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  • Jeez, HUR! Your posts are always marvelous
    I'm kinda shocked that Queen sold over 5mln albums in UK during past 10 years It's also a nit surprising to see really big numbers from US. It's really sad that Freddie had to die to see them selling well again...
    @ Poland
    1mln looks ridiculous when you consider our current standars, but I'm sure you're right. PC did fantastic(hell, it started selling well few years after its release) and Agora's special editions were really huge(mainly thanks to very attractive price)


    • Thank you, Arab.

      Yes, those Polish sales are enormous and somehow look just out of place compared to other countries in Mainland Europe.

      The Agora's albums reached sales of 760,000 copies. Plus, according to EMI, their total sale was 200,000 from 2002 to 2010. And then we still need to add their sales after 2011, while under contract with Universal Music. So 1,000,000 is a fine total, based on this.

      And I agree, their British sales are also remarkable, and more than confirmed. Musicweek recently reported that Queen sold 5,900,000 albums in the UK since 2000, and we know that they sold 437,000 albums during 2000 in UK and a maximum of 380,000 in 2001 (it was actually less than that).

      Which leaves us with 5,100,000 for the period between 2002 and 2012.

      But the most impressive thing is, Queen sold around 1,200,000 DVDs during the last ten years, giving them a combined 6,300,000 long formats sold in this past decade.

      One of the reasons why these sales may surprise more than one casual chart watcher is that apart from the compilations, all the old studio and live albums still sold a good 1,400,000 (or so) since 2002, which is quite a strong total, even if not as great as their compilations. These studio albums sales are generally deemed irrelevant, but they have always helped Queen get up there.

      In addition, Queen sold about 2,500,000 digital downloads in the UK, since the Official Chart Company began tracking them.

      Overall in the UK:

      Albums – 5,150,000
      Music Videos – 1,200,000
      Digital Downloads – 2,500,000

      A total of 8,800,000.

      I can't think of any old band doing better than that in Great Britain, except for Oasis (not really sure) and Take That, but they relied on new stuff principally, as opposed to Queen, who are a back catalogue band above anything.

      I still have some doubts about Germany, but I think that Benny could be right. Maybe I should lower it to 750,000, but it sounds small, especially compared to a country like France.

      I only know of this for Germany:


      "The back catalogues of acts such as Queen and Depeche Mode also perform well -in 2005, 15 albums by the former were featured in the Top 5,000 albums - but it is the progress of relatively new artists such as Joss Stone and Katie Melua that is creating the most interest." (BPI using Media Control information)

      15 albums in the Top 5000 is very good.


      • Some USA Sales for This Week 22/12/2012

        Queen - Greatest Hits WWRY 1811 (1,128,291)
        Queen - Greatest Hits 1692 (7,053,953)
        Queen - Platinum Collection 1255 (827,709)

        I think these are the most upto date figures we have had for these for a while


        • Italy
          Week 49 - Ending Dec. 9 - 2012
          Title - Artist
          GOLD (15,000)
          Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
          Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


          • The OCC has published updated sales figures for the UK's five biggest selling albums of all time:

            1 GREATEST HITS QUEEN 1981 5,866,000
            3 GOLD - GREATEST HITS ABBA 1992 5,046,000
            4 21 ADELE 2011 4,562,000
            5 WHAT'S THE STORY MORNING GLORY OASIS 1995 4,555,000


            • Slightymad - I posted this in another thread showing I don't agree with the new figure...

              That new list seems wrong for Queen. Greatest Hits sold 76,200 officially in 2011 when it was rereleased.

              The figure given by the OCC for Greatest Hits in November 2009 was 5,784,966. Now its at 5,866,000 - thats only 4,834 sales when we take into the figure sold above for 2011!

              Its sold at least 50,000 this year IMO and what about the whole of 2010? This figure should be about 70,000 higher at least so around 5,936,000.


              • Perhaps they are slowly taking away The Platinum Collection sales.

                Actually, there is nothing in the rules to say an album cannot have a box sets sales added (or more actually a portion of Boxed Sets sales)

                Rule 4.9 states Boxed Sets cannot have their individual components albums added.

                Greatest Hits can have TPC but TPC cannot have GH/GHII/GHIII.


                • Updates from OCC this year.

