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  • ... l-engines/

    Down in seventh, Bohemian Rhapsody dropped just 33% from last weekend with an estimated $4.1 million, bringing the total for the Fox release to a spectacular $180.4 million after seven weeks of release. That makes the Freddie Mercury biopic the second blockbuster music-based drama of the fall season after A Star Is Born, which is primed to cross the $200 million mark this week.


    • ... b870fe6d7e

      Bohemian Rhapsody grossed $4.125 million domestic (-33%) and $20m overseas this weekend to pass the $180m mark and bring its global cume to $635m. Unless it drops dead or fails to get any more awards love, it’s sailing past $200m domestic and may flirt with $700m worldwide. It’s the third-biggest LGBTQIA flick ever in adjusted domestic grosses, behind only Interview with the Vampire ($105m in 1994/$229m adjusted) and The Birdcage ($124m in 1996/$256m adjusted). And it’s already the second-biggest musical biopic adjusted for inflation, behind Coal Miner’s Daughter ($67m in 1980/$228m adjusted).


      • Originally posted by Lawyeris
        Originally posted by Rockintunesbaby
        My prediction, 590 million by Monday morning, then 630, 670, 710 by new year.
        ...750, 790, 830, 870...
        So far so good


        • If they collected $20m overseas during the weekend plus about $4m in USA, so the weekend gross is about $24m. So it means the movie earned just about $8 m during the first 4 days of this week? (all this week - about $32m). It's rather poor result (I'm talking about those 4 days)... 700 would be hard task, but I still hope
          Queen rulez


          • Once the official numbers are in from around the world, it will have brought in about 40 million dollars since this time last week. I think my estimate isn't bad. I still think it will pass 700 million dollars. Christmas will help, plus the awards. It should pass 200 million in the US, plus the rate of decline in South Korea is so slow, it dropped about 10% there this weekend with Spiderman being released. Add on all the other markets and another 65 million really isn't that much to ask.

            I never said it would hit 800 million.


            • I just wanted to clear something up.

              Bohemian Rhapsody movie figures.

              4th November 141.5 million dollars worldwide
              11th November 285 million dollars worldwide (Japanese release included). 143.5 million increase. Percentage rise 1.7%
              18th November 384 million dollars worldwide. 99 million increase. Percentage drop = 31%
              25th November 472 million dollars worldwide.88 million increase. Percentage drop = 11.1%
              2nd December 539 million dollars worldwide. (Italian release included). 67 million increase. Percentage drop = 23.9%
              9th December 596 million dollars worldwide. 57 million increase. Percentage drop = 14.95%
              16th December 636 million dollars worldwide. 40 million increase. Percentage drop = 29.8%

              As you can see the drop in attendance is only 29.8% in the last 7 days up to 16th December. The week up to the 18th November saw a drop of 31%, so I'd say we are doing pretty well. Most films see weekly drops averaging between 40 and 50%, sometimes much more. BR has seen an average weekly drop of just 18.2%.

              I still think we are looking at 700 million+ total.

              On an 18.2% weekly drop the figures would be as follows. 32.7, 26.74, 21.87, 17.9, 14.64. Total as of 20th January 2019 = 748.85 million dollars.

              If you go for a 30% drop, which is highly unlikely because of Christmas and New Year, the figures would be as follows. 28, 19.6, 13.72, 9.6, 6.7. Total as of 20th of January 2019 = 712.6.

              Those figures were made using 635 million dollars as the starting point, its actually 636 million dollars.


              • I also think we are looking at 700+ total
                And 200 in USA/CA



                  Bohemian Rhapsody (guarda la video recensione) vince ancora il weekend e chiude a oltre 15,2 milioni di euro e 2,1 milioni di spettatori,

                  Bohemian Rhapsody (watch the video review) wins the weekend again and closes at over 15.2 million euros and 2.1 million viewers.


                  1. Bohemian Rhapsody 
                  (Bohemian Rhapsody)

                  Un film di Bryan Singer.
                  Biografico - Gran Bretagna, USA, 2018
                  week-end € 2.403.745 (totale: 15.293.262)


                  • ... FICE_DAILY
                    Dec 17, 2018
                    1 Bohemian Rhapsody
                    Daily Gross
                    ($61,565,373) (Total)

                    (8,020,063) (Total)


                    • ... 203091069/

                      “Bohemian Rhapsody” reclaimed top place at the South Korean box office, overtaking “Default,” after spending two weekends in second place. The Fox release earned $4.38 million from 554,000 admissions for a total of $61.0 million from 7.94 million admissions. In its seventh weekend of release “Rhapsody” accounted for 27% of the weekend box office.


                      • France
                        BOX-OFFICE prévisionnel (du 12 au 18 décembre 2018)
                        9 Bohemian rhapsody
                        130 000 Entrées

                        3,404,000 admissions / Cumul (Millions)


                        • So the BR movie has actually sold more tickets today in South Korea than it did last Monday (a week earlier), 558,935 dollars today against 554,972 dollars the previous Monday. Watch this film fly past 70 million dollars in South Korea, its just incredible.

                 ... FICE_DAILY


                          • Yeah it seems to keep picking up momentum
                            4,3 million US $ in a weeked after about 45 days is impressive

                            Breakdown per month
                            Bohemian Rhapsody
                            Oct 31, 2018 $738,506

                            Nov 18
                            Bohemian Rhapsody
                            5,306,096 A

                            Dec 18
                            Bohemian Rhapsody
                            2,595,060 A


                            • Bohemian Rhapsody took £528,064 over the weekend and is up to £45.13m after eight weeks.

                     ... 55.article

                              Adjusted numbers
                              Top 10 films, 14-16 December

                              8. Bohemian Rhapsody, £537,344 from 530 sites. Total: £45,147,461 (eight weeks)

                     ... al-engines


                              • Found this on Japan
                       ... /?page=728

                                Bohemian Rhapsody - Weekly Performance
                                WK1: ¥354.3 million ($3.2 million) 
                                WK2: ¥388.5 million ($3.4 million), +10%, ¥1.321 billion ($11.7 million)
                                WK3: ¥395.0 million ($3.5 million), +02%, ¥2.336 billion ($20.8 million)
                                WK4: ¥496.0 million ($4.4 million), +26%, ¥3.323 billion ($29.4 million)
                                WK5: ¥517.1 million ($4.6 million), +04%, ¥4.396 billion ($38.9 million)

                                Weekend Actuals (12/01-02)
                                02 (02) ¥496,048,900 ($4.4 million), +26%, ¥3,323,581,780 ($29.4 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK4
                                Bohemian Rhapsody enjoyed a significant increase in its fourth weekend due to the discount day on Saturday, and achieved its third-consecutive weekend increase. I'll be tracking the film very closely from this point on given how it hasn't slowed down in the slightest, with its opening week still being its weakest. It'll easily exceed the ¥5 billion ($45 million) blockbuster milestone.

                                A ¥5 billion (~$45 million) total would have been an excellent finish here after a near phenomenal run (that'd be a 14+ multiplier!), but I'm confident it's going to blow past that milestone and potentially climb as high as ¥7 billion ($60-65 million), or maybe even higher. This is one of those rare films that just connects with Japanese moviegoers, and we'll have to enjoy the ride for several more weeks/months before projecting a possible finish. 

                                Weekend Actuals (12/08-09)
                                02 (02) ¥505,124,400 ($4.5 million), +02%, ¥4,394,646,080 ($38.9 million), Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) WK5
                                Bohemian Rhapsody managed the incredible feat of increasing once again, its fourth-consecutive weekend doing so, following a bolstered fourth weekend due to December 1st falling on Saturday. Its fifth week multiplier exceeded 12, and is actually second only to Spirited Away for highest multiplier after five weeks in release. Audiences just can't get enough of Queen as the biopic has remained roughly flat every week since it debuted. Given that it hasn't shown any signs of slowing down yet, and it's currently on course to reach at least ¥8 billion ($70-75 million) at this pace, but it could certainly go higher.

                                Bohemian Rhapsody experienced its first weekend drop to date, but was only down 15%, and its sixth weekend is still much higher than its opening weekend... It's not slowing down yet.
                                BR 431.5M yen -15% total 5.36B Current market rate 47.527.120,00 US $




                                  Current international totals by market for Bohemian Rhapsody include:
                                  South Korea - $61.1M
                                  U.K. - $58.6M
                                  Japan - $47.3M
                                  France - $29.7M
                                  Australia - $26.8M
                                  Spain - $22.5M
                                  Germany - $22.3M
                                  #BohemianRhapsody #BoxOffice

                                  6:20 pm · 16 Dec 2018 · Twitter Web Client


                                  • Mexico

                                    No 8 Bohemian Rhapsody $1.34
                                    -70,35% drop
                                    $389.5 TOTAL (MXN)
                                    $19.28 TOTAL (USD) ADM.TOTAL ADM.
                                    18.06K ADM.
                                    6.9 TOTAL TOTAL ADM.

                           ... /?page=138


                                    • Brasil

                                      Bohemian Rhapsody, já na sétima semana em cartaz, ficou em segundo lugar, com R$ 1,3 milhão,
                                      Bohemian Rhapsody, already in the seventh week on the road, came in second place with $ 1.3 million,reais

                                      R$ 49.0 gross to date

                                      2,788,000 attendance to date

                             ... embro-2018


                                      • Russia
                               ... /?page=556
                                        Top 10 movies of 2018 (so far):

                                        1. Avengers: Infinity War - 2.162 billion RUB
                                        2. Venom - 2.161 billion RUB
                                        3. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - 1.557 billion RUB
                                        4. ??? (Ice) - 1.501 billion RUB
                                        5. Deadpool 2 - 1.365 billion RUB
                                        6. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - 1.267 billion RUB
                                        7. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 1.219 billion RUB
                                        8. Black Panther - 1.091 billion RUB
                                        9. Bohemian Rhapsody - 1.027 billion RUB
                                        10. Incredibles 2 - 982 mln RUB


                                        • Braca thanks for all that information. Any thoughts on what you think the total will be? It looks like South Korea, Japan and the US are going to keep bringing in some good figures through at least until January. South Korea just doesn't cease to amaze me, once it passes 70 million it then has a chance at passing 'Infinity war' and then become the biggest grossing film of 2018. Japan looks like it should continue to do well. I'm confident that it will now pass 200 million in the US.


                                          • Just over 200 in North Am.
                                            700 plus remaining markets.
                                            I've been informed that they have applied again to release it in China. Although biopics have not done very well over there relative little success overthere could still mean millions of revenue



                                              Weekend report ending sunday Dec 16
                                              No 5 Bohemian Rhapsody (FOX)
                                              76.078 admissions weekend
                                              -35 % dropp
                                              2.112.6937 admissions up to 16 Dec
                                              713.402 Boxoffice in € weekend
                                              19.531.586 Boxoffice in € till Sunday

                                     ... /?page=289



                                                BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY NON MOLLA: UN LUNEDÌ DA OLTRE 200MILA EURO AL BOX OFFICE
                                                Il film sui Queen raggiunge 15,5 milioni totali e consolida il primo posto nella classifica stagionale

                                                The film on Queen reaches 15.5 million total and consolidates the first place in the season classification

                                                Bohemian Rhapsody (guarda la video recensione) è l'unico film capace di superare i 100mila euro nella giornata di lunedì e chiude con 206mila e un totale di 15,5 milioni consolidando il primo posto nella classifica stagionale. 

                                                Bohemian Rhapsody is the only film capable of exceeding 100 thousand euros on Monday and closes with 206 thousand and a total of 15.5 million consolidating the first place in the season standings.

                                                In Corea del Sud Bohemian Rhapsody ha consolidato il primo posto, raggiungendo quota 61 milioni di dollari, secondo mercato al mondo per il film dietro gli Usa ma davanti a UK e Giappone. Flop per Spider-man: Un nuovo universo (guarda la video recensione) e Lo schiaccianoci e i quattro regni (guarda la video recensione), che si fermano entrambi ad appena 3 milioni. 

                                                In South Korea, Bohemian Rhapsody consolidated its first place, reaching 61 million dollars, the second largest market in the world for the film behind the US but ahead of the UK and Japan. Flop for Spider-man: A new universe (watch the video review) and The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms (watch the video review), which both stop at just 3 million.

                                                Bohemian Rhapsody è 1° in classifica al Box Office, ieri ha incassato € 206.769,00 e registrato 33.385 presenze.

                                                Box Office Italia del 17/12/2018
                                                1. Bohemian Rhapsody: Euro 206.769
                                                2. Un piccolo favore: Euro 68.480
                                                3. Macchine mortali: Euro 64.564
                                                4. Il Testimone Invisibile: Euro 39.985
                                                5. Il Grinch: Euro 36.163
                                                6. Se son rose: Euro 22.005
                                                7. La casa delle bambole - Ghostland: Euro 18.856
                                                8. Animali Fantastici - I Crimini di Grindelwald: Euro 14.415
                                                9. Alpha - Un'amicizia forte come la vita: Euro 13.000
                                                10. Santiago, Italia: Euro 10.375


                                                • Swiss 2018

                                                   Filme 2018
                                                  # 1 Bohemian Rhapsody admissions 313.872

                                         ... ad/?page=3

                                                  Bulgaria 14.Dec to 16. Dec 2018
                                                  No 7 Bohemian rhapsody
                                                  -33 drop
                                                  124.163 cume


                                                  • ... FICE_DAILY

                                                    Dec 18, 2018 UPDATED
                                                    1. Bohemian Rhapsody
                                                    $607,869 Daily Gross
                                                    ($62,293,557) (Total)
                                                    86,552 Admissions
                                                    (8,108,211) (Total)

                                                    29 on the all time list ( based on admissions) now


                                                    • Chile
                                             ... ns/?page=7
                                                      Week December 6-12th.
                                                      3 Bohemian Rhapsody
                                                      67.446 Admission
                                                      217 M Gross in CLP
                                                      -24% Change
                                                      945.390 Total Admission
                                                      3,169 B Total Gross

                                                      Bohemian Rhapsody has been holding excellently and will be just the 20th non-animated movie to reach 1.000.000 admissions. Clearly the surprise of the year. Gross is around $4,7M USD. 


                                                      • Finland
                                               ... ce/?page=7
                                                        7 nov
                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody blew the roof off of the box office with a stunning opening weekend of 52 873 admissions. That's only slightly below Mamma Mia 2's OW. Whether BR will become a behemoth like MM2 remains to be seen, but the start is certainly encouraging.

                                                        14 Nov
                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody is showing tremendous overall strength at the box office by dropping only 28.6% despite its massive opening weekend. The overall admissions are already 116 308!

                                                        21 Nov
                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody had an even better drop than last time with 23.8%! Quite simply, this movie is (no pun intended) a beast, a fantastic beast. In fact, should BR drop roughly in the same ballpark as the last two weekends (somewhere between 20-30%), it could already cross 200k admissions this coming weekend! Absolutely bonkers!

                                                        27 Nov
                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody is not letting up, dropping 28.3% this time. It just missed out on 200k admissions, but will officially fly past that mark this coming weekend. It is also already locked to become the 3rd most watched movie for the year (currently held by Infinity War with 234 115 admissions) unless something truly and unexpectedly breaks out.

                                                        4 Dec
                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody continued its rip-roaring run, dropping a stunningly soft 19.8% this time. It has now rocketed past 200k admissions (222 964) and should overtake Infinity War (234 105 adm.) next weekend as the third most watched for the year. 

                                                        12 Dec
                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody. Ok, this run is absolutely crazy. Last weekend's drop was already incredible, but this time it was even better, with 13.1%!!! It's bonkers, it really is. And during the coming weekend BR will officially cross 250k admissions! If the December-January period gives an extra boost to already sensational legs, over 300k admissions will be a done deal, perhaps even comfortably so!

                                                        17 Dec
                                                        Bohemian Rhapsody, after the previous insane hold, understandably 'regressed to the mean' a bit (lol), with a 29.6% drop this time. But the cool/insane thing is, this movie still posted a weekend of over 10k admissions (10 152)! 300k admissions are looking good, as long as the movie doesn't start experiencing harsher drops than about thirty percent.



                                                        • Tursday 18th December in South Korea was 607, 869, another increase on last week.

                                                 ... FICE_DAILY


                                                            Queen No 5 in USA artists chart (down from 4), 3 weeks at the top, and 33 week in this chart.

                                                            Album chart (TOP 200)
                                                            13 (9) Bohemian Rhapsody, 8 weeks, peak 3.
                                                            28 (65) Platinum collection, 122 weeks, peak 9.
                                                            122 (33) Greatest hits, 318 weeks, peak 11.
                                                            Queen rulez


                                                            • 17 dec 2018
                                                              Bohemian Rhapsody

                                                              Total Domestic Gross: $181,137,224