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  • Billboard this week (63rd week in the TOP 200)
    114 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 4,738 -11% 5,348 total:1,037,535


    • ... ist_page=1

      29 Elton John
      The power of John's canon of songs is best evidenced by two stats: 1.6 million digital tracks sold and $22 million in Boxscore gross. To the joy of promoters and arena managers, John very much enjoys playing live and continues to tour successfully year after year
      Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


      • Originally posted by lucad
        Billboard this week (63rd week in the TOP 200)
        114 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 4,738 -11% 5,348 total:1,037,535
        Needs to be re-certified #Platinum.


        • The diving board out in september AND re-release of Gybr ( 40 anniversary edition) in october (including covers from young artist) /

          Elton JohnThough Elton John’s new album, “The Diving Board,” doesn’t come out until the fall, he previewed it for a handful of reporters on Friday at Los Angeles‘ The Village recording studio. “I’m not the sort of artist who will get played on radio,” he admitted, adding he will also be out of the country for quite some time on tour, so he wanted to start to spread the word of the project now.

          John prefaced the playback by calling “The Diving Board” the most “piano-orientated album” he’s ever made (and that’s saying a lot), and the logical follow-up to 2010’s Grammy-nominated project with Leon Russell, “The Union.” John was then silent as he sat at the console in producer T Bone Burnett’s studio for the 13-song album, other than to clap has hands along with the dynamic “Take This Dirty Water” and play air piano to “Voyeur,” which sounds like a cut straight out of 1971’s “Madmen Across the Water.”

          Over two writing and recording sessions a year apart —the first in January 2012 and the second in January 2103— John took longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin’s lyrics and wrote15 songs in 5 days and then recorded the basic tracks just as quickly.

          It was the first time he’s ever had the luxury of revisiting tracks after such a hiatus. “The time enabled us to go back and put a little sugar on it. Make it a little Eltonized,” he said.

          The core band on the project is drummer Jay Bellerose and bassist Raphael Saadiq. John also pointed out that percussionist Jack Ashford, the Motown great who played on such tracks as Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” also performs throughout the album.

          The album sounds broadly expansive at times, such as on the rollicking, galloping “Mexican Vacation,” and then shatteringly intimate at others, such as on the yearning ballad “Home Again.”

          “It’s got everything I love about American music,” John said of the album. “Gospel, soul, country, and brass arrangements like New Orleans.”

          Three of the songs are prefaced with solo piano interludes, including a jazzy Weather Report-like intro before the title track. “Those were improvised in one take,” John said.

          The album is one of two high-profile releases John has coming this year: This fall will also see the 40th anniversary reissue of his 1973 masterpiece, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” In addition to the remastered recording, the release will come with remakes of eight of the album’s songs by contemporary artists. Peter Asher is producing the new tracks.

          And FYI, John, who played “The A-Team” on the Grammys with Ed Sheeran, loved the Grammy Award telecast’s performances by Jack White and Miguel, and raved about Adam Levine’s voice.


          • Elton is playing at the Chilean Vińa Del Mar sung festival this week.The festival is the biggest in South America.


            • Elton's album Soundscan sales in USA from March 1991 to Nov 2011
              31) Elton John (27,256,000)
              These sales does not include LION KING soundtrack (7,8 million sold according to soundscan, that tracks record shops,not other kind of shops)


              • 3/9 BB200:

                140 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 1,727 -64% 4,738 1,039,262 Gold


                • This week:

                  US BB200:
                  177 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S (re.entry/64weeks) tweek:2,971 +92% lw:1,551 TOTAL: 1,043,784
                  CANADA TOP CATALOG:
                  97 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S tweek:199 -3% lw:205 TOTAL:147,991
                  74 lw:77 ELTON JOHN - Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits (double/touredition)


                  • another updates in USA
                    1 ISL 194 JOHN*ELTON GREATEST HITS 1970-2002 tw:1.498 +18% lw:1.270 TOTAL 2.627.009


                    • This week elton tops "hot tour" chatt with the brazilian leg of his South America tour ... l=viewnews


                      • Top Ten's per Decade
                        The 1970's

                        RIAA Shipments

                        1976 - The Eagles - Greatest 71-75 - 29m
                        1971 - Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin Four - 23m
                        1977 - Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - 19m
                        1976 - Boston - Boston - 17m
                        1974 - Elton John - Greatest Hits - 16m
                        1976 - The Eagles - Hotel California - 16m
                        1973 - Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of the Moon - 15m
                        1977 - The Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever - 15m
                        1972 - Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits - 14m


                        • UK Sales
                          Elton John's Something About The Way You Look Tonight/Candle In The Wind '97 which has sold 4,910,525 copies

                          This is the 1,000th week's in which the charts have been prepared for The Official Charts Company by Millward Brown, who replaced Gallup as chart contractors in 1994. In those 1,000 weeks, the biggest selling single is Elton John's Something About The Way You Look Tonight/Candle In The Wind '97 which has sold 4,910,525 copies, while the biggest-selling album is Adele's 21, with a to-date tally of 4,614,001


                          • 4/13 Catalog 200:

                            109 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 2.065 -30% 2.945 1.051.168 Gold


                            • Updates
                              USA catalog
                              ISL 162 158 148 JOHN*ELTON GREATEST HITS 1970-2002 tw:1,648 -5 1,742 total: 2,631,994 (5 x platinum)
                              ISL 30 109 164 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S tw:1,560 -24 2,065 total: 1,052,728 (not certified platinum)

