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  • Stevereno81126 - 'Mamma Mia!' has sold about
    1,505,000 in the USA - so far. So, it still has
    quite a way to go to reach 2 Million there.
    It was on about 1,468,000, when it was at No.12
    a couple of Weeks ago. Then it sold 20,000 or so,
    to drop to No.15, & 17,000 or so to drop to No.21.


    Nevertheless, I personally do not rate 'SNC'
    as one of ABBA's best Singles. They'd have had a
    far, far bigger Global Hit had they skipped 'SNC'
    & released 'Move On', or 'Hole In Your Soul' - and
    that is despite both of those already having sold
    a great many copies on 'The Album' by the time 'SNC'
    came out. (As for 'Medley' - the 'B' Side! The
    most unspeakable garbage they'd come up with in

    If it had been up to me, there would have been
    at least 3 ABBA Singles every Year - and neither
    'SNC' nor 'Does Your Mother Know' would have
    been Singles. They'd have been replaced with
    'Move On', & 'As Good As New' - and they'd both
    have been a lot bigger in ABBA's 2 main Markets
    than the 2 Singles that we did get. (The UK, &
    West Germany. 'SNC' - 5 UK/6 WG. 'DYMK' - 4 UK/10 WG.).

    I recall 1978 very well - Agnetha said that 'SNC'
    was a 'mistake', in an Interview later that Year.
    Really, it was a Year where ABBA started very well
    in much of the World, but by June or July, it all
    slowed down, & as far as Europe went, they let
    Boney M dominate the Year. (Because Boney M released
    several Singles, & ABBA could only be bothered with
    2 in the UK & Ireland, 1 in the USA, & 3 in several
    other European Countries).

    They would easily have had another UK No.1 had
    they released 'Move On' in March or so, but they
    did love their long gaps between Singles. That
    is fine if you come back with a blockbuster, ('The
    Winner Takes It All'), but disasterous if you
    come back with a Single, that many Fans are clearly
    disappointed with.....(As Michael B. Tretow said -
    you can tell that 'SNC' has had the, (spoken),
    start removed from it, because the Intro starts
    in the middle of a note. You can hear the edit).



    • Zeus555

      MM soundtrack - thanks for clearing up the sales of this in the US. I thought earlier sales of 635K seemed very low, especially as it was a #1 in the US.

      Summer Night City
      We'll have to agree to disagree about how much we like this song! At the time I wasn't a huge fan, it has grown on me over the years like say The Visitors, which wasn't a 'typical' ABBA song either.

      I agree with you that more singles should have been released in the UK. I would have opted for Eagle to have been the third single from The Album - like it was in some other countries. It wouldn't have got to #1 in my opinion because it many fans would have already had it on The Album and there were a lot of competition that year from the likes of Boney M, the Bee Gees and Olivia Newton John/John Travolta.

      I agree ABBA stated 1978 very well with The Album, Take a Chance on Me and the Movie. The first 3 months were massive for them but it all went downhill in the UK/Europe ..and by May/June in the US...

      I agree totally with you that As Good as New should have been a single instead of Does Your Mother Know? Why did Bjorn insist on singing the occasional song?? He's dreadful!!!

      Oh yes, The 'Medley'! how could I have forgooten that in my list of 10 ABBA songs I hate....


      • If I had to pick my favorite ABBA songs, I would go with:
        1. Take a Chance On Me
        2. Summer Night City
        3. Waterloo
        4. Super Trouper
        5. S.O.S
        6. Ring Ring
        7. Under Attack
        8. Head Over Heels
        9. When All Is Said and Done
        10. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
        11. Does Your Mother Know
        12. On and On and On
        13. The Day Before You Came
        14. Money, Money, Money
        15. The Visitors (Crackin’ Up)
        16. Mamma Mia
        17. Intermezzo No. 1
        18. Should I Laugh Or Cry
        19. Eagle
        20. Andante, Andante

        If I had to go with least favorites:
        1. (I Wonder) Departure
        2. I Saw It In The Mirror
        3. Suzy-Hang-Around
        4. I Am Just a Girl
        5. Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother
        6. Crazy World
        7. Man in the Middle
        8. My Mama Said
        9. Kisses of Fire
        10. I Have A Dream

        I should mention that (I Wonder)Departure is really the only one of their songs that I would say I don't like. I personally think it is a good thing that some fans favorite songs are other fans least favorite. It is just a personal preference thing. However I personally would disagree that "As Good As New" would have performed better.

