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  • Mexico: (amprofon)

    Top 100 albums:

    #50 (lw:#53) Greatest Hits I -new peak, 3 weeks-


    • Thank you, Andilversen.

      Some charts this past week:

      UK Albums

      161 (132) Platinum Collection
      169 (122) Greatest Hits

      Belgium Flanders Albums

      71 (52) Platinum Collection

      Belgium Wallonia Albums

      73 (69) Platinum Collection
      144 (156) Greatest Hits

      Spain Albums

      70 (62) Platinum Collection (44 weeks since reissued)

      It spent 125 weeks on the Spanish chart since 2003.

      Australia Back Catalogue Albums

      9 (10) Greatest Hits (51 weeks)

      Italy Alums

      83 (81) Platinum Collection

      France Albums

      167 (138) Greatest Hits
      184 (RE) Greatest Hits II

      France Singles

      199 (179) Bohemian Rhapsody

      France DVDs

      26 (35) Live At Wembley

      USA Albums

      103 (106) Greatest Hits

      USA DVDs

      32 (N) Greatest Video Hits

      Not sure if I forgot any chart.


      • Norway:(week 36)

        VG lista DVD audio :
        #10 new Queen Rock Montreal

        Switzerland :

        Schweizer hitparade Muzik DVD top 10:
        #10 re-entry Live at Wembley Stadium


        • Originally posted by HUR
          Australia Back Catalogue Albums

          9 (10) Greatest Hits (51 weeks)
          Must be close to 15 x Platinum now.


          • Great. Thank you, Andilversen.

            One more:

            South Korea Albums

            69 (83) Platinum Collection

            Monthly Albums (August)

            56 Platinum Collection

            It reached sales of 211 during August. During 2012, Platinum Collection sold 1,119 copies in South Korea.

            Originally posted by innocenteyes
            Originally posted by HUR
            Australia Back Catalogue Albums

            9 (10) Greatest Hits (51 weeks)
            Must be close to 15 x Platinum now.
            Agreed. I noticed this album has spent 51 weeks in the Catalogue Top 50.

            But more important, if a weekly Top 150 or 200 was compiled every week -and there were no price restrictions-, this album would always be in there. I can understand how it sold over a million after nearly 31 years.

            The problem is that Queen switched to Universal Music in 2011, their new record company will need to combine its sales with what was certified before.

            And we don't even know what went on before 1984, when their catalogue was under Warner.

            These were their record labels in Australia:

            1973 to 1983: Warner/Elektra
            1984 to 2010: EMI
            2011 to present: Universal

            EMI (who controlled their distribution between 1984 and 2010) assured they certified Greatest Hits (14 times platinum, with 1,000,000 claimed) using their own information, and nothing from 1981 to 1983. But I have been told that EMI may have already have been pressing some copies before 1984, not sure what to think about it.

            Here is a Billboard claim, from June 1982:

            "WEA's 1981 achievements included the biggest selling non-tv album of the year with John and Yoko's 'Double Fantasy' (285,000), along with Richard Clayderman's 'Reveries' (175,000), Queen's 'Greatest Hits' (170,000)" (Billboard, June 1982).
            Clearly, they are stating Greatest Hits reached shipments of 170,000 during 1981, so I guess it had definitely reached 210,000 by early 1984 (the equivalent of a modern triple platinum).

            Thank you for your weekly Australian posts, they are great.


            • Originally posted by HUR
              Agreed. I noticed this album has spent 51 weeks in the Catalogue Top 50.

              But more important, if a weekly Top 150 or 200 was compiled every week -and there were no price restrictions-, this album would always be in there. I can understand how it sold over a million after nearly 31 years.

              The problem is that Queen switched to Universal Music in 2011, their new record company will need to combine its sales with what was certified before.

              Thank you for your weekly Australian posts, they are great.
              Thank you .

              Completely forgot that they switched to Universal. Then, we shouldn't hold our breath for another cert unfortunately. I think that it must've sold 60-70k units since it was certified 14 x Plat in 2007.

              With EMI's sales, total sales must stand at 1,250,000 units. That would place it at #3 or #4 on the list of biggest selling albums in Australia (depending whether Brothers In Arms sold more but I wouldn't be surprised if Queen's GH was above BIA).


              • Originally posted by HUR

                Not sure if I forgot any chart.
                Netherlands: #85 Platinum Collection
                Sweden: #53 Platinum Collection


                • MJDangerous website is now updated!!

                  Queen's albums sales are estimated at 178,720,000

                  This is the link with all the figures album by album.

         ... rs&Act=143


                  • Thank you, Loris.

