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  • Canada

    July 31, 2015 Gold Album(s) Queen
    Universal Music Canada

    July 31, 2015 Platinum Album(s) Queen
    Universal Music Canada


    • Spotify data for Queen's studio albums in deluxe version

      Queen: 3,650,434
      Queen II: 10,372,617
      Sheer Heart Attack: 31,722,385
      A Night At The Opera: 128,896,279
      A Day At The Races: 37,360,945
      News Of The World: 83,648,443
      Jazz: 107,136,752
      The Game: 91,481,978
      Flash: 8,390,118
      Hot Space: 57,584,344
      The Works: 67,084,219
      A Kind Of Magic (counting the two versions of Who Wants To Live Forever): 36,687,985
      The Miracle: 28,468,282
      Innuendo: 41,909,990
      Made In Heaven: 19,049,775
      The Cosmos Rocks: 2,198,042

      Spotify data for Queen's live albums

      Live Killers: 2,209,470
      Live At Wembley: 15,779,203
      Queen On Fire: 3,157,876
      Return Of The Champions: 2,995,572
      Rock Montreal: 20,167,843
      Hungarian Rhapsody (the second most streamed album in UK, present in the UK Albums Streaming Charts since several weeks): 15,820,585
      Live At The Rainbow: 13,545,379

      Some songs not included in the albums

      Let Me In Your Heart Again: 2,018,321
      Let Me In Your Heart Again (Orbit Remix): 145,774
      Love Kills: 1,719,007
      The Show Must Go On (Queen feat Elton John): 478,134
      Under Pressure (Rah Mix): 647,533
      Another One Bites The Dust (Queen feat Wyclef Jean): 683,650
      No One But You: 1,279,134
      Somebody To Love (Queen feat George Michael): 484,084

      Total studio albums in deluxe version: 722,068,286
      Total live albums: 57,896,726
      Total songs not included in the albums: 7,455,637

      Overall total: 787,420,649


      • Amazing total there for Queen on Spotify thanks Loris39!


        • I've received a private answer from TV Sorrisi E Canzoni. This Italian magazine, in the last months, re-issued the whole Queen collection.
          Unfortunately they cannot give the exact sales figures, but they gave me an indicative figure of more than 20,000 copies sold for each of the 21 issues, inviting me to count the total... And the total is over 420,000!! Moreover, they told me that they are "very satisfied with these results, because this is a period when the CDs sales are not living their best moment".


          • In this period I'm lucky, as the marketing director of TV Sorrisi E Canzoni, that is to say the one who has the accountability of these publishing initiatives, replied me again about the Definitive Collection from 2007 (with the reissue of the 3 Greatest Hits and the Best of Freddie Mercury) and the Complete Album Collection from 2008 (20 issues including all the live and studio albums). I asked him if it's possible that those collections sold at least an average of 10,000 units each. Well, he told me that this figure is very unrealistic: they sold much more! He explained me that they surely sold more than double than what the 2015 initiative has done (that is to say more than 20,000 copies per week). He told me that in 2007 and in 2008 the sales figures were much bigger than the ones of this year, not only for the music CDs, but also for the magazine. Moreover, he added that all the 3 initiatives benefited from an efficient promotional TV campaign and from the fact that they have been reissued for the first time with TV Sorrisi E Canzoni.

            Talking about numbers, he didn't communicate me the exact figures, but I guess that 45,000 copies per issue represented a realistic estimation (as himself told me that they sold more than double than now). So the total for the 24 issues from 2007 and 2008 was an impressive 1,080,000 copies!! Therefore, adding also the 420,000 copies from the 2015 initiative, we get 1,500,000 units overall! The studio and live albums would obtain an average of 65,000 units each, except Hungarian Rhapsody, which was issued only in 2015, and the four Best Of, published only in 2007.


            • Thanks, loris!
              Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


              • BB Boxscores

                14 Queen + Adam Lambert SSE Hydro Glasgow, U.K. Jan. 14, 2015 $1,164,860 11,423 /
                11,472 1 / 0 $104.58, $89.43 Phil McIntyre Entertainment


                • Rock In Rio Effect

                  At the moment, the Brazilian chart on ITunes has the following data:


                  1. Love of My Life
                  11. Bohemian Rhapsody
                  12. I Want To Break Free
                  19. We Are the Champions
                  20. Under Pressure
                  22. Radio Ga Ga
                  30. We Will Rock You
                  42. Don't Stop Me Now
                  44. Somebody To Love
                  50. Who Wants To Live Forever
                  75. A Kind of Magic
                  76. Love of My Life
                  78. I Want It All
                  83. The Show Must Go On
                  100. Bohemian Rhapsody
                  101. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
                  104. Love of My Life
                  120. Another One Bites the Dust
                  123. We Are the Champions
                  141. Bohemian Rhapsody
                  160. We Are the Champions
                  164. Don't Stop Me Now
                  172. Under Pressure
                  173. I Want To Break Free
                  175. Somebody To Love
                  199. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
                  200. Friends Will Be Friends


                  4. The Platinum Collection
                  5. Live At Wembley Stadium
                  7. Greatest Hits
                  33. Greatest Hits II
                  103. Queen Forever
                  115. Live Killers
                  116. News of the World

                  Love Of My Life is present in more versions. The one at #1 is the Wembley '86 version.


                  • Yes very good Brazil Itunes results there Loris39.

                    I just looked at and wondered why Queen had suddenly gone from number 19 in the Worldwide global Itunes rankings (up 52 places) and realised they did Rock In Rio festival yesterday.


                    • Fantastic show at Rock in Rio and great to see it's effects on the itune charts, the impact on the Brazilian iTunes Rock chart is spectacular with Queen having no fewer than 40 entries in the Top100 including 9 of the top 10!!! Love of my Life has 7 entries alone!

                      Here is a link to a HD recording of the show on Youtube, enjoy



                      • Italy FIMI:

                        PLATINUM COLLECTION QUEEN ISLAND platino 2015 38


                        • Queen - The Studio Collection OUT NOW

                          With the release this week of all of Queen's studio LP's as a Box Set of Coloured Vinyls and individually as Black Vinyls it will be interesting to see what chart activity this may instigate. I presume the box set may be eligible to chart in various countries, especially Germany. Below is the press release for the Box Set which makes an interesting read, so if anybody has any chart info regarding these releases please post it here.

                          Press Release: Somehow I have to make this Vinyl Breakthru !

                          London - July 16th 2015 - Queen on Vinyl: This is how listeners first heard the now legendary Queen in the 1970’s when vinyl was the predominant format for recorded music. This September Queen will hit the crest of an already massive wave – a world-wide renaissance of vinyl and record players – with the ultimate set of vinyl LPs, the complete collection of Queen studio albums, re-mastered to the highest standards of quality in both audio and artwork.

                          The band and their label Universal Music, today announced Queen: The Studio Collection, an 18 disc theme-coloured vinyl LP collection to be released September 25.

                          This unique package will be complimented with a fully customised limited edition Queen branded turntable made by Rega.

                          15 albums. 18 discs? What’s the story ?

                          Queen always had a special fondness for vinyl, the medium in which they first began to create, around 1970. As a matter of principle, every Queen studio album was offered at the time of original release on vinyl, even well into the era when CD’s had taken over as the medium of choice for most of the public. However, the final two albums, ‘Innuendo’ and ‘Made In Heaven’ were actually formatted primarily with the CD in mind, with a longer running time, so the contents had to be edited down to fit them on to the two sides of a vinyl album. Now, specially for this edition, for the first time, these two albums have been cut at full length as double vinyl LP’s - four sides each – making up a vinyl set that is complete in every way.

                          The box-set offers many other special features. Most noticeable is the coloured vinyl: designed for collectors, each album has been given a different colour, in keeping with its original artwork, giving a unique record-deck experience. The colour discs have been custom-produced especially for this set, using new material technology which ensures the sound quality is uncompromised.

                          There are more surprises in the box set; ‘Queen II’ originally never had a designated ‘A side’ or ‘B side’ - but ‘Side White’ and ‘Side Black’. For this new edition, the album has been cut on two separate discs, black and white, each with a custom etching on the reverse side, a nice bonus for collectors.

                          The collection has been five years in the making. Throughout this time Queen’s production team has worked extensively on all stages of this painstaking mastering process. The first step was the tape research; locating and confirming the correct versions and best sources for all tracks. Most notably, Under Pressure, plus five tracks on the ‘Innuendo’ album, were improved hugely after the discovery of better sources during this period. Particular attention was paid to the original releases to ensure that nothing was lost or changed for the worse by reverting to earlier sources.

                          Mastering: To ensure optimum quality in mastering the music, the Queen team asked a number of world-renowned mastering engineers to deliver their best efforts on the same three songs; after double-blind comparison tests, Bob Ludwig’s work was a clear winner, and he was asked to master the entire catalogue for this project. Ludwig is probably the best-known mastering engineer in the world. His skills, combined with a perfect acoustic environment and the some of the world’s finest analogue and digital equipment at Gateway Mastering in Portland, USA, allow him to produce matchless quality in the final result. The Queen team were pleased to confirm his reputation, as well as fulfilling their own exacting demands.

                          The original plan was to master everything straight from the analogue mix tapes, where available. But in fact most of those tapes, having suffered from the effects of time, were in need of some restoration. The problems encountered included speed errors, missing audio, newly developing clicks and other unwanted noise. So the decision was made to create new super-high quality digital masters, using 24 bit samples and a sampling rate of 96 kHz. All the restoration was then performed in the digital domain, and the vinyl was cut from these perfected files. All restoration was carried out with the lightest of touches, with a profound respect for the originals, and the resulting masters are undoubtedly the finest ever.

                          The Cut: Of course, with the vinyl process, everything depends on the final stage – the physical cut – one continuous modulated spiral groove on each side, carrying all the sound information which will eventually reach our ears.

                          For this process, there was only one man in the frame: Miles Showell at famed Abbey Road Studios, London, has perfected the technique of cutting at half speed. Showell runs the source file and the cutting lathe at 50% of the normal speed, which means double the accuracy in the cutting of the groove, resulting in superior reproduction of the music via the stylus in your record player. Showell uses a beautifully maintained Neumann VMS80 lathe boasting cutter-head amplifiers fitted with custom designed RIAA filters. These filters have been optimised for the very cleanest sound. Showell started by cutting the albums onto acetate discs to check the process for every track, and only after he’d fixed any sibilance or other vinyl-specific problems did he cut the lacquers to be sent to the manufacturing plant.

                          More trials were carried out before eventually deciding to manufacture at Optimal in Germany. Optimal have an enviable reputation for audiophile-quality pressings, plus unparalleled capability for the printing and manufacture of all the elements to be contained in the box set. The Queen team worked closely with the technicians at Optimal in an exhaustive quality control program where test-pressings of every disc, in black and coloured vinyl, were checked to minimise unwanted noise. Finally, the finished results were compared with original pressings of the LPs, on a top quality modern record player, to answer the question: “Was it all worth it?”

                          True to the final words of the song: “Yes, it was a worthwhile experience!!!”


                          • BB Boxscores

                            10 Queen + Adam Lambert Ginasio do Ibirapuera Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept. 16, 2015 $730,990 8,024 /
                            8,024 1 / 1 $153.86, $39.12 Move Concerts

                            31 Queen + Adam Lambert Gigantinho Porto Alegre, Brazil Sept. 21, 2015 $379,349 4,882 /
                            4,882 1 / 1 $121.55, $32.92 Move Concerts


                            • UK Album Chart 1-10-2015

                              53 Queen - The Studio Collection
                              70 Queen - Greatest Hits

                              No Update yet on the Official Vinyl Chart but it will be interesting to see if any of the Queen re-issued vinyls place in that specific chart.


                              • UK Albums Chart

                                118 [NE] Studio Collection [1 wk]


                                • Originally posted by Wayne
                                  UK Albums Chart

                                  118 [NE] Studio Collection [1 wk]
                                  Do we know how many copies sold this equates to? At £300 a box set this isn't a cheap thing to buy!!!

                                  PS Got my copy and it really is a thing of beauty! The most I've ever spent on a single Queen item


                                  • New Brazilian codes:


                                    Hungarian Rhapsody (DVD)

                                    Hungarian Rhapsody is quite a nice surprise. It must have shipped some 25,000/30,000 copies there.


                                    • 10/24 Billboard 200:

                                      131 Re-Entry 257 Greatest Hits, Queen 8xP


                                      • "We Are The Champions" & "Another One Bites The Dust" won BMI Million-Air Awards for 4 million combined plays each on US radio & TV:

                                        Million Performance Songs

                                        4 Million

                                        ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST
                                        John Deacon
                                        Queen Music Ltd.
                                        Sony/ATV Music Publishing

                                        WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS
                                        Freddie Mercury
                                        Queen Music Ltd.
                                        Sony/ATV Music Publishing

                               ... don_awards


                                        • 10/31 Billboard 200

                                          104 Re-Entry 12 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP


                                          • Bohemian Rhapsody is being re-issued on Vinyl on Friday 4th December. (I guess the 'B' Side is what it was in 1975.
                                            I think it is called I'm In Love With My Car).


                                   ... _pd_bsms_3



                                            • Czech Republic & Slovakia

                                              IFPI ?R Hitparáda - ALBUMS - TOP 100

                                              #81 RE Live at the Rainbow '74


                                              • 11/7 Billboard 200

                                                111 104 – 13 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP

                                                11/14 Billboard 200

                                                117 111 104 14 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP

                                                11/21 Billboard 200

                                                119 117 111 15 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP

                                                11/28 Billboard 200

                                                125 119 117 16 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP


                                                • Tomorrow sees the release of Queen - A Night At The Odeon, a re-issue of Queen's legendary Christmas Eve show at the Hammersmith Odeon. It will be interesting to see if this sells well as this is easily Queen's most bootlegged show and has a similar track list to last years superb Live At The Rainbow release. Below is the Official press release.

                                                  Queen - A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 - Multi Format release November 20

                                                  December 24, 1975. London’s Hammersmith Odeon. Onstage at this legendary venue, the four members of Queen are bringing to a close a ground-breaking show, transmitted live on BBC TV, and also bringing to a climax the most eventful and exciting year in their careers so far – one that has taken them from the UK to America to Japan, sealing their transition from ambitious upstarts into one of the biggest and most important bands of the era - and beyond.

                                                  Forty years later, this groundbreaking show officially takes to the World Stage. On November 20, Queen - A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 is released on CD, DVD, SD Blu-Ray, 2 LP vinyl, Super Deluxe Box Set and digitally through Virgin EMI. As well as a live recording of this legendary gig, the packages also include extra-special bonus features for the Queen fans.

                                                  “This concert was very special because it was the first time we ever played a whole show completely live on TV … the Christmas Show,” says Brian May. “The quality, after great rescue work and transfer into the digital domain, is amazing. And the energy we had comes across very forcefully.”

                                                  Featuring 15 tracks from their first four visionary albums, plus covers of four classic rock’n’roll staples delivered with characteristic panache, A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 captures a band in full flight and radiating megawatts of self-confidence.

                                                  Their latest single Bohemian Rhapsody – universally hailed as one of the most ground-breaking ‘pop’ songs ever released – was in the middle of its record-breaking nine week run at Number One in the UK charts. Their fourth album, A Night At The Opera (the most expensive record ever made to that point) found Queen’s grandiose vision coalescing into a breathtaking set of songs and ushered the band into a seat at rock’s top table (just three days after the concert, A Night At The Opera reached the top of the UK album charts).

                                                  The Christmas Eve show was the climax of the 26-date ‘Queen Invite You To A Night At The Opera Tour’, which had begun mid-November and had already seen the band play four nights at the same venue a month earlier. Melody Maker magazine had trumpeted the tour with the words “Britain’s most regal band await your presence”, and the reviews of the previous shows had been ecstatic. “Queen and their music, presentation, production – everything about them says that they are more important than any other band you’ve heard,” wrote British rock magazine Sounds. “Instead of simply treading the well-worn paths to pop glory, they have made their own paths,” added The Sun.

                                                  By the time the band returned to Hammersmith on Christmas Eve, they were truly firing on all cylinders. No expense had been spared, from the stellar light show which lent a spectacular visual element to the night’s proceedings to the suitably lavish white Bechstein grand piano which had been hired especially for this show. Nor had the band themselves overlooked the finer sartorial details. Freddie Mercury sported two different satin cat suits – one black one white – during the show, designed by Wendy deSmet with the singer’s input. Similarly, Freddie had painted the nails of his left hand black for the occasion, while Brian May had his (at the time) trademark white nails.

                                                  But for all the stage dressing, every Queen concert was purely and simply about the performance – and this was no exception. Cherry-picked from Queen, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack and the triumphant A Night At The Opera, the set list showed every facet of the band, from the ornate hard rock of Keep Yourself Alive and Seven Seas Of Rhye to the baroque grandeur of The March Of The Black Queen, from the heavy metal strut of Ogre Battle and Son And Daughter to the playful genre-bending of Bring Back That Leroy Brown and Queen’s breakthrough hit Killer Queen. It was also the tour when they first unleashed the soon-to-be-legendary Bohemian Rhapsody on an unsuspecting public – to a rapturous reception.

                                                  Freddie Mercury and Brian May were the yin and yang leading from the front, while Roger Taylor and John Deacon proved themselves to be one of the greatest rhythm sections of the era. By the time they’d completed a rock’n’roll medley featuring hits by Elvis, Connie Francis, Gene Vincent and Shirley Bassey, they had the 5000-strong audience eating out of their hands.

                                                  Decades before the phrase ‘multi-media’ became a buzzword, the Christmas Eve show stood as more than just a concert. It was simultaneously broadcast in stereo on BBC Radio 1 and on the BBC 2 television institution The Old Grey Whistle Test (the show’s host Bob Harris introduced the band onstage). Luckily, although the TV cameras were turned off before the band returned for their second encore, and consequently video footage of Seven Seas Of Rhye and See What A Fool I’ve Been doesn’t exist – the audio team did continue recording and so the CD and LP formats do feature the entire show.

                                                  As a result of the coverage, the show was heavily bootlegged in subsequent years, appearing under such unlikely titles as Command Performance, Rhapsody In Red, Christmas At The Beeb, Cardiac Arrest and Halfpence.

                                                  With the issue of A Night At The Odeon this legendary show has finally been given the pedestal it deserves, delivered in fitting style, featuring an incredible new audio mix in stereo and 5.1 surround-sound plus an absolute state-of-the-art restoration of the video.

                                                  As well as audio and visual footage of the gig, the DVD and SD Blu-Ray versions feature two special bonus features – 'Looking Back At The Odeon’, a brand new 22-minute documentary featuring a previously unseen interview with Brian May and Roger Taylor by Old Grey Whistle Test presenter Bob Harris about the 1975 Hammersmith Odeon show, plus the rarely seen Live At The Budokan – Japan 1975 footage, featuring three songs (Now I'm Here, Killer Queen and In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited) recorded during their legendary tour of the Far East.

                                                  Says Bob Harris of that night: "Christmas eve 1975 marked an important moment in the history of the 'Old Grey Whistle Test' and Queen. The band were in party mood at the Hammersmith Odeon that night and no wonder. They had already spent the best part of a month at the top of the UK singles chart with the sensational 'Bohemian Rhapsody', the video for which had instantly redefined the presentation of music on TV. They were at the peak of their powers - confident and stage sharp at the end of a barnstorming UK tour. I donned top hat and tails to salute and introduce them before they played one of the best sets I had ever seen. It was an incredible night but it was more even than that. It was the moment Queen became superstars".

                                                  The Super Deluxe Box Set also includes a never-before-heard recording from the pre-show soundcheck – something that no one outside of the band themselves knew existed until now.

                                                  Queen - A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 is released on November 20, 2015, via Virgin EMI. It is available on CD/DVD/SD Blu-ray/CD+DVD/CD+SD Blu-ray/2LP/Super Deluxe Box Set/Digital

                                                  Full Tracklisting (CD/Vinyl/Digital)

                                                  1. Now I'm Here

                                                  2. Ogre Battle

                                                  3. White Queen (As It Began)

                                                  4. Bohemian Rhapsody

                                                  5. Killer Queen

                                                  6. The March Of The Black Queen

                                                  7. Bohemian Rhapsody (Reprise)

                                                  8. Bring Back That Leroy Brown

                                                  9. Brighton Rock

                                                  10. Guitar Solo

                                                  11. Son And Daughter

                                                  12. Keep Yourself Alive

                                                  13. Liar

                                                  14. In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited

                                                  15. Big Spender

                                                  16. Jailhouse Rock Medley

                                                  17. Seven Seas Of Rhye

                                                  18. See What A Fool I've Been

                                                  19. God Save The Queen

                                                  *DVD and SD Blu-ray formats do not include Seven Seas Of Rhye or See What A Fool I've Been.


                                                  • Japan Oricon Weekly:

                                                    44 (NEW) 1 A Night at the Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 1,756 / 1,756 (import)


                                                    • 12/5 Billboard 200

                                                      140 125 119 17 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP


                                                      • New Queen Documentary.

                                                        Today's 'The Sun' reveals details of a new Queen TV Documentary.

                                                        It is called 'Queen: From Rags To Rhapsody'.

                                                        It will be shown at 10 pm, on BBC 4, on Friday 18th December.

                                                        (Followed by 'Queen - A Night At The Odeon 1975').

                                                        Included are Videos for 'Keep Yourself Alive' & 'Liar'.

                                                        Plus an original 'Demo' version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.



                                                        • Czech R. & Slovakia

                                                          IFPI ?R Hitparáda - ALBUMS - TOP 100

                                                          #45 NEW Night at the Odeon

                                                          #84 lw#57 Live at the Rainbow ´74


                                                          • Japan Oricon Weekly:

                                                            82 (44) 2 A Night at the Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 1,183 / 2,939 (import)


                                                            • 12/12 Billboard 200

                                                              199 140 125 18 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP

                                                              12/19 Billboard 200

                                                              Falls off

                                                              12/26 Billboard 200

                                                              169 Re-Entry 19 Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection, Queen 2xP