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  • Absurd in my opinion compare download sales with single/cd sales!
    (also, the cost of a vinyl or cd is higher).
    This is the chart;

    VINYL / CD:
    108, Elvis Presley
    91, James Brown
    74, Ray Charles
    73, Aretha Franklin
    71, the Beatles
    67, Elton John
    63, Stevie Wonder

    206, "Glee" Cast
    119, Lil Wayne
    79, Jay-Z


    • 8/10 BB200:

      1 ISL 97 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 3,827 +119% 1,744 1,071,835 Gold


      • ... 3-20130803

        Katy Perry Is The Biggest Seller With A New Album Still To Come In 2013
        by PAUL CASHMERE on AUGUST 3, 2013

        Based on the previous album sales of all of the artists yet to release in 2013, Katie’s last album sold more than the previous albums of Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Drake, The Lumineers and Luke Bryan.

        Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ (2010) has sold 2.7m to date. That is more than Justin Timberlake ‘The 20/20 Experience’ (2013) with 2.1m sales, Drake ‘Take Care’ (2011) and Luke Bryan ‘Tailgates & Tanlines’ (2011) with 2m sales and The Lumineers ‘The Lumineers’ (2012) with 1.3m sales

        Katy Perry will release ‘Prism’ in October, Justin Timberlake has ‘The 20/20 Experience 2’ and Drake has ‘Nothing Was The Same’ in October and The Lumineers ‘Deluxe Edition’ and Luke Bryan’s ‘Crash My Party’ will be released in September.

        Other major acts with new albums on the way include Backstreet Boys ‘In A World Like This’ (last album sold 111,000), Ashanti ‘Braveheart’ (previous 295,000), Nine Inch Nails ‘Hestitation Marks’ (previous 113,000), Keith Urban ‘Fuse’ (previous 743,000), Sheryl Crow ‘Feels Like Home’ (previous 219,000), Jack Johnson ‘From Here To Now To You’ (previous 837,000), Elton John ‘Diving Board’ (384,000), Kings Of Leon ‘Mechanical Bull’ (728,000) and Sting ‘The Last Ship’ (previous 114,000).

        SO "The Union" has sold 384.000 copies in the USA


        • Thank you, interesting. I don't know if this total is updated. I think The Union is more than 425k, because is a good catalog seller. Let's see When diving will be released if billboard gives a different total.


          • In Feb 2012 there was the last time on Billboard that sales of THE UNION were published officially. At that time it were 325k in physical sales alone and it had weekly physical shipments of approximately 500-1000copies - please note that at that time it already was one year and a half in the shops. Catalog sales slowed down afterwards, so you have to assume, that there were less than 500sales a week from then on.

            But you have to add download sales to these numbers (AMAZON, iTunes etc). I think in Feb 2012 THE UNION already exceeded the 400k mark incl. digital sales. Now you maybe have a few more sold units. Maybe 420-450k. But 384k is too less. Probably old numbers.


            • I agree.


              • "Sir Elton John’s double A-side, Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind '97, remains the UK’s biggest selling single of all-time. It has clocked up nearly 5 million sales since its release sixteen years ago this month"


                • UK certfication for 200.000 units sold of the single
                  Silver Certification (Single) 22 July 2013
                  WARNER MUSIC (ASYLUM)
                  Released in 2010, it's a rap single and elton is featured with the chorus of the original Tiny Dancer 1971 version


                  • Ellie Goulding's version of Your Song has sold 755,326 units only in UK.
                    Probably the best selling Elton's cover in UK


                    • BPI has introduced a new auto-certication system for uk sales, counted from 1994. So many albums will be updated, many catalog albums never certificated will be counted from 1994.
                      Here's some new ones

                      Silver (> 60.000)
                      Silver Certification (Album) 22 July 2013
                      UNIVERSAL MUSIC (ROCKET)
                      (the original one? the deluxe version? both? we don't know)

                      ELTON JOHN - THE CAPTAIN & THE KID
                      Silver Certification (Album) 22 July 2013
                      UNIVERSAL MUSIC (MERCURY)
                      Released 18 September 2006

                      Silver Singles (>200.000)
                      ELTON JOHN - ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE
                      Silver Certification (Single) 22 July 2013
                      UNIVERSAL MUSIC (ROCKET)

                      Gold Video (>25.000)
                      ELTON JOHN - GREATEST HITS - LIVE
                      Gold Certification (VIDEO) 22 July 2013
                      UNIVERSAL MUSIC (MERCURY)
                      Released 19 May 2003

                      Gold Single (>400.000)
                      2PAC FT ELTON JOHN - GHETTO GOSPEL
                      Gold Certification (Single) 22 July 2013
                      UNIVERSAL MUSIC (POLYDOR)

                      Waiting for entire UK catalog updated.


                      • From Billboard, about Tribute ALBUMS:
                        "Here’s a quick history of multi-artist tribute albums on The Billboard 200. The first to appear on The Billboard 200 were A Tribute To Woody Guthrie—Part One and Part Two (April 1972). The first to crack the top 40 was Deadicated (a tribute to Grateful Dead, May 1991). The first to crack the top 20 was Two Rooms—Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin (November 1991). The first to crack the top 10 was the aforementioned Common Thread: The Songs Of The Eagles (October 1993)".


                        • Sir Elton this week honoured with The First ever BRIT ICON Award. ... ward-2463/


                          • LION KING UK autocertifications

                            ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - THE LION KING - OST
                            Platinum Certification (Album) 01 December 1994
                            PHONOGRAM (MERCURY)
                            Released 10 October 1994

                            ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST - THE LION KING
                            Silver Certification (Album) 22 July 2013
                            UNIVERSAL MUSIC (WALT DISNEY)
                            Released 06 February 2006 (new edition?)

                            VARIOUS ARTISTS - THE LION KING SING-ALONG
                            Silver Certification (Album) 22 July 2013
                            PICKWICK (DISNEY)
                            Released 01 October 1994

                            FIRST AID KIT - THE LION'S ROAR
                            Silver Certification (Album) 05 July 2013
                            Released 23 January 2012

                            Silver Certification (Album) 24 December 2004
                            WARNER (WSM)
                            Released 08 November 2004

                            WALT DISNEY - THE LION KING READ-ALONG
                            Silver Certification (Album) 01 January 1995
                            PICKWICK (PICKWICK/DISNEY)
                            Released 01 September 1994


                            • Can You Feel the Love Tonight is currently #3 on Japanese iTunes


                              • UK Most Donwloaded Tracks (from 2004)
                                To celebrate Sir Elton John’s BRITs Icon Award, we reveal his Top 40 most downloaded tracks!

                                Tomorrow night (Friday 13 September) on ITV and ITV HD, 9pm, Sir Elton John will be honoured with the first ever BRITSs Icon Award. Dermot O'Leary hosts the glittering show at London's Palladium, including a special performance by Sir Elton and Rod Stewart, who presents him with the inaugural award.

                                To whet your appetite, and celebrate Elton’s remarkable career, we’re exclusively counting down Elton’s Official Top 40 Most Downloaded Tracks!

                                Elton has sold more than 250 million records worldwide and is also famously responsible for the UK’s biggest selling single of all time - Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind 1997. BUT how have the British musical icon’s singles faired in the digital age?

                                With sales totalling nearly 5 million copies, you’d expect Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind 1997 to be Elton’s most downloaded single too, wouldn’t you? Well, since 2004, when legal digital music services launched in the UK and the Official Charts Company started collecting digital sales data, this double A-side is actually only Elton’s ninth most downloaded single!

                                Elton’s biggest digital seller is the 2009 reworking of Tiny Dancer – retitled Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) - by Ironik and Chipmunk. The original version of the track was featured on Elton’s 1971 album, Madman Across The Water, although now often recognised a bona fide Elton classic, was never actually released as a single in the UK the first time around. However the 2009 version peaked at Number 3 on the Official Singles Chart, and has sold 238,000 copies to date. The 1971 version of the track is also at Number 6 in our countdown, you may remember it prompting a mass tour bus sing-a-long (and rightly so!) in the coming of age rock ‘n’ roll movie Almost Famous (2000) featuring Kate Hudson.

                                #ChartFact: Tiny Dancer can count a number of celebrity fans including legendary Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and boyband 5ive’s Abz Love.Watch Dave Grohl covering Tiny Dancer below:

                                With a digital sales tally of 182,000 copies, at Number 2 on Elton John’s Official Top 40 Most Downloaded Tracks is Ghetto Gospel with Tupac Shakur. Released in the UK in 2005 (where it peaked at Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart) the track was the second single to be released from Tupac’s posthumous 2004 album, Loyal To The Game. Ghetto Gospel was produced by Eminem, who added in samples from Elton’s 1971 track Indian Summer. Like Tiny Dancer, Indian Summer is also taken from Madman Across The Water, and was also not previously released as a single in the UK.

                                #ChartFact: Indian Summer is unsurprisingly popular to the people of the UK! There are no less than three different tracks called Indian Summer that have charted on the Official Singles Chart.

                                At Number 3 is Elton’s first ever Official Singles Chart hit – Your Song (180,000 digital sales). Originally released in 1971, Your Song initially peaked at Number 7. It has re-entered the Official Singles Chart Top 75 on two other occasions in 2002 thanks to its starring role in the film Moulin Rouge (where it peaked at Number 4), and again in 2010 (reaching 61).

                                Your Song has also been covered by everyone from Donny Osmond to Andy Williams, Rod Stewart to Cissy Houston (mother of Whitney), Boyzone and perhaps most notably, gave Ellie Goulding her biggest UK hit to date.

                                #ChartFact: With digital sales of 758,000, Ellie Goulding has sold even more downloads of her cover of Your Song than Elton has himself of the original, bringing this classic to a whole new generation of music fans.

                                And finally, completing the Top 5 is Rocket Man (Elton’s second single to chart in the UK) which is at Number 4 with 101,000 digital sales, and Can You Feel The Love Tonight from the 1994 Disney masterpiece The Lion King (Number 5 with 98,000 digital sales).

                                #ChartFact: Rocket Man is the Elton tune of choice for 2013’s hottest producer, Naughty Boy.

                                You can see the full Top 40 below:

                                1 TINY DANCER (HOLD ME CLOSER) IRONIK / CHIPMUNK / ELTON JOHN (238.000)
                                2 GHETTO GOSPEL 2PAC FT ELTON JOHN (182.000)
                                3 YOUR SONG ELTON JOHN (180.000)
                                4 ROCKET MAN ELTON JOHN (101.000)
                                5 CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT ELTON JOHN (98.000)
                                6 TINY DANCER ELTON JOHN
                                7 I GUESS THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT THE BLUES ELTON JOHN
                                8 STEP INTO CHRISTMAS ELTON JOHN
                                10 I'M STILL STANDING ELTON JOHN
                                11 SACRIFICE ELTON JOHN
                                12 CANDLE IN THE WIND ELTON JOHN
                                13 DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART ELTON JOHN
                                14 ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE ELTON JOHN
                                15 CROCODILE ROCK ELTON JOHN
                                16 DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME GEORGE MICHAEL FT ELTON JOHN
                                17 CIRCLE OF LIFE ELTON JOHN
                                18 SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD BLUE FT ELTON JOHN
                                19 BENNY AND THE JETS ELTON JOHN
                                20 GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD ELTON JOHN
                                21 DANIEL ELTON JOHN
                                22 SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD ELTON JOHN
                                23 DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME ELTON JOHN
                                24 ELECTRICITY ELTON JOHN
                                25 SATURDAY NIGHTS ALRIGHT FOR FIGHTING ELTON JOHN
                                26 I WANT LOVE ELTON JOHN
                                27 NIKITA ELTON JOHN
                                28 SAD ELTON JOHN VS PNAU
                                29 SONG FOR GUY ELTON JOHN
                                30 PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM ELTON JOHN
                                31 SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT ELTON JOHN
                                32 SAD SONGS (SAY SO MUCH) ELTON JOHN
                                33 BLUE EYES ELTON JOHN
                                34 THE ONE ELTON JOHN
                                35 THIS TRAIN DON'T STOP THERE ANYMORE ELTON JOHN
                                36 MONA LISAS AND MAD HATTERS ELTON JOHN
                                37 KISS THE BRIDE ELTON JOHN
                                38 HEALING HANDS ELTON JOHN
                                39 PINBALL WIZARD ELTON JOHN
                                40 CALLING IT CHRISTMAS JOSS STONE & ELTON JOHN

                       ... aled-2484/


                                • Re-entry in the UK Top 100 album Charts

                                  Greatest Hits 1970-2002

                                  # 99 total 144 weeks


                                  • The "diving board" today on Itunes :

                                    #1 Antigua and Barbuda
                                    #3 Papua New Guinea
                                    #4 Bolivia
                                    #4 Israel
                                    #4 Poland
                                    #4 Sweden
                                    #4 Zimbabwe
                                    #5 Portugal
                                    #5 Russia
                                    #6 Azerbaijan
                                    #6 Lebanon
                                    #7 Belarus
                                    #7 Israel
                                    #7 Italy
                                    #7 Kenya
                                    #9 United Kingdom
                                    #9 Mongolia
                                    #10 Oman
                                    #11 Switzerland
                                    #13 The Bahamas
                                    #13 Ukraine
                                    #13 United Arab Emirates
                                    #14 Italy
                                    #16 Argentina
                                    #16 Singapore
                                    #16 Turkey
                                    #17 Colombia
                                    #17 Spain
                                    #18 France
                                    #20 Denmark
                                    #21 Mozambique
                                    #22 Norway
                                    #24 Belgium
                                    #24 Brazil
                                    #24 Sri Lanka
                                    #25 Hungary
                                    #25 Kazakhstan
                                    #26 United Kingdom
                                    #26 Austria
                                    #33 Thailand
                                    #36 Germany
                                    #36 Nicaragua
                                    #36 Venezuela
                                    #38 New Zealand
                                    #43 Latvia
                                    #60 Czech Republic
                                    #60 Netherlands
                                    #61 Nigeria
                                    #66 Russia
                                    #68 Taiwan
                                    #73 Ireland
                                    #74 Switzerland
                                    #88 Denmark
                                    #90 Peru
                                    #100 Luxembourg


