. I could see radios playing it


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              Originally posted by Biebz
              I asked whether I should turn the Goddess thread into her C&SH but this answers my question
              Oh Sorry, i started this topic before checking who made that topic then, i thought someone like Alice did so it won't get updated anyway so i just did this and checked afterwards...

              I hope so for "Gemini Feed", probably her second most radio friendly song so far (following "Beggin For Thread"...)


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                Of all the random songs becoming hits this year, I hope Gemini Feed is one of them


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                  Gemini Feed on iTunes
                  #86 Australia
                  #140 New Zealand
                  #162 Canada

                  on Spotify
                  #94 Australia
                  #110 New Zealand

                  Is this really happening?


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                    Still early days, don't want to get my hopes up just yet This is already one of my favourite singles of 2016


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                      ^ well you're right, but i think being Top100 on iTunes and Spotify in Australia and near to the Top100 in NZ is already a good start, especially for her 'standards'

                      New Zealand Heatseeker Charts

                      4 (NEW) 1 Gemini Feed


                      • #12
                        The Altar on iTunes
                        #2 United States
                        #2 Canada
                        #3 Australia
                        #4 New Zealand
                        #6 United Kingdom
                        #6 Denmark
                        #7 France
                        #10 Germany
                        #11 Ireland
                        #12 Norway
                        #13 Belgium
                        #13 Spain
                        #13 Sweden
                        #14 Austria
                        #14 Switzerland
                        #15 Finland
                        #25 Netherlands
                        #28 Japan
                        #31 Italy

                        Out today!


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                          I would love if radio gave a chance to "Gemini Feed".


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                            Glad you snatched the thread, Tansike.

                            This is doing good and has a better start than Goddess, so pleasant to see !
                            She needs to release Trainwreck as a single, it has potential to be a decent hit for her and it's perfect for Winter ( + TINAU could be nice, as well ! ).


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                              I bought the album this morning! Omg it's no2 on iTunes?!? hope she decides to tour in the US!
                              We all know goodbyes will always lead to new hellos


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                                UK Monday Update

                                15 Banks - The Altar *

                                Not bad! It doesn't look like it will outpeak Goddess' #20 peak though. It's a very busy week, 9 new releases also above her
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                                  ^ It's not too bad for her.

                                  And the album is expected to sell between 17 and 20k SPS, which is quite decent !


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                                    BUSY week!!


                                    Tuesday, October 4, 2016

                                    TOP 15: DEAD HEAT MAKES FOR A LIVELY RACE

                                    Columbia’s Solange and Jagjaguwar’s Bon Iver are in a dead heat in the race for this week’s #1 on our SPS chart. Solange has been defying the typical new release trend all week; yesterday, the fourth day of release, was her biggest so far at iTunes. If this trend continues, we may be raising the projections before week’s end. Bon Iver is expected to have strong indie numbers which should keep the race tight until the end. Bon Iver is seemingly a lock for #1 in sales.

                                    As many as 11 new releases could appear on our album chart Top 15 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers re-enter the Top 5 thanks to strong redemptions from their ticket bundle which went on sale last week. While we don’t think RHCP will catch Bon Iver in sales, we’re keeping a close eye on these redemptions. Here’s how it looks at midweek.


                                    Not in Top 15


                                    *Bon Iver (Jagjaguwar) 54-59k
                                    *Solange (Columbia) 43-48k
                                    Red Hot Chili Peppers (Warner Bros.) 43-48k
                                    *Van Morrison (Caroline) 20-23k
                                    *Bob Weir (Legacy/Columbia) 19-21k
                                    Hamilton (Uptown) 16-18k
                                    Jason Aldean (Broken Bow) 15-17k
                                    *Banks (Harvest) 14-16k
                                    *John Prine (Oh Boy) 13-15k
                                    *Regina Spektor (Sire) 11-13k
                                    *Drive-By Truckers (ATO) 11-13k
                                    Beyonce (Columbia) 10-12k
                                    Florida Georgia Line (BMLG) 10-12k
                                    Suicide Squad (WMG) 10-12k
                                    *Eric Clapton (Reprise) 10-12k
                                    Adele (XL/Columbia) 9-11k
                                    Danny Brown (Warp) 9-11k
                                    *Opeth (Nuclear Blast) 9-11k
                                    *Temple of the Dog (A&M) 9-11k



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                                      New Zealand Charts

                                      18 (NEW) 1 The Altar

                                      Same position to where "Goddess" peaked and debuted


                                      • #20
                                        UK OCC:

                                        24 (NEW) 1 The Altar

                                        And it is two years and two weeks since Californian singer/songwriter Banks debuted and peaked at No.20 with her debut album, Goddess, on sales of 3,977 copies. Follow-up The Altar now debuts at No.24 (3,229 sales).
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                                        • #21

                                          8 (NEW) The Altar

                                          Goddess peaked at #17 two years ago.


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                                            Brilliant debut in Australia
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                                              ^ wow, great debut there, indeed

                                              US sales for her debut week
                                              BANKS|ALTAR ( 14) 13848 368 688 611 12183 60254776297


                                              • #24
                                                Swiss Album Charts

                                                38 (NEW) 1 The Altar

                                                Much lower than "Goddess" (#12) :(


                                                • #25
                                                  New Zealand Charts

                                                  38 (18) 2 The Altar