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  • Billie Eilish :: Charts & Sales History

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    As Eilish keeps on reaching new peaks with her 2017 (!) EP in quite a few countries, it might be about time to open a thread for her chart history.

    'Don't Smile At Me' has reached gold for 7.5k copies. It has yet to reach the chart.

    7 (11) Don't Smile At Me 34 weeks (No. 7 for 1 week) *new peak*

    6 (11) Don't Smile At Me 53 weeks (No. 6 for 1 week) *new peak*

    20 (32) Don't Smile At Me 27 weeks (No. 20 for 1 week) *new peak*


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      6 (6) Don't Smile At Me 56 weeks (No. 6 for 4 weeks) *re-peak*

      Platinum status now!


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        #2 Worldwide
        #2 United Kingdom
        #2 Sweden
        #3 United States
        #4 Australia
        #4 Canada
        #4 Finland
        #4 Norway
        #9 Denmark
        #9 Netherlands
        #11 Germany
        #30 Spain
        #40 Mexico
        #44 Italy
        #48 Argentina
        #50 Brazil
        #51 Philippines
        #90 France



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          Lana will be shook on March 29
          aRat's NUDES LEAKED


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            4(6) Don't Smile At Me 57 weeks (No. 4 for 1 week) *new peak*


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              New Zealand Singles:

              2 (NEW) 1 Bury A Friend
              25 (27) 16 When The Party's Over

              Netherlands Single Top 100:

              10 (NEW) 1 Bury A Friend

              Belgium (Flanders):

              31 (NEW) 1 Bury A Friend

              Sweden Sverigetopplistan:

              1 (NEW) 1 Bury A Friend

              Germany GfK Entertainment:

              14 (NEW) 1 Bury A Friend

              Ireland IRMA:

              2 (NEW) 1 Bury A Friend


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                Tuesday, February 12, 2019

                YOUR TOP 20 IS MUY GRANDE

                17. Billie Eilish (Darkroom/Interscope) 21-24k, 2-3k


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                  4(4) Don't Smile At Me 58 weeks (No. 4 for 2 weeks) *re-peak*


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                    UK OCC:

                    10 (7) 2 bury a friend


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                      Tuesday, March 19, 2019

                      TOP 20: DEATH RACE 2.0

                      Juice WRLD looks likely to repeat at #1 this week, even as Ariana Grande nips at his heels. Juice's prior album also continues to perform. We note that UMG owns the Top 6 below, and 7 of the Top 10, with four Top 10 titles belonging to Republic and two to Interscope.

                      16. Billie Eilish (Darkroom/Interscope) 18-21k, 1-2k


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                        Out March 29th:


                        Next to drop for House Janick: Billie Eilish, whose youthquake is due for its first true seismic reading. Insiders setting up their NCAA-style brackets are betting on Eilish debuting in the range of 250k-350k, a huge number for a non-hip-hop act; songs from her forthcoming album will be close to 300k RTD by the drop date.


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                          ^ Nice predictions. Will be exciting to see how much she really does in the end, there's currently so much hype around her and she's slaying the streaming platforms.

                          WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO on iTunes
                          #1 United States
                          #1 United Kingdom
                          #1 Australia
                          #1 Austria
                          #1 Belgium
                          #1 Brazil
                          #1 Canada
                          #1 Finland
                          #1 France
                          #1 Ireland
                          #1 Italy
                          #1 Netherlands
                          #1 New Zealand
                          #1 Norway
                          #1 Spain
                          #1 Sweden
                          #1 Switzerland
                          #2 Denmark
                          #2 Germany

                          As expected, #1 in all but two (relevant) markets. She's also Top3 on Apple Music in every relevant market.


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                            Just read this on wiki:

                            On March 21, 2019, a week prior the release of the album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? reached a record-breaking number of 800,000 pre-saves on Apple Music.


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                              Bad Guy had 7Million streams on first day on Spotify worldwide, and 3 Million in the US.
                              Curious to see how this will do by the end of the week
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                                Saturday, March 30, 2019

                                NEW RELEASES: BILLIE'S BLAZING

                                In the early going, Billie Eilish appears to be on track to notch the year's second-biggest debut, behind only Ariana Grande. She'll easily take the #1 spot on next week's HITS Top 50 Chart.

                                Eilish currently has three of the Top 5 and sic of the Top 10 at Apple Music, she’s locked up the Top 5 and has eight of the Top 10 on Spotify’s U.S. chart, with six of the Top 10 at Spotify global.

                                Billie Eilish (Darkroom/Interscope) 245-265k total activity, 145-155k album

                                We’ll obviously be watching this one closely as the week progresses.


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                                  Billie Eilish's 'When We All Fall Asleep…' Heading for No. 1 Debut on Billboard 200 Chart
                                  By Keith Caulfield | March 31, 2019

                                  Billie Eilish is heading for a No. 1 debut on next week’s Billboard 200 albums chart, according to industry forecasters.