                    Although not posted in his website, MJDangerous has also compiled an all time list of the best selling bands worldwide, with albums, singles, digital downloads and music videos added together. These were the results for Queen:

                    3- Queen: 260,000,000
                    Albums 178,000,000
                    Physical Singles 45,000,000
                    Digital downloads 25,000,000
                    Music Videos 12,000,000


                    • Could your provide a link, please?

                      Thank you.


                      • No link, it was information shared via private. Anyway, only groups were included in this ranking, not solo acts. I think you would like to know about Madonna's total. I will ask him about it perhaps and, if you want, I will send you the information via private.


                        • Italy Update

                          52 (New)Freddie/Montserrat-Barcelona
                          61 (83) Queen-The Platinum Collection

                          Music DVD
                          11 (New) Queen-Days Of Our Lives


                          • Poland:

                            Oficjalna lista:

                            #2 up Greatest Hits -7 weeks, peak#2


                            • UK
                              62(148) Greatest Hits

                              Fukc yeah!


                              • Originally posted by arab
                                62(148) Greatest Hits

                                Fukc yeah!

                                Great, fantastic, wonderful - Queen back in the top 75 UK album chart!

                                Can't believe they've charted higher this week then the week after they performed at the Olympics Closing ceremony. I wonder how many weeks this is now in the official chart - must have beaten 'Bat Out of Hell' and be close to 'Rumours' by now.

                                I really hope in their sales analysis this week Musicweek give some commentary on current Queen UK album sales as we haven't had any official figures for ages.. :-?


                                • As 'Greatest Hits', by Queen, is back in the
                                  Top 75, I thought that you may be interested
                                  in these Lists.

                                  All Lists go up to W/E 6th October 2012 - Inclusive

                                  UK ALBUMS WITH THE MOST TOP 75 WEEKS

                                  1) Gold - Greatest Hits - ABBA - 450
                                  2) Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf - 440
                                  3) Greatest Hits - Queen - 415
                                  4) Legend - Bob Marley & The Wailers - 388
                                  5) Rumours - Fleetwood Mac - 381

                                  UK ALBUMS WITH THE MOST CHART WEEKS

                                  1) Rumours - Fleetwood Mac - 493
                                  2) Greatest Hits - Queen - 477
                                  3) Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf - 474
                                  4) Gold - Greatest Hits - ABBA - 450
                                  5) Legend - Bob Marley & The Wailers - 418

                                  NOTE - Regarding the above List - from the
                                  W/E 8th August 1981 to W/E 14th January 1989,
                                  the entire Top 100 of the Album Chart was used
                                  for UK Chart Statistics.

                                  Here are how many Weeks 4 of these 5 Albums gain,
                                  from that period. Gold by ABBA has no Chart
                                  Positions added in, from that period, as it was
                                  not released until September 1992.

                                  The Weeks they gained from No.76 to No.100 Positions

                                  (August 1981 to January 1989)

                                  1) Rumours - Fleetwood Mac - 112 extra Weeks
                                  2) Greatest Hits - Queen - 62 extra Weeks
                                  3) Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf - 34 extra Weeks
                                  4) Legend - Bob Marley & The Wailers - 30 extra Weeks

                                  UK ALBUMS WITH THE MOST TOP 100 WEEKS

                                  1) Gold - Greatest Hits - ABBA - 650
                                  2) Greatest Hits - Queen - 637
                                  3) Legend - Bob Marley & The Wailers - 607
                                  4) Rumours - Fleetwood Mac - 528
                                  5) Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf - 506



                                  • Fantastic post! Many thanks
                                    GH is close to beat Gold, but it won't be easy. ABBA's album is a fantastic catalog seller too


                                    • Let's also remember that before 1989, Various Artists albums were included in the official Top 100, a problem Abba's Gold never had to deal with.

                                      Thank you for the stats, Colin.

                                      Like Edwood, I would love to know how many copies have Queen sold this century in the UK.

                                      I estimated their albums to be 5,700,000, using annual sales figures provided by Musicweek.

                                      More than 1,200,000 music videos.

                                      And at least 2,300,000 digital downloads, plus perhaps some 300,000 physical singles.

                                      Great total altogether, not many classic bands can boast of that.


                                      • I just hope that Greatest Hits can stay around the top 75 for a few more weeks at least! Looking at the chart analysis from Musicweek from this week they have (again) failed to mention Queen sales! :-?

                                        I hope it can eventually beat Rumours to the title of the longest charting album in UK album chart history...


                                        • Considering that last week Greatest Hits didn't do too well on I-Tunes, as it never enterd the top-100, I think that the reason of this success is due to its good tendency on Amazon: it spent all the last week at the third place among the most downloaded albums.


                                          • Queen UK albums sales this century (from 2000): 5,900,000.

                                            Thanks to Brian05. Link: ... 6&start=25.

                                            Slightly better than I thought.


                                            • Originally posted by HUR
                                              Queen UK albums sales this century (from 2000): 5,900,000.
                                              So does it mean that in 2011 Queen sold 350,000 albums in UK?


                                              • Annual sales:

                                                2000 437,266
                                                2001 no information available, Greatest Hits sold 101,000
                                                2002 930,000
                                                2003 471,000
                                                2004 no information available, Platinum Collection sold 218,000 and Greatest Hits 30,000
                                                2005 620,000
                                                2006 640,000
                                                2007 408,357
                                                2008 363,830
                                                2009 661,468
                                                2010 185,000

                                                Total known sales are 4,716,921. Plus with Greatest Hits and Platinum Collection (2001 and 2004), we get a minimum of 5,065,921 albums sold.

                                                My assumption is that Queen sold at least 300,000 in 2001, maybe 350,000.

                                                And I have seen a BPI report which gave 465,000 for 2004, but it doesn't fit the year end chart. It is more likely that they sold 400,000 in that year.

                                                Some old totals may have been raised for a number of reasons.

                                                But if not, we would have 5,400,000 to 5,600,000 sold between 2000 and 2010.

                                                So Queen may have sold between 300,000 and 500,000 during 2011 and 2012 combined.


                                                • some boxscores (not sure they were published)

                                                  15/07/05 Hyde Park London ENGLAND 46004/47500 3 542 573$
                                                  06/07/05 RheinEnergieStadion Cologne GERMANY 20731/30000 1 333 285$
                                                  04/05/05 Manchester Evening News Arena Manchester ENGLAND 14848/15212 1 318 828$


                                                  • Polish chart

                                                    Greatest Hits number 1


                                                    • Wow! I wonder what happened


                                                      • Poland, Queen own you. lol.


                                                        • From a press release....

                                                          'The Freddie Mercury 'Great Pretender' documentary has been confirmed for broadcast in the UK for Tuesday, October 16th at 10.35pm (GMT) on BBC1.'

                                                          I think this is the edited version of the DVD/Blu Ray currently out there. Hopefully it will give Queen sales in the UK a boost...


                                                          • Two Queen albums (Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits II) continually chart in the Chinese Amazon chart, generally in the comprehensive Top 100 where only current acts or divas do well. Link: ... p_ts_m_1#2. Currently Greatest Hits is set at number 22 (second highest Western album).

                                                            I would like to share the following 'dissertation', loaded with sales numbers, chart and market information and well founded guesses (some probably not):


                                                            In an article from November 2001, it was mentioned that Queen had sold a total of 850,930 compact discs in Argentina during the previous 10 years.

                                                            During that whole decade, Queen had six albums that sold particularly well: Innuendo (released in 1991), Greatest Hits II (1991), Live At Wembley (1992), Made In Heaven (1995), Greatest Hits III (1999) and, also, Greatest Hits (originally released in 1981 and a ever massive seller).

                                                            Greatest Hits I & II, Queen Rocks and Platinum Collection made a small impact.

                                                            It would be interesting to know what those albums sold in CDs, in order to calculate how much is left for their back catalogue (studio and live albums) between 1991 and 2001.

                                                            It is possible to get an approximation, mainly because some numbers are available and also several annual details about the market size.

                                                            Between 1991, 1992 and 1993, compact discs accounted for 42% of all sales, they started to penetrate around that time and consolidated its domination years later. For example, in 1992 15 million albums were sold, of which more than 6 were CDs (41,5%)

                                                            From 1994 to 1999, they took the biggest slice of all sales, acumulating 66% of the market.

                                                            And finally, 2000 and 2001 saw the CD front encompassing practically all sales: about 95%.

                                                            My estimations for those six albums, between 1991 and 2001, are as follows:

                                                            Innuendo 60,000
                                                            Greatest Hits 540,000
                                                            Live At Wembley 30,000
                                                            Made In Heaven 120,000
                                                            Greatest Hits III 60,000
                                                            Greatest Hits 330,000 (not including its sales before 1991)
                                                            Greatest Hits I & II, Queen Rocks and Platinum Collection 15,000 combined

                                                            A total of 1,150,000 coming from those albums, their strongest sellers.

                                                            These sales are sound due to the CAPIF certifications that assist us. In some cases, there isn't much to explain. Made In Heaven was certified double platinum in 2001 (120,000); Innuendo platinum (60,000) in that same year; and Greatest Hits III platinum in 2007, meaning that it would have been on 45,000 by late 2001 (roughly).

