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  • slightlymad
    Hernan, again a wonderful post regarding Queen's UK sales, wether we will ever get Queen's UK album sales confirmed officially is another matter but I think you would be pretty close. Out of interest do you have a yearly breakdown of Queen's UK sales that reaches the 25 million you suggest as there total sales?

    Another question for all you Queen experts out there, do we have sales totals for all of Queen's USA compilations, below is a list of what i know has been released so far, so any totals?

    1981 - Greatest Hits 6970399 (9-6-2012)
    1984 - Collection 15 of the Best
    1992 - Classic Queen 3,274,000 (May 2007)
    1992 - Greatest Hits (Red Cover)
    1994 - Greatest Hits 1&2 886,000 (Feb 2007)
    1997 - Rocks 69,000 (Dec 2007)
    1999 - Greatest Hits 3 130,000 (Dec 2007)
    2000 - The Platinum Collection 797773 (19-05-2012)
    2004 - Greatest Hits WWRY Edition 1080007 (9-6-2012)
    2006 - Stone Cold Classics 101,000 (Dec 2007)
    2007 - A-Z of Queen
    2009 - Absolute Greatest
    2011 - Greatest Hits 2

    Any updates on the above would be very interesting, also is the Greatest Hits total a combination of the 1981 and 1992 issues?

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  • HUR
    Thank you for the list. No "We Are The Champions", I can't believe it.

    Jimmy, thank you for the comment. Not sure if I understand you, but yes, the fact that some nineties annual sales were based on the Top 1000 would have caused several albums to be excluded in the UK.

    Anyway, this is I'm talking about for the rest:

    In another forum, I wondered whether Queen were the real best selling album act of the nineties in the UK or not.

    I know it is a tough thing to claim, but the more I look heavily into it, the more I believe Queen sold just as many albums as Oasis in the UK during that decade.

    If we combine albums and music videos, I'm definitely sure Queen sold just as many, perhaps more.

    I explained my position with several detailed messages, loaded with what we are all here for: sales numbers and their interpretation:

    Firstly I said this:

    Queen during the nineties in the UK

    Is it possible that Queen were the real best selling album act during the nineties in the UK? Or if not: weren't they closer to Oasis than it is generally assumed?

    I know that the crown belongs to Oasis, officially at least. Based on a ranking that was posted during early 2000 (I believe) which looked as follows:

    UK Top Selling Albums Acts - January 1990 - December 1999
    1 (1) Oasis – 8,170,000 (7,540,000by July 1998)
    2 (2) Simply Red – 7,960,000 (7,420,000)
    3 (4) Madonna – 7,470,000 (6,520,000)
    4 (5) Celine Dion – 7,300,000 (6,330,000)
    5 (3) Queen – 7,290,000 (6,580,000)

    These numbers weren't exact, but as close as they could be and based on a ranking that had already been published in July 1998: where Oasis were listed with 7,540,000 albums sold and Queen with 6,583,000. I have also seen another list with Oasis at 8,358,000 copies sold How accurate were those numbers? No idea. But I have found some irregularities myself.

    Firstly, the simplest part: I know some people disagree with me, but I personally consider "Five Live" to be an album, not a single, as opposed to the official chart compilers in the UK. For what it is worth, the mini album appeared on the albums charts in most countries (with UK and Ireland being two exceptions).

    "Five Live" actually sold 379,000 during 1993 and, I think, was later upgraded to about 420,000 copies sold.

    If that figure is added to what Queen were supposed to have sold by late 1999 (7,290,000 albums), we get approximately 7,710,000 total sales for Queen, a bit closer to what Oasis achieved.

    Now the tricky things:

    These decades sales are supposed to exclude music club sales; plus, more important, at least from 1994 to 1999 only the annual Top 1000 was used, which means that any album that failed to make it, will have been excluded from Hit Music's annual charts.

    From Hit Music, these were Queen's annual sales:

    1994 - 351,000
    1995 - 1,403,000 (using 19 as a multiplier, instead of 18)
    1996 - 380,000
    1997 - 320,000
    1998 - 200,000
    1999 - 615,000

    Total - 3,260,000 albums sold.

    The thing is that when I add the rough sales for their 'main' albums during those six years, I get this:

    Greatest Hits - 595,000
    Greatest Hits II - 450,000
    Made In Heaven - 1,330,000
    Queen Rocks - 225,000
    Greatest Hits III - 413,000
    Greatest Hits I & II - 100,000

    These six albums accounted for as many as 3,113,000 copies sold. Out of 3,260,000 achieved for that time frame. Nearly all of Queen sales. These are based on some educated sales guesses and using annual figures as a basis. I think they are spot on, if you ask me.

    For example, "Made In Heaven" was listed with 1,100,000 in 1995 and a further 170,000 sold for 1996. Plus, in a decade to date chart of January 1998, it was given 1,320,000 copies. So my 1,330,000 sales would probably be correct by the end of 1999.

