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  • Too young ... ead-at-64/

    Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and co-founder, dead at 64
    November 18, 2017, 8:49 AM

    Malcolm Young, guitarist and co-founder of pioneering rock band AC/DC, has passed away, the band said in a statement Saturday. He was 64.

    "With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band," the band said on its website. "As a guitarist, songwriter and visionary he was a perfectionist and a unique man. He always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted."

    Young founded the Australian rock band with his brother Angus in 1973. He was the group's rhythm guitarist until 2014, when the band announced he was taking a leave of absence for health reasons. It was later revealed he had been diagnosed for dementia.

    Young's family said he passed away peacefully Saturday with his family at his bedside. He is survived by his wife O'Linda and two children.

    "He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever," the band said. "Malcolm, job well done."


    • RIP

      Still will spin every ac/dc record i have all week
      But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
      and don't forget the joker


      • RIP Malcolm, such sad news


        • Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


          • AC/DC's Top 10 Albums: 'Back in Black,' 'Highway to Hell' & More
   ... -hell-more
            11/18/2017 by Keith Caulfield

            Since AC/DC blasted its way onto Billboard’s charts back in 1977 with its album Let There Be Rock, the band has charted an impressive list of iconic rock hits and thundering albums.

            Let There Be Rock arrived on the Billboard 200 chart dated Aug. 13, 1977, and peaked at a modest No. 154 on Oct. 15 of that year. The Australian group’s next two entries would also rack up so-so chart performances: Powerage (No. 133 in 1978) and If You Want Blood You’ve Got It (No. 113 in 1979).

            But, 1979 proved to be a watershed year for the band, thanks to the release of its epic Highway to Hell album. The set reached No. 17 on the Billboard 200 on Nov. 10, 1979, spent 83 weeks on the chart, and went on to sell 7 million copies in the U.S., according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album launched the rock radio staples like its title track, “Girls Got Rhythm” and “Touch Too Much.” The set was also the first produced for the band by Robert John “Mutt” Lange (later known for his work with Def Leppard, Foreigner and then-wife Shania Twain) – a creative pairing that would prove incredibly fruitful.

            However, tragedy would strike the group in early 1980, as the act was enjoying the huge commercial success of Highway to Hell. The band’s then front man, Bon Scott, was found dead on Feb. 19, 1980 of acute alcohol poisoning. He was only 33.

            AC/DC regrouped, hired a new singer (Brian Johnson), and again teamed with Lange for what would become the band's most successful album -- and one of the largest-selling albums of all time in the United States: Back in Black.

            Back in Black debuted on the Billboard 200 chart dated Aug. 23, 1980 and jumped into the top 10 in just its seventh week on the list -- becoming the band’s first top 10 effort. It would peak at No. 4 for three weeks in December 1980 and January 1981, and sell 22 million copies in the U.S. according to the RIAA. (It’s one of the RIAA’s top 10 best-selling albums ever.) Back in Black -- which also ranks as the band’s biggest album of all time on the Billboard 200 (see list, below) -- launched the group’s first top 40 single on the Billboard Hot 100: “You Shook Me All Night Long,” which peaked at No. 35 on Nov. 8, 1980. “Shook” was the second of seven charting hits for the band on the Hot 100, following “Highway to Hell” (No. 47 in 1979).

            The band continued to notch hit after hit in the ensuing decades. They claimed 34 singles on the Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart (since the list’s inception in 1981, through Nov. 25, 2017), including 15 top 10s (of which four reached No. 1). And, in total on the Billboard 200, AC/DC has earned 25 charting albums -- with a total of nine hitting the top 10 (and two reaching No. 1). The band scored its first No. 1 with its second album with Johnson, 1981’s For Those About to Rock (We Salute You), which ruled the chart for three weeks in December 1981 and January 1982. AC/DC returned to the top with 2008’s Black Ice.

            The act most recently visited the list with a new album in 2014 with the No. 3-peaking Rock or Bust.

            Here’s a look at the group’s top 10 biggest albums on the Billboard 200 chart:

            Rank, Title, Peak Position, Peak Date

            1. Back in Black, No. 4, Dec. 20, 1980

            2. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You), No. 1 (3 weeks), Dec. 26, 1981

            3. The Razor’s Edge, No. 2, Oct. 27, 1990

            4. Black Ice, No. 1 (2 weeks), Nov. 8, 2008

            5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, No. 3, May 30, 1981

            6. Iron Man 2 (Soundtrack), No. 4, May 8, 2010

            7. Highway to Hell, No. 17, Nov. 10, 1979

            8. Rock or Bust, No. 3, Dec. 20, 2014

            9. Ballbreaker, No. 4, Oct. 14, 1995

            10. Who Made Who (Soundtrack), No. 33, Aug. 23, 1986

            AC/DC’s top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 chart are ranked based on an inverse point system through the chart dated Nov. 25, 2017, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at the lower reaches of the chart earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology through the years, eras are weighted differently to account for chart turnover rates over various periods.
            Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