                                  Those in the know suggest the singer-songwriter's new album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, should open atop the tally with over 250,000 equivalent album units earned in the U.S. in the week ending April 4. If the set opens as expected, it will garner Eilish her first No. 1 and log the second-biggest week for any album in 2019.

                                  The year's biggest week currently belongs to the debut frame of Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next, which launched with 360,000 units earned, according to Nielsen Music.

                                  The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week based on multi-metric consumption, which includes traditional album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). The top 10 of the April 13-dated Billboard 200 chart -- where When We All Fall Asleep could debut at No. 1 -- is scheduled to be revealed on Billboard’s websites on Sunday, April 7.

                                  When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? was issued on March 29 via Darkroom/Interscope Records. It’s Eilish’s second release, following Don’t Smile At Me, which peaked at No. 14 on the Jan. 26-dated chart. The set has earned 922,000 equivalent album units in the U.S., according to Nielsen Music. The album’s songs have generated a combined total of 1.15 billion on-demand audio streams.


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                                    Great numbers.
                                    Cha Cha Instructor


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                                      HITS update:


                                      Billie Eilish (Darkroom/Interscope) 260-285k total activity, 150-160k album


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                                        Tuesday, April 2, 2019

                                        YOUR TOP 20 IS ANGSTY

                                        Interscope bookends our midweek Top 20 as Billie Eilish tops the chart with the year’s second-largest bow so far. Country perennial George Strait lands in the Top 5 with his 30th studio album. Following the tragic shooting of Nipsey Hussle over the weekend, his Grammy-nominated Victory Lap surges back up the chart.

                                        1. *Billie Eilish (Darkroom/Republic) 275-285k, 150-160k
                                        2. Ariana Grande (Republic) 55-60k, 5-7k
                                        3. Nipsey Hussle (Atlantic) 45-55k, 11-13k
                                        4. *George Strait (MCA Nashville) 45-50k, 40-45k
                                        5. Juice WRLD (Grade A/Interscope) 45-50k, 2-3k
                                        6. NAV (XO/Republic) 35-40k, 1-3k
                                        7. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (Interscope) 30-35k, 11-13k
                                        8. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Atlantic) 28-32k, <1k
                                        9. Post Malone (Republic) 28-32k, 2-3k
                                        10. Drake (YMCMB/Republic) 27-30k, 1-2k

                                        11. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Republic) 25-28k, 3-5k
                                        12. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Hollywood) 25-28k, 7-8k
                                        13. *Ben Platt (Atlantic) 22-25k, 19-21k
                                        14. Luke Combs (River House/Columbia Nashville) 22-25k, 3-4k
                                        15. Travis Scott (Cactus Jack/Grand Hustle/Epic) 22-25k, <1k
                                        16. Meek Mill (Atlantic) 22-25k, <1k
                                        17. Billie Eilish - EP (Darkroom/Interscope) 21-24k, 5-6k
                                        18. *I Prevail (Fearless/Concord) 21-24k, 15-18k
                                        19. Gunna (Young Stoner Life) 19-22k, <1k
                                        20. DaBaby (Interscope) 19-22k, <1k



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                                          German Midweek Charts

                                          13 (NEW) Bad Guy
                                          31 (79) Bury A Friend
                                          50 (RE) Wish You Were Gay
                                          63 (NEW) All The Good Girls Go To Hell
                                          70 (RE) When The Party's Over
                                          77 (NEW) Xanny
                                          80 (NEW) You Should See Me In A Crown
                                          87 (NEW) My Strange Addiction
                                          96 (NEW) Ilomilo

                                          4 (NEW) When We All Fall Asleep...

                                          #4 would be a great debut there as she never had a big hit yet and all other artists in the Top5 are new entries as well by big local artists.


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                                            I'm guessing Bad Guy might debut in the Top 5. I wonder if she'll have other tracks in the Top 10.
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                                            I'm in the shadows in the corners of my room


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                                              New Zealand Charts

                                              1 (NEW) 1 Bad Guy
                                              2 (11) 4 Wish You Were Gay *new peak*
                                              5 (13) 9 Bury A Friend
                                              7 (39) 24 When The Party's Over <P>
                                              9 (NEW) 1 All The Good Girls Go To Hell
                                              38 (RE) 34 Lovely <2xP>

                                              1 (NEW) 1 When We All Fall Asleep...
                                              3 (5) 65 Don't Smile At Me <P> *new peak*

                                              As expected, she's slaying there.
                                              I'm a bit surprised the album isn't already certified with Gold to be honest.


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                                                Impressive! But yeah, I kind of expected 'gold' to happen for the album as well. Maybe next week...


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                                                  UK OCC:

                                                  2 (NEW) 1 Bad Guy
                                                  6 (20) 9 Bury A Friend *new peak*
                                                  13 (42) 5 Wish You Were Gay *new peak*

                                                  1 (NEW) 1 When We All Fall Asleep...

                                                  48,000 sold for the album.
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