        Just to say a thing about Medley, I personally really like it. It may be because I am American, and the songs are American folk songs, so they may be more familiar to me. I feel the Medley is a well crafty rearrangement of classic songs into a modern sound.


        • although it has nothing to do with the topic, but my alltime-fave from ABBA is Put On Your White Sombrero (tight followed by The Day Before You Came). unbelievable, that this songs was actually left over. other artists would kill for having such a tune.

          concerning The Day Before You Came and its relative to massive flop in the UK: I'm not English native (German), though I know, what the song is about and I'm able to translate sentence by sentence without any dictionary or whatever. my question: how does the song appeal from its lyrics to English natives? is there anything wrong with them? In Germany the song was a number 5 and I guess, not more of the half who bought the single knew, what's the story of the song.[/list]


          • I meant only Put On Your White Sombrero was left out.

            was too late to edit and erase the s!


            • 1. Put On Your White Sombrero is a pretty great song, when it was released as a bonus track, the impression I got was that it was not mixed as well at the time and that Trentow did a bit of work on it. I could be totally wrong though, and if I am, I completely agree that it should have been on an album, it is a very solid song, Frida does a great job on the lyrics, and its melody has that same nice feel that Fernando and Chiquitita have, but done with Synthesizers and it all works.

              2. I'm American, but am also partial to ABBA, but I will try to give my input on TDBYC lyrics. In general ABBA's lyrics were never very complex. A lot of times, the rhymes are very simple AABB set-up, with sometimes silly couplets. But TDBYC is a bit more complex. It is not as much of a verse/refrain/verse/refrain song, it is a story song. All of the rhymes work to progress the story, and so it generally avoids rhyming something like 'Money' with 'Honey'. They also integrate two pop culture references with Marilyn French and Dallas. However, being born in 1986, I am not familiar with Ms. French, although the point still comes across, yet Dallas is still very well know. Dallas' "Who Shot JR" episode still remains as the 2nd most watched program in US history, only beat out by the M*A*S*H series finale. So, in all I believe the lyrics translate well, making it a more thought provoking song than ABBA traditionally had. It is a real shame that it did not do as well as other songs had done, it is really good.

              3. Mamma Mia! has opened in Japan, which is the last country for MM!. The latest numbers that I have, which are all pre-Japan are:
              US: $144,130,063
              Rest of the World: $429,045,202
              Total: $573,175,265

              The real goal here is for the film to reach $600 Million worldwide. Japan is a market where films can make over $100 million, but I don't think that usually holds for musicals. I would think it can make the $30 million it needs. However, If it could get $71 Million, and make MM!'s international total over $500 million. Generally when a movie does this well internationally it has already gotten about $400 million in the US. But, ABBA, as they always have, shows that you really don't need the US to bank.

              4. Mamma Mia! has also managed to get several award nominations, here is a summary:

              Best British Film
              Best Music - Benny and Bjorn
              Carl Foreman Award for the Most Promising Newcomer - Judy Craymer (I believe this is not a Nom. i think it is just a win)

              Winners will be announced in a week or so I believe, I know these awards are going to be on BBC America, so I will probably tune in to see is B+B win for Music.

              In a related tid-bit, MM! did not get any Oscar nominations. But I should add they were not eligible for the music categories as the songs are not new.

              Golden Globe:
              Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical
              Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical - Meryl Streep

              It lost both of these, also Meryl did not win in the Drama category.

              Grammy Awards:
              Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media

              This will be given on Feb 8th. and it it wins, I believe anyone who sings on the album gets an award, and I imagine Benny and Bjorn get one too.

              National Movie Awards, UK:
              Best Musical - Won
              Best Performance - Female - Meryl Streep - Won
              Best Performance - Male - Pierce Brosnan - Lost
              Best Performance - Male - Colin Firth - Lost

              Razzie Awards:
              Worst Supporting Actor - Pierce Brosnan

              This will be given on Feb. 21st


              • Japanese Statistics This Week:

                ABBA Gold has been certified Platinum by the RIAJ for 250,000 shipments this week.

                ORICON Sales Information this week:

                05 17097 Mamma Mia! Soundtrack
                17 * 8096 ABBA "ABBA Gold ANIVASARI ~ 10th Edition"
                24 * 5728 ABBA "ABBA Gold <Edition Complete>"


                • POland

                  Diamond certification for Mamma Mia!!!!!

                  Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                  • 1. Billboard 2009-02-14:
                    ABBA Gold fell to No. 3 on the Pop Cat and No. 70 on the comprehensive chart

                    Mamma Mia! slipped just 2 spots to No. 23

                    new charts will be out tomorrow

                    2. It is no surprise to see ABBA charting in Japan. Mamma Mia! the movie opened in 2nd place for its first weekend in theaters there. It earned $3.93 million. This seemed low to me, but I know nothing about Japan's movie market.

                    Mamma Mia!'s worldwide gross is now at $584,630,063.

                    3. I know that a while back people were looking for a better list of inflation-adjusted musicals. Well the site I always reference updated their musicals list so that it includes movies all the way back to the 1930s: Here is link


                    • Originally posted by tino
                      although it has nothing to do with the topic, but my alltime-fave from ABBA is Put On Your White Sombrero (tight followed by The Day Before You Came). unbelievable, that this songs was actually left over. other artists would kill for having such a tune.

                      concerning The Day Before You Came and its relative to massive flop in the UK: I'm not English native (German), though I know, what the song is about and I'm able to translate sentence by sentence without any dictionary or whatever. my question: how does the song appeal from its lyrics to English natives? is there anything wrong with them? In Germany the song was a number 5 and I guess, not more of the half who bought the single knew, what's the story of the song.[/list]
                      Concerning the ABBA lyrics. There is only one place in one song that I have heard a phrase that sounded awkward.

                      In Fernando the lyrics are "Since many years I haven't seen a rifle in your hand" where it should be something like "It's been many years since I have seen a rifle in your hand"

                      Apart from that I think they are all pretty much spot on...a very impressive achievment.
                      101 Albums | 501 Songs


                      • "FOR many years I haven't seen a rifle in your hands"

                        The lyrics to I Have a Dream don't make much sense ie "I cross the stream, I have a dream". why not just repeat I have a dream twice?

                        TDBYC lyrics
                        Have you noticed it takes 1 hour 15 minutes to get to work ie get the train at 8 and arrive at the office at 'a quarter after nine'.
                        Yet coming home it takes 3 hours, leaving at five and having dinner watching TV at 8pm. I know there was a stop to buy 'chinese food to go' but what else happened???

                        BTW, have you noticed the American English in this song?

                        The day Before You Came
                        Must have left my house at eight, because I always do
                        My train, Im certain, left the station just when it was due
                        I must have read the morning paper going into town
                        And having gotten through the editorial, no doubt I must have frowned
                        I must have made my desk around a quarter after nine
                        With letters to be read, and heaps of papers waiting to be signed
                        I must have gone to lunch at half past twelve or so
                        The usual place, the usual bunch
                        And still on top of this Im pretty sure it must have rained
                        The day before you came

                        I must have lit my seventh cigarette at half past two
                        And at the time I never even noticed I was blue
                        I must have kept on dragging through the business of the day
                        Without really knowing anything, I hid a part of me away
                        At five I must have left, theres no exception to the rule
                        A matter of routine, Ive done it ever since I finished school
                        The train back home again
                        Undoubtedly I must have read the evening paper then
                        Oh yes, Im sure my life was well within its usual frame
                        The day before you came

                        Must have opened my front door at eight oclock or so
                        And stopped along the way to buy some chinese food to go
                        Im sure I had my dinner watching something on tv
                        Theres not, I think, a single episode of dallas that I didnt see
                        I must have gone to bed around a quarter after ten
                        I need a lot of sleep, and so I like to be in bed by then I must have read a while
                        The latest one by marilyn french or something in that style
                        Its funny, but I had no sense of living without aim
                        The day before you came

                        And turning out the light
                        I must have yawned and cuddled up for yet another night
                        And rattling on the roof I must have heard the sound of rain
                        The day before you came


                        • Johnny, Crossing a stream is a very common and acceptable use of imagery in poetry because streams are often associated with people's thoughts and feelings.


                          • as an American, I'm pretty oblivious to what makes something American English. What is it about those lines that is more of something we say in the US versus elsewhere? The only common link I can tell between them is their use of time, is that it?


                            • The latest ABBA Budget CD was released in the
                              UK on Monday - 16th February.

                              It is called 'Classic...The Master's Collection'.

                              The COVER is attractive! (Nothing new on it - Musically - of course!).

                     ... -Wed-TEAIS

                              The Track List is:,

                              1. Thank You For The Music
                              2. Winner Takes It All, The
                              3. Fernando
                              4. One Of Us
                              5. Angel Eyes
                              6. Day Before You Came, The
                              7. Eagle
                              8. So Long
                              9. Why Did It Have To Be Me
                              10. Ring Ring
                              11. Way Old Friends Do, The
                              12. Slipping Through My Fingers
                              13. Hasta Manana
                              14. Our Last Summer
                              15. My Love My Life
                              16. If It Wasn't For The Nights
                              17. People Need Love
                              18. Happy New Year

                              'Why Did It Have To Be Me' & 'Ring Ring' were on
                              the previous ABBA Budget Album, 'The Name Of The Game'.

                              And:, 'The Winner Takes It All', 'Fernando', 'Thank You For The Music',
                              'Ring Ring' & 'Happy New Year' were on the last Non Budget ABBA Album to be released here - '18 Hits'. Both those previous CD's have now sold over 200,000 each in the UK.

                              However - it is still a puzzle as to why Universal are unable to release
                              an ABBA Compilation CD, without putting some Tracks from each previous ABBA release on it! It is as if they make no effort at all to compile completely different ABBA Compilations. They show little imagination. However, each ABBA Budget CD sells over 200,000 in the UK - eventually - so the Record Company see no point in putting too much effort into choosing the Track Lists for them.

                              But that is no reason - or excuse - why they shouldn't do so!.



                              • I agree with Zeus's comments abot SNC. What is remarkable is how acts like ABBA were afraid to release multiple singles from albums as thy were, in those days, more concerned with chart performance of the single rather than the album failing to recognise that even a poorly performing single would still generate airplay and ubsequently album sales. This was spectacularly illustrated soon after SNC by Blonie's Parallel Lines, where ironically, the bigger hits came near the end pushing the album to number one months after it had originally peaked. However, it was seen at the time as slightly unethical to keep pulling singles from albums. I remember my mum buying ABBA The Album for us and being slightly narked that there wer only five songs that we didn't already have! By 1978 anything ABBA released that didn't go to number one would have been sen as a flop so I don't think ABBA wanted to risk it - a mistake they made 3 years later by failing to capitalise on Super Trouper's huge success. A reviewer at the time estimated it had potentially six number one singles on it. Were ABBA active today I'm sure we would see 4 or 5 singles per abum, admitedly with declining sales, but keeping the albums alive in the charts much longer. SNC was, in my opinion a mistake (the live version is much bette though - and how many times can you sa that about an ABBA record?) and a 3rd single from The album would have been better early spring prior to the Boney M, Grease invasion that yea. Move On is my fave song on the album and would be my choice though clearly had the UK had a 3rd single it would have been Eagle ( great song, horrible single edit missing that marvelous instrumental break). on the plus side it really did make the release of a new ABBA single a real occasion.


                                • Zeus, do you know if all those budget albums are on the same label. They're not all on Universal...what's the track listing for The Name of the Game...I can't see why people buy these albums.


                                  • 'The Name of The Game' Budget CD was released in
                                    October 2002, & its Track List is:,

                                    1. Waterloo
                                    2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
                                    3. Rock Me
                                    4. Love Isn't Easy
                                    5. Gonna Sing You My Love Song
                                    6. SOS
                                    7. When I Kissed The Teacher
                                    8. The Name Of The Game
                                    9. Hole In Your Soul
                                    10. Why Did It Have To Be Me
                                    11. On And On And On
                                    12. Lay All Your Love On Me
                                    13. The Visitors
                                    14. Kisses Of Fire
                                    15. When All Said And Done
                                    16. Ring Ring

                                    'The Music Still Goes On' Budget CD was released
                                    in March 1996, & its Track List is:,

                                    1. Does Your Mother Know
                                    2. Ring Ring
                                    3. On And On And On
                                    4. When I Kissed The Teacher
                                    5. If It Wasn't For The Night
                                    6. As Good As New
                                    7. Eagle
                                    8. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
                                    9. Visitors
                                    10. When All Is Said And Done
                                    11. So Long
                                    12. Bang A Boomerang
                                    13. Me And I
                                    14. Move On
                                    15. Gonna Sing You My Love Song
                                    16. Arrival

                                    Both are on the Spectrum Label - which is a
                                    'Sub-Label' of Universal.
                                    Both have sold well over 200,000 in the UK.
                                    'The Music Still Goes On' was a No.1 Budget CD,
                                    & 'The Name Of The Game' was a No.2 Budget CD.
                                    The 'Classic...The Masters' CD is on another
                                    Sub Label at Universal - Commercial Marketing.
                                    '18 Hits' was on that Label, at first - but it was
                                    switched to the Universal Label, in the end.



                                    • ABBA Gold was at No. 2 on the Pop Cat. and No. 73 on the Comprehensive charts on Billboard this week.

                                      The MM! film soundtrack fell from No. 30 to No. 40


                                      • 3/7/09 Catalog charts:

                                        The Mamma Mia! soundtrack has sold 1,574,000 copies in just 33 weeks, slightly more than the original cast album has sold since its release in October 2001. The cast album has sold 1,555,000 copies. The success of the soundtrack enables ABBA's Gold/Greatest Hits to return to #1 on the Catalog Albums chart. It sold 10,000 copies this week and would have ranked #64 on the big chart if older, catalog albums were eligible to compete there. Gold/Greatest Hits has sold 426,000 copies since the release of the Mamma Mia! soundtrack.

                                        It has, in this time, jumped from #199 to #156 on Nielsen/SoundScan's running list of the best-selling albums in its history (which dates to 1991). Bear in mind, this still means that in the last 33 weeks more than three times as many people bought the soundtrack than Gold/Greatest Hits. They could be listening to ABBA singing its greatest hits and are instead listening to Pierce Brosnan. Whatever.

                                        Incidentally, this is the 12th week at #1 on the catalog chart for Gold/Greatest Hits. It's the first greatest hits set to top the catalog chart for 12 weeks since Guns N' Roses' Greatest Hits achieved the feat in January 2008.


                                        • I can't understand why more people have bought the MM soundtrack rather than Gold this year. Pierce Brosnan and the rest of the cast are atrocious :evil:


                                          • Originally posted by johnnyboy
                                            I can't understand why more people have bought the MM soundtrack rather than Gold this year. Pierce Brosnan and the rest of the cast are atrocious :evil:
                                            I guess many people who pick up MM OST own already proper ABBA compilations
                                            25 June 2009, the day the Music died


                                            • I hope they already own ABBA Gold if they are buying the film or the OCR, but I doubt this is the case for the most part.

                                              Most of the people I know who have the OST don't own any other ABBA albums, I have never opted to see the either the stage show or the movie because I am so familiar with ABBA's versions of the songs, that it just sounds horrible to hear other people sing the songs.

                                              On a completely different note, It seems that ABBA has a few other songs that should be eligible for certification in the US. DQ of course passed the 500k digital downloads, which make it eligible to be certified gold, but it turns out that the RIAA also awards silver certification for digital downloads. To get a Silver disc, you need to have 100k downloads for a song. At the very least, Take a Chance On Me and Mamma Mia are both eligible for silver awards. I wouldn't be surprised if a few other songs would be close to 100k digital downloads.


                                              • ^There are no longer Silver awards. Just Gold and Platinum now.


                                                • ^There are no longer Silver awards. Just Gold and Platinum now.
                                                  Really? When did they stop doing them? I was really surprised when I saw that they had started doing them in 2007, it just seemed odd. I know a lot of countries do silver awards, but the RIAA had just never had them.

                                                  I can see why they would stop them, now that digital downloads(legal ones) are common, I'm sure lots of new artists were having eligible songs, even for songs that may not have been very huge hits. But, it is a shame they don't have them for older songs, yet some older songs make it to the gold range(company just needs to certify it!)

                                                  This leads me to a related question. I know that albums can be re certified when they lower the sales needed, but can the be "De-Certified" when they raise the sales needed. I ask specifically in regards to digital downloads, because I remember when Billboard was switching over to which they would show on their magazine, and Gold for a digital song was just 100k, and 200k for platinum. The song "Hollaback Girl" was certified 5 times platinum at this time, but now it would only be platinum. so, anyone know?


                                                  • Originally posted by MJDangerous
                                                    Originally posted by johnnyboy
                                                    I can't understand why more people have bought the MM soundtrack rather than Gold this year. Pierce Brosnan and the rest of the cast are atrocious :evil:
                                                    I guess many people who pick up MM OST own already proper ABBA compilations
                                                    I know that. My point is not that Gold didn't sell enough (it has sold loads) but that MM OST sold way to much! It is rubbish! The fault isn't the songs (obviously - and no wise-cracks!!!), but the "singers".