                  01 GREATEST HITS – QUEEN - 5,863,000
                  02 SGT PEPPER'S– THE BEATLES - 5,044,000
                  03 GOLD: GREATEST HITS – ABBA - 4,989,000
                  04 WHAT'S THE STORY MORNING GLORY – OASIS - 4,517,000

                  01 GREATEST HITS - QUEEN - 5,865,000
                  02 SGT PEPPERS - THE BEATLES - 5,046,000
                  03 GOLD: GREATEST HITS - ABBA - 4,994,000
                  04 WHAT'S THE STORY MORNING GLORY - OASIS - 4,521,000

                  The UK's Official Top 5 Biggest Selling Albums Of All-Time are as follows:
                  1 GREATEST HITS - QUEEN - 5,866,000
                  2 SGT PEPPERS - THE BEATLES - 5,059,000
                  3 GOLD - GREATEST HITS ABBA - 5,046,000
                  4 21 - ADELE - 4,562,000
                  5 WHAT'S THE STORY MORNING GLORY - OASIS - 4,555,000

                  So Greatest Hits only selling 3 to 4k this year.


                  • Rule 4.9 for album chart eligibility, OCC

                    "Multiple pack albums or Box Sets featuring different album titles are eligible for the chart in their own right. They will not be combined with the sales of one of their constituent items".

                    - Actually the rules disallow Box Sets having individual album sales added. (The Platinum Collection can't have individual GHs added)

                    - BUT nothing in rule about individual albums having Box Set sales added.
                    (No rule saying GHs cannot have The Platinum Collection added).


                    • "Only selling 3,000 to 4,000 this year", Brian? Are you for real? Greatest Hits sold about 5,000 last week alone, and about 50,000 to 60,000 so far in 2012.

                      As far as my 2002 to 2012 deconstruction, some further stuffs:

                      I consulted Innocenteyes about my Australian estimations for the 2002 to 2012 time frame. I put it at 500,000 for Oceania as a whole, including 350,000 for Australia an 150,000 for New Zealand.

                      This is what he told me about Australia, after watching my numbers:

                      Here are my thoughts about it:

                      Absolute Greatest:

                      I pretty much agree with you on your estimation of around 60,000 units. I've checked some australian online stores and this compilation still seems to be available (including on iTunes). I estimated 53,000 sales at the end of October 2010. I think we can add 3,500 / 4,000 at least for November / December 2010. Greatest Hits I started to appear more and more on the catalogue chart and must have kind of killed its sales ever since. Nevertheless, I don't think it would be exaggerated to say that it has sold 8,000 units in the past two years (that would mean an average of 80 units per week, don't really know whether it's overestimated or not). That's why I would put total sales of over 65,000 units. It's probably eligible for platinum.

                      Greatest Hits I

                      Given the album was certified 13 x Platinum in 2003 and 14 x Platinum in 2007, it means that it shipped on average 17,500 copies per week every year between 2003 and 2007. With that information in mind, it's probably safe to say that it sold around 17,000 units in 2002 alone. The album performed well in 2008, re-entering the Top 50 for 7 weeks, when it probably sold 7,500 units. Add to this, say 18,000 units for the rest of the year (it remained in the Top 100 until December 2008). That makes 25,000 units sold in 2008. Absolute Greatest must have kind of kill its sales in 2009 and 2010. Still, it's probably safe to say that it sold at least 10,000 units within those two years. However, it started to reappear regularly on the catalogue chart from early 2011. I'd estimate sales for both 2011 and 2012 around 20,000 unitsn perhaps even a bit more.

                      Here's the breakdown:

                      2002: 17,000
                      2003-2007: 70,000
                      2008: 25,000
                      2009-2010: 10,000
                      2011-2012: 20,000

                      That makes a total of 142,000 units. It's definitely close to 15 x Platinum. Could get there next year.

                      Greatest Hits II

                      This one's much, much harder to estimate. Perhaps I'm wrong but I don't think I've ever seen it on the catalogue chart. That doesn't mean it has sold nothing though obviously.

                      It was certified 4 x Platinum in 1992 and jumped to 8 x Platinum in 2007. It means that it sold on average 360 copies per week between 1992 and 2007, given it seemed to be selling, per average, a little more than half as much as Greatest Hits every week, between 1992 and 2007, I suppose that it's followed that pattern ever since. If Greatest Hits I sold around 140-145k units, I suppose Greatest Hits II sold 70,000 units

                      The Platinum Collection:

                      I do not have a clue about its catalogue sales. It's still apparently available in stores. If it's sold 50-100 units per week since late 2004, that would put total sales around 100-110,000 units. Therefore, I agree with you on the 100,000 figure.

                      Studio albums

                      I do not have a clue, so I'll follow your 40,000 figure.

                      Here's the breakdown:

                      Absolute Greatest: 65,000
                      Greatest Hits I: 142,000
                      Greatest Hits II: 70,000
                      The Platinum Collection: 100,000
                      Studio Albums: 40,000

                      Total sales: 417,000

                      I also get around 417,000 units sold since 2002.

                      So he estimated as many as nearly 420,000 albums sales. I think that my 350,000 total is probably on the safe side if anything.

                      As for New Zealand, I have some numbers from EMI. From late 2003 to 2008:

                      Greatest Hits – 21,000 (it will have done about 30,000 copies from 2002 to 2012)
                      Greatest Hits II – 11,000 (15,000 copies)
                      Live At Wembley – 6,000 (7,500 copies)
                      Greatest Hits III – 3,000 (5,000 copies)
                      Platinum Collection – 17,000 (40,000 copies)

                      Absolute Greatest was certified platinum in January 2010 and ranked amongst the Top 40 in both 2009 and 2010. It will have sold nearly 25,000.

                      I would like to explain how did I come up with some of the other totals, especially for three countries in particular: Italy, Spain and Netherlands. In my post on the page 120, I cited:

                      Italy – 1,300,000 albums sold
                      Spain – 600,000
                      Netherlands – 500,000


                      In early 2010, Zago compiled an (approximated) list with the best selling album acts in that country during the whole decade (2000 to 2009).

                      BEST SELLER INTERNATIONAL ACTS : Artisti stranieri che hanno venduto piω album durante il decennio

                      1) ROBBIE WILLIAMS - circa 2.250.000
                      2) U2 - circa 2.000.000 3
                      3) Madonna - circa 1.850.000 3
                      4) Michael Bublθ - circa 1.600.000 0
                      5) Anastacia - circa 1.500.000 0
                      6) Red Hot Chili Peppers - circa 1.300.000* 2
                      7) Coldplay - circa 1.100.000 0
                      8) Eminem - circa 1.050.000** 0
                      9) R.E.M - circa 950.000 2
                      10) Depeche Mode - circa 925.000 3
                      Bubbling Under: Bruce Springsteen (circa 900.000) - Blue, Linkin Park***, Green Day (circa 850.000)

                      Catalogue acts

                      The Beatles - circa 1.900.000 (quasi 1.200.000 di "1")
                      Pink Floyd - circa 1.700.000 ("Echoes" quasi 600.000, "The Dark Side Of The Moon" quasi 400.000)
                      Michael Jackson - circa 1.500.000 (850.000 nel 2009)
                      Queen - circa 1.350.000 (700.000 e piω di "The Platinum Collection")

                      Of course, this includes 2000 and 2001 (which should be ignored as per my list) but not 2010, 2011 and 2012, which would compensate the deficit. None of those were strong years for the band.

                      He gave Platinum Collection sales of 700,000, but I think he had that wrong. The album has most likely sold 600,000 since 2002.

                      Some year end charts:

                      2002 Italian Best sellers

                      ALBUMS (2002)

                      TRACKS, Vasco Rossi 650.000
                      FUORI COME VA?, Ligabue 450.000
                      GREATEST HITS, Giorgia 430.000
                      THE BEST 0F, Laura Pausini 400.000
                      SARANNO FAMOSI, Van 340.000
                      BEST 0F 1990/2000, U2 330.000
                      THE PLATINUM COLLECTION, Queen 320.000
                      BY THE WAY, Red Hot Chili Peppers 300.000
                      FESTIVALBAR BLU, Van 300.000
                      UNO COME TE, Gigi D’Alessio 290.000


                      Eros Ramazzotti 9 750.000
                      Renato Zero Cattura 260.000
                      Ligabue Giro d'Italia 250.000
                      Gigi D'Alessio Buona vita 250.000
                      Nomadi Nomadi 40 250.000
                      Vari Festivalbar 2003 Rosso 232.000
                      Dido Life for rent 220.000
                      Simply Red Home 220.000
                      Antonello Venditti Che fantastica storia θ la vita 200.000
                      R.E.M. In time: The best of R.E.M. 1998-2003 200.000
                      Claudio Baglioni Sono io/L'uomo della storia accanto 200.000
                      Nek L'anno zero-The best of Nek 180.000
                      Tiziano Ferro 111 180.000
                      Vari Hit Mania dance Estate 2003 180.000
                      Alex Britti 3 173.000
                      Nomadi The Platinum Collection 170.000
                      Giorgia Ladra di vento 170.000
                      Aventura We broke the rules 170.000
                      Vari Faber amico fragile 160.000
                      Sergio Cammariere Dalla pace del mare lontano 160.000
                      Giorgio Gaber Io non mi sento italiano 160.000
                      Robbie Williams Live summer 2003 160.000
                      Evanescence Fallen 160.000
                      Sting Sacred love 151.000
                      Vari Hit Mania dance Champions 2003 150.000
                      Robbie Williams Escapology 150.000
                      Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits 150.000
                      Monte/Brown/Antunes Tribalistas 140.000
                      Gemelli Diversi Fuego 130.000
                      Linkin Park Meteora 130.000
                      Articolo 31 Italiano medio 130.000
                      Cesare Cremonini Bagus 130.000
                      Vari Hot Party Summer 2003 129.000
                      Vari Amici - I ragazzi del 2003 123.000
                      Vari Hot Party Winter 2004 121.000
                      Rino Gaetano Sotto i cieli di Rino 120.000
                      Beatles Let it be… Naked 120.000
                      Mina Napoli secondo estratto 120.000
                      Madonna American life 120.000
                      Lucio Dalla Lucio 120.000
                      Gianluca Grignani Succo di vita 118.000
                      Soundtrack 8 mile 114.000
                      883 Love / Life 110.000
                      Vasco Rossi Tracks 110.000
                      Elisa Lotus 107.000
                      Vari Sanremo 2003 106.000
                      Vari Hot Party Spring 2003 105.000
                      Vari Je t'aime 2 101.000
                      Giorgia Greatest Hits 100.000
                      Laura Pausini From the inside 100.000
                      Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon 100.000
                      Queen The Platinum Collection 100.000
                      Francesco De Gregori Mix 100.000
                      Celine Dion One heart 100.000
                      Ricky Martin Almas del silencio 100.000


                      Vasco Rossi Tracks 760.000
                      Giorgia Greatest Hits 530.000
                      Queen The Platinum Collection 420.000
                      Gigi D'Alessio Uno come te 365.000


                      According to the FIMI's annual charts, these were its yearly positions:

                      2002 – 5
                      2003 – 11
                      2004 – 40
                      2005 – 81

                      It didn't make any other year end chart after that, but it continued to chart in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012.

                      By 2010, it had stayed 170 weeks on the Italian chart (Top 100) and now 191 weeks.

                      Overall, it sold 320,000 copies in 2002 and a further 100,000 in 2003, for a combined 420,000 between both years. Enough for it to be the best selling foreign album during those two years combined. Quite a staggering total.

                      But it then charted at 40 in 2004 and 81 in 2005. Plus, some big back catalogue ever afterwards. Roughly 600,000 is a safe number.

                      Overall, these are my estimations for some of their albums since 2002:

                      Platinum Collection – 600,000
                      Live At Wembley – 100,000
                      Greatest Hits II – 75,000
                      Greatest Hits – 50,000
                      Greatest Hits III – 25,000
                      Queen On Fire – 50,000
                      Return Of The Champions – 40,000
                      Queen Rock Montreal – 40,000
                      Absolute Greatest – 30,000
                      Other, smaller releases – 30,000
                      Back catalogue (studio and live albums) – 250,000

                      -Live At Wembley charted 40 weeks in 2005, 2006 and 2011 combined. In 2006, it went as high as number 13 on the Italian Top 100.

                      -Greatest Hits II charted at least 50 weeks since 2002. Making chart entries in six different years: 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012.

                      Their studio albums are the most difficult to estimate. Fortunately, a Top 16,000 leaked in 2009, with Queen's results as follows (with sales estimated by Zago):

                      Absolute Greatest Queen 28,542
                      Platinum Collection Queen 4,998
                      Greatest Hits Ii Queen 4,986
                      Live At Wembley '86 Queen 4,427
                      Greatest Hits Queen 4,304
                      Innuendo Queen 3,824
                      Queen Rock Montreal Queen 3,732
                      A Night At The Opera Queen 3,349
                      Queen + Greatest Hits 3 Queen 3,228
                      A Kind Of Magic Queen 2,414
                      News Of The World Queen 2,097
                      A Day At The Races Queen 1,994
                      Made In Heaven Queen 1,791
                      Live Killers Queen 1,747
                      Queen Ii Queen 1,634
                      Live Magic Queen 1,579
                      Queen Queen 1,559
                      Live In Ukraine (Feat. Paul Rodgers) Queen 1,457
                      The Works Queen 1,452
                      The Miracle Queen 1,415
                      Sheer Heart Attack Queen 1,381
                      Jazz Queen 1,273
                      The Game Queen 1,264
                      Hot Space Queen 962
                      Flash Gordon (Original Soundtrack) Queen 924
                      Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl Queen 786
                      Return Of The Champions Feat. Paul Rodge Queen 506
                      Queen At The Bbc Queen 144
                      The Cosmos Rocks Queen & Paul Rodgers 3061

                      Total – 90,830, including 30,803 for their old studio and live albums (except Live At Wembley, already included above).

                      So with approximately 30,000 units in just one year (which wasn't very remarkable for Queen, quite the opposite in fact) and assuming it is a good measure of what they do every other year, we would have 300,000 for the years between 2002 and 2012. But I left it at 250,000 to get 1,300,000.

                      Innuendo charted in 2005 and 2006, so did A Kind Of Magic. A Night At The Opera in 2005 and Live Killers in 2006.

                      Not perfect, but an educated guess. I accept criticism.


                      Platinum Collection – 250,000
                      Queen On Fire – 60,000
                      Return Of The Champions – 10,000
                      Queen Rock Montreal – 30,000
                      Absolute Greatest – 20,000
                      Greatest Hits II – 50,000
                      Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits III – 50,000 combined
                      Live At Wembley – 25,000
                      Other, smaller releases – 20,000

                      These add up to 515,000. So I estimated them to have reached 600,000 sales with their old, back catalogue albums (studio and live). It could be a bit more or a bit less.

                      -Platinum Collection was certified double platinum in 2004 (200,000) and the Universal reissue achieved gold status (20,000) four weeks ago. With the years between 2005 and 2010, I think that 250,000 is a reasonably good guess.

                      -Queen On Fire reached 33,000 sales just after release in October 2004, before the Christmas period and continued to sell in early 2005, to then reenter the Spanish Top 100 in 2006 (for two weeks, peaking at 76).

                      -Absolute Greatest peaked at number 20 but spent 37 weeks in the Top 100 and Queen Rock Montreal meade it to number 35 and spent 15 weeks.

                      Some of their back catalogue have done particularly well. Some charts stats:

                      A Night At The Opera – number 55, 6 weeks (charted in 2005, 2007 and 2012)
                      A Kind Of Magic – number 91, 4 weeks (charted in 2005 and 2011)
                      Live Magic – number 87, 2 weeks (charted in 2005 and 2007)
                      Innuendo – number 65, 3 weeks (charted in 2005 and 2011)
                      Live At Wembley – number 14, 18 weeks (charted in 2005 and 2006)
                      Greatest Hits – number 63, 13 weeks (charted in 2008 and 2012)
                      Greatest Hits II – number 45, 13 weeks (charted in 2008 and 2012)
                      Greatest Hits III – number 89, 4 weeks (charted in 2008)


                      Some estimated sales:

                      Platinum Collection – 200,000
                      Greatest Hits II – 75,000
                      Greatest Hits – 50,000
                      Greatest Hits III – 15,000
                      Live At Wembley – 25,000
                      Quen On Fire – 5,000
                      Return Of The Champions – 15,000
                      Queen Rock Montreal – 5,000
                      Absolute Greatest – 30,000
                      Other, smaller releases – 15,000

                      A partial total of 435,000 sold.

                      -Platinum Collection was released in 2000. By Feabruary 2004, it had sold 138,379 and eventually achieved 160,000 in January 2005 (when it was certified double platinum). In 2005, it peaked at number 5, charted 31 weeks in the Top 100 and finished the year end ranking at 39. Considering that it went 160,000 early that year (and that it was on 138,379 by February 2004), it is obvious many of its 2005 shipments are to be added to that award. The album carried on selling in subsequent years (it has now been seven years sin then). Overall, Platinum Collection has easily done more than 200,000 copies in Holland.

                      -It is important to point out Greatest Hits and especially Greatest Hits II had some strong sales between 1994 and February 2004, with the former having sold 155,481 and the latter 174,580 during those ten years, or an average of 15,500 and 17,500 a year respectively. Obviously, I won't expect that level to have been equalled between 2002 and 2012, so I think that 75,000 for Greatest Hits II and 50,000 for Greatest Hits are fine, definitely not exaggerated.

                      We need to find out what their old studio and live albums sold.

                      Courtesy of EMI Holland, I know the sales of five back catalogue albums, for the 1994 to February 2004 time frame in the Netherlands. A little bit more than ten years.

                      A Night At The Opera – 27,458
                      A Day At The Races – 13,037 (11,945 by June 2003)
                      A Kind Of Magic – 16,567
                      Live Magic – 19,445
                      Innuendo – 23,241

                      As it can be seen by the above figures, those five albums gathered total sales of 99,748.

                      By comparison, all their (back catalogue) studio and live albums sold a cumulative 1,789,530 copies in the UK between 1994 and 2008, including a combined 985,004 (55,04%) coming from these five albums: A Night At The Opera with 328,379; A Day At The Races, 147,362; A Kind Of Magic, 229,273; Live Magic, 130,800; and Innuendo, 149,190.

                      Assuming a similar ratio for Netherlands, with 99,748 for these five albums, their combined catalogue sales would have been nearly 200,000 during the years 1994 and February 2004.

                      Of course, I know there is no strict formula in this, but it is probably a (reasonably) good assumption.

                      I have no reason to believe that their sales will have been far smaller between 2002 and 2012 than they were from 1994 to February 2004. There is a small nuance above: A Day At The Races was at 11,945 by June 2003 and jumped to 13,037 in February 2004, meaning that it sold 1,095 in eight months, fitting very well with its 1,300 pieces a year (1994 to 2004).

                      This is how I got approximately 500,000 sales for Netherlands. Furthermore, their music videos have sold altogether also almost 500,000 copies, with their Live At Wembley certified for sales of 160,000 in April 2005 (double platinum) and, by now, an estimated 200,000.


                      • "Only selling 3,000 to 4,000 this year", Brian? Are you for real? Greatest Hits sold about 5,000 last week alone, and about 50,000 to 60,000 so far in 2012.
                        The Queen figure does look suspicious, but your argument is not with me, but rather with OCC who produced these figures.

               ... time-1778/


                        • Yeah, HUR, why don't you complain to the OCC, as you would say, LOL


                          • No, not going to waste my time, Juan, hehe.

                            Originally posted by brian05
                            "Only selling 3,000 to 4,000 this year", Brian? Are you for real? Greatest Hits sold about 5,000 last week alone, and about 50,000 to 60,000 so far in 2012.
                            The Queen figure does look suspicious, but your argument is not with me, but rather with OCC who produced these figures.

                   ... time-1778/
                            I found your "only selling 3,000 to 4,000 this year" a bit strange. I mean, if you happen to read this forum quite often (as I'm sure you do), you would know very well that Greatest Hits has easily sold more than that (the above figures actually imply it has only done 1,000 since March). You were either trying to make fun of the album or you aren't very 'critical' with what the OCC provides.

                            But I would prefer you to be critical and smart with Sgt Peppers cumulative total, which -as you probably know- is likely to be absolutely wrong.

                            And remember, just because the OCC is showing a smaller total doesn't necessasily mean the album sold any given amount this year. It could be that previous years were readjusted too.


                            • HUR, I never did respond to your second post on the Netherlands, but I just wanted to say it's fantastic stuff! Can't really disagree with or fault you for anything... you've done some meticulous research.


                              • Looking at this weeks album chart on the occ site I spotted something I didn't understand.

                                ABBA Gold has spent 875 weeks on the chart but Queen's Greatest Hits only 59.

                                Is his because it got a new catalogue number following the switch to Universal or is there on other reason?
                                101 Albums | 501 Songs


                                • Thank you, Nackar.

                                  Some Brazilian codes, that I had never posted (I believe):

                                  Days Of Our Lives (DVD)

                                  Days Of Our Lives (Blu Ray)

                                  Live At Wembley 25th Anniversary (DVD)

                                  Hungarian Rhapsody (DVD)

                                  Queen We Will Rock You (DVD)
                                  AC9000 (it had an AA15000, so at least 25,000 since 2003)

                                  Queen Wembley (DVD)

                                  Live In Japan (DVD)

                                  Queen Rock Montreal (DVD)



                                  Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid (DVD)


                                  Queen Rock Montreal (Blu Ray)

                                  Queen Collection

                                  Queen Collection II

                                  Video Collection (DVD)

                                  A Night At The Opera (DVD)

                                  The Works (double remastered, 2011)

                                  A Kind Of Magic (double remastered, 2011)

                                  The Miracle (double remastered, 2011)

                                  Greatest Hits III
                                  AJ1000 (it had AC2500 and AD3500, so at least 14,000 sold)

                                  The Cosmos Rocks (CD and DVD)
                                  AA3000 (the standard version had AA5000)

                                  Note: Live In Japan and Live In Sao Paulo have been released on CD, I have no information (from what I remember) about their codes, but a similar title (Rock In Rio) sold at least 12,000 since its release. Live in Sao Paulo, of course, is also available on DVD (no codes I could find).

                                  The only thing I regret is not having more codes for Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits II, the last ones we got are from February 2007 (apart from the 2011 reissues).


                                  • On sale at Target this week for $10:

                                    Adele, 19
                                    Drake, Take Care
                                    Zac Brown Band, Uncaged
                                    Blake Shelton, Red River Blue
                                    Bee Gees, Ultimate Collection
                                    Queen, Greatest Hits


                                    • Link showing how many scanned copies of GH since 1991 - 6.7m

                             ... -hits.html


                                      • Originally posted by hur
                                        You were either trying to make fun of the album or you aren't very 'critical' with what the OCC provides.

                                        And remember, just because the OCC is showing a smaller total doesn't necessasily mean the album sold any given amount this year. It could be that previous years were readjusted too.
                                        Neither. I merely posted facts from OCC for this year and that sales were 3k to 4k this year. I certainly do not accept these figures so that is why you need to challenge them. They are not my figures. Your argument is not with me.

                                        Are you saying that sales have been adjusted downwards on 3 separate occasions this year?

                                        What is your overall figure for Queen Hits1 then?


                                        • Originally posted by brian05
                                          Originally posted by hur
                                          You were either trying to make fun of the album or you aren't very 'critical' with what the OCC provides.

                                          And remember, just because the OCC is showing a smaller total doesn't necessasily mean the album sold any given amount this year. It could be that previous years were readjusted too.
                                          Neither. I merely posted facts from OCC for this year and that sales were 3k to 4k this year. I certainly do not accept these figures so that is why you need to challenge them. They are not my figures. Your argument is not with me.

                                          Are you saying that sales have been adjusted downwards on 3 separate occasions this year?

                                          What is your overall figure for Queen Hits1 then?
                                          So you should have mentioned that you don't believe in this upgrade then and that it has obviously sold more than 4,000 this year, because it really sounded like you had absolutely no clue what this album has been selling this year in the UK. Either that or you were trying to cause an argument (especially considering that the latest tally for Greatest Hits had already been mentioned in this page, a few posts above yours). Plus, there are a few posts in this page (and the previous one) where you can see how Greatest Hits had been charting in the Top 100 for eight weeks. And it added a further one yesterday:

                                          UK Albums

                                          82 (85)

                                          Up three spots. It probably sold another 5,000 copies this week. Easily outselling Sgt Peppers by some marging this year, although sales have been quiet for both.

                                          You said: "So Greatest Hits only selling 3,000 to 4,000 this year".

                                          It would have been different if you had phrased something along the lines of "OCC have us believe it only sold 4,000, but I certainly don't accept these figures" or whatever an English speaking person would write better than me.

                                          Either you had no clue about this album in 2012 or you were trying to make fun of it. Very easy.

                                          I have already explained what I think about this album several times. I think it sold anything from 4,900,000 to 5,100,000. Most likely the latter.

                                          Happy New Year, Brian.


                                          • Originally posted by JuanTwoThree
                                            Link showing how many scanned copies of GH since 1991 - 6.7m

                                            Thanks for the link, J23!
                                            Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                            • Originally posted by HUR
                                              "Only selling 3,000 to 4,000 this year", Brian? Are you for real? Greatest Hits sold about 5,000 last week alone, and about 50,000 to 60,000 so far in 2012.
                                              I know that HUR works usually in the most possible accurate way!
                                              Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


                                              • Italian Estimations for Digital Tracks in 2012

                                                Top 1000

                                                #297 Bohemian Rhapsody 3,152
                                                #492 Don't Stop Me Now 1,408
                                                #517 I Want to Break Free 1,324
                                                #587 The Show Must Go On 1,102
                                                #655 We Will Rock You 960
                                                #702 Somebody to Love 880
                                                #897 Another One Bites the Dust 638
                                                #986 We Are The Champions 560

                                                Total for these 8 songs: 10,024




                                                • Thank you, Loris. I'm surprised that Bohemian Rhapsody ranks as their most downloaded song in Italy, the same for some other seventies songs. I always thought that Queen's favourite period for Italians was their eighties output, but it looks as though that may have changed a little bit over the years.

                                                  Some Belgian year end charts:



                                                  28 Queen Platinum Collection (peaked at number 3)

                                                  Music DVDs

                                                  13 Queen Live At Wembley
                                                  22 Queen Hungarian Rhapsody
                                                  23 Freddie Mercury The Great Pretender

                                                  Back Catalogue Singles

                                                  31 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
                                                  92 Queen We Will Rock You

                                                  By the way, Platinum Collection climbed one spot on the all time Ultratop (Wallonia) ranking, during the last of week 2012. It is now the third most successful album since 1995, based on their inversed point system.

                                                  Top 5 as follows:

                                                  1 Garou Seul
                                                  2 Celine Dion Deux
                                                  3 Queen Platinum Collection (with 21,091 points)
                                                  4 Amy Winehouse Back To Black
                                                  5 Norah Jones Come Away With Me

                                                  2011 and 2012 have been two great years for Queen in Wallonia.

                                                  Platinum Collection reached number 3 on the local charts, and charted amongst the Top 100 albums in both years: not only did it chart at number 28 last year, but also got to number 54 in 2011.

                                                  2 DVDs made it number one (Live At Wembley and Hungarian Rhapsody) and The Great Pretender (by Freddie Mercury) also reached the top position.

                                                  In 2010, Absolute Greatest charted at number 66 on the annual ranking.



                                                  52 Queen Platinum Collection (peaked at number 17)

                                                  Music DVDs

                                                  18 Queen Live At Wembley

                                                  Back Catalogue Singles

                                                  52 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

                                                  What are the sales of Platinum Collection by now? A very good question. Probably a lot.

                                                  It charted during 181 weeks in Flanders and 131 in Wallonia since its release back in 2000.

                                                  It was certified platinum in 2002. And according to EMI, the album had achieved sales of 60,000 by early 2004.

                                                  After that, it continued to chart until 2008 as prominently as it had done by that point.

                                                  And since it was reissued by Universal Music in 2011, it has achieved a great level again (in Wallonia actually reaching its peak).

                                                  I would say that it had sold 100,000 by 2010, when they left EMI. Also, a lot since 2011, probably enough for a platinum.


                                                  • Originally posted by HUR
                                                    Either you had no clue about this album in 2012 or you were trying to make fun of it. Very easy.
                                                    Neither! You completely misinterpreted my comment.

                                                    "only" implied I thought these figures were suspicious (as I said in the Abba forum).

                                                    You have not put forward any theory why the OCC are not updating the figures properly this year. Are they gradually removing sales of Platinum Collection? Is there any other explanation?