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    BB Boxscores

    42 Tool, Once & Future Band Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, Minn. June 9, 2017 $1,242,673 14,697 /
    14,697 1 / 1 $92.50, $72.50 Jam Productions

    44 Tool, Once & Future Band Allstate Arena Rosemont, Ill. June 8, 2017 $1,107,685 13,047 /
    13,047 1 / 1 $95, $75 Jam Productions


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      BB Boxscores

      18 Tool, The Crystal Method Rogers Arena Vancouver, British Columbia June 15, 2017 $1,117,210 13,269 /
      13,269 1 / 1 $94.56, $56.74 Live Nation


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        5/26/18 Catalog Album Sales

        135. Lateralus, Tool 920 2,886,857 2xP

        The last Catalog sales chart we received was in April 2014! Finally!


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          ^5/26/18 Catalog Album Sales

          115. 10,000 Days, Tool 1,024 1,932,094 1xP


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            Thanks - great that their albums are still selling!

            Interesting (and surprising) that 10000 Days sold more than Lateralus (my personal favourite)!

            Curious if Aenema (and Undertow) are also charting...
   -> 362 albums and counting...
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              Tool Sprint Center Kansas City, Mo. May 14, 2019 $1,161,642 13,211 / 13,211 1 / 1 $122, $92, $72 Jam Productions

              Tool Enterprise Center St. Louis, Mo. May 13, 2019 $1,135,240 13,085 / 13,085 1 / 1 $122, $92, $72 Jam Productions

              Tool KFC Yum! Center Louisville, Ky. May 8, 2019 $1,106,397 13,101 / 13,101 1 / 1 $119.50, $55.50 Production Simple


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                Only days after their entire back catalog hit streaming services, progressive metal titans Tool have dominated iTunes’ download charts. Not only does the band have several tracks from throughout their storied career in the top downloaded songs chart, but their 2001 album Lateralus is currently ranked #1 on the iTunes album download chart.

                Just as impressive is that five Tool songs are in iTunes’ top 10 most downloaded songs chart:

                Forty Six & 2


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                  the first album since the band’s 2006 effort 10,000 Days.

                  The band finally revealed the album’s release date back in May at their show in Birmingham, Alabama. They revealed it through a video screen flashing a date before the band’s encore set—”August 30th.”

                  Then, they added some music on streaming platforms. Despite the band being vehemently opposed to doing so prior to this year, they uploaded their 72826 demo tape earlier this month.

                  After that, they changed the logo. The band have historically updated their logo before releasing each album so it was only a matter of time before they did so for the new record


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                    to all those who do not know Tool here, because they don't publish a new album from 2006, on August 30th you will have a new number 1 on charts worldwide, that you do not know haha


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                      2 august

                      Tool Dissectional Silver Album
                      Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                        Tuesday, August 6, 2019

                        TOP 20: OLD DRAKE, SAME RESULTS

                        Four Tool albums may appear in the Top 20 as the band’s catalog was made available to download and stream for the very first time.

                        12. Tool - Aenima (Volcano/RCA) 27-30k, 15-18k
                        16. Tool - Lateralus (Volcano/RCA) 21-24k, 13-15k
                        17. Tool - 10,000 Days (Volcano/RCA) 20-23k, 12-14k
                        20. Tool - Undertow (Volcano/RCA) 19-22k, 12-14k


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                          12 august

                          Album certifications:
                          AENIMA Tool ▲ 3
                          LATERALUS Tool ▲ 2
                          UNDERTOW Tool ▲
                          OPIATE Tool ▲

                          ▲ is for Platinum

                          Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                            Tool gets to work on the ARIA Albums Chart, thanks to the release of their back catalogue to digital services for the first time. The American prog-metal band sees five albums impact the top 50, led by 1996’s Ænima (Volcano/Sony), which returns to No. 6, while former chart-leaders Lateralus and 10,000 Days are at No. 8 and No. 9, respectively.

                            Tool’s first studio album in 13 years, Fear Inoculum, is due out at the end of the month.
                            Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                              8/17/19 Billboard 200:


                              Drake Achieves Ninth No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart With 'Care Package'
                              8/11/2019 by Keith Caulfield

                              Closing out the top 10 is a re-entry for Tool’s Ænima at No. 10. The set – which debuted and peaked at No. 2 in 1996 – was released via digital retailers and streaming services for the first time on Aug. 2, along with most of the rock band’s catalog. The album bounds back onto the list with 33,000 equivalent album units earned (up 5,900%), of which 18,000 were in album sales.


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                                Wednesday, August 28, 2019

                                TAY VS. TOOL? WE HANDICAP LOVER 'S SECOND-WEEK BOUT

                                There will be no chart battle this week—Taylor Swift’s massive #1 is a done deal, and her first-week number will very likely be greater than the rest of the Top 50’s totals combined. But in her second week, Tay’s Lover (Republic) could face an unlikely challenger for the top spot: Volcano/RCA rock veterans Tool.

                                The Maynard Keenan-fronted band’s proggy new set, Fear Inoculum, is their first fresh album drop since 2006, and coincides with the long-deferred digital release of their catalog. With Fear, the band has crafted some serious fan catnip in the form of a $45 physical package that is expected to disappear instantly upon arrival on store shelves this week. This lavish cabinet of wonders, advertised as an “immersive visual experience,” includes (among other features) a CD, an HD video screen with rechargeable speaker, a 36-page booklet, MP3s and a Wagyu-beef-and-ortolan sandwich.

                                OK, we made up the part about the sandwich. But given Tool’s rabid following, demand for this retail offering (which has been in pre-order for weeks) could outpace supply substantially, and the extent to which that demand can be met is believed by biz nerds to be a key determinant of the group’s shot at #1. The other factor, of course, is the extent of Lover’s decay in week two, based on prior-release patterns. Will things be different for Tay this time? Will Tool exceed their already heady expectations? Stay tuned.


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                                  Saturday, August 31, 2019

                                  NEW RELEASES: TOOL TIME

                                  Tool will have the splashiest debut of the week, as their first album since 2006 comes out as a pricey and elaborate retail package. Meanwhile, Lana and Lil Tecca roll out.

                                  Tool (Volcano/RCA) 240-260k total activity, 220-240k album
                                  Lana Del Rey (Interscope) 75-85k, 50-60k
                                  Lil Tecca (Galactic/Republic) 41-46k, 1k

                                  Could Tool take the #1 spot on our next chart, surpassing the mighty Taylor Swift in her second week? Signs point to, um, maybe. Stay tuned.


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                                    Yay! These are great numbers, I expected about 180-200K.


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                                      Taylor must drop 70% to let Tool score #1 in US.

                                      Unfortunately they won't be #1 in UK
                                      KUBA'S CHART


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                                        Tool Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland June 25, 2019 $1,076,960 9,013 / 13,300 1 / 0 $120.50, $86.38 Live Nation


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                                          Tuesday, September 3, 2019

                                          YOUR TOP 20 TOOL BELT

                                          Tool will claim the #1 spot on Friday's HITS Top 50 chart, with no help from D2C or a ticket bundle.

                                          1. *Tool (Volcano/RCA) 240-260k total activity, 220-240k albums
                                          2. Taylor Swift (Republic) 185-200k, 95-105k
                                          3. *Lana Del Rey (Interscope) 85-95k, 50-55k



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                                            UK OCC Chart Midweek Thread: 2019
                                            Tuesday Update
                                            Missing Data: Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube (all for Monday), Amazon Music (for Sunday and Monday) and Amazon HD (all week)
                                            #3 TOOL - Fear Inoculum (8.7k) *


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                                              TOOL FEAR INOCULUM
                                              New-entry on charts all over the Word
                                              be (Flanders) Peak: 1 / Weeks: 1 (V)
                                              nl Peak: 3 / Weeks: 1
                                              be (Wallonia) Peak: 4 / Weeks: 1 (W)
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                                                2 (NEW)
                                                KUBA'S CHART


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                                                  4 (NEW)
                                                  KUBA'S CHART


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                                                    Britney Spears • Janet Jackson • Christina Aguilera • Michael Jackson • Selena Gomez • Hilary Duff • Taylor Swift • Justin Timberlake