                              CANADA catalog
                              ISL 94 82 66 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S tw:253 +11 228 total:148,911 (not certified plat or 2xplat)

                              Still in the official Top 100 in Australia (not certifed plat or 2xplat)


                              • Could anyone post here Elton's albums and singles charts results in Denmark, Finland or Brazil, please? Thanks for any help


                                • UPDATES
                                  n. 60 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S tw214 -2% lw:219 total: 149,855 (still no certified platinum)

                                  US CATALOG
                                  148 JOHN*ELTON GREATEST HITS 1970-2002 tw:1.521 +6% lw:1.438 total: 2.637.852 (certified 5xplatinum)


                                  • Australia, finally Universal updates its greatest hits database.
                                    Elton John - Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits P x 2


                                    • Another US Update:

                                      Re-entry: 117 JOHN*ELTON GREATEST HITS (1974) tw:1,607 +330% lw:374 total: 3,977,316
                                      (sales from 1995 edition, does not include period 1991/1995).

                                      The original 1974 GREATEST HITS (certificated 16xplatinum) has slowed down in sales because in 2002 Universal published the double GREATEST HITS 1970/2002 and in 2007 the single ROCKET MAN - Number Ones compilation, but it surely passed the 5 MILLION mark from march 2001 (year that Soundscan starts to track the sales).
                                      We have this soundscan sales from march 1991 to may 2006 (4,623,000 may 2006 - 681 weeks - 101 weeks at Number One)
                                      But there was a change of label so in 1995 GREATEST HITS was re-released, and Soundscan now tracks the sales from 1995 edition, this is why you don't have NOW a sum of UPDATED soundscan sales that brings the total over 5 millions (it miss 1990/1995 period).


                                      • 6/15 Catalog 200

                                        185 JOHN*ELTON GREATEST HITS 1970-2002 1,145 -2 1,173 2,643,034 5xp


                                        • In Uk, According to the latest Official Charts Company sales data, a range of classic and recent hits have passed the one million sales mark in May 2013.

                                          Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John & Kiki Dee (1976), Mysterious Girlby Peter Andre FT Bubbler Ranx (1995), Whole Again by Atomic Kitten (2001), Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon(2008), and The A Team by Ed Sheeran (2011). This brings the total of tracks to cross the million sales threshold during 2013 to ten.

                                          Elton’s double A-side, "Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind '97," remains the UK’s biggest selling single of all-time, racking up over 4.91 million sales since its release in 1997. . ... l=viewnews


                                          • 7/13 Catalog 200

                                            185 JOHN*ELTON GREATEST HITS 1970-2002 1,263 +7% 1,180 2,648,052 5xp


                                            • Elton John Extends Record For Most Adult Contemporary Hits

                                     ... orary-hits

                                              'Home Again,' the first single from his upcoming Capitol Records debut, pushes him further into the lead for the most AC entries in the chart's 52-year history

                                              Elton John pads his mark for the most appearances in the 52-year history of Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, as "Home Again" soars in at No. 21. The song marks his 69th entry on the ranking.

                                              The start of "Home" marks John's highest on Adult Contemporary since "You Can Make History (Young Again)" launched at No. 11 in 1996. Until this week, John had last graced the list with "Electricity," which reached No. 17 in August 2009. The new entry ends his longest absence from the chart since he first appeared with the eventual No. 9-peaking "Your Song" the week of Dec. 26, 1970.

                                              "Home" previews John's 30th studio album, "The Diving Board," due Sept. 24. It's his first set to be released on Capitol Records. "[Bernie Taupin and I] wrote 11 songs … and recorded them in four days," John says of the collection. Mixing gospel, blues, jazz, brass band, pop and even a waltz, it's "everything I love about American music," adds John, who was forced to postpone upcoming touring plans after being felled by appendicitis last week.

                                              In addition to holding the record for the most Adult Contemporary chart visits, John also boasts the most No. 1s (15, a mark he shares with the Carpenters) and top 10s (39). When Billboard celebrated the survey's 50th anniversary in 2011, John was honored as the chart's all-time top performer.

                                              Here's an updated look at the artists with the most entries in the Adult Contemporary chart's archives:

                                              69, Elton John
                                              64, Barbra Streisand
                                              58, Neil Diamond
                                              53, Elvis Presley
                                              50, Barry Manilow
                                              49, Johnny Mathis
                                              48, Frank Sinatra
                                              47, Kenny Rogers
                                              46, Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass
                                              45, Dionne Warwick

                                              "I'm counting on a memory to get me out of here..."


                                              • now at # 19


                                                • Originally posted by mansfield
                                                  now at # 19
                                                  Hmm, he might get his 40th top 10 hit...
                                                  "Crime is increasing
                                                  Trigger happy policing..."
                                                  -- Marvin Gaye ("Inner City Blues")


                                                  • ... he-hot-100

                                                    Most appearances on the Hot 100:

                                                    206, "Glee" Cast
                                                    119, Lil Wayne
                                                    108, Elvis Presley
                                                    91, James Brown
                                                    79, Jay-Z
                                                    74, Ray Charles
                                                    73, Aretha Franklin
                                                    71, the Beatles
                                                    67, Elton John
                                                    63, Stevie Wonder