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  • I really wanted it to get a gold certification in Brazil. It sold 6,000 copies with physical sales, if it sold 14,000 with digital sales + streaming, it achieved a gold here.

    Brazilian codes
    ABBA – Voyage AA 1000
    ABBA – Voyage (Deluxe Edition) AA 1000
    ABBA – Voyage (Agnetha cover) AA 1000
    ABBA – Voyage (Benny cover) AA 1000
    ABBA – Voyage (Bjorn cover) AA 1000
    ABBA – Voyage (Anni-Frid cover) AA 1000


    • It's unlikely Voyage sold the same amount in all those formats. More likely it sold more in the standard edition than the individual members' editions.

      Btw, what is the deluxe edition?


      • No, it's not. Each of these CDs has a code of 1000 copies printed on the back cover. They are sold on the official website of Universal Music Brasil and on several other websites. On the Mercado Livre website it is possible to see the number of remaining copies of the first print run, I have been following it and I see that the CDs have been selling well, they are always restocking.

        The prices are great too, on the Universal Music Brasil channel in the Mercado Livre website they currently cost around R$25.00, sometimes with free shipment. Usually CDs are sold here for R$39.90 or even R$49.90. The deluxe edition released here in Brazil is the one that came with poster, stickers, cards, I'll include a link for you to see too.

        This is the deluxe contente

        I will include pictures of the CDs back covers and you can see the codes in all of them close or inside the barcode. All of them AA 1000.

        Bjorn version (the code is in the bar code AA 1000)

        Frida Version

        Benny Version

        Agnetha Version

        Standard edition

        Deluxe Edition


        • UK Charts

          Problems with OCC album charts so no Top 100 or various album charts yet.

          What we have so far...
          #14 (13) Gold


          • And what we also have is the knowledge that GOLD's sales are higher than 4,567. That's what the #15 has.

            GOLD's total sales now around 6,279m. But that's guessing with care.


            • UK Sales Chart info finally in...and worth the wait.

              GOLD UP six places to #22
              Voyage UP to #63 from last week's #78.


              • Update

                Album Charts. #=Wks
                Austria Official Top 75
                ABBA Gold -45-39-45-41-32-42-35-35-37-28-21-20-14-10-27-28-33-30-39-39-40-39-39-40-23-44-16-41-37-32-48-24-28-26-21-26-28 -30-33-43-26-39-41-51-35-35-41-56-61 - # 626
                Voyage out-53-#33
                Mamma Mia! -55-71-61-62-0- 62-60-66-64-75-68-73-48- 51- #158
                Belgium Official Top 200
                ABBA Gold -125-143-126-0-90-0-99-81-59-92-38-25-26-47-39-28-54-36-65-82-92-102-103-119-110-58-107-68-15-138-114-133-0-63-59 -102-112-148-114-71-162-93-101-91-78-71-162-92-79-67-125 - # 288
                Voulez vous -117-132-137-136-136-179-155-166-162-176-160-152-130-168-150- #55
                Mamma Mia! -143-151-151-161-157-152-170-190-178- 0-170-186- #120
                Irish Official Top 100
                ABBA Gold -7-16-16-11-13-15-15-14-15-14-13-14-10-11-7-8-11-17-17-12-11-17-13-14-15-15-14-17-15-14-15-13-9 -7-8-10-6-5-6-10-10-9-9-8-7-10-13-17-16-16-#743
                Sweden Top 20 Physical
                Voyage out -15-17-15-11-13-8-4-6-5-0-17-16-11-18-8-8-10-6-13-17-0-0-16-18-6-10-0-11-6-10-0-15-17-11-16-6-10-8-7-6-5-3-5-8-14-18-12-12 #67
                Sweden Top 10 Vinyl
                'Voyage'-out-10-7-0-5 -4-2-4- #21
                Sweden Classical Top 10
                Benny Anderson 'Piano' -2-1-3-2-2-1-1-2-2-2-1-4-1-1-1-6-7-7-3-3-5-5-2-6-3-1-1-2-3-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-4-2-2-1-1-2-4-2-3-1-1-2-3-1-2-1-3-1-1-2-1-1-1-3-2 # 160
                Swiss Official Top 100
                ABBA Gold -68-73-66-56-72-82-79-57-24-55-70-43-33-31-21-44-28-64-58-84-0-71-53-30-33-33-66-15-0-81-64-74-42-42-59-34-43-27-39 -29-49-45-49-49-42-43-53-51-77-60 -#697
                Voulez vous -0-98-0-0-90-0-0-92-98-#4
                UK Main Official Top 100
                ABBA Gold -10-12-13-14-12-17-13-13-10-15-13-15-13-11-10-13-20-23 -22-19-21-18-17-18-19-15-11-16-6-11-11-10-11-12-9-10-9-10-15-13-16-11-9-7-9-17-14-19-19-20- #1093
                UK Official Sales Top 100
                ABBA Gold -40-40-22-28-39-35-37-24-30-16-14-22-24-13-17-19-19-25-24-32-38-20-27-27-27-39-23-24-7-17-20 -21-21-32-18-28-23 -22-29-27-28-37-42-22-19-14-20-39-39-39-75 - #399
                ABBA Voyage -78-0-63-78-80-65-68-63-74-67-0-91-76-63-61-60-49-60-67-81-87-71-83-84-76-0-85-80-69-89-61-54-60-34-36-44-37-31-43-38-36-41-39-14-14-11-18-23-32-19-42-14-15-14-20-21-20-19-16-14-14-12-16-12-6-4-3-3-3-2-2-4-2-2-1-#72
                Official Physical Albums Chart Top 100
                ABBA Gold -60-51-#1007
                Voyage -73-0-#73
                UK Official Soundtrack Top 50
                MMia! -9-12-14-13-13-9-9-13-12-18-15-15-16-13-12-14-12-16-17-16-19-13-14-13-15-31-21-10-16-22-15-14-15-14-14-12-13-10 -12-13-13-14-19-19-13-11-10 -15 -12-12- #771
                MMia 2 (Here we go again!-12-17-32-30-38-35- 41-41-43-42-42-30-34-28-30-27-30-26-31-25-34-30-30-28-29-47-30-39-28-41-27-24-24-22-22-26-26-25 -26-22-22-24 -24-35-18-30-26-26-27-25 -31- #245
                Official Music Video Chart Top 50
                Abba Gold -0-42-#256
                ABBA The Movie -17-23-0-47-# 135
                ABBA In Concert -0- 43- #147


