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  • Various charts...

    Ireland: Absolute Greatest #98
    Finland: Absolute Greatest #25
    Czech Republic: Greatest Hits I / II #34
    Poland: Greatest Hits II #24 / Greatest Hits I #32
    Norway: Greatest Hits I #33
    Italy: Greatest Hits II #100


    • Originally posted by trueno
      Originally posted by HUR
      Originally posted by trueno
      Originally posted by borderwolf

      # 16 Queen - Absolute Greatest
      Hello Trueno,

      I checked the Canadian charts and I couldn't find "Absolute Greatest" at #16. I'm thinking that Borderwolf may have confused it with another country. But I'm not sure.
      No,no!! Look here:
      Thank you. When I checked the other day, the chart hadn't been updated. I'm glad it was correct.

      I have to admit that I thought Borderwolf was wrong for the first time ever. I hope he doesn't read this.


      • What a band, only one better and its not The Beatles. You fancy an in house GH1 chat Hernan?


        • South Korean top-100 international artists 2010:

          Absolute Greatest #37
          Sales: 4,363 copies


 ... aon?idx=39


          • Number 16 in Canada for Absolute Greatest! And on the official top 100 national charts as well, the week after it only went down 4 to number 20. This must be their highest charting album there for some time.

            Meanwhile last week in the UK..

            186. (174) GREATEST HITS [REMASTERED] (Queen) - still on a downward trajectory - I hope this 40th anniversary year gets going for the band - their sales in the UK at the moment are terrible... :-?


            • "I-tunes top-100 Rock Songs USA" Today:

              #1 Bohemian Rhapsody
              #60 We Will Rock You
              #63 Somebody To Love
              #69 Fat Bottomed Girls
              #95 We Are The Champions




              • I think you missed out 'under pressure' at 56. Also 'somebody to love' is at 51, 'Fat bottomed girls' are at 59 and 'we are the champions' at 90, thats 6 songs they have in total. Queen have more songs in the US rock itunes chart than anyone including The Beatles!


                • This week on UK album chart.....

                  133. (RE) ABSOLUTE GREATEST (Queen)
                  OUT. (186) GREATEST HITS [REMASTERED] (Queen)


                  • Portugal

                    I posted the following unconfirmed peaks in Portugal:


                    The Miracle: #3

                    Innuendo: #1

                    Greatest Hits II: #1

                    The Freddie Mercury Album: #1
                    I have now had a confirmation for some of them and a few others. From the blog Topdisco, this is what its owner told me:

                    "Thriller - Michael Jackson
                    The Works - Queen (#1)
                    O Calhambeque - Roberto Carlos (#1)
                    The Pros and Cons... - Roger Waters"

                    "Radio Ga Ga - Queen (#1) - prata
                    Thriller - Michael Jackson (#2)
                    Comment Ça Vá - The Shorts
                    I Want To Break Free - Queen (#1) – ouro"

                    "I could confirm #1s for "Innuendo", "Made In Heaven" and "Greatest Hits II", #2 for "Live Magic" and #3 for "A Kind Of Magic". I have few information in some years so i can't help you in other records. Most of the information is already in the blog. "Five Live" was considered as a longplay and reach the charts but I don't have that information.

                    1984 was the year when began the official charts with the tv-show "Top Disco" (Oct 1984). "The Works" and "I Want To Break Free" were nº 1 on the same week as the nacional chart (July 1984) of "Música & Som" that I found in the internet."

                    So, these are some new confirmed peak positions:

                    The Works: #1
                    A Kind Of Magic: #3
                    Live Magic: #2
                    Innuendo: #1
                    Greatest Hits II: #1
                    Made In Heaven: #1

                    Radio GaGa: #1
                    I Want To Break Free: #1

                    I couldn't confirm the number one positions for "Live At Wembley '86" and "The Freddie Mercury Album".

                    Interesting how "Live Magic" reached #2.


                    • Press Release: Deep Cuts Volume One 1973-1976

                      ‘QUEEN: DEEP CUTS VOLUME ONE 1973-1976’

                      DIGGING DEEPER INTO QUEEN

                      RELEASED ON ISLAND RECORDS ON MARCH 14th 2011

                      Click here to read Rhys Thomas' sleeve notes.

                      Queen release the album ‘Deep Cuts Volume One 1973-1976’ on March 14th 2011, a bespoke collection of hidden gems from the band’s first five albums, specially chosen by Roger Taylor and Brian May in consultation with life-long fan, Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters.

                      ‘Deep Cuts Volume One’ is designed as a companion piece to the first five Queen albums which are being re-issued by Island Records on March 14th as part of the bands 40th anniversary celebrations.

                      Designed to dig a little deeper than their multi-million selling ‘Greatest Hits’ compilations (‘Greatest Hits’, by the way, is officially the biggest selling British album of all time with sales of an incredible 5.7 million copies so far in the UK alone), ‘Deep Cuts Volume One 1973-1976’ showcases a less well-known side of the early Queen story and reveals some brilliant tracks to listeners looking to delve into the band’s founding years’ work for the first time.

                      The first five Queen albums – Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races - are a testament not only to the band’s skills as songwriters and musicians, but also to their determination to push the creative and technological envelopes to their absolute limits.

                      Challenging the traditional practises of the studios of the time, pioneering new methods of recording and refusing to use synthesisers, the band’s unique sound was born out of their incredible individual talents and ingenuity. Breaking the mould with multiple vocal harmonies, multi-layered guitar harmonies, cross rhythms and multiple repeats, Queen would layer so many tracks onto recording tape as to render it literally translucent, their 15 hour studio sessions now the stuff of legend within the studio community.

                      For Queen, the studio was a place of boundless possibilities. From the raw energy and heavy rock of Queen I to the polished splendour of A Day At The Races, they continued to challenge and innovate. Listening to ‘Deep Cuts’ in the 21st century, you can hear how Queen revolutionised both rock music itself and the way rock music was made.

                      The booklet notes for ‘Deeper Cuts’ were especially commissioned by Roger Taylor and Brian May from comedy actor and writer Rhys Thomas, an unlikely but unquestionable Queen fan and expert. Thomas publicly showed his vast knowledge of the band appearing on the New Year special edition of Celebrity Mastermind where, answering questions of the subject of his favourite band, Queen,

                      he achieved the distinction of scoring the highest number of correct answers in the history of the television series.

                      ‘Deep Cuts Volume One 1973-1976’ tracklisting:

                      1 Ogre Battle

                      2 Stone Cold Crazy

                      3 My Fairy King

                      4 I’m in Love with my Car

                      5 Keep Yourself Alive

                      6 Long Away

                      7 The Millionaire Waltz

                      8 ‘39

                      9 Tenement Funster

                      10 Flick of the Wrist

                      11 Lily of the Valley

                      12 Good Company

                      13 The March of the Black Queen

                      14 In the Lap of the Gods...Revisited

                      Further Queen re-issues will follow in groups of five on June 13th and September 5th through the year as part of Queens 40th anniversary – each batch will come with its own Deep Cuts.


                      • Israel

                        # 21 Greatest Hits (2011 Remaster)

                        # 22 Greatest Hits II (2011 Remaster)
                        Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                        • Poland
                          monthly shipments: january

                          15 GREATEST HITS - QUEEN
                          16 GREATEST HITS II - QUEEN
                          Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                          • From 1959 to 1979, the German equivalent of Billboard – Der Musikmarkt – puplished a number of pop charts which were consulted by various members of the music trade.

                            The following charts were published separately:

                            o Top 50, issued once per month from 1959 to December 1964, and twice per month from January 1965 to December 1970 (this chart varied in sized, from Top 30 to Top 70, but for simplicity’s sake I will call it just Top 50). It became a Top 75 on 29 August 1977.

                            o Best Sellers chart, issued once per month (last published in December 1970)

                            o Radio chart, issued once per month until March 1976 and bi-weekly from then on.

                            o Juke Box chart, issued once per month (continued to be puplished through December 1979)

                            A chart-by-chart breakdown of the highest position a record attained on any of the above pop charts is listed below the title.

                            The record’s date of chart entry is taken from whichever chart it first appeared on.

                            The record’s peak position is taken from the chart on which it achieved its highest ranking.

                            The records’s week charted and weeks at position no. 1 are taken from the chart on which it achieved its highest total.

                            The methodology described above is the same one used by Joel Whitburn in his "Top 40 Hits" book for the various pop charts puplished by Billboard between 1955 and 1958 (Top 100, Best Sellers in Stores, Most Played in Juke Boxes, Most Played by Jockeys).

                            Songs that peaked at number one are colored dark red. Records that peaked inside the Top 10 are colored dark blue.

                            QUEEN (1974-1987)

                            Date/Peak/Weeks/Title/catalog number

                            30/12/1974 #08 15 wks Killer Queen EMI 96 060
                            --------------------------------------Top 50 #12 / Radio #8
                            17/03/1975 #13 06 wks Now I’m Here EMI 96 255
                            --------------------------------------Top 50 #25 / Radio #13
                            19/01/1976 #02 17 wks Bohemian Rhapsody EMI 97 140
                            --------------------------------------Top 50 #7 / Radio #2
                            19/05/1976 #06 14 wks You’re My Best Friend EMI 006 97944
                            --------------------------------------Radio #6
                            17/11/1976 #05 14 wks Somebody To Love EMI 98 428
                            --------------------------------------Top 50 #21 / Radio #5
                            17/04/1977 #48 02 wks You And I EMI 98 819
                            --------------------------------------Radio #48
                            30/05/1977 #09 15 wks Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy EMI 2623 ('Queen’s First EP')
                            --------------------------------------Radio #9
                            20/06/1977 #33 06 wks Tie Your Mother Down EMI 98 819 (flip of ‘You And I’)
                            -------------------------------------- Radio #33
                            01/11/1977 #13 34 wks We Are The Champions EMI 60 045
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #13 / Radio #16
                            27/03/1978 #29 07 wks Spread Your Wings EMI 60 476
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #29 / Radio #49
                            01/12/1978 #27 13 wks Bicycle Race EMI 61 846
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #27 / Radio #30
                            01/03/1979 #21 10 wks Don’t Stop Me Now EMI 62 276
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #35 / Radio # 21
                            19/11/1979 #02 25 wks Crazy Little Thing Called Love EMI 63 317
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #13 / Radio #2
                            01/03/1980 #22 08 wks Save Me EMI 63 566
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #42 / Radio #22
                            21/07/1980 #40 15 wks Play The Game EMI 63 890
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #40 / Radio #41
                            01/10/1980 #06 25 wks Another One Bites The Dust EMI 64 060
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #6 / Radio #14
                            12/01/1981 #03 28 wks Flash EMI 64 060
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #3 / Radio #23
                            30/11/1981 #09 17 wks Under Pressure EMI 64 626
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #21 / Radio #9
                            24/05/1982 #27 13 wks Body Language EMI 64 788
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #27 / Radio #34
                            01/08/1982 #43 04 wks Las Palabras De Amor EMI 64 863
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #43 / Radio #68
                            16/08/1982 #69 03 wks Backchat EMI 64 851
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #69
                            23/01/1984 #01 18 wks Radio Ga Ga EMI 165 532
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #2 / Radio #1
                            16/04/1984 #03 20 wks I Want To Break Free EMI 200 117
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #4 / Radio #3
                            30/07/1984 #05 10 wks It’s A Hard Life EMI 200 215
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #26 / Radio #5
                            01/10/1984 #39 02 wks Hammer To Fall EMI 1C 006 2003447
                            --------------------------------------Radio #39
                            17/12/1984 #12 03 wks Thank God It’s Christmas EMI 200 434
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #57 / Radio #12
                            09/12/1985 #23 09 wks One Vision EMI 200 886
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #26 / Radio #23
                            24/03/1986 #01 22 wks A Kind Of Magic EMI 201 116
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #6 / Radio #1
                            07/07/1986 #14 10 wks Friends Will Be Friends EMI 201 308
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #20 / Radio #14
                            20/10/1986 #52 06 wks Who Wants To Live Forever EMI 201 439
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #52
                            09/02/1987 #20 08 wks Pain Is So Close To Pleasure EMI 201 610
                            --------------------------------------Top 75 #20 / Radio #57


                            • Thank you, Herkenrath. Very good radio success. I'm surprised that "We Will Rock You" didn't have enough airplay to chart on its own between 1977 and 1978.

                              In terms of sales charts positions, I think (although I could be wrong) that Queen have had more official hits than any other band in history. Maybe some German chart expert could confirm it.


                              • Originally posted by HUR
                                Thank you, Herkenrath. Very good radio success. I'm surprised that "We Will Rock You" didn't have enough airplay to chart on its own between 1977 and 1978.
                                That was a surprise to me as well.

                                In terms of sales charts positions, I think (although I could be wrong) that Queen have had more official hits than any other band in history. Maybe some German chart expert could confirm it.
                                I don't think so.


                                • Up until 2004, this is how the list looked like, according to Indi. Acts with the most hits on the German charts:

                                  1. Peter Alexander 60
                                  2. Cliff Richard 55
                                  3. Rex Gildo 53
                                  4. Elton John 51
                                  4. Madonna 51
                                  6. Howard Carpendale 47
                                  7. Bee Gees 44
                                  7. Queen 44
                                  7. The Beatles 44
                                  10. Rod Stewart 43

                                  Note how I said "…than any other band in history", which obviously excludes solo acts.

                                  After that, Queen achieved three further hits: "Another One Bites The Dust" (with Miami Project), "Say It's Not True" (with Paul Rodgers), and "C-lebrity" (with Paul Rodgers).

                                  Have the Beatles or the Bee Gees achieved more hits since 2004? I'm not sure. Maybe they missed the Rolling Stones in the above list? Indi is very accurate in compiling this kind of things. But as I said, I could be wrong.

                                  Another big hit that failed to achieve enough radio airplay to chart in the Radio chart is "Fat Bottomed Girls".

                                  Thank you again, Herkenrath.


                                  • The Bee Gees had a number 71 hit in 2007 with If I cant Have you.


                                    • Originally posted by HUR
                                      Up until 2004, this is how the list looked like, according to Indi. Acts with the most hits on the German charts:

                                      1. Peter Alexander 60
                                      2. Cliff Richard 55
                                      3. Rex Gildo 53
                                      4. Elton John 51
                                      4. Madonna 51
                                      6. Howard Carpendale 47
                                      7. Bee Gees 44
                                      7. Queen 44
                                      7. The Beatles 44
                                      10. Rod Stewart 43
                                      The total of 44 songs / singles for the Bee Gees does not include their duet with Celine Dion from 1998, "Immortality":

                             ... ees/single

                                      However, "Immortality" should be added, as it was by "Celine Dion with Special Guests the Bee Gees".
                                      So this gives the Bee Gees a total of 45 songs on the German Singles Chart.

                                      For Queen, the total on musicline is 43, 39 as a group + 2 with Paul Rodgers + 1 with Five + 1 with Vanguard:

                             ... een/single

                             ... aul/single

                             ... EEN/single

                             ... ARD/single

                                      I guess their 44th song on the German Singles Chart is "Another One Bites The Dust" with Miami Project from 2006/ 2007, does anyone know which position it reached ?

                                      Regarding the Beatles, their total of 44 songs hasn't changed until 2004:

                             ... THE/single


                                      • Hello Benny,

                                        In the various Musicline's links you provided, there are three Queen songs that aren't listed:

                                        14. Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)
                                        Einstieg: 30.11.81 Run: 31-31-34-23-32-39-28-21-24-25-26-33-38-46-60-71-60 (#21/17w)

                                        35. Somebody To Love (George Michael & Queen)
                                        Einstieg: 24.05.93 Run: 59-51-24-26-21-23-26-30-39-44-48-49-83-88-85 (#21/15w)

                                        41. Another One Bites The Dust (Queen/Wyclef Jean feat. Pras & Free)
                                        Einstieg: 19.10.98 Run: 46-61-64-62-69-84-97 (#46/7w)

                                        "Five Live" charted on the Album chart; however, a single from it made the main Single chart, staying 15 weeks overall in the Top 100. I guess these three songs are missing because they were collaborations.

                                        Now that I'm checking a couple of things, I'm not really sure whether or not "Another One Bites The Dust" (with the Miami Project) made the German charts, although I remember it had indeed managed to make charts appearances.

                                        Depending on whether this last song charted or not, Queen will have achieved either 46 or 47 hits singles in the German charts. I'm still counting 44 hits singles (including collaborations) by 2005; plus, at least two other hits singles (with Paul Rodgers) and a possible further hit single (with the Miami Project).

                                        I won't say that it is an impressive accolade, but I still regard as a nice achievement. I also think (although I could also be wrong), that Queen are, along with the Bee Gees, the only foreign group to have achieved Top 10 singles in four different decades (in fairness, the Bee Gees had Top 5 singles in four different decades). Well, A-Ha may have joined them last year. Now, the long lasting appeal of most Queen songs is really overwhelming (not just based on charts positions, but on polls' results and all).

                                        Benny, I'm glad to see you post here regardless of the issue we are talking about. You are welcome to keep adding any further thought.


                                        • Originally posted by HUR

                                          Benny, I'm glad to see you post here regardless of the issue we are talking about. You are welcome to keep adding any further thought.

                                          Regarding "Another One Bites The Dust", the Miami Project version did enter the German chart, in week 10 of 2007. If you search for "Queen" on holgibaer's German chart site


                                          you get 57 entries, minus the 10 songs by artists that have the word "Queen" in their name (Queensberry, Queens of the Stone Age etc.) you get a total of 47 songs.

                                 is more accurate than when you want to have an overview of all the songs by an artist that charted in Germany. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues with Media Control, the site doesn't include any chart positions

                                          By the way, the Rolling Stones had 44 songs on the German Singles Chart, and the Beatles 45 (44 + one song with Tony Sheridan).

                                          Regarding artists with top 10 hits in 4 decades, A-ha are not among them. They had top 10 hits in the 80s, 90s and 2000s but not in the 2010s as last year's "Butterfly Butterfly" peaked at number 22. Apart from the Bee Gees & Queen, I still have to think about other groups with top 10 hits in 4 decades, they could be the only ones, but I'm not sure. Depeche Mode are not among these groups yet, but if they release a new single in the near future than they will join the club as they have many die hard fans in Germany who buy every new song they release.

                                          Among international solo artists, Michael Jackson had top 10 hits in the 80s, 90s, 00s ("You Rock My World") and 2010s ("Hold My Hand"). Unfortunately, in 1979, "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" peaked at number 13, preventing him from having top 10 hits in five decades. Elton John is also among these artists.


                                          • France
                                   ... ar=&type=8

                                            Gold certification:

                                            QUEEN - ABSOLUTE GREATEST
                                            Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                            • Last week on UK album chart..

                                              180. (196) GREATEST HITS (Queen)


                                              • Chile
                                                Top 10 DVD

                                                # 7 QUEEN - ERIC CLAPTON
                                                COLECCION DUOS
                                                live concert 2x1
                                                Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                                • Benny - On The Charts-Surfer Site, if you make
                                                  sure you tick the 'Exact' Box, when you want to
                                                  see an Act's German Hits, it will ensure that you
                                                  only get the Hits for the Act you've chosen.

                                                  For example, if you want to check ABBA, & do
                                                  not tick the Exact box, you will get the Hits for
                                                  Black Sabbath too - as the Search Engine picks
                                                  up that SABBAth has the word ABBA in it.

                                                  The Box that you tick is the Exakt one, in the
                                                  German Language version of the Site.



                                                  • Last week on UK album charts..

                                                    186. (180) GREATEST HITS (Queen)

                                                    How does anyone think the 5 reissued Queen studio albums will do in the UK? I think they will do better than the reissued Hits albums as with the deluxe albums, there is new bonus material, which although isn't as good as what I'd hoped, will help sales. Plus I've seen some more promotion for these than the Hits albums at the beginning of January.

                                                    Maybe they could just about get into the top 75 album chart? Plus there is the Deep Cuts album which is a collection of their lesser well tracks - something they haven't really done before in their 40 year history..