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  • Due to the success of The diving board, this week we have on Billboard top-200 :

    # 153 Rocket man 1's
    # 160 Greatest Hits 1970-2002


    • Just one physical single has sold 8 million copies since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking U.S. music sales in 1991: Elton John's "Candle In The Wind 1997/Something About The Way You Look Tonight," which has sold 8,839,000 physical copies since its release in 1997. CD singles account for two-thirds of that tally; cassette singles for one-third. (Physical singles were a meaningful configuration through about 2000.)

      "Candle In The Wind 1997" sold 8 million copies in just 15 weeks. That, of course, reflected the extraordinary circumstances that made that song a hit—the shocking, early death of one of the world's most famous people. The song sold 3,446,000 singles in its peak week (yes, week).


      • Yes, this is the soundscan total.
        Soundtrack tracks just record or similiar shops, but that single sold more because was distributed everywhere, in shops that usually doesn't sell records- So it's 11x PLATINUM / 11 million.


        • 'The Lion King' on track to become Broadway's first $1 billion blockbuster
          Thursday, October 17 2013

          Hakuna Matata indeed! Although Disney’s behemoth Broadway musical "The Lion King" has shown no signs of wavering since its debut in 1997, the smash hit is about to conquer a musical theater milestone, becoming the first Broadway musical to top $1 billion in cumulative grosses.

          EW has confirmed that the colorful crowd pleaser — based on Disney’s beloved 1994 animated feature — will hit 10 figures after the week of performances ending October 20, 2013. Coincidentally, the spectacular box office feat (the first of any Broadway show) comes almost exactly 16 years to the day since "The Lion King" roared onto Broadway with its first preview performance on October 15, 1997.

          The news that "The Lion King" is the first show to bank $1 billion on Broadway may come as a surprise to fans of Broadway’s longest-running blockbuster "The Phantom of the Opera," which has been playing the Majestic Theatre since opening in 1988 but hasn’t hit the billion-dollar mark just yet. Phantom has grossed around $5.6 billion worldwide, though, holding its own against Lion’s $5 billion international take.

          Another fun fact: In just a few weeks, "The Lion King" is on track to overtake "Les Misérables" as the fourth longest-running Broadway show in history. By then, there’ll be even more cause to celebrate — and then the bug juice can really start flowing
 ... l=viewnews


          • Last week British Charts

            159. (RE) THE GREATEST HITS 1970-2002 (Elton John)


              The Top 1000's are based on the Australian Top 50 only.

              TOP ALBUM ARTIST AUSTRALIA (classication based on positions)

              Top Album Artists 1970-2010
              Artist Weeks Point
              Elton John 1238 80267
              Neil Diamond 1015 62090
              U2 1093 60590
              Rod Stewart 971 60001
              Madonna 932 56874
              M.Jackson 962 53592
              B.Joel 812 52812
              ABBA 861 47280
              Fleetwood Mac 710 41659


              • what do these numbers refer to ?

                Originally posted by lucad
                The Top 1000's are based on the Australian Top 50 only.

                TOP ALBUM ARTIST AUSTRALIA (classication based on positions)

                Top Album Artists 1970-2010
                Artist Weeks Point
                Elton John 1238 80267
                Neil Diamond 1015 62090
                U2 1093 60590
                Rod Stewart 971 60001
                Madonna 932 56874
                M.Jackson 962 53592
                B.Joel 812 52812
                ABBA 861 47280
                Fleetwood Mac 710 41659


                • See here


                  • Canada - Rocket man # 1's 156.312


                    • Ej greatest hits everywhere

                      Album: Elton John: Greatest Hits
                      #27 Czech Republic
                      #27 Israel
                      #54 New Zealand
                      #55 Papua New Guinea
                      #56 Burkina Faso
                      #57 Bolivia
                      #57 Vietnam
                      #63 Denmark
                      #84 Ghana
                      #91 Japan
                      #113 Cayman Islands
                      #113 Hungary
                      #116 Argentina
                      #120 British Virgin Islands
                      #120 Cyprus
                      #127 Guatemala
                      #130 Sri Lanka
                      #138 Belize
                      #144 Bahrain
                      #147 Austria
                      #147 Nigeria
                      #147 South Africa
                      #164 Barbadosk
                      #174 Peru
                      #174 The Bahamas
                      #180 El Salvador
                      #180 Malaysia
                      #213 Uzbekistan
                      #224 Portugal
                      #235 Uganda
                      #246 Poland
                      #253 United Kingdom
                      #255 Zimbabwe
                      #260 Botswana
                      #265 Thailand
                      #272 Chile
                      #274 Lithuania
                      #281 Brazil
                      #283 Namibia
                      #283 Nicaragua
                      #286 Trinidad and Tobago
                      #288 Netherlands
                      #291 Russia
                      #293 Switzerland
                      #296 Luxembourg
                      #297 Ecuador
                      #309 Colombia
                      #314 Australia
                      #316 Antigua and Barbuda
                      #347 Romania
                      #350 India
                      #361 Paraguay
                      #384 Bulgaria


                      • UK statistics

                        TOP 10 ARTISTS BY WEEKS AT NUMBER 1

                        ACT / WEEKS AT NUMBER 1

                        1 THE BEATLES 174
                        2 ELVIS PRESLEY 63
                        3 ABBA 57
                        4 ROLLING STONES 45
                        5 SIMON & GARFUNKEL 40
                        6 CLIFF RICHARD (INC. CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS) 30
                        7 MADONNA (INC. MADONNA & VARIOUS ARTISTS’ EVITA OST) 30
                        9 ROBBIE WILLIAMS 30
                        10 ELTON JOHN (INC. ELTON JOHN VS PNAU) 29


                        • The List omits The Carpenters. Like Elton they have also had 29 Weeks
                          at No.1 in the UK Album Chart. (Unlike Elton, they did not have any UK
                          No.1 Singles. They never got higher than No.2 in that Chart).



                          • CANADA
                            214 ISL 69 73 78 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S 243 5 232 157,257

                            Still Gold, it should be certified Platinum x 2


                            • New SILVER certification for UK (200.000 copies sold)

                              ELTON JOHN & ALESSANDRO SAFINA - YOUR SONG
                              Silver Certification (Single) 22 November 2013
                              UNIVERSAL MUSIC (MERCURY)

                              A n.4 Uk single in 2002


                              • Face to face - a duet with gary barlow from his actual new album, up at #90 on iTunes uk. Seems it may be released as a single in january 2014. In uk also Step into Xmas re-entered The top 200. Let's see which position will reach this year. In Us Tiny Dancer AND Bennie and The Jets re-entered between 300/400 position


                                • Billboard holiday top 100

                                  #93 Step into christmas


                                  • Itunes UK
                                    Step into Xmas 131
                                    Something About the way 140 (from Greatest hits 1970-02) / 183 (1997 double aa side single)
                                    Candle in the wind 149
                                    Sorry seems 218
                                    Candle in the wind 1997 307
                                    Face to face - diet with g.barlow 311
                                    Don't let 349
                                    Your Song 357
                                    I guess 369
                                    Greatest hits 70-02 41


                                    • UK Charts last week

                                      111. (NEW) FACE TO FACE (Gary Barlow & Elton John)

                                      Today we will see another re-entry for sure (Step into Christmas)


                                      • Something about Elton on ITUNES this xmas week 2013;

                                        GHITS: Everywhere all atround the world(some placements: 12 Czech, 45 Ireland, 69 Denmark,, Isreal 81, norway82 , UK 83, 138 new Zealand 145 South Africa 146 italy, 188 Brazil, 305 France 326 Germany)
                                        Diving Board
                                        52, 152 Norway; 177 belgium, 342 canada

                                        Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
                                        #108 Sweden

                                        Face To Face / duet with Gary Barlow
                                        #48 Ireland
                                        #59 United Kingdom

                                        Your Song
                                        # 157 brazil
                                        #221 Ireland
                                        #269 Sweden
                                        #308 Italy
                                        #355 Israel

                                        Something About the Way You Look Tonight
                                        #120 Ireland
                                        #210 United Kingdom
                                        267 Norway

                                        Step Into Christmas
                                        #136 United Kingdom

                                        Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
                                        #278 Sweden

                                        Tiny Dancer
                                        #288 United States
                                        #305 Canada


                                        • Austria Cert.from 1990 / IFPI Austria

                                          Elton John Big Picture GOLD POLYGRAM 16-07-1998
                                          Elton John Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Single) GOLD POLYGRAM 16-02-1995
                                          Elton John Duets PLATIN POLYGRAM 13-01-1994
                                          Elton John Duets GOLD POLYGRAM 24-11-1993
                                          Elton John Elton John + Tim Rice's Aida GOLD UNIVERSAL 25-03-1999
                                          Elton John Love Songs PLATIN POLYGRAM 19-12-1996
                                          Elton John Love Songs GOLD POLYGRAM 20-12-1995
                                          Elton John Made In England PLATIN POLYGRAM 04-05-1995
                                          Elton John Made in England GOLD POLYGRAM 27-03-1995
                                          Elton John One Night Only GOLD UNIVERSAL 22-12-2000
                                          Elton John Something A./Candle In The Wind (Single) 6-fach PLATIN POLYGRAM 07-10-1997
                                          Elton John Something A./Candle In The Wind (Single) 5-fach PLATIN POLYGRAM 29-09-1997
                                          Elton John Something A./Candle In The Wind (Single) 4-fach PLATIN POLYGRAM 25-09-1997
                                          Elton John Something A./Candle In The Wind (Single) 3-fach PLATIN POLYGRAM 24-09-1997
                                          Elton John Something A./Candle In The Wind (Single) 2-fach PLATIN POLYGRAM 23-09-1997
                                          Elton John The One PLATIN POLYGRAM 30-09-1992
                                          Elton John The One GOLD POLYGRAM 16-06-1992
                                          Elton John Very Best Of 3-fach PLATIN POLYGRAM 09-08-1995
                                          Elton John Very Best Of 2-fach PLATIN POLYGRAM 27-01-1992
                                          Elton John Very Best Of PLATIN POLYGRAM 28-12-1990
                                          Elton John Very Best Of GOLD POLYGRAM 30-11-1990
                                          Elton John Greatest Hits 1970-2002 Gold UNIVERSAL 31-12-2002

                                          O.S.T. The Lion King GOLD POLYGRAM 15-12-1994
                                          Soundtrack The Lion King PLATIN POLYGRAM 07-02-1995


                                          • Face to face (with gary barlow)
                                            #75 ne Irish Singles Charts


                                            • Originally posted by chartobserver
                                              Face to face (with gary barlow)
                                              #75 ne Irish Singles Charts
                                              UK Charts

                                              W/e 7th December 2013:
                                              111. (NEW) FACE TO FACE (Gary Barlow & Elton John)

                                              W/e 14th December 2013:
                                              126. (RE) STEP INTO CHRISTMAS (Elton John)

                                              This week:
                                              80. FACE TO FACE (Gary Barlow & Elton John) (up from 111)


                                              • ELTON JOHN - All international Number-One Hits

                                                I don´t think there has been a collection of Elton John´s number one hits over the years in this thread.

                                                His recording career bore an astonishing score of international # 1 hits.

                                                Nowadays you don´t find him anymore in the single charts or at least quite seldom. This last week of the year is the opportunity to look back on four decades of pole positions.

                                                Over the years (since 1995) I have been collecting all informations I get and of course there are other sources to prove:
                                                for instance


                                                Part One – the first 10 peaks he achieved in only four years – the fat years of success. All million sellers and some of them in a row of the best selling singles of the 70s. Crocodile Rock sold more than 4 million copies and Don´t Go Breaking My Heart even 7 million copies.

                                                Title / Year / List of pole positions (weeks at the peak) / additional notes

                                                Crocodile Rock (1972/1973) No.1 in US(3), CAN(4), SWI(3), ITA(5), NZ(2), World(6), # 2 in EURO Hit Charts(6), best selling single in ITA 1973, # 5 worldwide 1973

                                                Daniel (1973) No.1 in CAN(2), Grammy nomination Pop Male Vocalist

                                                Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973,1974) No.1 in CAN(1), NZ(1), # 2 World(3)

                                                Bennie And The Jets (1974) No.1 in US(1), CAN(2), # 2 World(1)

                                                Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (1974) No.1 in CAN(2), Grammy nomination record of the year

                                                The Bitch Is Back (1974) No.1 in CAN(1)

                                                Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (1974/1975) No.1 in US(2), CAN(4)

                                                Philadelphia Freedom (1975) No.1 in US(2), CAN(2), World (3), #8 worldwide 1975

                                                Island Girl (1975) No.1 in US(3), # 2 World(2)

                                                Don´t Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee) (1976) No.1 US(4), UK(6), CAN(3), AUS(1), EURO, NZ(9), IRE (4), ESP(3), PRT, SA(6), World (6), FRA(3), BRA, best selling single world 1976, Grammy nomination Pop Vocal Group


                                                • Part Two: After the lukewarm peroid of 1977-1979 Elton got a lot of hit singles again in the 80s. With an incredible continuity he provided at least one international hit every year. Though some of his albums at that time were obviously bad in quality, you can find many brilliant songs such as I Guess That´s Why They Call It The Blues (which was nowhere on top sadly). These next 10 number-one hits were not all million sellers (12, 19, 20) and his success shiftet from North America to Europe, where the singles Nikita and Sacrifice were massive hits.

                                                  Little Jeannie (1980) No.1 in CAN(1), ISR

                                                  Nobody Wins / Je Veux De La Tendresse (1981) No.1 in FRA(2)

                                                  Blue Eyes (1982) No.1 in ISR, Grammy nomination Best Pop male vocalist

                                                  I´m Still Standing (1983) No.1 in CAN, SWI(2)

                                                  Nikita (1985/1986) No.1 in GER(3), NED(9), BEL(8), SWI(4), NZ(3), IRE(1), EURO(3), SA(4), # 9 world 1986

                                                  That´s What Friends Are For (as Dionne & Friends) (1986) No.1 in US(4), CAN(1), AUS(1), #2 world(2), best selling single in USA 1986, Grammy won for Pop vocal group, Grammy nomination record of the year

                                                  I Don´t Wanna Go On With You Like That (1988) No.1 in CAN(3), # 2 World(2)

                                                  Sacrifice (1990) No.1 in UK(5), EURO(7), FRA(3), in UK double A-sided with Healing Hands as charity single

                                                  Club At The End Of The Street (1990) No.1 in DEN(2)

                                                  You Gotta Love Someone (1991) No.1 CAN(1)


                                                  • Part Three: After rehab (it was high time) Elton returned kind of reborn with amazing creative power in 1992. The 90s were his last decade of commercial effort. George Michael helped him for one of the best selling singles of the 90s. Sources say Don´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (with George Michael) has sold 9million physical singles. With The Lion King he gained a younger audience for the last time - I was one of them. The release of the remastered albums from his "fat years" on compact disk let his sales overthrow everything since the mid seventies and it rained down gold & platinum certs. His back catalog was reviewed for promotional reasons but that was the last time his record company cared about his concerns. His younger peaks seemed to be hiccups. The last big hit was the cooperation with Blue, which sold 3.5 million copies in 2003.

                                                    Don´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (with George Michael) (1991/1992) No.1 in US(1), UK(2), ITA(8), World (5), SWI(6), EURO(8), FRA(7), CAN(3), BEL(6), NED(8), GRC, BRA, NOR(7), # 3 world 1992, Grammy nomination Pop Vocal Group

                                                    The One (1992) No.1 CAN(2), BRA, best selling single Brazil 1992

                                                    Can You Feel The Love Tonight (1994) No.1 FRA(9), CAN(4), Grammy won Pop Vocal Male, Grammy nominations song of the year and best song for motion picture

                                                    Believe (1995) No.1 ITA(2), CAN(4)

                                                    Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind 1997 (1997) No.1 US(14), UK(5), NZ(6), IRE(5), SWI(11), GER(7), FRA(5), NOR(6), BEL(7), EURO(6), NED(7), FIN(3), AUT, JP(2), CAN(1 in 2002), World(15), AUS(6), ARG, ESP(15), SWE(7), POL, best selling single in history, Grammy won Pop Vocal Male

                                                    Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (with Blue) (2002/2003) No.1 NED(5), UK(1), LIT, RUS, #6 world(6)

                                                    Are You Ready For Love (2003) No.1 UK(1)

                                                    Ghetto Gospel (feat. 2Pac) (2005) No.1 UK(3), AUS(1), IRE(4)