    "Greatest Hits I & II" had retail sales of 132,000 by 2009, most of which were reached during the nineties. So, again, a total of 100,000 is fine.

    "Queen Rocks" sold 170,000 in 1997 and with some further sales (not very remarkable) in 1998 and 1999, I estimated roughly 225,000.

    "Greatest Hits III" was released in late 1999 and achieved sales of 413,000 units. Which is what I have listed above. And so on. I think that when it comes to these Hit Music's various rankings, my individual albums sales are reasonably fine.

    The problem is that with 3,260,000 sold for that time frame and as many as 3,113,000 coming from those six albums, we are only left with a mere 147,000 for the rest of their back catalogue. Basically, all their old studio and live albums.

    This can be seen when looking at some yearly sales in detail.

    In 1996, Queen sold 380,000 albums, including 340,000 coming from three albums: "Made In Heaven" with 170,000 sold; "Greatest Hits" with 100,000; and "Greatest Hits II" with 70,000 (all of them made the annual Top 150). In total, only 40,000 left for their other albums. And with others, we also have to include "Greatest Hits I & II", a double box set that sold very well and charted during 5 weeks in 1996.

    Even weirder in 1999. Queen sold 615,039 albums during that year, with 598,427 coming from three compilations: "Greatest Hits III" (412,487 sold), "Greatest Hits" (101,595), "Greatest Hits II" (84,345). Again, only 16,612 left for their other albums including not only all their 15 studio albums and 4 live albums, but "Greatest Hits I & II" (which charted at number 127 in 1999 and spent 2 weeks) and "Queen Rocks" (released in 1997).

    Obviously, I don't need to explain much further than this to show there is absolutely no way all of the other Queen albums (14 studio albums and 4 live albums) sold only a mere 147,000 during the period between 1994 and 1999.

    Part of this can be explained by the use of the Top 1000 to compile the yearly totals from 1994 to 1999, which naturally missed out any album that didn't sell enough to make those annual charts.

    This isn't much of a problem for Oasis because they had only released a handful of albums by 1999 and it is very likely that none of them ever missed any Top 1000, so they don't have significant sales missing through that way.

    By comparison, I have been able to collect all of Queen's net shipments figures from 1994 to 1999. This is coming from a big contributor, Tatty73, who has provided us with some of the most significative and accurate numbers ever posted on here. If you are reading this, Jimmy, thank you for all you have supplied, incredibly valuable information.

    This is what the net shipments (through both shops and clubs) were between 1994 and 1999:

    1994 – 573,712
    1995 – 1,383,047
    1996 – 908,935
    1997 – 586,880
    1998 – 481,539
    1999 – 773,981

    Total – 4,708,094

    These sales include some 700,000 through music clubs, leaving a healthy 4,000,000 via shops.

    Whilst their retail sales are supposed to have totalled to 3,260,000 during 1994 and 1999, their net shipments are clearly higher and not just because of the club sales; in fact, as big as 4,708,094 albums sold.

    Let's compare them below:

    Retail sales: 3,260,000
    Net shipments to shops: 4,000,000
    Net shipments to both avenues: 4,708,094

    Even more: while all of of Queen studio and live albums are supposed to have reached a cumulative 147,000 sold between 1994 and 1999 (if we trust Hit Music), Tatty73's net shipments indicate that all their 19 back catalogue albums (released between 1973 and 1992) managed to sell 809,976 copies altogether (I can post a detailed breakdown of that).

    A big discrepancy: 145,000 against more than 800,000 back catalogue sales.

    And this is just for the 1994 to 1999 time frame, when Queen were hot but not quite as much as they were during the early part of the decade, for obvious reasons.

    If we use Hit Music as our guide, Queen would appear to have sold 4,030,000 albums between 1990 and 1993 (plus at least 379,000 of "Five Live", which would represent a combined 4,409,000 sold).

    But I have no idea how was that amount arrived at; and I don't know whether it is only retail sales (and what multiplier was used) or some club sales were indirectly accounted for. I have no clue, either, whether Gallup held this total during the early nineties or these numbers were retrospectively changed afterwards.

    Anyway, knowing that Hit Music had a mere 3,260,000 from 1994 and 1999 despite their real sales being obviously higher, not sure what to make out of this early period: 1990 and 1993, which was a significant one for Queen in terms of sales. If retail sales were 4,409,000 during the years 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993, the net shipments equivalents may have been higher, probably 4,500,000 to 4,750,000 copies sold.

    Of course, I'm not forgetting that Oasis' net shipments will also have been bigger than what their retail sales were between 1994 and 1999. I think they easily sold 900,000 to 1,000,000 via clubs. My point is that Queen, for all I have explained above, obviously have more missing sales than Oasis. For instance, they sold 700,000 through music clubs just during the second half of the decade, which means that with the first four years added in (1990 to 1993), they are likely to have either equalled or bettered Oasis' sales via that avenue.

    I'm not forgetting about Simply Red, Madonna and Celine Dion either. But they are all in a similar position to Oasis: apart from the albums released during the nineties, they had a smaller catalogue than Queen, so I don't think they have as many missing sales as them between 1994 and 1999 and I doubt they sold as many copies through Britannia (except perhaps Madonna).

    If we combine albums with music videos sales, I think Queen can easily have outsold Oasis during the nineties.

    Any thoughts?

    Another one:

    I would like to add this to the above:

    Further to what I explained above, I have found other ways to look at it.

    If we blindly trust these annual sales, we would have to believe that all their old studio and live albums, released between 1973 and 1992, sold only 147,000 copies altogether (give or take a few thousands).

    But what happened in 2000 to 2010 for a comparison?

    These were Queen's annual album sales:

    2000 – 437,000
    2001 – 300,000 (approximately)
    2002 – 930,000
    2003 – 471,000
    2004 – 400,000 (approximately)
    2005 – 620,000
    2006 – 640,000
    2007 – 408,357
    2008 – 363,830
    2009 – 661,468
    2010 – 185,000

    Total – 5,415,000

    So Queen sold about 5,415,000 albums during 11 years.


    Platinum Collection – 1,685,000
    Absolute Greatest – 680,000
    Greatest Hits – 820,000
    Greatest Hits III – 253,000
    Greatest Hits II – 350,000 (estimated)
    Queen On Fire – 100,000 (estimated)
    Return Of The Champions – 80,000 (estimated)
    Queen Rock Montreal – 40,000 (estimated)
    Greatest Hits I & II and Queen Rocks – 25,000 (estimated)

    Total for these 10 albums – 4,033,000 copies sold

    With 5,415,000 sold within those years, this leaves a healthy 1,400,000 for their rest of their back catalogue.

    Does anybody believe that all these old studio and live albums pass from selling roughly 145,000 copies between 1994 and 1999 (24,000 units a year) to 1,400,000 from 2000 to 2010 (127,000 a year)?

    I find it irrealistic.

    Between 1984 and 1990, Queen sold about 5,155,000 albums in the UK. Including roughly 2,691,000 coming from the back catalogue (more than half), which can be broken down as follows: 1,065,000 for Greatest Hits (20%) and 1,628,000 for their studio and live albums (31%).

    By periods, this is how Queen's studio and live 'back catalogue' sales looked like:

    1984 to 1990 – 1,628,000
    1994 to 1999 – 147,000
    2000 to 2011 – 1,400,000

    Am I the only who sees a problem with the second one?

    And the last one:

    As I do have all the net shipments figures for those six albums, between 1994 and 1999, I thought it would be great to share them and make a comparison.

    As far as Jimmypages59's annual sales are concerned, this is what those albums sold within those six years:

    Net shipments to shops, without club sales (except for Greatest Hits II and the double Greatest Hits I & II, which do include Britannia sales)

    Greatest Hits – 654,441
    Greatest Hits II – 751,147 with club sales added in
    Made In Heaven – 1,241,081 (with shop sales supposed to have been 1,320,000 by January 1998, ha)
    Queen Rocks – 249,447
    Greatest Hits III – 413,384
    Greatest Hits I & II – 176,507

    Total net shipments – 3,487,007

    Unfortunately, I hold no separate club sales for Greatest Hits II or Greatest Hits I & II, so the above total do include them. For what it is worth, Greatest Hits had club sales of 231,904 units between 1994 and 1999, and I would expect Greatest Hits II to have achieved more than 200,000 (perhap as high as 250,000) during that period; with Greatest Hits I & II also doing a couple of thousands.

    Remove those sales via clubs, and the above total of 3,487,007 will diminish to 3,200,000 to 3,250,000 in total.

    So we have estimated retail sales of 3,113,000 for those six albums, with net shipments of 3,200,000. Everything neat and somehow reasonable.

    Completely different story from their studio and live 'back catalogue' albums.

    Whilst shop sales are supposed to have been a dismal 147,000 copies sold between 1994 and 1999, their net shipments totals are more than 800,000 with club sales added in and nearly 700,000 without them. Too much of a big discrepancy compared to what I have shown above in relation to what their main six albums sold via retail and net shipments.

    Am I the only who believes that Queen have arguably sold (way) more than 7,290,000 albums during the whole of the nineties, especially during the years between 1994 and 1999? Am I the only one who thinks that Queen were possibly closer to Oasis than they are supposed to have been? To me, it is obvious: both things are right and Queen sold clearly more than 7 million and they were up there with Oasis, if not ahead, when all is said and done.

    Just some views.

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  • LostAvenger

    As Great Britain celebrates 60 years of Her Majesty’s reign, music licensing company PPL reveals which of her namesake band’s hits are the most played by the British public.

    The band Queen are almost as universally loved as Queen Elizabeth herself. Formed in 1971, their style of glam stadium rock has influenced the work of many. They have had 18 number one albums and 18 number one singles making them one of the world's biggest selling bands.

    Despite lead singer Freddie Mercury's untimely death in 1991, Queen have continued to perform with various guest vocalists including Paul Rogers and more recently, Adam Lambert. For the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002, lead guitarist Brian May famously played the National Anthem from the rooftop of Buckingham Palace
    The top ten most played Queen songs are:

    1) A Kind Of Magic
    2) Don't Stop Me Now
    3) Under Pressure
    4) I Want To Break Free
    5) Bohemian Rhapsody
    6) Killer Queen
    7) Somebody To Love
    8) Radio Ga Ga
    9) We Will Rock You
    10) You're My Best Friend

    "Queen are undeniably one of the greatest bands Britain has ever produced," said Jonathan Morrish, Director of PR and Corporate Communications at PPL. "These really are classics and show how their music has been such a part of people's lives. These songs make the perfect soundtrack to a Jubilee party this week."

    A Kind Of Magic was released in 1986 for the film Highlander and reached number three in the UK singles chart. The top ten tracks are compiled from PPL's exclusive data which includes TV, radio and online usage as well as songs played in bars, shops, restaurants, gyms and other public places that use music.

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  • jimmypages59
    Actually the answer, someone gave you about Hitmusic discounting sales, Top 1000. There is one year that does seem too far out though.

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  • jimmypages59
    Hur, I ******* love Queen, 2nd best band ever! Slowly coming round, too maybe the best......

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  • HUR
    Originally posted by nucleardolphin
    So, if that were the case, what would you put Pink Floyd, The Beatles, U2, The Stones and so on at? would you downgrade them all by 20%?
    Yes, absolutely. All those bands sold less too, in my opinion.

    According to a Norwegian newspaper (Afterposten), Queen's "Absolute Greatest" ranked amongst the best selling albums of 2009 in Norway.

    While not officially certified, "Absolute Greatest" sold 27,383 copies during that year alone.

    Link: ... 37yYvs9WSo.

    Courtesy of Pierpinto.

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  • nucleardolphin
    So, if that were the case, what would you put Pink Floyd, The Beatles, U2, The Stones and so on at? would you downgrade them all by 20%?

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  • HUR
    Thank you, Nucleardolphin. Yes, not too sure about those numbers on; I guess they are points based on charts positions (I imagine for each song or album at Top 10, 50, 100 or 400 you get a certain amount of points per country).

    I think my worldwide sales totals are realistic, overall. But yes, you always have MJDangerous as an alternative source (I wouldn't trust Brian May myself). But then in that case, MJDangerous also estimated Abba at 130 million albums sold, ahead of what I gave them (100 to 105 million worldwide).

    My point is that, whichever approach we use, I believe Queen have clearly sold more albums and records than Abba on a worldwide basis, even if the latter are amongst the biggest artists ever without any doubt. Just a personal opinion.

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  • nucleardolphin
    HUR don't you think that 140 million for Queen is pretty low? MJD put Queen at 170 several years ago. I understood Brian May recently mentioned that it was also about 170 as well. Anyway, the other thing was that link was superb, you can stick in whatever band you want and get the worldwide stats on where they are charting with whichever album or song. The only thing is I don't really understand quite what all the numbers mean! Nice to be back!!

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  • HUR
    Great, Loris. "Absolute Greatest" is indeed still going.

    In the Abba sales topic, some members are comparing the sales of that group to Queen's (including me), I don't want to turn into an invader there so I will make some considerations in here. I said this:

    I think, with due respect, that Queen have sold more records than Abba worldwide. But well, we are entitled to different views, as Zeus555 said. In my opinion, Queen's sales are like this:

    Albums – 140 million
    Singles – 40
    Videos – 10
    Digital – 25

    Abba would be like this:

    Albums – 110 million
    Singles – 50
    Videos – 5
    Digital – 15

    Some numbers are conservative, but for both acts.

    Looking at the albums sales, I think I was kind to Abba in some way. I made a point about the largest markets: USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

    These are, in my opinion, the albums sales for Queen in those ten countries:

    USA – 40,000,000
    UK – 25,000,000
    Japan – 5,000,000
    Germany – 13,500,000
    France – 7,000,000
    Canada – 5,000,000
    Australia – 3,000,000
    Netherlands – 4,500,000
    Italy – 6,000,000
    Spain – 3,500,000

    Total – 112,500,000

    As for Abba, I think they are as follows:

    USA – 17,500,000
    UK – 17,000,000
    Japan – 7,000,000 (?)
    Germany – 11,000,000
    France – 4,000,000
    Canada – 3,500,000
    Australia – 4,500,000
    Netherlands – 3,750,000
    Italy – 1,500,000
    Spain – 1,250,000

    Total – 72,500,000

    So I honestly think that Queen will have outsold Abba by some 40,000,000 in those ten countries.

    Estimated totals for Germany are conservative for boths acts. In the case of Abba, sales may look small for both Italy and Spain, but those two have never been particular great for them.

    When I estimate Queen at 140,000,000 and Abba at 110,000,000, I was actually implying a worldwide gap of 30,000,000. Which means that I'm assuming that Abba are able to narrow the difference in the ten biggest markets by 10,000,000 copies sold. In other words: I'm estimating that Abba sold more albums than Queen outside of the ten largest territories.

    But I'm sure that is incorrect. No Scandinavian sales help Abba, in my opinion.

    For example: in Sweden, I guess Abba sold nearly 5,000,000 albums altogether, while I think Queen are likely to have sold not far more than 1,000,000. A gap of 4,000,000. So Sweden makes up for something, no doubt.

    But then again, I believe Queen sold easily more albums in Latin America as a whole. In Brazil and Argentina they certainly did, for instance.

    In Asia things are more complicated due to the lack of information; but in one of the few countries we have some details for both acts (South Korea) there isn't much of a big gap at all. In fact, sales look to be more favourable toward Queen. In addition, something that may not play in Abba's favour: when they were at their peak, sales in that continent were very small. No idea as to whether Queen sold more albums than Abba in Asia (outside Japan) or viceversa; but due to the above –and sales not being particularly strong for foreign acts-, the gap shouldn't really be that big either way and definitely not enough to make an impact on the biggest markets' sales results.

    We also have the rest of Continental and Eastern Europe: countries like Portugal, Swtitzerland, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic (formerly known as Czechoslovakia), Lithuania and so on.

    In some of them I'm sure Queen sold easily more. In Portugal, they easily did in my opinion; and the same goes to Switzerland and especially Austria.

    No idea about Africa and the Middle East. Abba were easily bigger in Zimbabwe. But I don't have many details and I doubt sales are particularly good.

    Consequently, I think that much of what Abba achieved in Scandinavia is compensated with Latin America and several countries of Continental Europe. And so on.

    So, on the whole, I would say that as far as albums sales are concerned, Queen may have outsold Abba by 35,000,000 to 40,000,000 copies on a worldwide basis. Just an opinion, after years of going through both bands.

    On that Abba's topic there are two persons putting down Queen's singles sales too. In my opinion, Queen may have sold 40 million physical worldwide and roughly 25 million digital downloads, for a combined 65 million. Not many groups have sold more singles than Queen worldwide, from my own point of view. Either physical, digital or both combined.

    Not sure why, time and time, several users like to pick on Queen. But they are entitled to it; I just wanted to share some views.

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  • loris39
    Thanks for the link of the website Hernαn: it's really excellent

    I see that Absolute Greatest is still obtaining fairly good results, notwithstanding the 2011 compilations remasters.

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  • HUR
    Thank you, Loris. "Under Pressure" being so close to their top songs is, I guess, just a 2012 thing as otherwise I don't understand how it is that far away from "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We Will Rock You" in terms of cumulative sales.

    More digital information. This is how Queen are doing right now on the various itunes Top 400:

    Lithuania (41)


    1. The Platinum Collection
    229. Absolute Greatest

    Bulgaria (35)


    82. Bohemian Rhapsody
    149. Too Much Love Will Kill You
    166. Love of My Life
    170. I Want It All
    262. We Are the Champions
    268. Somebody to Love
    273. A Kind of Magic
    296. Heaven for Everyone
    302. The Show Must Go On
    338. Don't Stop Me Now


    22. The Platinum Collection
    220. Jazz
    231. A Night At the Opera
    256. Innuendo
    315. Absolute Greatest

    Chile (33)


    167. Bohemian Rhapsody
    235. I Want to Break Free
    260. We Are the Champions
    326. Bohemian Rhapsody


    9. The Platinum Collection
    48. Queen: Greatest Hits
    383. Absolute Greatest

    Argentina (23)


    136. Bohemian Rhapsody
    241. Bohemian Rhapsody
    243. Don't Stop Me Now
    373. Under Pressure


    22. The Platinum Collection
    98. Queen: Greatest Hits
    292. Greatest Hits II

    Czech Republic (22)


    132. We Will Rock You
    156. Bohemian Rhapsody
    189. We Are the Champions
    231. I Want to Break Free
    235. Radio Ga Ga


    21. Absolute Greatest
    228. Queen: Greatest Hits II

    Colombia (20)


    181. Bohemian Rhapsody
    398. We Are the Champions


    26. The Platinum Collection
    88. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Latvia (19)


    60. The Show Must Go On
    61. I Want It All
    132. Under Pressure


    139. Absolute Greatest
    202. The Platinum Collection

    Bolivia (18)


    118. Love of My Life


    82. Queen: Greatest Hits II
    95. Queen: Greatest Hits
    126. Absolute Greatest

    Peru (17)


    167. Bohemian Rhapsody
    250. I Want to Break Free


    36. The Platinum Collection
    52. Queen: Greatest Hits
    271. Live At Wembley Stadium

    Malta (16)


    116. We Will Rock You
    299. Don't Stop Me Now


    71. The Platinum Collection
    109. Queen: Greatest Hits
    223. Greatest Hits III
    259. Absolute Greatest
    340. Queen: Greatest Hits II

    Romania (16)


    122. We Will Rock You
    163. I Want to Break Free
    169. We Are the Champions
    194. Don't Stop Me Now
    267. Another One Bites the Dust
    285. Killer Queen


    233. The Platinum Collection
    355. Absolute Greatest

    Dominican Republic (15)


    85. Bohemian Rhapsody
    120. Another One Bites the Dust
    195. We Will Rock You
    243. We Are the Champions


    207. The Platinum Collection
    313. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Ecuador (14)


    168. Somebody to Love


    19. The Platinum Collection
    312. The Game

    El Salvador (13)


    233. Flash
    236. Killer Queen
    237. A Kind of Magic
    238. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    375. Bohemian Rhapsody


    55. Absolute Greatest
    264. Queen: Greatest Hits
    339. The Platinum Collection

    United Kingdom (11)


    294. Bohemian Rhapsody
    334. Don't Stop Me Now


    74. The Platinum Collection
    113. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Ireland (11)


    202. Bohemian Rhapsody
    261. Don't Stop Me Now


    93. The Platinum Collection
    156. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Italy (11)


    158. We Are the Champions
    378. Bohemian Rhapsody


    57. The Platinum Collection
    234. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Spain (11)


    194. I Want to Break Free
    282. We Are the Champions
    284. Bohemian Rhapsody
    290. Don't Stop Me Now
    314. We Will Rock You


    157. Queen: Greatest Hits
    291. The Platinum Collection

    Cyprus (10)


    68. Bohemian Rhapsody


    110. The Platinum Collection
    263. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Poland (10)


    253. You Don't Fool Me


    66. The Platinum Collection
    144. Absolute Greatest

    Slovenia (10)


    175. Don't Stop Me Now
    180. Bohemian Rhapsody
    186. We Are the Champions


    209. The Platinum Collection

    Hungary (10)


    19. The Platinum Collection

    Slovakia (9)


    236. We Are the Champions
    374. Bohemian Rhapsody


    36. Absolute Greatest
    354. A Night At the Opera

    Norway (8)


    394. Bohemian Rhapsody


    104. Absolute Greatest
    107. Queen: Greatest Hits II
    210. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Belgium (7)


    299. Bohemian Rhapsody


    96. The Platinum Collection

    Greece (7)


    71. We Are the Champions


    308. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Venezuela (7)


    54. Queen: Greatest Hits
    328. Absolute Greatest

    Guatemala (6)


    50. The Platinum Collection

    Japan (6)


    87. Greatest Hits

    Brazil (5)


    319. Bohemian Rhapsody


    135. The Platinum Collection
    337. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Canada (5)


    397. We Will Rock You


    136. Queen: Greatest Hits
    211. Queen: Absolute Greatest

    Netherlands (5)


    176. We Are the Champions


    205. The Platinum Collection
    207. Queen: Greatest Hits

    New Zealand (5)


    325. Bohemian Rhapsody


    137. The Platinum Collection
    264. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Costa Rica (4)


    272. Under Pressure


    152. Absolute Greatest

    France (4)


    317. Bohemian Rhapsody
    350. Another One Bites the Dust


    348. The Platinum Collection
    365. Queen: Greatest Hits II

    Mexico (4)


    229. Bohemian Rhapsody


    173. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Panama (4)


    174. We Are the Champions


    271. The Platinum Collection

    Denmark (4)


    189. Queen: Greatest Hits
    210. The Platinum Collection

    United States (3)


    332. Bohemian Rhapsody


    205. Queen: Greatest Hits
    326. The Platinum Collection

    Estonia (3)


    335. Rock It


    250. The Platinum Collection
    330. Absolute Greatest

    Australia (3)


    139. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Austria (3)


    123. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Nicaragua (3)


    119. The Platinum Collection

    Portugal (3)


    192. The Platinum Collection

    Luxembourg (2)


    293. Queen: Greatest Hits
    391. The Platinum Collection

    Finland (1)


    238. The Platinum Collection

    Germany (1)


    308. The Platinum Collection

    Honduras (1)


    279. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Paraguay (1)


    294. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Sweden (1)


    335. Queen: Greatest Hits

    Switzerland (1)


    293. The Platinum Collection


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  • loris39
    Billboard Charts Catalog from last week:

    21 50 103 75 QUEEN GREATEST HITS 1963 -5 2063 6968620

    6 119 121 147 QUEEN GREATEST HITS-WE WILL ROCK YOU 1502 -20 1884 1078470

    Billboard Catalog Digital Albums from last week:

    4 87 165 150 QUEEN PLATINUM COLLECTION 563 8 523 33271

    Billboard Digital Tracks Catalog from last week:

    173 65 68 63 QUEEN BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 6645 2 6492 2454651

    19 162 182 122 QUEEN WE WILL ROCK YOU 5106 13 4526 2161194

    2 156 QUEEN WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS 4713 30 3623 1337843

    1 173 QUEEN & DAVID BOWIE UNDER PRESSURE 4529 49 3031 752431

    2 195 QUEEN ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST 4197 2 4115 1366096

    Billboard Charts Catalog from this week :

    22 103 75 107 QUEEN GREATEST HITS 1779 -9 1963 6970399

    7 121 147 153 QUEEN GREATEST HITS-WE WILL ROCK YOU 1537 2 1502 1080007

    Digital Tracks Catalog:

    174 68 63 91 QUEEN BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY 6160 -7 6645 2460811

    20 182 122 191 QUEEN WE WILL ROCK YOU 4622 -9 5106 2165816

    Here are the figures for the digital tracks of the year 2012:

    Bohemian Rhapsody: 132,000;
    Another One Bites The Dust: 21,000, only counting four weeks;
    We Are The Champions: 21,000, only counting four weeks;
    We Will Rock You: 108,000;
    Under Pressure: 83,000;
    Fat Bottomed Girls: 10,356, only counting two weeks.

    Total: 375,000 digital downloads.

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  • HUR
    Originally posted by slightlymad
    Great post as usual Hernan , the only thing i can add is that it was officially stated by EMI in an advert in music week that Queen sold 1,774,991 albums in the UK in 1986 and that Live Magic sold in excess of 300,000 copies that year!!. The Official Queen Fan Club reproduced the advert on one of there magazines front cover, below is a link to that magazine.[/url]
    Thank you again, Lee.

    I know that figure from that 1986 in the UK for years (1,774,991 copies).

    From EMI's old documents, someone let know their net shipments in the UK were actually 1,800,189 as far as albums are concerned, including 379,270 for "Live Magic" and 62,402 for "A Night At The Opera".

    The net shipments of "Live Magic" and "A Kind Of Magic" combined were obviously above 1,100,000 units. Which still leaves a healthy 700,000 for their back catalogue in terms of shiments 1986 (although that year may not be a good measure because they reissued all their studio albums).

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  • slightlymad
    Great Start for the Queen Extravaganza in Canada!!

    Rank Artist/Event Venue City/State Event Dates Gross Sales Attend/
    Capacity Shows/
    Sellouts Prices Promoters

    49 Queen Extravaganza Theatre St-Denis
    Montreal, Quebec
    May 27, 2012
    2,077 / 2,077
    1 / 1
    $52.92, $28.65

    50 Queen Extravaganza Le Grand Theatre de Quebec
    Quebec City, Quebec
    May 26, 2012
    1,671 / 1,671
    1 / 1
    $53.03, $33.57

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  • Play
    Wow that's also something I'm hearing for the 1st time too!

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  • HUR
    Originally posted by slightlymad
    Just discovered a very interesting Queen sales award on ebay, Hernan is this a figure you are aware of, if so i apologise.

    Basically it's an official EMI UK sales award for Greatest Hits 2 for sales of inexcess of 300,000 copies through the music club Britannia, not shop sales but music club sales up until 1993.

    Here is a link to the award
    Hello Lee,

    Amazing finding. No, I had no idea about it.

    But man, 300,000 music club sales (in 1993) for an album released in late 1991 is a wild total. Plus, it is the first time I hear of a especial award intended to acknowledge club sales alone, and not overall total sales. We should remember it had gone five times platinum in June 1992, after shipping 1,500,000 copies in its home country.

    Definitely not something I had ever heard about myself. Although, being it a 'in house award', I guess it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Please, keep bringing what you find. And also, if you have an account on Haven, I would be obliged if you could also post it in there too. Link: ... 347&page=3. The more Queen fans, the better.

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  • slightlymad
    Just discovered a very interesting Queen sales award on ebay, Hernan is this a figure you are aware of, if so i apologise.

    Basically it's an official EMI UK sales award for Greatest Hits 2 for sales of inexcess of 300,000 copies through the music club Britannia, not shop sales but music club sales up until 1993.

    Here is a link to the award

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  • slightlymad
    UK Album Chart


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  • nucleardolphin
    When will IFPI ever update Queen΄s album sales in Europe??? they are ridiculous!!!!!

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  • slightlymad
    Top Catalog Albums - 05/05/12 Billboard chart
    163 QUEEN GREATEST HITS 1653-1 1672 6956331

    Top Catalog Albums - 05/12/12 Billboard chart
    5 QUEEN GREATEST HITS 5860 255 1653 6962191
    55 QUEEN GREATEST HITS-WWRY 2317 82 1275 1073272
    66 QUEEN PLATINUM COLLECTION 2220 131 963 796324

    Top Catalog Albums - 05/19/12 Billboard chart
    50 QUEEN GREATEST HITS 2403 -59 5860 6964594
    119 QUEEN GREATEST HITS WWRY 1812 -22 2317 1075084
    167 QUEEN PLATINUM COLLECTION 1449 -35 2220 797773

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  • HUR
    Something I posted on Haven forum but would also be nice to have here. A nice overview of what Queen achieved during the last ten years in the UK:

    By my reckoning, Queen sold more than 8,700,000 records between 2002 and 2012.

    Albums sales during the past ten years in the UK

    2002 – 930,000
    2003 – 471,000
    2004 – 465,000
    2005 – 620,000
    2006 – 640,000
    2007 – 408,357
    2008 – 363,830
    2009 – 661,468
    2010 – 185,000
    2011 and 2012 – 300,000 (estimated)

    Total – 5,044,655

    The number for 2004 comes from a BPI annual reprot compiled in early 2005. I know it doesn't fit the Music's annual ranking but it is the only thing I have. Hopefully, we will know, one day, the real sales of Queen in that missing year.

    Their DVDs net shipments from 2002 to 2008 were, on a yearly basis, as follows:

    2003 – 393,511
    2004 – 230,435
    2005 – 236,745
    2006 – 86,588
    2007 – 32,747
    2008 – 34,052

    Total – 1,020,469

    These include The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Greatest Video Hits, Made In Heaven: The Films, Live At Wembley, Greatest Video Hits II, Queen On Fire, Return Of The Champions, and A Night At The Opera. And they are from 2008, which means there are more than three years of sales missing.

    And we need to add (this time coming from the Official Chart Company, retail sales). Totals up to 2010:

    Queen Rock Montreal – 91,150 (including 11,150 on Blu-Ray)
    Live In Ukraine – 17,000

    All this totals to 1,128,619 copies.

    Last year, Queen reissued their Live At Wembley DVD, which will have achieved at least 25,000; and Days Of Our Lives, with no more than 5,000.

    With the back cataloue sales for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Queen have accumulated 1,200,000.

    And we still have to add some marginal VHS sales.

    So combining albums and music videos, the long and physical formats, Queen have reached sales of 6,244,000 in the UK from 2002 to 2012.

    Plus, as stated in the third post of this thread, Queen sold 2,090,000 digital downloads by 2011; and 16 months after that, their tally should have increased to 2,500,000 tracks (assuming the Official Chart Company was right when they reported the figure in 2011).

    Overall, Queen sold:

    Albums – 5,044,000
    DVD – 1,200,000
    Digital downloads – 2,500,000

    More than 8,744,000 records in the last ten years. Perhaps nearly 8,800,000 with the marginal VHS sales I mentioned.

    I can't think of any old, classic band selling that many units from 2002 to 2012. Of course, U2, Oasis and even Coldplay are 'classic bands', but they have been heavily active during this last decade (plus, I'm not even sure if U2 or Oasis sold as many records as Queen during these last ten year I'm focusing on).

    It never ceases to amaze me how achievements like the above pass completely unnoticed.

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  • zeus555
    Classical Singer Alfie Boe, & Girls Aloud Singer,
    Kimberley Walsh, have covered Queen's 1985 Single,
    'One Vision', as the Team GB's Single, for the 2012
    Olympic Games.

    LINK:, ... ngle-1388/


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  • jimmypages59
    let us never lose the lessons we have learned.

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  • HUR
    Great summary.

    I invite all my Queen fellows to join my Queen sales topic on Haven: ... read=73347. Please, add your thoughts and suggestions. It gives us a nice chance to have all we know organized on a forum page.

    As for USA digital sales:

    When Queen were reported to have sold 10,203,000 digital downloads in the USA by September 2009, both "Bohemian Rhapsdoy" and "We Will Rock You" had accumulated combined sales of 3,400,000 by then (33 %).

    Those two songs are now on 5,250,000 copies according to your above analysis.

    If arithmetics are any help, that would suggest total digital sales for Queen in excess of 15,750,000 by now. But if other tracks haven't sold that well in the meantime, it could be lower than that.

    Apart from those ten songs, I wonder what other tracks are selling these days in the United States. I guess "Keep Yourself Alive", "Stone Cold Crazy", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Play The Game", "Radio Ga-Ga", "I Want To Break Free", "Who Wants To Live Forever", "I Want It All", and "The Show Must Go On" are selling in decent quantities.

    Although I would love to know how many digital units have Queen sold in Japan. Their combined numbers, with all formats added in, have to be very high altogether. Probably anything from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000.

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