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  • Billboard Canadian Albums
    74 67 117 Gold -- Greatest Hits - ABBA


    • Germany midweek update:

      Voyage 23 (5) 15

      15 new entries above. Quite possible, Voyage will remain Top 20 on friday at least.


      • Last week's #5 position seems a fluke. Why did that happen?


        • Sales are so low and all is very tight that it depends on just a few hundred (or even dozens) sold units for big moves up or down, I presume. Like in the UK a few weeks ago, where the difference between #10 and #50 was something around 1.7k or so.

          Last midweek's update saw Voyage on #10 and it climbed to #5 finally. Some of the new entries will lose ground.
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          • I wonder if Little things was the last Song to be recorded. Just read an article, where Lasse Wellander ABBA Guitarist, spoke in an interview just before 'Voyage was released, saying that ABBA had recorded 8 new songs, and they were going to use two old songs;

            l wonder if he was referring to 'Little Things and Just a notion', and maybe the 2 songs Benny mentioned as resting and need more work are old songs. I am thinking one could be 'Just Like that'


            • A little hint concerning current sales figures in Germany:

              A new vinyl edition of the Modern Talking-album "Alone - the 8th album" is new on #29 on the german midweek update today. This release is limited to 2.5k and almost sold out. Price approx 27,00.
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              • Voyage is out of Oricon Charts in Japan.

                Total scanned: 34,290 physical + 1,586 digital = 35,876

                ~37/38k units


                • I know I will be told the Japanese figures are ok for foreign acts these days....
                  but well below the peak of Arrival or Voulez Voys with 600k + or even The Visitors on almost 130k.

                  Sales outside Europe seem to be very low.


                  • This week in 1978 ABBA #1 in UK with Take a Chance On Me, and The Album. They got to #2 in the Film Chart behind Star Wars.

                    Their extraordinary chart run would go down a gear after that. The next 6 singles all made Top 5 but none made #1. In terms of quality a bit hit and miss.

                    But The Album was ABBA at a commercial and creative peak. Side One of that LP is superb.

                    Take A Chance on Me - one of their catchiest and uptempo songs and best videos too. It failed to make #1 in key ABBA territories - The Netherlands, and Germany but did get top 3 in those countries. It was of course #3 in the US but as usual for that time a few months later.


                    • Sales in France for 'Voyage' are 117k so far:


                      • Originally posted by Nameless View Post
                        This week in 1978 ABBA #1 in UK with Take a Chance On Me, and The Album. They got to #2 in the Film Chart behind Star War
                        ABBA The Album' has got to be my favourite Studio Album. For more than one reason, 78 was a great year for Abba with The Movie, and The official ABBA Mag, It's my favourite ABBA Album Artwork.

                        In UK we got the Gatefold Sleeve; The Album has some of my most favourite non single Album Tracks The Weaker tracks " I Wonder' and One man,one woman'
                        coincidentally the later, today l Listened to the BAO new single version for first time on Tidal It's quite good, l know some fans don't care much for I Wonder, l like it, but rarely play it, anyway all very Nostalgic, but was a good year for music and film, not just with Abba
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                        • People of my age around me are still familiar with the old TV advertising from the early 80ies for a Hair Shampoo in Germany. It's sung in german and when I tell them it's the melody of an ABBA-song they're really surprised. The song is Move on. Can be found via Youtube or so (Gard Abba).

                          TACOM was surely worth being a number one in Germany, despite being only one week on 3. In relation to the single before, The name of the game, which was quite a failure with #7 after six consecutive number ones, it was a great step forward again.


                          • Originally posted by Benny View Post
                            Sales in France for 'Voyage' are 117k so far:
                            Thought it would be a little more. Voyage had total sales of 103k when it was at #11 in the last week of 2021 (with sales of 15k for this week) and did this since then: 10 - 25 - 42 - 48 - 59 - 66 - 71.


                            • TfromBinG, l had read that somewhere in the past, but had completely, forgot til now, l have not seen the German TV ad.

                              'Move on' I am Certain, would of been a big hit! ..A Number One in UK for Sure. Even 'Name of the Game' reached No.1 here for many weeks.

                              Disappointing that Epic UK only released two singles from the Album, at that time. I know Germany got 'Eagle' later on, but the timing was wrong, plus l think it is more of an Album track, same with Name of the Game imo.


                              • There should have been 3 singles from The Album.

                                Eagle could have been a double A side with Thankyou for the Music. They were both o
                                featured in The Movie so at least one could have bern released around then.

                                TACOM, the most commercial song could have been released as first single.


                                • I think in the UK the label probably thought ABBA could do with a chart break after quite a heavy schedule music wise. I guess they knew ABBA was already working on new music in early 1978, the album has two big #1s to sell it and TACOM’s chart run probably extended out to April anyway, with SNC incoming.
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                                  • Originally posted by Nameless View Post
                                    I know I will be told...
                                    Are you really comparing 1979/1981’s Japanese shopping habits with 2022’s?
                                    "Despair, regret, and tenderness is what I feel for you"


                                    • Sweden:

                                      Voyage 24 (25) 15

                                      Hungary and Czech Republic:

                                      Voyage off charts after 13 weeks


                                      GOLD 31 (43) 20


                                      • Ireland

                                        12 (13) Gold

                                        Voyage still out of Top 50.

                                        Does anyone know how NDAI is doing on airplay in the UK or other countries?


                                        • NDAI is new at 34 on UK radio air play


                                          • Germany:

                                            Voyage 19 (5) 15

                                            GOLD 74 (69) 383


                                            • Uk Chart
                                              Voyage falls to number 58 from 51


                                              • Sales quite the same (probably a tiny little more - despite falling) like last week. The actual #52 sold 2,026 units, the #61 1,879 units. Voyage anything in between.

                                                GOLD approx 3k.
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                                                • Originally posted by TfromBinG View Post
                                                  Sales quite the same (probably a tiny little more - despite falling) like last week. The actual #52 sold 2,026 units, the #61 1,879 units. Voyage anything in between.

                                                  GOLD approx 3k.
                                                  Still selling is the main thing, it will certainly reach 500k!


                                                  • Who ever honestly would have thought that we would be here in mid end Feb in UK talking about Voyages chart position , it still bring on the top 60 , selling approx 2k weekly and hesding toward 450k . I remember when the fear was it may not get No1 and I heard figures like 300k max and it bombing out of the charts within a few weeks after such a huge front load and I was one of those .It far exceeded all our fears.
                                                    someone also made a good point on here about current musical shopping habits being compared with those of 1979/80 . I have learned lessons here myself having had no or very little interest over the past 40 years . It’s a very very different world we live in.
                                                    when you consider what Abba are and wher they came from ere wise this is quite unprecedented and record breaking . There’s more life on this album yet aswell . I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it in the top 10