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  • Germany

    14 08 50 Queen - The Platinum Collection - Greatest Hits I, II & III
    My YouTube Channel - The best songs of the 80s, 90s and 2000s


    • Last week on UK album charts:

      122. (123) GREATEST HITS [REMASTERED] (Queen)

      Other sales figures around these titles are as follows:

      121 Lady Gaga [Born This Way] 1,234
      170 Lady Gaga [TF] 784

      So Greatest Hits will have sold at least 1,200 copies, the other 2 possibly around 600-700 each?

      Roger Taylor also had his solo album, Fun On Earth released last week - it debuted at number 69 and the other albums around it sold:

      57 The Beatles [Live AtThe BBC] 3,131
      73 Andre Rieu 2,230

      So it should have sold around 2,500 copies.


      • November 24, 1991 - November 24, 2013
        Freddie always with us


        • 22 years. :(

          And just by pure coincidence, an Argentinean columnist wrote a political article largely based on Queen's The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke today (and also the painting and the drama). Link: ... -0018.html

          He says toward the end: "No es novedad que tener una percepción ajena a la de las mayorías resulta hoy, en Argentina, muy inconveniente"

          "It isn't new that having a different perception from most other people today is, in Argentina, very inconvenient".

          So true and not just in Argentina.


          • Last week on UK album charts:

            83. (122) GREATEST HITS [REMASTERED] (Queen)
            130. (200) GREATEST HITS II [REMASTERED] (Queen)

            199. (69) FUN ON EARTH (Roger Taylor)

            Other sales figures near these titles are as follows:

            61 Andre Rieu 2,853
            65 Rush 2,649

            So Greatest Hits may have sold at around 2,000 copies, - a large increase from last week. Greatest Hits 2 must also have seen a decent sales increase from last week.


            • According to a recent sales report from France, some Queen related information:

              Albums/Singles/Music Videos (plus digital sales from 2009 onwards)

              2003 – No info
              2004 – 148,481
              2005 – 122,261
              2006 – 82,741
              2007 – 52,199
              2008 – 53,788
              2009 – 76,015
              2010 – 76,891
              2011 – No info
              2012 – 10,589

              Total 2003-2012 - 862,680 copies.

              Source: GFK.

              For 2011and 2012, they used the anual Top 150 albums and digital artists tallies separately. It seems that Queen didn't make either in 2011 and just the digital Top 150 in 2012 (10,589 sales). So no albums sales were considered for both years.

              For 2009 and 2010, they used the Top 100 albums/DVDs and digital downloads for those two years, so I'm surprised Queen had those sales considering that only Absolute Greatest made some sort of impact and no high profile DVD was released.

              From 2003 to 2008, they used the Top 500 artists tallies.

              These numbers are slightly different from the GFK's figures that we were provided for the period between 2003 and 2008. According to that, Queen sold 607,000 albums in those six years (not to mention DVDs and physical singles).

              Not sure what wen on, but it could be that not all titles were considered for these annual tallies (like it happened in the UK during the nineties).

              If someone asks for my estimation I would say that Queen sold over 800,000 albums and roughly 300,000 DVDs since 2003.

              Most played acts in France 2003-2012

              35 Queen (84,733 plays)


              • What's the correct sales? Wiki has Queen down as selling 95.5 million.


                • From Music Week,
                  Queen and Universal Music have renewed their partnership with a long-term deal covering a range of new projects from the band including rare and unreleased material and a film. The deal, which covers the world outside North America, comes three years after Queen first signed with UMG - when they left their long-term deal with Parlophone/EMI.

                  Max Hole, Chairman and CEO of UMGi said: “We have loved working with Queen over last three years. Queen remains one of the biggest, boldest and most influential bands in the world. The band and Universal Music have lots of ambitious plans for the future.


                  • This is what I always like to see on iTunes.


                    • Thank you, Brian. Very interesting. I wonder if the film will even be made.

