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    Bruce Springsteen RIAA

    Born To Run 6xp
    The Wild, 2xp
    Darkness on the Edge of Town 3xp
    Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ 2xp
    The River 5xp
    Nebraska 1xp
    Born in the USA 15xp
    Live 1975-1985 13xp
    Tunnel of Love 3xp
    Lucky Town 1xp
    Human Touch 1xp
    Greatest Hits 4xp
    Ghost of Tom Joad Gold
    Tracks 1xp
    Live In New York City 1xp
    The Rising 2xp
    The Essential 1xp
    Devils & Dust GoldThe Seeger Sessions Gold
    Magic 1xp *new*

    Total: 63.5xp


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      27 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - MAGIC 30,949 41,724 -26% 671,297 (1xp)


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        How about Born to Run 30 the anniversary is that included in Born to Run sales?


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          Originally posted by Classicrock
          How about Born to Run 30 the anniversary is that included in Born to Run sales?
          No, they were counted separately by both the riaa and soundscan. I don't have the figure to hand - the bigham Dane or Edu might - but the 2CD version sold over 100k (was it 138???).

          It's all down to the rule that re-issues must contain 75% of the original music. All those deluxe 2CD albums - like Ziggy Stardust - are therefore excluded.
          See Page One of my threads for all updates


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            Spain, week 48

            #11 Magic (Gold)
            #76 We Shall Overcome / The Seeger Sessions (Gold)
            #81 The Essential (Gold)
            Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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              12/15 USA chart

              52 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - MAGIC 20,909 26,041 -20% 746,423 (1xp)


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                Magic certified 2xplatinum in Sweden
                Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                  12/08/07 Catalog chart:

                  67 SPRINGSTEEN*BRUCE GREATEST HITS 7,733 +154% 3,049 3,868,060 (4xp)


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                    Oricon International Album chart -2007/12/17-
                    Over 20,000 Total sales Albums and more(Excludes Japan Only compilation albums)
                    (Left To Right:Rank of Overall chart,Rank of Overall chart(LW),Title,Artist,Sales for one week,Total Sales,Peak Pos.,Weeks On Chart)

                    [148] (101) Magic (1,380) [41,083] #14, 10wks

                    (thanks to Mario )
                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                      Magic is also 2xPlatinum (80,000) in Sweden. Springsteen is even bigger than in the US in the Scandinavian countries.
                      25 June 2009, the day the Music died


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                        Top 100 Individual Artist Albums
                        Week ending 27th December 2007
                        LW TW TITLE ARTIST LABEL WKS
                        13 14 MAGIC BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN COLUMBIA 13
                        62 52 GREATEST HITS BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN COLUMBIA 262
                        Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                          week1-2008 dvd charts, Sweden

                          #17 new SOUL FEVER
                          Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                            1/12/08 chart:

                            42 57 SPRINGSTEEN*BRUCE MAGIC 26,009 -56% 58,751 896,756 (1xp)


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                              #95 (RE) Born in the U.S.A.
                              SPRINGSTEEN BRUCE

                              Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                                1/26/08 Catalog chart:

                                32 COL 95 80 76 SPRINGSTEEN*BRUCE GREATEST HITS 2,463 -19% 3,027 3,899,101 (4xp)


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                                  IFPI Platinum Europe Awards
                                  4th Quarter of 2007

                                  PLATINUM (1,000,000 copies)
                                  Bruce Springsteen - Magic
                                  Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                                    3x platinum in Ireland
                                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                                      Live in Dublin
                                      platinum in Ireland
                                      Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                                        Sales wold-wide up to february 2008, according Zago's