                                    • Here's The dedicated diving board post . Please update there viewtopic.php?f=24&t=98432


                                      • Canada

                                        WEEK OF / SEMAINE DU: 09/15/2013 TOP CATALOGUE

                                        Weeks Label 2W LW TW Artist Title TW % LW RTD

                                        205 ISL 49 24 20 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 315 5 300 154,387


                                        • ROCKET MAN - THE DEFINITIVE HITS
                                          ELTON JOHN

                                          UK Charts

                                          # 98 (up from # 171), total 138 weeks

                                          France Back Catalogue Charts

                                          # 91

                                          Australian Catalogue Charts

                                          # 33 (up from # 47), total 106 weeks, peak # 1


                                          • From
                                   ... 55&yr=2013

                                            Elton's The Diving Board has entered the Official Albums Chart UK Top 100 at #3,
                                            making it his highest debuting studio album since Songs From The West Coast (2001) and following last year's #1 debut of Good Morning To The Night (a collection of remixes and reworkings of songs from Elton's 1970s catalogue by Elton John vs. Pnau).

                                            This places The Diving Board in the company of 19 other Elton albums that have reached #3 or higher on the UK charts, starting with his third release, Tumbleweed Connection, in 1971.

                                            Here is a list of the 20 Elton albums that have reached #3 or higher on the UK Album charts:

                                            1971 Tumbleweed Connection (#2)
                                            1972 Honky Château (#2)
                                            1973 Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player (#1)
                                            1973 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (#1)
                                            1974 Caribou (#1)
                                            1974 Elton John Greatest Hits (#1)
                                            1975 Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy (#2)
                                            1976 Blue Moves (#3)
                                            1984 Breaking Hearts (#2)
                                            1985 Ice On Fire (#3)
                                            1989 Sleeping With The Past (#1)
                                            1990 The Very Best of Elton John (#1)
                                            1992 The One (#2)
                                            1995 Made In England (#3)
                                            1997 The Big Picture (#3)
                                            2001 Songs From The West Coast (#2)
                                            2002 Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (#3)
                                            2007 Rocket Man — The Definitive Hits (#2)
                                            2012 Good Morning To The Night (#1)
                                            2013 The Diving Board (#3)

                                            nb; tumbleweed peak at n.6, not 2 as reported, but aniway is impressing. So many missed n.1 ALSO


                                            • Elton's GH album "Rocket Man, Number Ones" is pictured in the Best Buy circular this week. It's on sale for $9.99.


                                              • DIVING BOARD enters Billboard Charts at n.4

                                                Elton John’s 31st studio album, The Diving Board, debuts at #4 (46842 copies / soundscan).
                                                It’s his 18th top 10 album. He's one of only 10 artists in chart history to have amassed 18 or more top 10 albums. The only other male artists to have done so are Frank Sinatra (39), Elvis Presley (27), Bob Dylan (20), Paul McCartney (18) and George Strait (18).
                                                The Diving Board is Elton's second top 10 album in a little less than three years. The Union, a collabo with Leon Russell, reached #3 in October 2010. This marks the first time that Elton has had two top 10 albums within a three-year period since his 1971-1976 heyday.

                                                MOST TOP 10 ALBUMS ON THE BILLBOARD 200

                                                Rolling Stones 36 (First Uk Group)
                                                Frank Sinatra 33
                                                Barbra Streisand 32 "Release Me"
                                                The Beatles 30
                                                Elvis Presley 27
                                                Madonna 20 "MDNA"
                                                Bob Dylan 20 "Tempest"
                                                Elton John 18 "The Diving Board" *new* / Paul McCartney 18 "Kisses on the Bottom" (Best Uk males singers)
                                                George Strait 18 "Love Is Everything"
                                                Bruce Springsteen 17 "Wrecking Ball"
                                                Neil Diamond 17 "Hot August Night"
                                                Rod Stewart 17 "Time"

                                                nb: The Lion King is not in the total, it's counted as "soundtrack" album


                                                • ^Could you least give me credit since you copied and pasted my work?


                                                  • I've added something to The top 10 list. Elton is The third british act to have more top 10 in a us chart, after rolling, Beatles, AND tied with mc cartney. thanks to big ham for all his great contribution