                      Germany Albums

                      19 (17) Platinum Collection

                      4 weeks in the Top 20. The TV show worked well for this album.


                      • Spoke too soon!


                        • Italy

                          PLATINUM COLLECTION QUEEN ISLAND UNIVERSAL MUSIC 28-06-2011 ORO 50/2013


                          Don't Stop Me Now Queen Hollywood-Records UNI 18-09-2001 ORO 50/2013


                          • Originally posted by AndiIversen

                            PLATINUM COLLECTION QUEEN ISLAND UNIVERSAL MUSIC 28-06-2011 ORO 50/2013


                            Don't Stop Me Now Queen Hollywood-Records UNI 18-09-2001 ORO 50/2013

                            Very good! Platinum Collection has already surpassed 30,000 copies in less than 3 years. In 2011, it didn't do too well, while between 2012 and 2013 it has been a lot of times in Top-100. Not to mention its I-tunes version, which is always among the Top-100 most selling titles.


                            • Yes, nice news.

                              And let's remember that Platinum Collection had already achieved shipments of 420,000 between 2002 and December 2003. It was certified 4x platinum during 2003. So the minimum total is now 450,000. But sales are likely to have been much stronger given it did well in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

                              I could be wrong, but I think Platinum Collection is probably the second best selling foreign album since 2000 (after The Beatles' One). And the best selling if we start counting in 2002. Of course, I'm not sure about this.

                              Nice to see Don't Stop Me Now getting a Gold certification, like Bohemian Rhapsody did last year. None of these songs were huge hits in the seventies. Seems like the Italians have changed their mind a little bit.


                              • Year End Charts from USA

                                Hard Rock Digital Songs
                                1 THUNDERSTRUCK AC/DC
                                2 BACK IN BLACK AC/DC
                                3 YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG AC/DC
                                4 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Queen
                                5 BRING ME TO LIFE Evanescence Featuring Paul McCoy
                                6 HIGHWAY TO HELL AC/DC
                                7 WE WILL ROCK YOU Queen
                                8 BURN IT DOWN Linkin Park
                                9 LIVIN' ON A PRAYER Bon Jovi
                                10 DREAM ON Aerosmith

                                Hard Rock Digital Songs Artists
                                1 AC/DC
                                2 QUEEN
                                3 BON JOVI
                                4 LINKIN PARK
                                5 AVENGED SEVENFOLD
                                6 GUNS N' ROSES
                                7 AEROSMITH
                                8 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
                                9 EVANESCENCE
                                10 METALLICA

                                Music Video Sales
                                1 UP ALL NIGHT: THE LIVE TOUR One Direction
                                2 LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL Adele
                                3 HISTORY OF THE EAGLES: THE STORY OF AN AMERICAN BAND Eagles
                                4 OWN THE NIGHT: WORLD TOUR Lady Antebellum
                                5 LIVE 2012 Coldplay

                                23 HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY: LIVE IN BUDAPEST Queen


                                • Recently watched a TV show about Britain's Top50 Christmas songs which first aired last year and surprisingly Queen featured with Thank God It's Christmas and it stated it's UK sales were 75,000. On another note TGIC is at No 21 on the UK rock charts this week, if only the band had done a Christmas themed video for this track I'm sure it's sales would have benefitted hugely.


                                  • Italian Chart - Albums

                                    #76 Platinum Collection

                                    Italian Chart - DVDs

                                    #10 Live At Wembley 25th anniversary

                                    At the moment, certifications are: Platinum Collection Gold among the albums (that is to say +30,000 copies). As to digital tracks, Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Me Now , We Are The Champions have totalized +45,000 downloads all together.


                                    • Thank you, Loris. I didn't know (or remember) that We Are The Champions was gold too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these sales (15,000 each) are only since 2009 when certifications started?

                                      It is evident that Queen must be one of the best selling "catalogue" bands in Italy in terms of digital songs, like in the USA and UK.


