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  • Elton John - Greatest Hits 1970-2002

    Is still going well more than eight years after itīs release:

    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #171 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
    #1 in Music > Music Deals > Box Sets at 30% Off
    #1 in Music > Box Sets
    #5 in Music > Pop > Adult Contemporary


    • US this week

      Top Music DVDīs

      10 RE-ENTRY 17 The Red Piano Elton John

      23 RE-ENTRY 3 Dream Ticket Elton John

      Canada this week

      TotalW 2WAgo LW TW
      25 91 85 80 ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S


      • LONDON: Elton John has formed a new music company called the Rocket Music Entertainment Group with offices in London, New York and Tokyo. The company’s roster includes John, James Blunt, Lily Allen, Leon Russell, Oh Land and Dirty Vegas. The new entity plans to be signing artists to its other companies: the Rocket Records label, Rocket Music Publishing and Rocket Productions. ... ell-july-4
        Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


        • TOP Music Dvd - Billboard ChArt USA

          n.17 10 18weeks The Red Piano Elton John
          n.35 23 4weeks Dream Ticket Elton John


          • Canadian Album Charts FOR THE WEEK ENDING 7 JULY, 2011

            Weeks 2 WAgo LW TW Title Artist
            27 79 87 41 ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S
            ELTON JOHN


            • Top Music DVD's - billboard usa

              13 17 19 The Red Piano Elton John
              34 35 5 Dream Ticket Elton John


              • Now Billboard has published "The Top 50 Adult Contemporary Artists Ever". To celebrate the chartīs 50th anniversary they ranked the most successful artists and songs.

                No surprise: Elton John is ranked number one.

                Sir Reginald Dwight is Billboard's all-time AC chart king. John holds the records for most AC No. 1s (16), top 10s (38) and chart entries (68), dating to his grand entrance with "Your Song" in 1970. Having recently hosted "Saturday Night Live" and scored his highest-charting Billboard 200 album (the No. 3 "The Union," with Leon Russell) since 1976, clearly the musical and cultural icon is still standing strong.
                His biggest hit in the AC Charts was "The One" in 1992. It reaches # 53 in the All-time-charts.
                Billboard's all-time AC king boasts the marks for most AC No. 1s (16), top 10s (38) and charted titles (68). John scored four No. 1s in the '70s, five in the '80s and seven in the '90s, including this summer smash (complete with seagull sound effects) that led for six weeks in 1992.


                • Originally posted by lucad
                  What would be the next one?

                  We have ROCKET MAN compilation near PLATINUM in US (815k), Canada, Australia

                  We have UNION wth a little longer walk for GOLD in US (at the moment is 340k) and UK (65/70k), and maybe in Norway and Brazil, but may become a catalog seller.

                  Then we have a lot of digital sales in US.

                  And video sales in Uk to be certified.

                  I found a website with a searching engine for certifications by the CRIA (Canada):

                  Surprisingly "Number Ones" official certification level has not been established there up to now. Combining achievements from 2007-2011 the album entered the charts at #8 and remained in the Top 100 for 40weeks with a strong comeback of 28 weeks in 2010-2011.


                  • Billboard Catalog Albums Charts
                    for week ending 14th August

                    Wks On 2Wks LW TW Artist Name Album Title TW % CHG LW Total

                    107 131 125 139 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 1537 -14 1791 844098


                    • Catalog
                      Chart date Sep 3, 2011 - sales to Aug 21, 2011

                      111 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 1,609 5 1,537 845,707


                      • I got a headache tonight.

                        Can someone go over to the RIAA website and try to figure out Elton's new single certifications?

                        The Tiny Dancer digital single has been certified Platinum?

                        The SATWYLT digital single has been certiifed 2xp?

                        The SATWYLT physical single has been certified 11xp?

                        The new RIAA databse sucks! It no longer distinguishes between physical and digital singles.


                        • Why is this thread not in the regular Chart Analysis forum?

                          Is this something new???

                          I'm confused. Like I said, I have a headache...


                          • Tiny Dancer was one of the first songs from the Elton John catalogue to be available digital (released in 2000). And it has been the most popular download for many years (iTunes or AMAZON). It has been downloaded appr. 1200k times. So the platinum certification was overdued. Youīre right: the RIAA should distinguish between digital and physical. But I think they abolished this policy because there are no more physical sales at all.
                            But Iīm surprised that there are no other digital certs because other Hits from Elton received similar results in digital sales. Your Song, Rocket Man, Bennie And The Jets, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, I Guess Thatsīs..., Crododile Rock, Donīt Let The Sun..., Someone Saved My Life Tonight are near to 500k or exceeded it long ago.

                            The physical cert. for SATWYLT I do not understand. This double-A-Sided Single was certified 11xP almost long ago. The 2xPlatinum only can be a digital cert. but I do not have numbers to prove.


                            • Well, for Tiny Dancer i think they updated the platinum level (more than 1.000.000 sales of the digital release from ALMOST FAMOUS).
                              It was not certified as a vinyl single

                              The other singles, like Benny, Your Song, Rocket Man, ecc; they're all Platinum Vinyl Single Certfied for ore than 1 million sales.
                              I think they have to add digital sales and update the songs at multiplat level (2xplat sales), as they sell between 500.000 / 900.000 digital copies.

                              For SATWYLT i don't know, let's wait


                              • Originally posted by lucad
                                The other singles, like Benny, Your Song, Rocket Man, ecc; they're all Platinum Vinyl Single Certfied for ore than 1 million sales.
                                Please concern that all the certs for his oldies are physical. And the RIAA doesnīt add downloads to old vinyl sales. So I meant his oldies are at certification levels again as digital version. For instance Bennie And The Jets was platinum and should get another certification as gold for sales of more than 700k downloads up to now.


                                • UK Singles Charts

                                  W/E 3rd Sep

                                  136 YOUR SONG - ELTON JOHN (ROCKET)


                                  • (thanks blackandblue)

                                    Top Catalog Albums
                                    [SoundScan Week Ending September 25, 2011]

                                    Wks On 2W RK LW RK TW RK Artist Title TW Sales % CHG LW Sales RTD Sales

                                    113 128 124 152 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 1305 -8 1421 853095

                                    1 - - 173 JOHN*ELTON GREATEST HITS VOL 2 1199 999 58 1148496
                                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                    • Also, following the HIGE success of 3D version of the movie (n.1 from two weeks), the LION KING original soundtrack re-enters the charts
                                      46 LION KING SOUNDTRACK 2470 +13% 2185 7802905


                                      • there's something wrong with elton GH2, as i have soundscan sales of 1.512.000 approx (Dec.2005).
                                        Probably it can be 2.148.496 (not 1.148.496)


                                        • Canadian Album Charts
                                          29 SEPTEMBER, 2011

                                          Weeks 2WeeksAgo LW TW Title Artist

                                          38 60 60 88 ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S
                                          ELTON JOHN

                                          21 New Entries this week and Eltonīs Number Ones stayes constantly in the Top 100.


                                          • Originally posted by lucad
                                            there's something wrong with elton GH2, as i have soundscan sales of 1.512.000 approx (Dec.2005).
                                            Probably it can be 2.148.496 (not 1.148.496)
                                            The last soundscan sales data I have is 2.526.000


                                            • NO; we're talking about GREATEST HITS 2 (1977), not Greatest Hits 1970/2001
                                              Anyway, someone explains to me that soundscan sales are different because in usa they release another cd version when the rights passed from MCA to UNIVERSAL.
                                              So 1512000 approx is referred to MCA version (sales from 1990 to 2005 approx); 1148000 approx to UNIVERSAL version (that doen's contain Sorry and Don't go breaking). So soundscan sales from 1990 to now are more than 2 million copies


                                              • I found this in the thread "Music Week Catalog Charts"

                                                10th September 2011

                                                Catalogue Singles

                                                TW LW Artist/Title

                                                18 N Elton John Your Song[/url]

                                                Take a look at my new thread


                                                • Italy:

                                                  Sales figures:

                                                  From a Billboard article published in December 1989:

                                                  Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman 700,000
                                                  Tracy Chapman Crossraods 300,000
                                                  Dire Straits Money For Nothing 500,000
                                                  Elton John Reg Strikes Back 500,000
                                                  Simple Minds Stree Fighting Years 400,000
                                                  Simply Red A New Flame 400,000
                                                  Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder 300,000
                                                  Guns ‘N Roses Appetite For Destruction 150,000
                                                  Eric Clapton Homebody 100,000


                                                  • Interesting.
                                                    So I think in Italy Sleeping with the past and The very best have sold between 600k and 1.000.000 copies.