                                        1973 Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.                 3.500.000  
                                        1973 The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle    3.500.000  
                                        1975 Born To Run                                     10.000.000 + 
                                        1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town                     5.500.000 + 
                                        1980 The River                                       10.000.000  
                                        1982 Nebraska                                         4.500.000  
                                        1984 Born In The U.S.A.                              29.000.000  
                                        1986 Live/1975-85                                     7.500.000  
                                        1987 Tunnel Of Love                                   8.500.000  
                                        1992 Human Touch                                      4.500.000 + 
                                        1992 Lucky Town                                       4.000.000  
                                        1993 MTV Plugged                                      1.500.000 -
                                        1995 Greatest Hits                                   15.000.000  
                                        1995 The Ghost of Tom Joad                            3.000.000 + 
                                        1998 Tracks                                           1.000.000  
                                        1999 18 Tracks                                        1.000.000
                                        2001 Live In New York City                            1.500.000 -
                                        2002 The Rising                                       5.000.000 + 
                                        2003 The Essential                                    2.500.000  
                                        2005 Devils & Dust                                    2.000.000 +  
                                        2006 We Shall Overcome                                2.300.000 +
                                        2007 Live In Dublin                                     600.000 +
                                        2007 Magic                                            2.400.000 +
                                        Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                                          thanks Wolfy and Zago for those world wide album sales for the Boss. Makes for interesting reading.
                                          Nice figues even for his earlier lesser known albums
                                          1973 Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. 3.500.000
                                          1973 The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle 3.500.000


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                                            3/8 USA charts:

                                            146 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MAGIC 5,304 12,765 -58% 961,075 (1xp)


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                                              Originally posted by thebigham
                                              3/8 USA charts:

                                              146 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MAGIC 5,304 12,765 -58% 961,075 (1xp)
                                              Wow, a big decrease.


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                                                thanks to Earthslayer

                                                New awards and award updates from countries over the past few weeks:

                                                * MAGIC certified TRIPLE PLATINUM in the Norway (previously double platinum).
                                                * MAGIC certified TRIPLE PLATINUM in the Ireland (previously platinum)
                                                * MAGIC certified PLATINUM in the Czech Republic (previously gold)
                                                * MAGIC certified GOLD in Singapore
                                                * MAGIC certified GOLD in Hong Kong (a separate award scheme exists for the rest of China)

                                                Updated Tabulation chart updated below

                                                WORLDWIDE 'MAGIC' ALBUM SALES AWARDS (TO DATE)

                                                Based on the official national industry certification bodies in these countries. Sales are tabulated on certified wholesale sales (i.e., the Record Company to the Distributors/Stores). Figures are based on a per 1,000 unit basis

                                                COUNTRY........sold (per 1,000 units)..................IA AWARD...G/P thresholds...peak chart # 
                                                Norway        over 90 but < 120  3xPLATINUM 15g/30p charted at #1 
                                                Ireland       over 45 but < 60   3xPLATINUM 7.5g/15p charted at #1 
                                                Sweden        over 80 but < 120  2xPLATINUM 20g/40p charted at #1 
                                                USA           over 1000 but < 2000 PLATINUM 500g/1000p charted at #1 
                                                Canada        over 100 but < 200   PLATINUM 50g/100p charted at #1 
                                                Italy         over 80 but < 160    PLATINUM 40g/80p charted at #1 
                                                Spain         over 80 but < 160    PLATINUM 40g/80p charted at #1 
                                                Netherlands   over 70 but < 140    PLATINUM 35g/70p charted at #2 
                                                Denmark       over 30 but < 60     PLATINUM 15g/30p charted at #1 
                                                Czech         over 6 but < 12      PLATINUM 3g/6p charted at #11 
                                                UK            over 100 but < 300   GOLD 100g/300p charted at #1 
                                                Germany       over 100 but < 200   GOLD 100g/200p charted at #3 
                                                Australia     over 35 but < 70     GOLD 35g/70p charted at #2 
                                                Belgium       over 15 but < 30     GOLD 15g/30p charted at #3 
                                                Switzerland   over 15 but < 30     GOLD 15g/30p charted at #4 
                                                Austria       over 10 but < 20     GOLD 10g/20p charted at #1 
                                                New Zealand   over 7.5 but < 15    GOLD 7.5g/15p charted at #2 
                                                Hong Kong     over 7.5 but < 15    GOLD 7.5g/15p no national chart system 
                                                Singapore     over 6 but < 12      GOLD 6g/12p no national chart system 
                                                SUB TOTAL.......over 1877........but < 3724 
                                                + MAGIC potential GOLD award status in 2008 in some of the countries below: 
                                                France        over 0 but < 75      none  75g/200p charted at #3 
                                                Finland       over 0 but < 15      none 15g/30p charted at #4 
                                                Greece        over 0 but < 7.5     none 7.5g/15p charted at #4 
                                                Estonia       no awards scheme in place  charted at #5 
                                                Israel        over 0 but < 20      none 20g/40p charted at #6 
                                                Hungary       over 0 but < 3       none 3g/6p charted at #9 
                                                Portugal      over 0 but < 10      none 10g/20p charted at #12 
                                                Poland        over 0 but < 10      none 10g/20p charted at #13 
                                                Japan         over 0 but < 100     none 100g/250p charted at #14 
                                                Croatia       no awards scheme in place  charted at #19
                                       ... dc4d284c09
                                                Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                                                  E Street Band member Danny Federici dies at 58
                                                  21 hours ago