                                      • Yes, it's from 2009 to now, but they don't explain the week when We Are The Champions was ceritified Gold.
                                        I think We Will Rock You isn't too far from Gold and songs like Who Wants To Live Forever, The Show Must Go On, Somebody To Love and I Want To Break Free are good catalogue sellers as well.


                                        • ITALY 2013
                                          Zago estimations

                                          QUEEN Platinum Collection 5.547 (725.841)
                                          Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                          • As reported by Zeus555 on the Abba thread only 3 albums have spent over 1000 weeks inside the UK Top 200 album chart

                                            1 - Queen - Greatest Hits (One) 1155 weeks
                                            2 - Bob Marley - Legend 1066 weeks
                                            3 - Abba - Gold 1000 weeks

                                            (All 3 Totals to W/e 11th January 2014)


                                            • This weeks USA Hard Rock Digital Songs

                                              1 4 158 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
                                              2 5 61 Thunderstruck AC/DC
                                              3 New 1 War Pigs Black Sabbath
                                              4 New 1 Iron Man Black Sabbath
                                              5 New 1 Paranoid Black Sabbath
                                              6 6 61 Back In Black AC/DC
                                              7 7 26 Hail To The King Avenged Sevenfold
                                              8 11 150 Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses
                                              9 8 17 Sirens Pearl Jam
                                              10 15 59 You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
                                              11 2 148 Livin' On A Prayer Bon Jovi
                                              12 12 137 We Will Rock You Queen


                                              • According
                                       ... bum-sales/
                                                the TOTAL US ALBUM SALES is

                                                I'm curious, now, to know the HUR comment
                                                Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                                • Thanks Borderwolf. Five Live isn't counted there, which would increase the total to 41 million.

                                                  Everything looks OK except for one thing (which applies to other acts): in many cases, the author of these estimations assumes that because an album was certified at a certain milestone and sold (via retail) an additional amount in subsequent months or years, he can add them without problem. But that is wrong, especially for albums that were last certified during the nineties, when CDs sales were at their peak.

                                                  My estimations (albums) for Queen in the USA range always between 38 and 39 million. I prefer the 38 million total anytime and I'm perfectly happy with it. 41 million is pushing things a little bit, for me.

                                                  We need to add the import sales, not counted for certifications purposes, which may have been significant for Queen back in the eighties due to Capitol not releasing their Greatest Hits and the studio albums on compact disc. I know many copies of their compilation were imported, but it is hard to know if they were tens of thousands or just a few thousands.

                                                  Some year end positions for 2013:


                                                  48 Queen Greatest Hits

                                                  I wouldn't be surprised if Greatest Hits has shipped some 20,000 copies since reissued in 2011, pretty good for an albums released in 1981, higher than many foreign releases during last year.

                                                  Wallonia (Belgium)

                                                  138 Queen Platinum Collection

                                                  Flanders (Belgium)

                                                  96 Queen Platinum Collection

                                                  South Korea

                                                  80 Queen Platinum Collection (1,624 copies shipped)

                                                  Platinum Collection had already shipped 1,797 copies in 2012 (when it also made the number 80 position on the year end ranking).

                                                  The triple box set shipped 1,260 units in November 2011 alone too.

                                                  Canada sales for the past week


                                                  20 Queen Icon (37,109 copies sold so far)

                                                  Peak position for Icon. It wil have shipped 40,000 copies by now, meaning it is prepared for a gold award (much like Absolute Greatest Hits should have earned a platinum award almost two years ago).

                                                  Third Queen album to make the Top 20 over the past three years, after Absolute Greatest and Greatest Hits.

                                                  Catalogue Albums

                                                  20 Queen Absolute Greatest (108,115 copies sold)
                                                  56 Queen Greatest Hits (544,113 copies sold)

                                                  I reckon Icon, Greatest Hits and Absolute Greatest have sold almost 80,000 copies combined since January 2013.

                                                  Music Videos

                                                  17 Queen Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (3,683 copies sold)
                                                  25 Queen Live At Wembley (4,713 copies sold)


                                                  A wise bird let me know what follows:

                                                  On the 22 December 2013 chart, Greatest Hits charted at number 101 (selling 516 copies) and Greatest Hits II at number 103 (selling 486 copies).

                                                  On the previous week, Greatest Hits had sold 425 units, meaning a combined 941 copies in those two weeks. I hope this is typical for Queen in Mexico.

                                                  Ps, I hope my friend Innocenteyes is reading this: do you have any estimations for Queen's Greatest Hits in Australia since 2011? It made the year end on the Catalogue chart every year, charting very close to the Top 100/150.


                                                  • Originally posted by HUR
                                                    Everything looks OK except for one thing (which applies to other acts): in many cases, the author of these estimations assumes that because an album was certified at a certain milestone and sold (via retail) an additional amount in subsequent months or years, he can add them without problem. But that is wrong, especially for albums that were last certified during the nineties, when CDs sales were at their peak.

                                                    My estimations (albums) for Queen in the USA range always between 38 and 39 million. I prefer the 38 million total anytime and I'm perfectly happy with it. 41 million is pushing things a little bit, for me.
                                                    For example, with regard to its estimates to Neil Young, I think he underestimated the sales of the first records (70s and 80s), but has slightly raised the figures of the last century discs.
                                                    In any case, your total is similar to his, my for Young is significantly higher.
                                                    However, he did an awesome job, in some ways similar to that done long ago by MJDangerous.
                                                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                                    • Yes, but be careful in some cases. I think some albums totals are a bit inflated: personally, I believe his sales for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Elton John are. For me, The Beatles must have sold over 150 million (but not 160) and 70 million is about the highest I can get for The Rolling Stones (I even think their sales are smaller than that).


                                                      "It took several years for a commercial breakthrough in North America. But since that time Queen have chalked up five gold albums and three which have gone far beyond platinum -including two (albums) in Canada that have sold more than 500,000- plus four gold and two platinum singles". (Ottawa Citizen, June 1981).

                                                      It mentions that two Queen sold albums had sold over 500,000 copies by 1981. Not sure which ones.


                                                      • Assume the game and GH (if not gh then NOTW)


                                                        • Originally posted by braca
                                                          Assume the Game and GH (if not gh then NOTW)
                                                          Can't be GH it was only released in October 1981, that article is from June 1981. Possibly The Game and NOTW, possibly NOTW and ANATO, as maybe June 1981 is a bit too soon for The Game to be hitting 500,000 sales, only 1 year on from release in June 1980, but then again looking at the fact that NOTW hit 300,000 in around 7 months, seems to make it reasonably believable.

                                                          I'd actually say by June 1981 4 Queen albums had gone "far beyond platinum", just going by CRIA certifications.

                                                          ANATO: Released November 1975 - Certified Platinum December 1976 100,000
                                                          ADATR: Released December 1976 - Certified Platinum April 1977 100,000
                                                          NOTW: Released October 1977 - Certified Triple Platinum June 1978 300,000

                                                          those three, as well as The Game.

                                                          If I had to stick my neck on the line, I would say the two 500,000+ albums are definitely NOTW and probably The Game.


                                                          • UK Albums

                                                            71 (69) Queen Greatest Hits

                                                            Back to Canada, The Game has never been officially certified as far as I know. Even though a bunch of Queen books and magazines keep mentioning that it went multiple platinum in 1980.

                                                            As It Began (Queen book) claimed it reached 5x platinum in 1980. And according to the RAW magazine, the album actually reached 7x platinum in that country, for sales of 700,000. Here is the quote:

                                                            "The rise in popularity of the synthesiser impresses the group and they feature in the recording of their new album 'The Game'. The recoding completed, they head out on the road in North America to support the new release. It's a runaway success, going Platinum a mere seven times in Canada alone". (RAW magazine, 1991)

                                                            It take all this with a necessary grain of salt.

                                                            The chart performance of the album, nevertheless, was sensational.

