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  • Thanks dwv

    Is that 302,654 US sales of Union? In which case it has done a good deal better than The Captain and the Kid. Have updated Page One.
    See Page One of my threads for all updates


    • yes, it's the last soudscan we have. Third week of January.


      • from BILLBOARD (chart out tomorrow):

        Elton John's 2007 compilation Rocket Man-Number Ones re-enters the chart at #45 in the wake of American Idol's "Elton John Week." (Elton and Leon Russell also appeared on Saturday Night Live.) Rocket Man sold 13,000 copies this week. American Idol had 24.2 million viewers, which means about one in 2,000 Idol viewers bought the album. (That's the difference between watching TV for free and buying something.)

        Elton's album is #1 for the first time on Top Catalog Albums. It's the first album with the magic phrase Number Ones in (or as) its title to top the catalog chart since Michael Jackson's Number Ones led the list for 28 weeks in 2009-2010. George Strait's 50 Number One Hits topped the catalog chart in May 2009. The Beatles' 1 and Elvis' Elv!s: 30 #1 Hits also topped the catalog chart.

        Four Elton songs re-enter Hot Digital Songs this week. Details in Chart Watch: Songs.


        • Congretulations Elton. It seems the busy week pays off. My forecast for Number Ones to get platinum next year will come true.


          • American Idol's Elton John theme paid off handsomely for the singer last week. Not only did his "Rocket Man: Number Ones" compilation jump more than 400% in weekly sales, but four of his songs performed on the show made Nielsen SoundScan's list of the week's 200 top-selling digital tracks, as well.

            Elton's top-selling track: "Tiny Dancer," which was performed on the show by Stefano Langone. Also making the list: "Bennie and the Jets," "Your Song" and "Rocket Man."

            Elton John, Tiny Dancer (14,000, +217%, 1.147 million)
            Elton John, Bennie and the Jets (14,000, +433%, 697,000)
            Elton John, Your Song (13,000, +407%, 718,000)
            Elton John, Rocket Man (10,000, +235%, 770,000)


            • Rocket Man compilation was 45 in the standard chart, with a lot of sales by downloads (16 in the top album download chart)

              Elton's sigle songs sells a lot also by download.
              This week also DVD ELTON at 60 in is in the charts at n.28


              • 45 JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S
                this week 12,541 +458% (lw 2,247) total: 803,441


                • DIGITAL
                  n.132 (re)
                  JOHN*ELTON BENNIE AND THE JETS 14,348 +422% (lw2,750) 738,110
                  136 (re)
                  JOHN*ELTON TINY DANCER 14,189 +217% 4(lw,4.475) 1,148,879
                  142 (re)
                  JOHN*ELTON YOUR SONG 13,433 +398% (lw2,698) 758,434
                  190 (re)
                  JOHN*ELTON ROCKET MAN 9,923 +234 (lw2,973) 802,697


                  • I didnīt know that Tiny Dancer had such a good selling level. Some of the single certifications might be overdued.


                    • ROCKET MAN compilation n.44 in CANADA (up from 100)


                      • From BILLBOARD:
                        Elton John last week became only the fourth artist in the past 20 years to reach #1 on Billboard's Top Catalog Albums chart with two different greatest hits albums. He scored last week with his 2007 compilation Rocket Man: Number Ones. He had previously headed the list with his 1974 blockbuster Greatest Hits.

                        The Beatles topped the catalog chart with their 1973 album The Beatles/1967-1970 and their 2000 compilation 1. Eagles led the list with their 1976 compilation Eagles/Their Greatest Hits: 1971-1975 and their 2003 release The Very Best Of. Michael Jackson scored with his 2003 album Number Ones and his 2005 album The Essential Michael Jackson.

                        Elton is unique in that both of his aforementioned greatest hits albums are single-disk compilations. In these three other cases, one is a single-disk and one is a double-disk.

                        So how do you get to #1 on the catalog chart with two different greatest hits albums? As you can see, it helps to be among the biggest recording acts of all time.


                        • (HolidayGuy and maria4hitz at pulse)

                          23 april

                          96. Elton John, Rocket Man: Number 1s: 5,000 (-57%; 809,000)

                          Elton John, Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (1,000, -23%, 2.526 million)
                          Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                          • Originally posted by lucad
                            From BILLBOARD:
                            Elton John last week became only the fourth artist in the past 20 years to reach #1 on Billboard's Top Catalog Albums chart with two different greatest hits albums. He scored last week with his 2007 compilation Rocket Man: Number Ones. He had previously headed the list with his 1974 blockbuster Greatest Hits.
                            very good. I guess last week Adele tied his record for the most consecutive weeks at no. 1 as a solo act in the British album charts (not including soundtracks). In return he earned this effort in the US. nice to read.


                            • About Elton hosting the SNL on 2nd April
                     ... 0482.story

                              contains videos from the show and this information
                              (until the end of march)
                              Fortunately, John got to show off his musical skills as well, in a pair of performances alongside Leon Russell.
                              Their joint album, "The Union," has sold 329,000 copies since its October release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.


                              • Top Music DVDīs

                                27 27 70 Elton 60: Live At Madison Square Garden Elton John


                                • I do not understand why the Number 1īs album was concerned as a new album last year in the Candadian charts. Since itīs re-entry there sometime in October 2010 it has been listet in the Canadian Top 100 almost constantly. Now itīs tracked with 14weeks. According to my chronicles the albumīs first week on that chart was in the spring of 2007 and back then it peaked on #8. In 2007 it had been 12 weeks in the Top 100 alone. So I donīt think that they use correct information for the current charts.


                                  • Elton John - Greatest Hits 1970-2002 is # 90 on AMAZON.COM, even better than the UNION


                                    • Elton John has a bunch of new Longforn Video certifications at the new RIAA website )which is very confusing):

                             ... e-database


                                      • FINALLY; on April 19
                                        the double-dvd "ELTON at 60" has been certified in US 3xPLATINUM (150.000 copies distributed)


                                        • What would be the next one?

                                          We have ROCKET MAN compilation near PLATINUM in US (815k), Canada, Australia

                                          We have UNION wth a little longer walk for GOLD in US (at the moment is 340k) and UK (65/70k), and maybe in Norway and Brazil, but may become a catalog seller.

                                          Then we have a lot of digital sales in US.

                                          And video sales in Uk to be certified.


                                          • US

                                            Top Music DVD's

                                            36 28 73 Elton 60: Live At Madison Square Garden Elton John

                                            TotalWeeks 2WAgo LW TW Title Artist
                                            17 91 105 88 ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S
                                            ELTON JOHN ( ISLAND )


                                            • First week May in Canada

                                              weeks 2WAgo LW TW

                                              18 105 88 86 ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S


                                              • UK CHARTS
                                                Best_selling duets of all-time
                                                n.5 Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee 1976 sales estimated approx 980,000
                                                33 True Love - Elton John and Kiki Dee 1993 345,000



                                                • Elton album artist wants pic back
                                         ... story.html

                                                  An artist who designed the iconic cover for Elton John's album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has asked the star to return the original picture.

                                                  Ian Beck was paid $688 for his artwork which was used on the sleeve of the classic 1973 record.

                                                  He now wants his original piece returned - and he is convinced the Rocket Man is in possession of the picture.

                                                  Beck tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I did the cover for Elton's label Rocket Records. Elton loved it and it was a very successful album... I think Elton kept the cover work... So if you are listening, Elton, I would like the Yellow Brick Road back, please, because I created it."

                                                  A spokesman for Sir Elton tells the publication, "I have no idea whether Elton has it, but presumably if he does, he paid for it so it is his; $688 was a hell of a lot of money back then. A bit weird, isn't it, to ask for something back 38 years later?
                                                  Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                                  • Canadian album charts for the week ending 2 June 2011

                                                    TotalW 2WAgo LW TW Title Artist (Label)

                                                    22 104 79 75 ROCKET MAN-NUMBER 1'S ELTON JOHN(ISLAND)