                Dutch Main 100
                ABBA Gold -0-0-0-94-81-64-78-0-86-85-0-20- #106
                Voulez vous -87-0-99-0-0-99-0-0-94-96-0 -51-#86
                Vinyl 33
                ABBA Gold -0-32-25-25-18-18-18-20-19-0-19-25-22-22-26-20-0-0-0-30-0-0-24-24-28-18-32-0-33 -0-26-0-16- # 75

                One of Us(ABBA)-Tommy Johansson.
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                • What do people think about the distribution of Voyage's sales? Some countries higher than expected, others lower? My estimates and opunion

                  UK - 450k. I was expecting this. About the same as More Gold. One for the more serious ABBA fan. A listers for sales along with Adele, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

                  Germany - 550-600k. I am sceptical about the 762k figure for reasons I have given. The German sales are a bit higher than I expected. This is a very pleasing result for ABBA

                  USA 220Kk. Like the UK I was expecting sales to be comparable with More Gold. So nor far too off expectations

                  France - 120k. This is the dark horse. ABBA were never huge studio album sellers in France - and 40 years on this was a very good result.

                  Netherlands - 80k. Actually not to sure on sales for this.

                  Sweden - 75k. This is probably the most disappointing. I would have expected much higher.

                  Belgium, Switzerland , Austria about 75k between them. I would have hoped for more Yet Voyage ended #1 on the Year End Charts in Austria and Switzerland (and I think the Flanders region of Belgiium). I know album sales have collapsed - but in those countries they would appear to be non-existent now

                  Australia 35k. Again, I would have hoped for more. It has a population a third of the UK but I guess sales have fallen more drastically there.

                  Pretty pleased with sales from UK, Germany, France, USA but thought sales elsewhere might be a tad higher. And no, I wasn't expecting 70s/80s level type sales. British and German fans in particular keeping the ABBA flame alive.

                  For the first - and last time in their career an ABBA studio album sold more in France than Sweden and probably more in Netherlands than Sweden too
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                  • April, 6 1974

                    - ABBA became European stars overnight when their composition "Waterloo" won the annual Eurovision Song Contest. The single became their first No. 1 hit in several countries, reached the U.S. Top 10, and went on to sell nearly six million copies, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. At the 50th anniversary celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, it was chosen as the best song in the competition's history
                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                    • UK CHART - Good Friday

                      #12 (13) Gold Greatest Hits

                      Sales about 5k. #11 on 5, 191.
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                      • Gold is the 10th best seller of 2023 so far

                        Vidcapper is back on this site and estimates its sales to be 56,000 this year.



                        • Not so good news on Sales Chart

                          #40 (22) Gold Greatest Hits

                          Voyage out of Top 100 for 3rd time since release.


