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  • slightlymad
    UK Top Selling Albums Of 2010

    107 Queen Absolute Greatest 133000

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  • borderwolf
    january, 24

    Top 30 Western
    # 5 Greatest Hits - Queen
    (# 26 on Top 300 with 4.180 copies sold)

    # 10 GREATEST HITS VOL. ? - Queen
    (# 34 on Top 300 with 3.317 copies sold)

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  • HUR
    Originally posted by slightlymad
    This is a question for Hernan (HUR) I've been looking at MJ Dangerous estimations for Queen's UK Album sales and was just wondering if they are the same as your own estimates. I have listed MJ's below
    My estimations are little bit higher for their 70's albums and few others:

    Queen: 400,000
    Queen II: 500,000
    A Night At The Opera: 1,500,000
    A Day At The Races: 700,000
    News Of The World: 600,000
    The Game: 450,000
    Hot Space: 300,000
    Live At Wembley '86: 600,000

    Two albums need a bit of explanation:

    Greatest Hits: 4,800,000
    Greatest Hits II: 3,000,000

    I will use some of Jimmy's net shipments figures. Those who aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, see here: ... start=1775

    "Greatest Hits" had net shipments of 1,828,375 copies by the end of 1986. This is from EMI's documents and paperwork and was announced in several Queen related books. I think that figure was printed in an issue of the magazine Record Mirror.

    Furthermore, it sold 1,994,263 copies during the period between July 1992 and 2008. This denotes a minimum of 3,822,638 copies, which includes nearly 22 years of sales. These are net shipments totals.

    What is missing from that above? The following years: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and the first semester of 1992. Well, club sales for the second half of 1992 and the first one of 1993 are equally missing.

    It sold 170,000 copies.

    It failed to make the annual chart.

    It failed to make the annual chart.

    It failed to make the annual chart.

    My best guess is that it sold between 50,000 and 100,000 copies in each one of those three years. So I would estimate 75,000 for each one, which would add up a further 225,000 for the period (1988, 1989 and 1990).

    It charted at #25 on the annual chart. Sales would have been nearly 400,000 copies.

    First semester of 1992

    I estimate it at 150,000 (given that it sold 152,652 during the second part of 1992). For what it's worth, it charted at #39 on the annual chart of 1992 (with Various Artists compilations included).

    So, for the whole period between 1987 and June 1992, we would have 945,000 copies (estimated). Combine that with the confirmed 3,822,638, which I already mentioned, and we get 4,760,000 copies or so.

    Adding the missing club sales (1991, 1992 and part of 1993), "Greatest Hits" sold 4,800,000 copies, overall. With 2009, 2010 and 2011 unaccounted for. It was certified platinum 11 times over in January 1992.

    "Greatest Hits II" was certified quadruple platinum in December 1991 (1,200,000 copies) and then quintuple platinum in June 1992 (1,500,000) according to BPI. It sold 1,837,607 copies, according to Jimmy’s sets of figures.

    From annual net shipments figures, we know it is supposed to have sold 518,472 during the second half of 1992 (July to December). However, I believe that figure involves the whole year. Jimmy's sales numbers are "delayed shipments figures" in the sense that there is sometimes a sort of delay in the reporting (this means that some copies may be shipped in a year without being reported or notified until the following one). In the particular case of Queen's "Greatest Hits II", I guess the first set of figures will have been sent in about October 1992, supposedly covering the three previous months (the third quarter: July, August and September) but actually including some totals from an earlier period of time (the first semester of 1992).

    In this case, I would recommend the quadruple platinum (achieved in December 1991) to be used as a basis and then combined with Jimmy's net shipments (1992 to 2008). Even if it isn't entirely correct as the nature of those sales is different.

    So 1,200,000 copies by the end of 1992, plus 1,837,607 copies sold (net shipments) for the 17 years between 1992 and 2008. This gives an overall total of 3,037,607 copies. Some club sales are supposed to be missing, in addition to the last two years.

    I estimate 3,000,000 for practical reasons.

    So I estimate "Greatest Hits" to be at 4,800,000 copies sold and "Greatest Hits II" to be at 3,000,000. A grand total of over 24 million or so. Anyone agrees? What do you think? I obviously accept critics.

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  • borderwolf
    week 2-2011



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  • slightlymad
    This is a question for Hernan (HUR) I've been looking at MJ Dangerous estimations for Queen's UK Album sales and was just wondering if they are the same as your own estimates. I have listed MJ's below

    Queen - 360,000
    Queen 2 - 410,000
    SHA - 590,000
    ANATO - 1,425,000
    ADATR - 560,000
    NOTW - 510,000
    Jazz - 460,000
    Live Killers - 375,000
    The Game - 350,000
    Flash - 220,000
    GH1 - 5,450,000
    Hot Space - 260,000
    The Works - 1,000,000
    AKOM - 1,225,000
    Live Magic - 900,000
    The Miracle - 660,000
    At The Beeb - 125,000
    Innuendo - 650,000
    GH2 - 3,450,000
    Live At Wembley - 690,000
    GH 1&2 - 250,000
    MIH - 1,400,000
    Queen Rocks - 330,000
    GH3 - 610,000
    Platinum Collection - 1,825,000
    On Fire - 120,000
    ROTC - 100,000
    Montreal - 45,000
    The Cosmos Rocks - 110,000
    Absolute Greatest - 675,000

    Total UK Sales = 25,135,000

    Not to bad but do you think it's even Higher!

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  • pierpinto
    Thanks Hur,

    they were huge everywhere

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  • HUR
    Thank you, Wayne.

    More South Korean sales information

    Platinum Collection

    2000. December
    The Platinum Collection 2000.12.18
    CD 10,521
    MC 0
    Cd+MC 10,521

    2003. February
    19,000 CD, total 19,000

    2003 Mid year
    19,851 CD total 19,851

    2003. July
    23,771 CD, total 43,622

    4,934 Total 49,473

    2003 year end chart
    CD 49,473
    MC 0
    CD+MC 49,473

    2004. October
    CD 3,971
    MC 0
    CD+MC 3,971
    Total 53,429

    2006. October
    CD 2,328
    Total 56,683

    2006. November
    Total 37,241 (a mistake here)

    2007 Mid Year
    CD 5,175
    CD+MC 5,175

    2008. February
    CD 5,823
    MC 0
    CD+MC 5,823
    Total 5,823

    2008 Mid year
    CD 5,828
    MC 0
    CD+MC 5,828

    Minimum total: 78,207

    Its total sales should be nearly 100,000 copies there.

    Based on my previous message, this is what Queen are likely to have sold with some of their titles in South Korea:

    Greatest Hits: 600,000 to 700,000
    Greatest Hits I & II: 100,000
    Made In Heaven: 200,000
    Platinum Collection: 100,000

    Impressive sales for Queen in South Korea.

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  • Wayne
    Music Week haven't released the top 200 midweeks this week. I can't see it on my report anyway.

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  • EdWood
    Originally posted by 04wayne
    Originally posted by EdWood
    Hi everyone - does anyone know how Queen is doing this week in the UK mid-week charts? Thanks
    Its probably easier to ask how they aren't doing; they've got no releases inside of the top 40, zilch.
    What about the top 200 04wayne?

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  • Wayne
    Originally posted by EdWood
    Hi everyone - does anyone know how Queen is doing this week in the UK mid-week charts? Thanks
    Its probably easier to ask how they aren't doing; they've got no releases inside of the top 40, zilch.

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  • EdWood
    Hi everyone - does anyone know how Queen is doing this week in the UK mid-week charts? Thanks

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  • HUR
    Thank you, Brian. Queen were in the doldrums last year, as far as their albums sales are concerned.

    South Korea sales information.

    2002. June
    GREATEST HITS 1992-01-28
    CD 4,483
    MC 1,169
    CD+MC 5,652
    Total 487,758

    2002 Mid year (January to June)
    GREATEST HITS 1992-01-28
    CD 10,213
    MC 5,218
    CD+MC 15,431

    2002. July
    GREATEST HITS 92.01.28
    CD 12,442
    MC 1,271
    CD+MC 13,713
    Total 501,471

    2002. August
    GREATEST HITS 92.01.28
    CD 12,050
    MC 969
    CD+MC 13,019
    Total 514,490

    2002. September
    GREATEST HITS 1992-01-28
    CD 10,613
    MC 960
    CD+MC 11,573
    Total 526,063

    2002. October
    GREATEST HITS 1992-01-28
    CD 9,981
    MC 502
    CD+MC 10,483
    Total 536,546

    2002 Year End
    10 GREATEST HITS 92-01-28
    CD 69,896
    MC 11,015
    CD+MC 80,911

    So "Greatest Hits" was on 536,546 copies by October 2002. It also sold 80,911 during the whole year, including 65,480 copies from July to December 2002. This leaves 16,692 copies for the last two months of the year (November and December, not counted above).

    So combine the 536,546 copies sold by October with these 16,692 during the following two months, and you will get 553,238 copies.

    Note that it belongs to an issue released in January 1992. This means that Queen's "Greatest Hits" sold 553,238 copies in South Korea in just 11 years (more than 18 years missing, including its first 10 years). Total sales should be at least 600,000 copies but they could be far more depending on how big the band was in the 80’s.

    Speaking of which:

    "Foreign artists and groups who are currently popular among Korea's youth basically reflect the tastes of their counterparts abroad. They include Bee Gees, Olivia Newton-John, Shaun Cassidy, Linda Rostadt, Donna Summer, Village People, Leif Garret, Billy Joel, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Queen, Dire Straits, Elvis Presley, Bonnie Tyler, John Denver, among others" (Billboard, June 1979).

    In 1982, the most popular local radio ran a poll to know the audience's favourite songs for the year and Queen made the list 4 times:

    #10 Bohemian Rhapsody
    #13 Body Language
    #27 Love Of My Life
    #90 Play The Game

    They mentioned how Queen had more songs in the Top 100 than any other acts and the fact that they had surpassed Smokie as the most popular act.

    About "Made In Heaven", I also found the following.

    From Billboard:

    Worldwide sales: 5 million (excluding North America, where Queen has a separate deal with Hollywood Records)

    Top markets:
    South Korea

    They listed the Top 5 markets of the album outside of UK. South Korea was interestingly listed, which means that it had possibly reached sales of 200,000 copies. The album went platinum immediately after it was released, for sales of 100,000. By then, the album had gone triple platinum in Switzerland (150,000 copies) and had already sold close to 200,000 in Holland. For South Korea to have been listed above those countries, the sales of "Made In Heaven" need to have been 200,000.

    In addition, I also have a figure for "Greatest Hits I & II".

    1999. January
    CD 7,028
    MC 2,999
    CD+MC 10,027

    It sold 10,027 copies in just a month of 1999. For an album that was originally released in 1994 and again in 1996, its combined total is probably more than 100,000 copies.

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  • brian05
    No. 50 Pendulum 296,429

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  • HUR
    Thank you, guys.

    The Musicweek's annual rankings (for albums and singles) are now out. I think that Queen didn't make them. Any idea what the #50 sold, so that we can know the maximum possible sales for them?

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  • zeus555
    I think that the reason why the 2 Queen 'Hits'
    Albums are not doing well (UK) - on Universal - is
    simply because anyone who wants them already has
    them, & only a tiny minority of Queen Fans will
    buy them again, just because they are 'Remastered'.

    After all, the Songs on them have sold time & time
    again - Singles, Downloads, Studio Albums, & Hits
    Album after Hits Album. (The latest being 'Absolute
    Greatest', (2009), which was a UK No.3 Album,
    & sold over 600,000 in the UK alone).

    The fact that the 1981 & 1991 'Hits' Albums are
    Re-Mastered is - obviously - of no interest to most
    Queen Fans. (At least UK Queen Fans - we will see
    if Global Queen Fans are more interested).

    Queen are in the same situation as ABBA - everyone
    who wants their biggest Hits already has them. The
    recent 2010 Edition of 'ABBA Gold' only reached
    No.31, in the UK - and that has a 'Free' 19 Track
    DVD with it! (And the 2010 Edition still has only
    done this, (so far), in the UK - 31 - 42 - 42 - 66 - 68).

    NOTE - If Queen Fans do want to see those 2 Queen
    'Hits' Albums do better, then ask Universal to
    do what they did with ABBA - put a 'Free' DVD of
    the 17 Songs, (on each of them), in with the CD -
    then advertise them on TV. It only worked modestly
    for ABBA, (this time), but in 2004 - when it was also
    done - 'Gold' became a Re-Entry, at No.4.....


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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Originally posted by Music Week
    While there are no new entries, seven albums re-enter the Top 75. The UK’s all-time biggest seller is not among them. In catalogue for nearly 30 years with EMI, Queen’s Greatest Hits has amassed sales of nearly 5.8m but the band’s recent transfer to Universal also covered their back catalogue. Cue an EMI deletion and the release last Monday of newly remastered editions of Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits II. Surprisingly, it’s an event which attracted only modest sales, with Greatest Hits debuting at number 148 (1,722 sales) and Greatest Hits II falling short, with first week sales of 1,164 copies.

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  • HUR
    Small piece of information, but in the press release of "Innuendo", it was mentioned that "Another Ones Bites The Dust" was #1 in 27 different countries.

    "Unusually for live albums, the next release, Live Killers, was met with acclaim; one entire side was devoted to Brian May's now famous concert guitar
    solo. The following album, The Game, became one of the most successful albums of all time (achieving platinum status five times over in Canada alone).
    The Game boasted the immensely popular singles, Crazy Little Thing Called Love which inspired the Crazy Little Tour of 1979 and became QUEEN's first
    US No. 1 single and Another One Bites the Dust, which topped the charts in 27 countries and earned QUEEN the Billboard award for "Top Cross Over

    Interesting. Does anybody have the press release for other Queen albums of the 80's or 90's? I'm trying to know the peak position for some of Queen old VHS titles.

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  • EdWood
    Originally posted by loris39
    We couldn't start the year worst than this: only Greatest Hits is in the Top-200 (#148). :(
    The only consolation is that the album is increasing in I-Tunes. Now it's #61.
    :x Where is the promotion Universal/Island Records??!!

    Well, theres always next week

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Queen have the highest new/re entry on this week's UK Top 200 Albums Chart


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  • loris39
    We couldn't start the year worst than this: only Greatest Hits is in the Top-200 (#148). :(
    The only consolation is that the album is increasing in I-Tunes. Now it's #61.

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  • EdWood
    Below is a message from Brian May and Roger Taylor about the future plan they have for Queen - it sounds like there will be some new studio work - don't know if this will be new songs or for reworking/adding parts to unreleased songs for an Anthology type project like 'The Beatles' in 1995. Anyway, the end of 2012 is when the Freddie Mercury biopic with Sacha Baron Cohen is released so expect alot of activity not just this year but also in 2012 and probably 2013, if the film version of We Will Rock You is filmed!

    Queen-related activity in 2011

    "QOL is entering a new phase in an important year for Queen, in our 40th Anniversary year. To launch our new record deal with Island Records, there will be a lot of activity. A huge amount of work has already been put in behind the scenes, to unleash a completely newly mastered set of the original Queen LP's and CD's. I know our fans will appreciate the attention to detail, bringing the early albums closer than ever to the magic of the Vinyl originals, but with the benefit of up-to-the-minute quality technology. Preparations are also well under way for the "Stormtroopers in Stilettoes" exhibition in London in the Spring, which will highlight in some innovative ways the growth of the 'Early Queen'. Work is now fully under way for the much-vaunted feature film on the life of Freddie. Peter Morgan has delivered a first draft of the movie, which everyone is very excited about, and Sacha Baron Cohen is chomping at the bit to get into the role, in a way which certainly would delight Freddie ! The whole team now working on preparing for a shoot later this year, and a release in the late Autumn of 2012. We are also laying the foundations for WWRY THE MOVIE, and again, we already have a great script for it from Ben."

    "Roger and I will be working together on new WWRY theatre projects, too, beginning with the imminent launch of the show in Norway next month. And we have a couple of interesting new buns in the studio oven, about which more soon. I will be doing some selected UK dates bringing 'Anthems' to life with Kerry Ellis in concert halls, including the Albert Hall in May. But Roger and I keep an ever-open door for ideas for Queen, the band which, somehow, refuses to lie down!"

    Cheers and a Happy New Year!


    "WOW!!! 40 years of Queen. Who'd have thought it? As Brian's given you all the info on our 40th year, i'll keep it short. I can't believe it's been that long and that we are still around in such a big way. Amazed and grateful !!!"

    Roger Taylor

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  • HUR
    Originally posted by jimmypages59
    (2) - (2) - (3) - 2 - Queen - 15,975,000 - 500,000
    (3) - (4) - (4) - 4 - U2 - 15,233,000 - 708,000
    (8) - (6) - (5) - 5 - Oasis - 13,133,000 - 1,354,000
    (7) - (8) - (8) - 7 - The Beatles - 12,355,000 - 1,017,000

    If we were looking at the last 20-25 years, I'd probably say they could be sitting 4th, going by the above list, as I imagine Queen would easily of had the best sales between 84-86 and maybe the least between 07-10.
    Jimmy, I checked this out carefully and, to our surprise, it looks like Queen are in a better position than we thought.

    During the three years (2007, 2008, and 2009), Queen are the only act that made the annual Top 50. They sold the following: in 2007 (408,357 copies), 2008 (363,830), and 2009 (661,468). A combined 1,433,667 copies, which is very likely to exclude the sales of "The Cosmos Rocks", all of which would push that figure to over 1,500,000 copies during the time frame (plus a couple of thousands of "Return Of The Champions").

    The Beatles charted in 2007 (494,422 copies) and in 2009 (704,450). A total of 1,198,872 copies with one year missing (2008), where they had to have sold less than 350,795 copies. That was a quiet year for the band, with nothing interesting in relation to the group so they are likely to have sold way less than 350,000 (I would say 250,000 to 300,000). That would mean they are slightly below Queen for the three years, or maybe at the same level.

    Oasis sold 786,179 copies in 2008, and they failed to make the annual chart in either 2007 or 2009. With their back catalogue sales for those two years (which weren't particularly big for them), they will have sold 1,300,000 copies during the three years that were mentioned, or maybe more.

    U2 sold 694,028 in 2009, and failed to make the annual Top 50 in 2007 and 2008. With those two years added in, they probably sold more than 1,300,000 copies too.

    In conclussion, the four groups are very close to each other but Queen appear to have been the bigger ones in terms of albums sales during 2007, 2008 and 2009.

    In 2010, Oasis and the Beatles enjoyed a bigger profile than Queen and will probably make the Musicweek's annual Top 50 for 2010 while Queen won't (as previously spotted by Irishguy28), and may outsell the band if we start counting their sales from 2007 to now. But they remain close to each other.

    Anyway, Queen sold far more DVDs and digital downloads; so, on the whole, Queen sold more records altogether than the three other bands. But that will change soon, as the Beatles' back catalogue is now available to be digitally downloaded.

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  • EdWood
    Just to confirm that at the moment the re-issued Queen Greatest Hits 1 is currently at number 10 on the UK top 10 Rock Albums Itunes chart...

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  • EdWood
    HUR and jimmypages59, very interesting debate going on here. I think one of the main reasons for Queen's catalogue studio albums sales to appear to be less then other 'catalog' bands like Floyd, is that they never really had what is considered a 'classic' album. In the states especially, no Queen album is revered like say Led Zep 4 or DSOTM. Even though A Night At The Opera is now thought to be a 'classic' and soundscan sales do kind of indicate this to some degree, Queen never had a 8-9 million selling studio album in the US - unlike virtually every other band with the same or more album sales then them.

    Their best known hits have probably done their studio album sales no favours. Because they are so well known compared to the studio tracks, the majority of the public will always go for the Queen compilations rather then studio albums, which I think is a mistake as alot of the catalog tracks on their albums are better then their well-known more 'commercial' stuff.

    BTW jimmypages5, thanks for all the shipment data for Queen you have supplied in the past. Do you have any other figures for Queen?

    It would be nice to know what kind of shipment level, Universal/Island Records will be creating for the upcoming studio albums, as from 31/12/10 any old EMI Queen albums in the shops were the last and now unless Universal get their reissues out there, there won't be any Queen studio albums in the shops!

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  • jimmypages59
    I've got SHA on, fantastic.

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