                                                  NEW YORK (AP) Danny Federici, the longtime keyboard player for Bruce Springsteen whose stylish work helped define the E Street Band's sound on hits from "Hungry Heart" through "The Rising," died Thursday. He was 58.

                                                  Federici, who had battled melanoma for three years, died at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. News of his death was posted late Thursday on Springsteen's official Web site.

                                                  He last performed with Springsteen and the band last month, appearing during portions of a March 20 show in Indianapolis.

                                                  "Danny and I worked together for 40 years he was the most wonderfully fluid keyboard player and a pure natural musician. I loved him very much ... we grew up together," Springsteen said in a statement posted on his Web site.

                                                  Springsteen concerts scheduled for Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Saturday in Orlando were postponed.

                                                  Federici was born in Flemington, N.J., a long car ride from the Jersey shore haunts where he first met kindred musical spirit Springsteen in the late 1960s. The pair often jammed at the Upstage Club in Asbury Park, N.J., a now-defunct after-hours club that hosted the best musicians in the state.

                                                  It was Federici, along with original E Street Band drummer Vini Lopez, who first invited Springsteen to join their band.

                                                  By 1969, the self-effacing Federici often introduced in concert by Springsteen as "Phantom Dan" was playing with the Boss in a band called Child. Over the years, Federici joined his friend in acclaimed shore bands Steel Mill, Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom and the Bruce Springsteen Band.

                                                  Federici became a stalwart in the E Street Band as Springsteen rocketed from the boardwalk to international stardom. Springsteen split from the E Streeters in the late '80s, but they reunited for a hugely successful tour in 1999.

                                                  "Bruce has been supportive throughout my life," Federici said in a recent interview with Backstreets magazine. "I've had my ups and downs, and I've certainly given him a run for his money, and he's always been there for me."

                                                  Federici played accordion on the wistful "4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" from Springsteen's second album, and his organ solo was a highlight of Springsteen's first top 10 hit, "Hungry Heart." His organ coda on the 9/11-inspired Springsteen song "You're Missing" provided one of the more heart-wrenching moments on "The Rising" in 2002.

                                                  In a band with larger-than-life characters such as saxophonist Clarence Clemons and bandana-wrapped guitarist "Little" Steven Van Zandt, Federici was content to play in his familiar position to the side of the stage. But his playing was as vital to Springsteen's live show as any instrument in the band.

                                                  Federici released a pair of solo albums that veered from the E Street sound and into soft jazz. Bandmates Nils Lofgren on guitar and Garry Tallent on bass joined Federici on his 1997 debut, "Flemington." In 2005, Federici released its follow-up, "Out of a Dream."

                                                  Federici had taken a leave of absence during the band's tour in November 2007 to pursue treatment for melanoma, and was temporarily replaced by veteran musician Charles Giordano.

                                                  At the time, Springsteen described Federici as "one of the pillars of our sound and has played beside me as a great friend for more than 40 years. We all eagerly await his healthy and speedy return."

                                                  Besides his work with Springsteen, Federici played on albums by an impressive roster of other artists: Van Zandt, Joan Armatrading, Graham Parker, Gary U.S. Bonds and Garland Jeffreys.

                                                  On the Net:


                                                  • Norway
                                                    Mid-price chart, week 16

                                                    #1 Greatest Hits - Bruce Springsteen
                                                    Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll