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    More question: what about the single sales?

    AOBTD - 8,000,000



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      Originally posted by HUR


      Well, first of all, I have to remember again that my numbers were only estimations, not official numbers or something like that.
      Yeah, I understand it. The only one reason why I started this discusion about ADATR sales was the fact about advance orders of half a million and maybe even more, and wrong interpretation what does it really mean. I thought, that all copies that were ordered in advance had to be sold certainly. But, as it was already explained, advance orders are just orders from distributors who anticipate big initial sales. I'm not an expert as you guys are, so I dont have no clue, what estimation record sales could be:}

      About the real sales during 1986, the 1,4 figure is from music week, which counts the sales to the public. And the number of Emi, of 1,7 copies at that time, was for the shipment (as Basil also said). And again, in this case, Queen realesed a live album at the end of the year, "Live magic", and maybe the 1,7 M figure is for the shipment sent to store at the end 1986 for this album, becasuse sales started to increase suddenly. But part of that shipment was probably sold at the beginning of 1987, when "Live magic" had a great chart-running (even though it had been realesed without any king of promotion and singles).

      Look at the chart-running at the beginning of 1987:
      5-*3*-4-4-10-10-7-8-9-11- 10-9-
      Well, maybe this is the explanation.

      I dont know, maybe you're right, maybe not, but the same source I wrote earlier, proves that EMI pointed Live magic (released on 1 of December) was sold over 400 000 before Christmas. So, I think, EMI's given 1,7 m number already includes those 400 000 really sold copies of Live Magic. So what's the point to include those shipments just sent to store, but not really sold? On the other side, this widely proposed info is dedicated to simple music lovers, who conception "sold" understand as "really sold".
      And about the Pub Evian version of "We will rock you", MJ Dangerous did published its whole chart-running in the page 2 of this topic.
      You mean "We Will Rock You" by Forever Young??? Sorry, I always thought Forever Young is somebody else than Pub Evian or KCPK.

      And I also read that "we will rock" was 12 weeks or more in 1977, but I havenīt confirmed. And itīs the same for "Love of my life" in Argentina and Brazil, but itīs so hard to get that information.
      Yeah, there are lots of hardly verifiable facts about Queen, for example, almost every (semi)official or not sourse points that "Radio Ga Ga" was No 1 in 19 countries, or single "I kind of magic" (other sources claims album) reached No 1 in 35 countries, but it's hard to find even 10 or 5 countries where they were No 1.
      Stone cold crazyyy


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        "You mean "We Will Rock You" by Forever Young??? Sorry, I always thought Forever Young is somebody else than Pub Evian or KCPK."

        Well, to be honest, I have never listened to that version, but as far as I know the Pub Evian remix is the same that MJ Dangerous was refering to in the page 2.

        About the facts you mention, of "Live magic" being over 400.000 copies until the end of 1986 according to Emi, I have also read it. But as Basil pointed in the other page, they have no access to real sales, but yes to the shipment sent to stores (at least as I know). With only 3 weeks on the charts at the end of 1986, "Live magic" was between the 50 best selling albums of the year, which means about 0,25 and 0,3 M copies sold. So all I can suppose is that "Live magic" had a shipment of over 400.000 copies in UK at the end of 1986, but a part of it, was sold in the following year. But again, I really donīt know and Iīm not sure.

        And yes, in most Queen books or web sites, it says that Radio ga-ga was number one in 19 countries, and "A kind og magic" in 35 countries. In the first case, of "Radio ga-ga", I have confirmed 4 countries, which are Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Irealnd, the other 15 are unknown, but it is very likely that it was number one in such number of countries. About "A kind of magic", I think that the claim is not true in this case. All I can say about this song is that it was at number one in most popular argentinian radios.


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          Originally posted by EM64T
          More question: what about the single sales?

          AOBTD - 8,000,000


          Hello, well I donīt have too much information on singles sales, sorry. About "Another one bites the dust" it is said to be the best selling Queen single of all time, and their sales are ussually claimed on about 7 and 8 millions copies. In USA, it was at number one during 3 weeks in 1980, and received the platinum award for over 2 millions copies. Some sources say that it sold over 3,5 in this country. It was also number one in Canada, Spain, and other countries, bit I donīt have many information about it.


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            Well, thank to Nelson, here I leave some sales figures for some Queen singles, based on certifications in selected countries:

            1) Bohemiah Rhapsody, 3,130,000
            2) We Are The Champion, 3,000,000
            3) Another One Bites The Dust, 2,000,000
            4) Crazy Little Thing Called Love, 1,550,000


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              HUR, the Sale of, 'Bohemian Rhapsody', is far too low.

              Adding together its 1975/1976, & 1991/1992, Sales, it has sold 2,130,000 in the UK alone. In 1976 it reached Number 9 in the USA - and sold a Million there, (on that release) - on the Elektra Label.

              In 1992, it reached Number 2 there, and it, (finally), got a Gold Disk for that Sale in August 2005. So, its USA Sales are at least 2 Million.

              That gives it over 4 Million Sales from just the UK & USA - not counting its Sales in the rest of the World.



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                Hello Colin, thank you for your reply. Yes, you surely right about "Bohemian rhapsody" real sales worldwide. And I have forgotten the gold certification for the second release of "bohemian rhapsody" but well, it was officially given to "The show must go on". If we count both releases for the two countries, the singles is over 4 millons copies. And it was also number one in Australia, Canada, Irealnd, New Zealand, Belgium, and maybe other places.

                Colin, did you see my private message?. I sent it to you some weeks ago.


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                  Hello ref. breakdown Greatest hits 1

                  In November 2003 EMi Aus certified GH1 as 13P. However, EMI Australia has picked up their catalogue in 1984 so with Warner’s sales included (they have stated that they have no idea what they are), it can safely be assumed this album has sold well over 1 million units in Australia. If i have to hazard a guess I say 16 times platinum (1,120,000)maybe more.

                  ARIA has the following info on GHII:
                  Greatest Hits Vol 2 rel: 1991 4 x Platinum (1992)

                  EMI new Zealand had in December 2003 the following sales figures:
                  Greatest Hits - 142,436 - 9 x Platinum
                  Greatest Hits 2 - 151,458 -10 x Platinum
                  Greatest Hits 3 - 16,732 -1 x Platinum
                  Greatest Hits 1 & 2 - 65,719 -4 x Platinum

                  As EMI NZ is most likely in the same positon as EMI Aus (no sales records prior to 84) 9P for GH is more likely to be 12P!

                  In Canada according to CRIA the following:
                  GOLD ALBUM(S) CD N 10-Apr-1992 6354
                  PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CD N 29-Apr-1992 6353
                  DOUBLE PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CD N 28-Oct-1992 6351
                  TRIPLE PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CDN 28-Oct-1992 6352
                  QUADRUPLE PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CD N 28-Oct-1992 6350
                  QUINTUPLE PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CD N 07-Sep-1993 6355

                  GREATEST HITS \ WARNER MUSIC CANADA LTD \ Warner
                  GOLD ALBUM(S) CD N 25-Nov-1992 6358
                  PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CD N 25-Nov-1992 6359
                  DOUBLE PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CDN 25-Nov-1992 6357
                  TRIPLE PLATINUM ALBUM(S)CD N15-Apr-1993 6356

                  Via CRIA i received an email address at universal i raised the issue of certifications not being up-to-date. The person was kind enough to provide the following info:
                  'You are correct in your assumption that the certifications are not up to date. This is due to a number of factors. When the original Queen albums were first released in Canada (and the U.S.), they were on the Elektra label (part of the Warner Music Group). Then the rights were all transferred to Hollywood Records which was at that time also part of the Warner Music Group. Then Hollywood changed distribution in North America to the Polygram group which was later merged with Universal Music.

                  The sales information from that pre-Polygram period is not readily accessible to us and candidly, it is not our practice to continue to review catalogue titles for further certification unless there is a specific reason to do so. The reason for that is that it costs us money each time you certify an album.'

                  In addition he provided me the following unofficial certification level while 'under contract' with universal: as per march 2005

                  Classic Queen - 2X Platinum
                  Greatest Hits - 4X Platinum
                  Made In Heaven - Platinum
                  Very Best Of Queen - 3X Platinum
                  Greatest Video Hits 1 (DVD) - 4X Platinum
                  Live At Wembley Stadium (DVD) - 5X Platinum
                  Greatest Video Hits 2 (DVD) - 2X Platinum
                  On Fire - Live At The Bowl (DVD) - 3X Platinum

                  Canadian certifications are based on the following criteria:
                  CD - Gold (50,000)
                  CD - Platinum (100,000) & multiples thereafter in increments of 100,000
                  VHS/DVD - Gold (5,000)
                  VHS/DVD - Platinum (10,000) & multiples thereafter in increments of 10,000

                  If a title has more than one unit in it, then each unit counts as 1. For example, Greatest Video Hits 1 DVD has shipped over 20,000 units so that makes it 2X Platinum. Because there are two discs in the package, that now makes it 4X Platinum.

                  Very Best Of Queen is, as far as I know a Canadian release only (in stead of GH 1 and 2?)

                  Therefore Classic Queen is in reality 5 P (cria) and 2xP brings it to 7 platinum at a minimum.
                  GH 3P (Cria AND they informed me that this is the 92 release only!) and 4P bring this title to 7 platinum awards as well - But with sales from '81 to '92 unaccounted for. Based on that i would argue that GH should most probably be certified Diamond in canada for 1,000,000 sales.


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                    Bracca, sorry, I didnīt understand well enough your information about Canada.

                    And about New Zealand, I had also read those numbers you posted in your message, but do you know if Queen was officially certified 10 pl. and 9pl. for those albums?.

                    And in Australia, there has to remeber that Greatest hits was number 2 in 1981, and charted between that year and 1982. So if the 910 k is for their sales since 1984, there is no doubt that it had very good sales with the first version in 1981.

                    Do you have more information about some other Queen albums?. Thank you in advance.


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                      It is strange that EMI has no idea of GH1 sales in Australia before 84. Even if they don't have real numbers yet, at least certifications existed at that time. Warner probably certified the album


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                        Good point, John. There is no information available on line for the certifications back in the 80ī, but it probably sold enough to be certified at least platinum in that time. I read that the platinum award was at that time 100 k, do you know if it is true?.


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                          Hello hur -- well i copied and pasted the whole email i must admit i had to read it a few times myself and had to email him with more questions.
                          In short universal (Hollywood's rep in Canada) does not hold prior sales data at the same time they are not too bothered ref up to date certification as it costs money. The per March 2005 cert levels are WHILE 'with' Universal only! The album certification levels as listed on the CRIA site are from before that time so these 2 sets of data should be added (and then there is still sales data missing).

                          The EMI sales figure i received via a contact I have at RIANZ not sure if EMI has bothered to officially certify them.
                          EMI new Zealand had in December 2003 the following sales figures:
                          QUEEN - GOLD / PLATINUM SALES
                          December 2003

                          Greatest Hits 142,436 9 x Platinum

                          Greatest Hits 2 151,458 10 x Platinum

                          Greatest Hits 3 16,732 1 x Platinum

                          Greatest Hits 1 & 2 65,719 4 x Platinum

                          Platinum Collection 20,652 1 x Platinum

                          The Works 24,041 1 x Platinum

                          A Kind Of Magic 35,023 2 x Platinum

                          Live Magic 22,895 1 x Platinum

                          The Miracle 29,044 1 x Platinum

                          Made In Heaven 54,062 3 x Platinum

                          Innuendo 15,415 1 x Platinum

                          Live At Wembley 17,208 1 x Platinum

                          Info below i got from RIANZ
                          Queen Greatest Hits III - 5 weeks in chart, Peaked @ 24
                          Queen Rocks - 2 weeks in chart, Peaked @ 32 No Certification

                          GH 1 &II boxset did particulary well in NZ 4P

                          Hello John-I raised the issue at ARIA here is the reply
                          'As you know, the Queen discography dates back to the first half of the 1970s, but while they were awarded from a much earlier date, the information that we have on ARIA Accreditations is only reliable back to the end of the 1980s. This is due to a number of factors, but primarily relates to the fact that until the late 1980s accreditations were awarded and recorded (ie details noted) manually and no-one has been here at ARIA long enough to know where the original records are (but we're still looking!). The reason that the information has improved since the late 1980s is twofold. Firstly, accreditations are now stored electronically and also, since 1989 ARIA has recognised (unofficially) achievements of multiple platinum sales which has encouraged record companies to be active in more promptly applying for awards as product becomes eligible.'
                          Besides Elektra may not have bothered certifying it back then.


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                            Thank you Bracca, very good information and a interesting break down about New Zealand real sales. One question: are those sales cdīs only?. Or do they include all formats like cassettes and vinyls?. On the other hand, do you have peak positions for that country and some others?. Iīm particullary interested in countries like Ireland and Belgium. Thank you in adavance.


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                              Brian May has said - officially - that in October, Queen go into the Studio to make a NEW Album. It will have the Ex-Free Singer on lead Vocals - Paul Rodgers. Roger Taylor will also be working on it.

                              It will be their first 100% new Album since 1991's 'Innuendo'.

                              This is reported in several parts of the Internet at the moment.

                              We will see if it actually happens.....



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                                Ref break down about New Zealand real sales. One question: are those sales cdīs only?. Or do they include all formats like cassettes and vinyls?.

                                Hello HUR -- I really do not know this is all the info I received. I do not have any chart info On Ireland or Belgium - sorry!


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                                  Originally posted by HUR
                                  Good point, John. There is no information available on line for the certifications back in the 80ī, but it probably sold enough to be certified at least platinum in that time. I read that the platinum award was at that time 100 k, do you know if it is true?.
                                  Yes 50K for gold, 100K for Platinum. You can find some in old billboard mags (each year there was a OZ-NZ Special survey)


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                                    certified albums and sales in Finland
                                    This is listed on
                                    Queen Innuendo EMI 38221
                                    Queen Greatest Hits EMI 39477
                                    Queen Miracle EMI 43130
                                    Queen Made In Heaven EMI 50134
                                    Queen Greatest Hits 2 EMI 135413
                                    Queen A Night at the Opera EMI 20000

                                    Pls note sales are not up to date - they list Queen GHII at 135,413 However, QOL posted that EMI Finland had announced 150K were sold last year or so. (correction it was 2004)

                                    also listed is:
                                    Eri esittäjiä Queen Dance Traxx 1 EMI 20122 1997


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                                      Thank you Jonh and Bracca, for your explanation about Australia and New Zealand.

                                      About Finland, "A night at the opera", "The miracle", "Innuendo", Greatest hits 2 and "Made in heaven" reached number one in that country. Greatest hits 1 was number 3.


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                                        Originally posted by zeus555
                                        Brian May has said - officially - that in October, Queen go into the Studio to make a NEW Album. It will have the Ex-Free Singer on lead Vocals - Paul Rodgers. Roger Taylor will also be working on it.

                                        It will be their first 100% new Album since 1991's 'Innuendo'.

                                        This is reported in several parts of the Internet at the moment.

                                        We will see if it actually happens.....

                                        Thank you Colin. I had also read that news. Well, to be honest, Iīm not happy with this, I donīt want them to realise a new album with name "Queen". I know that itīs debatable, but in my opinion, Queen is over since 1991.

                                        This is what Brian wrote on his website:

                                        "Yes, strangely enough I talked to Paul last night, the one and only Paul Rodgers, and confirmed that we will be heading into the studio in October .... at a secret location !

                                        There was an intent there for a while, but we have all been busy picking up our lives in different ways. I was perhaps a little forward in announcing our plans in that message ... but now it really looks as if we are on.

                                        First I must tell yo'all ....Paul will be here in the UK - ON TOUR ! So get your tickets now if you want to catch him at the Albert Hall, Sheffield City

                                        Hall ...etc ... a date list is ... HERE !!

                                        Roger and I will not be appearing with him on this trip, of course - he has his own band, which features an old friend, guitarist Howard Leese, from Heart, that excellent band from Seattle who did some dates with us in the UK all those years ago. It will be good to see the Paul Rodgers we all grew up with, doing his own material, from Free to Bad Company and the Firm, plus, I'm sure, a good helping of the pure blues material which is such a main artery of Paul's music.

                                        But then we will be turning our heads towards the studio interaction which, just possibly, will bring us all to a new place. We will take it gently at first, the priority being to feel good, and put ourselves in the mood to create. Cheers


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                                          Were Queen a ROCK group? It is just that my favourite kind of Music is Pop Music, (as in catchy sing-a-long stuff), & my favourite Group are ABBA.

                                          However, I like Queen too, & always have. I find many of their songs to be as catchy - and well Produced - as ABBA stuff.

                                          I like Meatloaf too - and he is regarded as 'Rock'. I find it a bit odd that very few people seem to discuss his forthcoming 'Bat Out Of Hell III' Album. After all, 'Bat Out Of Hell II', was the Best Selling UK Album of 1993, & it was Number 1 here for 11 Weeks. It is almost as if no one thinks the 3rd Album in the 'Series', will do much.

                                          As far as I am concerned, I would not mind if Queen, Meatloaf, & ABBA, had more Number 1 Albums, as I think all 3 Acts are great.

                                          We will see IF a NEW Queen Album appears before 2006 ends, (or in early 2007). I know that many Queen Fans will not see it as the 'real thing', because Freddie will not be singing on it. We will see how strong the Tracks on it are - if the Album is ever made. However, Freddie had one of the greatest voices in Rock/Pop History, and he cannot be replaced in Queen - ever.



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                                            Good points there, Colin. About Queen, there has to say that they were changing during all their carrer, and combining differet styles to their music. They had an incredible versatility to go from a hard rock song to a pop ballad, without being in any of those musical genres.

                                            And Freddie was the main "conductor", the leader, in such variety. He was not only able to make songs on a lot of styles, but even include different genres and formats in a single song. Freddie was a master in that. In which kind of style can we put "Bohemian rhapsody"?. It starts with quite sound at the beggining, like a pop ballad, but turns into an "oppereta" in the central section, to end up with a hard rock final. And that is not the only example: in "Innuedo", he composed some flamenco and orquestral arrangements for that song, combining them with a hard rock piece.

                                            He had also some contacts with "classic music". At that respect, "Bohemian rhapsody" was a step, but he kept on working and learning, and was able to use those skills with more experience in some other songs of the band, like "Was it all worth it" (from the album "The miracle" in 1989), when he composed, arrenged and performed an orquetal interludes (using a Kong M1 keyboard), and some other things in songs like "The miracle" (from that same album), "Donīt try so hard", "Bijou", and some others.

                                            And in general, all the members of the band knew how to combine styles, and makes songs from different genres. When Freddie wrote "Somebody to love" in 1976, Brian and Roger were able to emulate a gospel choir by multi-tracks, and perform those vocal arrangements. Freddie even composed a waltz for the album "A dat at the races" (in the song "The millionaire waltz), and Brian make his guitar sound like violin and created some great effects.

                                            But well, in conclussion you can find a lot of different things on Queen back catalog, they worked very hard to creat and performe their great arrangements, and made songs from a lot of styles, like hard rock, pop, gospel, proggresive, art-rock, waltz, vaudeville, some folk, and even flamenco.

                                            The ones who love the pop music will like albums like "The game" or "A kind og magic". Those who prefer hard rock music, will like "Queen" and some things from "Sheer heart attack". And for prog. rock fans, "Queen 2" is the main option. And of course, Queen fans (like me) love all the albums.


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                                              Here are some Queen number one songles that I have collected. Please if someone wants to make corrections or has more information about it, post them here.

                                              -"Bohemian rhapsody": UK (9 weeks), Netherlands (3 weeks), Ireland (6 weeks), australia (2 weeks), New Zealand, Canada (2 weeks), Belgium (3 weeks).

                                              -"Somebody to love": Netherlands (3 weeks)

                                              -"We are the champions" and "We will rock you": France.

                                              -"Crazy little thing called love": Netherlands (3 weeks), USA (4 weeks), canada (2 weeks), Australia (7 weeks).

                                              -"Another one bites the dust": USA (3 weeks), Canada (2 weeks), Spain (1 week), Argentina.

                                              -"Flash": Austria (2 weeks).

                                              -"Under pressure": UK (2 weeks), Netherlands (1 weeks).

                                              -"Radio ga-ga": Netherlands (1 weeks), Belgium (3 weeks), Ireland (1 week), Sweden (4 weeks), Finland.

                                              -"I want to break free": Netherlands (2 weeks), Belgium (3 weeks), South Africa (7 weeks), Austria (4 weeks).

                                              -"Innuendo": UK (1 weeks).

                                              -"Bohemian rhapsody" and "Thse are the days of our lives": UK (5 weeks), Irealand (5 weeks).

                                              -"Five live ep": UK (3 weeks), Ireland (3 weeks), Spain (4 weeks).

                                              -"We will rock you" (with five): UK (1 week).

                                              -"I was born to love you": Japan (on international charts).

                                              There has to remember that there some other Queen singles, wich were probably number one in some countries, like "A kind of magic, which was number one in 35 countries according to some sources, and "I want it all", "kiler queen", "the show must go on" or "Heaven for everyone", between others.


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                                                Here a little work with some Queen number one DVDīs:

                                                -"Freddie Mercury tribute concert": UK

                                                -"Greatest video hits 1": UK, Germany, Spain.

                                                -"Live at wembley": UK, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Australia, Italy, spain, New Zealand.

                                                -"Greatest video hits 2": UK.

                                                -"Queen on fire": UK, Austria, Germany, Italia, Sweden, Belgium, Japan (on international charts).

                                                -"Queen jewels": Japan.

                                                -"We are the champipons": Japan (on international charts).

                                                And "The return of the champions" was number one in UK and Japan (on international charts), but I donīt know if it counts as an official Queen release.

                                                Does anybody have more information?. Thank you in advance.


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                                                  Wonderful work that you are doing with these individual acts sales threads, Basil!!!
                                                  I'm enjoying each one of them!

                                                  One question about this one: are you sure that SS sales of A Kind of Magic are 582,000?
                                                  It's seems a bit too high when compared with the other Queen albums of the 80's. Can you check it?

                                                  My sugestion for the next threads of this kind:

                                                  Bruce Springsteen
                                                  Frank Sinatra
                                                  Bob Dylan
                                                  Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr
                                                  Elvis Presley

                                                  Would it be possible to update the The Beatles one?
                                                  I would do some of the above if i had access to the sales data

                                                  Thank you for all your work!


                                                  • Re: Queen Sales Thread

                                                    Originally posted by Basil
                                                    1975 2002 A Day At the Opera - 3,000,000 - 981,000
                                                    Top Catalog Albums of the Soundscan era

                                                    Let there be rock!