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  • Billboard 200 - 22/10/2011

    No | Artist | Title | TW | % | LW | RTD
    143 PAUL MCCARTNEY OCEAN'S KINGDOM 3,414 999 62 3,491


    • Early Paul McCartney letter offers drummer tryout


      • From NME,

        Paul McCartney almost doubled his earnings this year to make £29 million, according to reports

        The Sun claims that the Beatles legend raked in nearly twice as much cash compared to last year, when he made £16.4 million, and also saw his pre-tax profit increase from £9 million in 2010 to £12.8 million in 2011.

        Company reports also showed that McCartney had only paid himself £1 million this year, as opposed to the £6.7 million salary he received in 2010


        • Top Music DVD's - 21/01/2012

          TW | LW | WOC | Artist | Title
          34 31 4 Paul McCartney - Love We Make


          • My Valentine : nr 139 on itunes Norway.


            • Top Music DVD's - 11/02/2012

              TW | LW | WOC | Artist | Title
              40 35 6 Paul McCartney - Love We Make


              • Paul McCartney-Kisses on the bottom nr 16

                at Itunes Norway.


                • Dutch singles top 100: 93 1 Paul mcCartney -My Valentine


                  • Paulīs UK sales are very poor. He doesnīt have a million album seller. Donīt know why, but definitely is something wrong. For instance, Iīve heard that Band on the run has sold more than 6 million US alone, but the certifications says 3 million. In UK has only 300k. But heard that is more than 500k. He is one of the best-selling singles in UK, but the albums are far away.


                    • BPI certifications are out of date.
                      According to Haven Music Forum Band on the run sold 1,140,000 during the 70s decade.
                      Multi-platinum awards only made from 1979.
                      Obviously sales to date are much greater today.

                      Kisses on the bottom new entry at no. 3 in OCC mid-week chart.


                      • Kisses on the bottom new at no. 5 Holland


                        • Source: Music Week
                          Friday February 10, 2012 By Paul Williams

                          Paul McCartney looks poised for his highest-charting non-Beatles album for nearly a decade and a half with Kisses On The Bottom heading for the UK top three this weekend. The Hear Music/Mercury album has been showing up as a new entry at number three in the midweeks all week and by the end of business on Thursday had sold nearly 18,000 copies, according to the Official Charts Company. If it stays in this position by the time the full-week chart is published on Sunday it will be McCartneyís highest-charting album outside The Beatles since Flaming Pie debuted and peaked at no. 2 in 1997.


                          • no.9 in in Norway


                            • Official UK Albums Top 100 - 18th February 2012

                              TW | LW | WOC | Title | Artist (Label)
                              3 new 1 Kisses On The Bottom Paul McCartney (HearMusic)


                              • McCartney At MusiCares
                                The Lefsetz Letter

                                This is musicís greatest night. If they dropped a bomb on the L.A. Convention Center, theyíd have to start all over, the entire infrastructure of the mainstream music business would be wiped out. And you might not think thatís a bad thing, but the old days are through, the labels no longer dominate, and itís not only business people in attendance, but stars too.

                                Neil Young was eating with his bride at the next table over. Katy Perry sat down on my right with that giant flower on her head. Chris Martin came by to watch with her. Being labelmates, theyíre family.

                                As for conversation, there just was not enough time. Whether it be with Rob Light in the auction room after a heart to heart with Jason Mraz or during the show by the bathroom with Rob Stringer, everywhere you turned there was someone you knew, in a good mood, the gloves are taken off for an evening.

                                And speaking of the bathroomÖ Before the show, thatís where I saw Hugh Hefner. He wasnít walking that well and all I wanted to do was put my arm around him and say itís okay to be old, that he could have stayed home in his pajamas and been grandpa and that would have been cool.

                                As for the music, McCartney BLEW EVERYBODY ELSE OFF THE STAGE!

                                After an introduction by the Cirque du Soleil acrobats, Paul and his band took the stage with a blistering rendition of "Magical Mystery Tour." This was like being jetted back to your high school bedroom, but having all of your dreams come true. It was mindbending, you couldnít help but smile. These songs are in our DNA and he couldnít have done it any better. We just werenít prepared.

                                And then he played "Juniorís Farm."

                                Iím a fan. And itís great to hear the hits, but when semi-obscure nuggets are revealed you feel that heís playing just for you. And I think he was, since most people in attendance sat down. But it wasnít as bad as it was during "1985." You know, the last track on "Band On The Run"! Well, turns out most people didnít know. Paulís banging the notes out on the piano and Iím in college, my whole life is scrolling by in my head, itís the essence of rock and roll.

                                But almost everybody elseÖ Wasnít so good.

                                Duane Eddy did a killer take on "And I Love Her," Diana Krall revealed the subtleties in "For No One" and James Taylor needed no teleprompter for "Yesterday."

                                Yes, most of the acts were reading the lyrics, which made their performances somewhat perfunctory, the less said the better.

                                Except for Neil Young.

                                He took the stage with Crazy Horse. And did a turn on "I Saw Her Standing There" that took you right back to the basement, back in Ď64, after you bought "Meet The Beatles" and a guitar and began to play too. I bet there wasnít a baby boomer in the room who didnít have this experience. It was raucous, it was all about emotion, it garnered a standing ovation.

                                But once again, when Paul took the stage, he just blew everybody away.

                                Yes, he played some new material, and Iíd love to tell you it killed, butÖ

                                But he did play the medley from the second side of "Abbey Road" and jammed with Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl at the end. He was having fun.

                                And fun is the one thing that money canít buy.

                                And this was the best MusiCares ever. And when it was all done, Scott Rodger, Paulís manager, took us backstage to see our friend Brian Ray, and thatís when the evening truly shined.

                                I thought everybody was gone.

                                But Brian was talking to Little Steven. We got into a discussion of Van Zandt taking his Sirius channels to China.

                                And Abe Laboriel, Jr., whose dad played with Feliceís father, was so nice, telling me what he was up to, that he not only had his own album to do, it was almost done.

                                And Scott told me how McCartney cold-called him. You think you have to work it, thatís the only way youíll be recognized, if you dun people to death. But Stella called a friend, looking for help, who recommended Scott, and as they say, the rest is history. Hype rarely works in todayís market, itís all about the work, and Scottís working íround the clock, thatís the nature of the music business.

                                Then I made a brief aside to Eddie Izzard about a mutual friend and it opened the door to a conversation. Wherein Eddie told me he wrote his speech at 4 a.m. the night before. Thatís how you do it! You wait until the last minute, when the pressureís on. If he delivered the standard tribute, no one would listen. So he came up with gobbledygook, did you know Castro wanted Wings to be called "Beaks"?

                                And after Sam introduced me to Diana Krall and Elvis Costello, we were on our way out, hours after the show ended, and who comes striding through the room but Paul and Nancy.

                                So weíre shaking hands and I tell him how much I loved hearing "Juniorís Farm" and how I told Abe that the hit single was live, how rare that was, and Paul corrected me, no thatís COMING UP!

                                Of course he was right.

                                But it was one in the morning and it was so long ago and he shouldnít have even been listening to me, he should have just been pressing the flesh.

                                But the greats are on it all the time.

                                And thereís no one greater than Paul McCartney.


                                • Paul MCcartney won a grammy last night,

                                  for best historical album(Band On The Run Deluxe



                                  • From Music Week,

                                    Paul McCartney's 33rd post-Beatles chart album, Kisses On The Bottom debuts at number three (23,849 sales), instantly becoming his highest charting solo set since 1997, when Flaming Pie reached number two. Kisses On The Bottom is 69 year old McCartney's follow-up to 2007's Memory Almost Full, which debuted and peaked at number five with first week sales of 21,246, and has so far sold 105,010 copies. Memory Almost Full was made up entirely of original songs, whereas only two of the 14 tracks on Kisses On The Bottom are McCartney compositions. The rest are covers of American standards, including It's Only A Paper Moon, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (source of the Kisses On The Bottom title) and Bye Bye Blackbird. The latter track, which dates from 1926, was also covered by McCartney's fellow Beatle Ringo Starr on his debut solo album Sentimental Journey in 1970. By coincidence, the two remaining Beatles released their latest albums a week apart. 71 year old Starr's Ringo 2012 - a mixture of covers, updates and new songs with a playing time of less than 29 minutes - made a less convincing debut last week, selling just 752 copies, to enter the chart at number 181. Starr's album fares better in America, where it debuts at number 80 this week, after selling 6,348 copies.


                                    • Japan Oricon:

                                      13 [NE] - Kisses on the Bottom - 10,182


                                      • Paul McCartney: 'John Lennon and I had the same premonition about The Beatles' success


                                        • Paul McCartney - Kisses On The Bottom


                                          • usa:-- 5 PAUL MCCARTNEY HEAR MUSIC 74,819 --
                                            KISSES ON THE BOTTOM


                                            • From Paul Grein's Chart Watch
                                              Week Ending Feb. 12, 2012.

                                              Paul McCartney first cracked the top 10 (with the Beatles' Meet The Beatles!) in February 1964.

                                              Paul McCartney's Kisses On The Bottom debuts at #5. This is McCartney's 18th top 10 album apart from the Beatles. He has had at least one top five album in each of the last five decades. And that doesn't even count the Beatles. Add them in and we can take this back to the 1960s, giving McCartney six straight decades with a top five album.

                                              McCartney is the second former Beatle to have hit with a collection of songs that pre-date the rock era. Ringo Starr reached #22 in 1970 with Sentimental Journey. (The two albums have one song in common: Gene Austin's 1926 classic "Bye Bye, Blackbird."). The irony, of course, is that the Beatles, more than any other single act, swept Tin Pan Alley aside; made it seem musty and old-fashioned. (Now, there's widespread acknowledgement that much of that music was stellar.)

                                              Kisses On The Bottom includes such standards as "It's Only A Paper Moon," "The Glory Of Love," "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive" and "Always." (The album's cheeky title is drawn from the 1935 Fats Waller song, "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter," which is included on the set).

                                              McCartney is the instant front-runner to win next year's Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. If he does, McCartney will become the first artist to win Grammys in both the Traditional Pop and Rock fields. (He has won two Grammys in the rock field: "Rockestra Theme" as Best Rock Instrumental Performance of 1979 and a cover of the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" as Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance of 2010.)

                                              5. Paul McCartney, Kisses On The Bottom, 74,000. This new entry is McCartney's 18th top 10 album apart from the Beatles.


                                              • Originally posted by janmaccazwan
                                                usa:-- 5 PAUL MCCARTNEY HEAR MUSIC 74,819 --
                                                KISSES ON THE BOTTOM
                                                But this isn't a SoundScan figure, isn't it?


                                                • Billboard 200

                                                  05. Paul McCartney - Kisses On The Botton 74,552


                                                  • Kisses on the bottom new entry at no. 19 in spain