                                                            The Game
                                                            30.08.1980: 9
                                                            06.09.1980: 5
                                                            13.09.1980: 5
                                                            20.09.1980: 5
                                                            27.09.1980: 4
                                                            04.10.1980: 4
                                                            11.10.1980: 1
                                                            18.10.1980: 1
                                                            25.10.1980: 1
                                                            01.11.1980: 1
                                                            08.11.1980: 1
                                                            15.11.1980: 1
                                                            22.11.1980: 1
                                                            29.11.1980: 1
                                                            06.12.1980: 1
                                                            13.12.1980: 1
                                                            20.12.1980: 4
                                                            27.12.1980: 4
                                                            03.01.1980: 4
                                                            10.01.1980: 4
                                                            17.01.1980: 4
                                                            24.01.1980: 5
                                                            31.01.1980: 5
                                                            07.02.1980: 10
                                                            14.02.1980: 10

                                                            The article mentions 3 platinum and 5 gold albums (plus 4 gold and 2 platinum singles) but it isn't clear whether they were referring to Canada or the USA.

                                                            As for News Of The World, it indeed reached 300,000 in June 1978, when it wasn't in the Canadian Top 10 anymore by that time (peaked at number 2, facing tough competition). Is it possible that it sold an additional 200,000 by 1981? Maybe we shouldn't take these quotes too seriously. And this is coming from me, the one who brought them.

                                                            This would all finish if their record company certified their whole catalogue like they did in the USA in 2002.


                                                            • Looking at it again and the RIAA and CRIA, they are clearly reffering to the USA. The only bit that seems to relate specifically to Canada is the "including two (albums) in Canada that have sold more than 500,000".

                                                              As can be seen from the RIAA certs up to June 1981 indicate

                                                              5 Gold Albums
                                                              QUEEN SHEER HEART ATTACK DECEMBER 31, 1969 NOVEMBER 18, 1975 GOLD ALBUM
                                                              QUEEN QUEEN DECEMBER 31, 1969 MARCH 29, 1977 GOLD ALBUM
                                                              QUEEN A DAY AT THE RACES DECEMBER 18, 1976 DECEMBER 29, 1976 GOLD ALBUM
                                                              QUEEN A NIGHT AT THE OPERA DECEMBER 02, 1975 MARCH 09, 1976 GOLD ALBUM
                                                              QUEEN LIVE KILLERS JUNE 26, 1979 JULY 24, 1979 GOLD ALBUM

                                                              3 Platinum Albums
                                                              QUEEN NEWS OF THE WORLD NOVEMBER 01, 1977 DECEMBER 28, 1977 PLATINUM ALBUM
                                                              QUEEN THE GAME JUNE 30, 1980 OCTOBER 01, 1980 PLATINUM ALBUM
                                                              QUEEN JAZZ DECEMBER 31, 1969 NOVEMBER 28, 1978 PLATINUM ALBUM

                                                              4 Gold Singles and 2 Platinum
                                                              QUEEN WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS DECEMBER 31, 1969 JANUARY 25, 1978 GOLD SINGLE
                                                              QUEEN BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY DECEMBER 31, 1969 JUNE 03, 1976 GOLD SINGLE
                                                              QUEEN ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST DECEMBER 31, 1969 NOVEMBER 25, 1980 PLATINUM SINGLE
                                                              QUEEN ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST DECEMBER 31, 1969 OCTOBER 01, 1980 GOLD SINGLE
                                                              QUEEN CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE DECEMBER 31, 1969 MAY 12, 1980 GOLD SINGLE
                                                              QUEEN WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS DECEMBER 31, 1969 APRIL 25, 1978 PLATINUM SINGLE

                                                              Seems as though they made a mistake with the singles though and included 2 Gold singles "WATC" and "AOBTD", which should have been discounted by their Platinum upgrades.

                                                              As for Canada, I agree, as always a pinch of salt is maybe needed with those figures. 500k for any of their albums by June 1981, does seem slightly hopefully, but if any of them could make it, you would think NOTW would be one.