                                                            Greatest Hits II achieved its diamond award in October 1999, by when it had reached 506,916 sales. And I assume it had jumped to 540,000 in November 2001 (enough for it to garner platinum 9 times over).

                                                            Greatest Hits is a little bit more difficult, but it sold 183,809 copies in 1992 (fourth best selling album of that year). Therefore I estimate it sold about 225,000 between 1991, 1992 and 1993.

                                                            A version released in August 1994 went triple platinum (180,000) in November 2006, 12 years. An average of 15,000 pieces a year. Which implies it had totalled 105,000 by November 2001.

                                                            Overall that would be 225,000 from 1991 to 1993 and a further 105,000 between 1994 and 2001. A combined 330,000 copies as listed above.

                                                            Greatest Hits I & II, Queen Rocks and Platinum Collection not more than 15,000 combined (the latter was only available as an import).

                                                            How many of these sales were CDs?

                                                            That is what I'm trying to figure with all this.

                                                            My estimations, total CDs sales for those same albums:

                                                            Innuendo 20,000
                                                            Greatest Hits 270,000
                                                            Live At Wembley 15,000
                                                            Made In Heaven 90,000
                                                            Greatest Hits III 40,000
                                                            Greatest Hits 180,000
                                                            Greatest Hits I & II, Queen Rocks and Platinum Collection 10,000

                                                            Total 625,000

                                                            Some are obvious to calculate.

                                                            Made In Heaven sold the majority of its total between 1995 and 1996 and reached double platinum, as mentioned, in 2001. With CDs representing most sales during the second half of the nineties (and more in 2000 and 2001), it is safe to assume that 90,000 came from compact discs (75%).

                                                            Greatest Hits III was released in 1999 and 40,000 CDs would be fine (it would have been on 45,000 altogether).

                                                            Different to Innuendo, which passed 60,000 sales in 2001 but was released when CDs were still a new brand: in 1991 10,8 million albums were sold, including only 1,6 million via compact discs; there was an improvement in 1992 and 1993, just not very significant.

                                                            Then we get to Greatest Hits II, which needs a bit of an explanation. The album was a big seller from its date of release: it amounted 315,907 copies in 1992 (second best selling album of that year) and had sold nearly 420,000 by early 1994.

                                                            From 1994 to 1999 it moved a further 90,000, putting its tally at 510,000 then and -do I add- approximately 30,000 in 2000 and 2001, for a grand total of 540,000.

                                                            With CDs being 40% of all sales during 1991, 1992, 1993, I estimate 180,000 CDs sold during those three years.

                                                            With the same logic, more than 60,000 from 1994 to 1999 and 30,000 between 2000 and 2001. Which puts us at 270,000 CDs sold as deconstructed above, out of 540,000.

                                                            Virtually the same reasoning, implemented to Greatest Hits, throws 180,000 CDs sold (with 330,000 counting all formats).

                                                            As it can be seen, CDs were a bit of a late phenomenon in Argentina (compared to other countries) and, even during the nineties, cassettes were still an important share of the market.

                                                            So with 850,930 CDs from 1991 to 2001 and 625,000 coming from nine albums, we are left with 225,000 for all their back catalogue in compact discs: basically all their albums released before 1991, except Greatest Hits (already counted).

                                                            Assuming this is about accurate, what would their back catalogue have sold factoring all formats (with 225,000 via CDs)?

                                                            We can use Greatest Hits as basis. I gave 330,000 sales for the whole period, including 180,000 CDs and 150,000 for other formats.

                                                            Applying a similar ratio to their back catalogue albums (studio and live), that would be 420,000 in total, including 225,000 CDs. But it may have been a bit less than that.

                                                            All estimations, no need to mention it.

                                                            After so many explanations, a sum:

                                                            -Queen sold 850,930 CDs between 1991 and 2001.
                                                            -Innuendo, Greatest Hits II, Live At Wembley, Made In Heaven, Greatest Hits III, Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits I & II, Queen Rocks and Platinum Collections sold an estimated 1,150,000 copies during those ten years, counting all formats.
                                                            -Based on my estimations, those nine albums achieved CDs sales of 625,000 units in total, of 1,150,000 counting all formats.
                                                            -By logic, all the other albums (back catalogue) are left with 225,000 CDs and approximately 420,000 if all formats are merged.


                                                            • Queen's Greatest Hits is currently at number 11 on the Chinese Amazon charts HUR!

                                                              I wonder how big the Chinese market is at the moment? The way China has took off in the last 25 years could this market be the biggest in the world eventually? They do have 1.3 billion people (more then the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe combined!) If it did then maybe a really huge worldwide album could maybe rival the biggest selling album's sales eventually when you have a market that big.

                                                              Good work on those Argentina sales as well.