                          • On ABBA's YouTube channel, 'Money Money Money' has become the 8th video to surpass 100 million views, after 'Dancing Queen' (700 million), 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' (375 m), 'Mamma Mia' (278 m), 'Chiquitita' (224 m), 'Take a Chance on Me' (144 m), 'Fernando' (141 m) and 'The Winner Takes It All' (117 m).



                            • In above link, click on "popular" tab to get videos in popularity ranking.


                              • Thread here on Irish #1 singles.

                                Four singles were #1 in Ireland but not the UK.

                                Both Chiquitita and One of Us failed to make #1 in the UK (2 and 3) and #1's at the time huge million sellers Heart of Glass by Blondie and Don't You Want Me by The Human League. Neither got to #1 in Ireland.

                                Summer Night City and Gimme Gimme Gimme also both #1. The latter was held off #1 in the UK by Dr Hook and that awful Lena Martell song One Day at a Time. That song was #1 in Ireland by another act.

                                Finally the song that was #1 in the UK but not Ireland - The Name of the Game. I like The Carpenters and it was nice there Calling Occupants got to #1 in Ireland for 2 weeks.

                                Don't forget charts were compiled differently. In UK sales to customers, in the UK shipments (at least according to Wikipedia). The link below says an opinion poll chart up until early 1977 then a 'sales' chart, which could well have been shipments.

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                                • GOLD's total sales in the UK now around 6,284m. The midweek updates show no falling compared with GOLD's last week's position. If the trend is our friend I'd predict the announcement of achieving 21*platinum on friday, May, 5th.


                                  • My estimate of Gold's sales

                                    To end 21 Sep 2021: 6,000,000 (plus up to 3 or 4 k)
                                    To end Dec 2021 : 6,026,000 or extra 3 to 4k
                                    To end Dec 2022: 6, 224,000 or extra 3 or 4k
                                    To 7 April 2023: 6, 280,000 or extra 3 or 4k
                                    To 14 April 2023:
                                    To 21 April 2023:
                                    To 28 April 2023:
                                    To 5 May 2023:

                                    4 more weekly sales to that date and 20k sales (or more likely up to 16k as when it went platinum x20 likely to be a little over 6 milliiom)

                                    5 May possible
                                    12 May certain


                                    • The last estimations Vidcapper gave us (and I go with them) are for the first quarter 2023. The 56k for this year are until March, 31th. Last week's sales were around 5k, as you already have mentioned. So probably around 61k for 2023 until April, 7th. (26k plus 197k plus 61k = 285k)


                                      • OK. I thought they were up to 7 April

                                        Yep 6,285,000

                                        26k to end 2021 after 20x p
                                        198k in 2022
                                        61k to 7 April

                                        Probably a tad over as I doubt it was 6 million EXACTLY when last certified.

                                        For sure, 21x platinum by 5th May

                                        Could be 28 April if sales are say 2 to 4 higher so *could* be 6, 287,000 to 6, 289,000. Only 11 to 13k to go

                                        I am not being a contrarian. HAHA
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                                        • According to ABBA's total streams on Spotify surpassed the 6 billions yesterday. In the alltime-ranking they are placed #199 at the moment. This is around 90 positions better compared to the time, when Voyage was released. All the artists there get an update, but on different times. Some once a month or so, some more frequently. Updates for ABBA happen once or twice a week.


                                          • 'Money Money Money' keeps getting more successful on Spotify. Today it moves up to number 7 on the list of ABBA's popular songs, switching places with 'The Winner Takes It All'. It has also overtaken 'Fernando' on the all-time list of ABBA's most streamed songs.
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                                            • From BPI.
                                              Abba - Waterloo - Polydor - Platinum - Single - 14.04.2023 - 01.12.2004
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                                              • ABBA's UK Digital Certifications (Songs)

                                                Platinum x 2
                                                Dancing Queen

                                                Mamma Mia
                                                Gimme Gimme Gimme
                                                The Winner Takes it All

                                                Does Your Mother Know
                                                Lay All Your Love On Me

                                                Voulez Vous
                                                Slipping Through My Fingers

                                                Don't forget that silly BPI rule ie songs can't have same physical and download/streaming certification.

                                                I would imagine Take a Chance on Me and Super Trouper would have got gold digital certifications. And possiblly Money Money Money

                                                Nice to see MMM doing well in Streaming. Some ABBA fans can be quite snooty about some very popular ABBA songs!
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                                                • UK Charts 14 April
                                                  #10 (12) Gold Greatest Hits

                                                  Sales : 4, 460


                                                  • Originally posted by brian05 View Post
                                                    From BPI.
                                                    Abba - Waterloo - Polydor - Platinum - Single - 14.04.2023 - 01.12.2004
                                                    Officially a million seller as it did 467K by 1977 plus adding on 600K from 1994 onwards.