            • Album: Back In Black

              #10 Australia
              #20 New Zealand
              #21 Brazil
              #21 Switzerland
              #29 United States
              #31 Italy
              #32 Canada
              #52 Germany
              #78 United Kingdom
              #96 Russia
              #179 France
              Apple Music:
              #48 Armenia
              #60 Bulgaria
              #80 Finland
              #101 Slovakia
              #103 Cambodia
              #132 Luxembourg
              #138 Venezuela
              #144 El Salvador
              #148 Norway
              #156 Australia
              #170 Argentina
              #177 Chile
              #198 Brazil

              Album: Live At River Plate

              #27 Netherlands
              #40 Belgium
              #52 Spain
              #69 Switzerland
              #164 Germany
              Apple Music:
              #101 Argentina
              #105 Luxembourg
              #162 Bahrain

              Album: Live

              #17 Australia
              #47 Malta
              #66 Germany
              #76 Switzerland
              #82 France
              #179 Australia

              Album: Iron Man 2

              #48 Italy
              #59 Russia
              #64 Spain
              #97 United Kingdom
              Apple Music:
              #47 Bulgaria
              #51 Peru
              #78 Chile
              #114 Poland
              #131 Hungary
              #166 Czech Republic
              #179 Colombia
              #182 Russia
              #195 Brazil

              Album: Highway to Hell

              #82 United States
              #83 Spain
              #99 Switzerland
              #103 Canada
              #104 Australia
              #136 Germany
              Apple Music:
              #76 Bulgaria
              #187 Tajikistan

              Album: Rock or Bust

              #5 Belarus
              #13 Bulgaria
              #21 Lithuania
              #22 Ukraine
              #23 Estonia
              #28 Slovenia
              #38 Hungary
              #38 Paraguay
              #44 Luxembourg
              #47 Sweden
              #100 Norway
              #151 Switzerland
              #155 Austria
              Apple Music:
              #91 Lithuania
              #165 Tajikistan
              #177 Jordan
              #181 Venezuela

              Album: High Voltage

              #49 Australia
              #149 United States
              #169 Canada

              Album: Let There Be Rock

              #105 Australia
              #147 Germany

              Album: The Razors Edge

              #108 Switzerland
              #166 Canada
              Apple Music:
              #116 Gambia

              Album: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

              #88 Australia

              Album: Powerage

              #181 Australia
              #188 United Kingdom

              Album: Who Made Who

              #148 Australia

              Album: For Those About to Rock

              #44 Nicaragua

              Album: Blow Up Your Video
              Apple Music:

              #18 El Salvador

              Album: Flick of the Switch
              Apple Music:

              #55 El Salvador
              Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


              • AC/DC Surges on Rock Charts After Co-Founder Malcolm Young's Death
       ... oung-death
                11/29/2017 by Kevin Rutherford

                "Thunderstruck" highlights chart action after the rhythm guitarist, who retired from AC/DC in 2014, died Nov. 18.

                Following the death of AC/DC co-founder and longtime rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young on Nov. 18, the band makes a notable showing on Billboard's rock charts dated Dec. 9, including landing six entries on the Hot Rock Songs survey.

                1990's "Thunderstruck" bows at No. 6 on Hot Rock Songs (which, like the all-genre Billboard Hot 100, allows older songs to chart if in the top half of the ranking and have a significant new reason behind multi-metric gains). The track debuts with 6,000 downloads sold (up 73 percent) and 4.1 million U.S. streams (up 33 percent) in the week ending Nov. 23, according to Nielsen Music. It rises 4-3 on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales and re-enters Rock Streaming Songs at No. 9, marking just the third week that AC/DC has appeared on the latter chart.

                AC/DC's five other titles on Hot Rock Songs this week:

                "Back in Black," No. 11 (3,000 downloads sold; 3.1 million U.S. streams)

                "You Shook Me All Night Long," No. 15 (3,000 sold; 2.5 million streams)

                "Highway to Hell," No. 18 (3,000 sold; 2.5 million streams)

                "T.N.T.," No. 23 (2,000 sold; 1.6 million streams)

                "Hells Bells," No. 24 (2,000 sold; 1.5 million streams)

                Additionally, "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" appear on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales at Nos. 14 and 15, up by 200 and 162 percent, respectively.

                Meanwhile, AC/DC's Back in Black is the Hard Rock Albums chart's greatest gainer, up 85 percent to 7,000 equivalent album units in the week ending Nov. 23. Of that total, 3,000 are from pure album sales, a boost of 127 percent. The set also scales Top Rock Albums (49-19) and re-enters the all-genre Billboard 200 at No. 130.

                Young died Nov. 18 at age 64 in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia. He had been receiving treatment for dementia since April 2014, which resulted in his retirement from AC/DC later that year. His nephew, Stevie Young, replaced him in the band.
                Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                • Australian ARIA accreditation (November 2017):

                  Thunderstruck: 4 x Platinum (280,000)


                  • Thanks for the info

                    I was expecting a much more increase.

                    Still another sad year for rock
                    But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                    and don't forget the joker


                    • Australia
                      november 2017

                      certified Platinum x4 Singles

             ... ue1449.pdf
                      Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                      • Great

                        Thunderstrucks is such a classic
                        But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                        and don't forget the joker


                        • U.K.
                          15 december

                          Back In Black
                          Epic Gold Single
                          Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                          • Re: AC/DC :: Charts & Sales History

                            great for ac/dc but honestly this should be multi platinum
                            But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                            and don't forget the joker


                            • Originally posted by cdsingles
                              Retailer Report: Top 200 Albums
                              BB 3 january
                              Region: Total U.S. Week Ending: 12/21/17

                              Total Chain Indep MassM Non T

                              AC/DC|BACK IN BLACK (122) 4547 1283 539 1211 1512

                              (c) Nielsen SoundScan, a division of VNU Marketing Information, Inc.
                              Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                              • Italy
                                week 52

                                Sony Music

                                certified gold singles online
                                Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                • Re: AC/DC :: Charts & Sales History

                                  why not

                                  amazing song
                                  But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                                  and don't forget the joker


                                  • Denmark

                                    Highway To Hell
                                    certified Gold Track
                                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                    • They keep scoring certifications with songs and albums from the Scott era
                                      But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                                      and don't forget the joker


                                      • 2017 Year End Album Sales Chart USA

                                        Sales estimate by oldbloke:

                                        149. 101,000 - BACK IN BLACK - AC/DC ( 3,564,000 ) 22xP - in 2007

                                        2016 year end charts:

                                        158. 117,000 - BACK IN BLACK - AC/DC ( 3,462,000 )


                                        • Re: AC/DC :: Charts & Sales History

                                          We are eventually expecting another certification it might deserve it
                                          But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                                          and don't forget the joker


                                          • List of the top 10 tours of all time, based on Billboard’s Boxscore archives
                                   ... sing-tours
                                            1/17/2018 by Bob Allen

                                            Top 10 Grossing Tours in Billboard Boxscore History (from 1990 through Jan. 17, 2018)
                                            Rank. Artist / Tour / Years / Gross

                                            1. U2 / 360° Tour / 2009-2011 / $736 million
                                            2. The Rolling Stones / A Bigger Bang / 2005-2007 / $558 million
                                            3. Coldplay / A Head Full of Dreams Tour / 2016-2017 / $523 million
                                            4. Guns N’ Roses / Not In This Lifetime… Tour / 2016-ongoing / $475 million
                                            5. Roger Waters / The Wall Live / 2010-2013 / $459 million
                                            6. AC/DC / Black Ice Tour / 2008-2010 / $441 million
                                            7. Madonna / Sticky & Sweet Tour / 2008-2009 / $408 million
                                            8. U2 / Vertigo Tour / 2005-2006 / $389 million
                                            9. The Police / Reunion Tour / 2007-2008 / $362 million
                                            10. Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour / 2011-2014 / $360 million
                                            Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                            • Re: AC/DC :: Charts & Sales History

                                              I still remember the black ice era

                                              One of the best come backs I've ever seen
                                              But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                                              and don't forget the joker


                                              • U.K.
                                                9 february

                                                Highway To Hell
                                                Epic Gold Single
                                                Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                                • A classic

                                                  Thanks 4 the info
                                                  But that's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever
                                                  and don't forget the joker


                                                  • CSPC: AC/DC Popularity Analysis

                                                    Thomas Christiansen (Dane) wrote:
                                                    "Many claims have been made about AC/DC‘s record sales, supposedly they’re over 200 million. Back in Black has been heralded by some as the 2nd biggest album of all time behind Michael Jackson‘s Thriller. While this may not be the case, we do know AC/DC is one of the strongest catalog sellers in the business. But how do they stack up against other Hard Rock behemoths like Metallica and Led Zeppelin? It’s time to find out."

                                                    Analysis at
                                           ... -analysis/
                                                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll