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The Artists Chart Analysis Index (Updated 09/06/2018)

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  • The Artists Chart Analysis Index (Updated 09/06/2018)

    In order to organize the Chart Analysis forum in a more clean and easy to read/search way we decided to make a few changes and add some new rules to this section.

    From now on, all the threads dedicated to a certain artist/album will be listed in this thread, with only one of them being the official thread and the others being closed so they won't be unnecessarily bumped, making all the relevant info about that artist/album organized in one single thread.

    These are the new rules for the creation and posting on the artist's threads:

    1st :: To create a new thread about an artist or a new album, ask in this thread for the permission and wait until a moderator answers to you if you can or not open the thread. This measure is to avoid duplicate or unnecessary threads. Also, if you see that a thread was locked you must know that there's always a reason for it, so please do not open a new one with the same subject without talking to the moderators.

    2nd :: There's a standard name for all artist/album dedicated threads and when you make a thread, it must have the same title wich can't be changed, even if it's a small part of it. A thread dedicated to an artist's charts & sales history will be named as "Name Of The Artist :: Charts & Sales History" while threads for a new album will be named as "Name Of The Artist :: The "Album Name" Era". We recommend that both threads are started with 3 blank posts so we will have space to put on these posts later a resume of all the artist's or album's chart & sales history. The standard names were elaborated so it will be easier to find a thread and to understand what's it's content.

    3rd :: Keep in mind that the Charts & Sales History threads are dedicated ONLY to chart-related discussion about all the music an artist have ever released, while the "Era" thread is dedicated to all the chart-related discussion about the era of a certain album, wich means you should talk there about the album itself and any singles, tours or home-videos that come out related to the same parent album. Any other kind of discussion that it's not chart-related must go to the other music genres forums here on UKMix. Last, but not least, remember to always keep your posts centered on a thread's main subject without making comparisons between artists and most important, dissing ANY artist or ANY member.

    If someone creates a thread without the permission of the mods that thread will be deleted and the person will be informed by PM of the rules of creation for new threads.

    Also, after creating a thread, please post the link for it here so I'll remember to updated the Index quickly!

    Any questions, feel free to ask here!
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    [url=]2 Chainz :: The "BOATS II: Me Time" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]3 Doors Down[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]30 Seconds To Mars[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]5 Seconds of Summer :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]50 Cent[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]77 Bombay Street :: The "Oko Town" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]98 Degrees :: The "2.0" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]


    [url=]A Perfect Circle :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]A Tribe Called Quest[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aaliyah :: The "Enough Said" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aaron Carter :: The "LøVë" era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aaron Lewis :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aaron Watson[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ace Of Base[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]AC/DC :: The "Rock Or Bust" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Adam Lambert[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Adam Lambert :: The "The Original High" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Adele :: The "21" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Adele :: The "25" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Adele :: The "Skyfall" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Adore Delano :: The 'AFTERPARTY' Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aerosmith :: The "Music From Another Dimension" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]A Great Big World :: The "Is There Anybody Out There?" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Agnes :: The "Dance Love Pop" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Agnes Obel[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Agnes Obel :: The "Overture" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aiden Grimshaw :: The "Misty Eye" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Air Supply[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alabama :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alabama Shakes[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alan Jackson[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alan Walker :: The "Faded / Sing Me To Sleep" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alanis Morissette[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]ALASKA THUNDERF*CK :: Charts & Sales Thread[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alejandra Guzman[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alejandro Fernández[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alejandro Sanz[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alesha Dixon[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alessia Cara :: The "Know-It-All" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alexandra Burke[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alexandra Burke :: The "Elephant" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alexandra Stan[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alexandra Stan :: The "ALESTA" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alexandra Stan :: The "UNLOCKED" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alex Ferrari :: The "Bara Bará Bere Berê" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alex Hepburn[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alex & Sierra :: The "It's About Us" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alexis Jordan :: The "Acid Rain" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alice Cooper[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alice In Chains[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alicia Keys[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alicia Keys :: The "As I Am" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alicia Keys :: The "Element Of Freedom" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alicia Keys :: The "Girl On Fire" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alicia Keys :: The "Here" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alison Krauss :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alll Saints :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]All Saints :: The “Red Flag” Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alma Cogan[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aloe Blacc :: The "Lift Your Spirit" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alvaro Soler :: The "Eterno Agosto" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Alvaro Soler :: The "Mar De Colores" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aly & AJ[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amanda Jenssen :: The "Happyland" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amaral :: The "Hacia No Savlaje" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]American Authors :: The "Oh, What A Life" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amir :: The "Au Cœur De Moi" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amy Grant[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amy MacDonald[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amy MacDonald :: The "A Curious Thing" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amy MacDonald :: The "Life In A Beautiful..." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amy MacDonald :: The "Under Stars" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amy Winehouse[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Amy Winehouse :: The "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anahi :: The "Mi Delirio" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ana Moura[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anastacia :: The "Evolution" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anastacia :: The "It's A Man's World" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anastacia :: The "Resurrection" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anastacia :: The "Ultimate Collection" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Andrea Berg[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Andrea Bocelli[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Andrea Bocelli :: The "My Christmas" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Andreas Gabalier[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]André Hazes :: The " De Hazes 100" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aneta Sablik :: The "The One" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anette Olzon :: Chart & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Angaleena Presley :: The "American Middle Class" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Angel Haze :: The "Dirty Gold" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Angela Winbush :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anna Kendrick[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anna Rossinelli[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anne-Marie :: The "Ciao Adios" era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anne-Marie :: The "Speak Your Mind" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Annie Lennox[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Annie Lennox :: The "Nostalgia" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Anouk :: The "Sad Singalong Songs" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Antonio Orozco[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]António Zambujo[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Antony & The Johnsons[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aqua :: The "Megalomania" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Arcade Fire[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Arcade Fire :: The "Reflektor" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Arch Enemy[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Arctic Monkeys[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aretha Franklin[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aretha Franklin :: The "Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ariana Grande :: Charts & Slaes History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ariana Grande :: The "Christmas EP's Eras[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ariana Grande :: The "Dangerous Woman" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ariana Grande :: The "Sweetener" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ariana Grande :: The "Yours Truly" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Armin Van Buuren :: The "Intense" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Asaf Avidan/Asaf Avidan & the Mojos[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]A$AP Rocky :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ashlee Simpson[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ashley Tisdale[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ashley Tisdale :: The "Guilty Pleasure" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]As I Lay Dying[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Atomic Kitten[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Atoms For Peace[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]August Alsina[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aura Dione :: The "Before The Dinosaurs" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Aura Dione :: The "Can't Steal the Music" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Austin Mahone :: The "Heart In My Hand" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avenged Sevenfold[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avett Brothers[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avicii :: The "Stories" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avicii :: The "True" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avril Lavigne[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avril Lavigne :: The "Alice" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avril Lavigne :: The "Avril Lavigne" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avril Lavigne :: The "Fly" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Avril Lavigne :: The "Goodbye Lullaby" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Awolnation :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Axelle Red[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ayumi Hamasaki :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Azealia Banks :: The "212" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Azealia Banks :: The "Broke With Expensive Taste" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]


    [url=]Baauer :: The "Harlem Shake" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Baby K :: The "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Backstreet Boys[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Backstreet Boys :: The "In A World Like This" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Backstreet Boys :: The "Never Gone" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bad Company[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bad Meets Evil :: The "Hell: The Sequel EP" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Banks :: The "The Altar" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Banks :: The "Goddess" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Barbra Streisand[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Barbra Streisand :: The "Partners" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Barenaked Ladies[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Barry Manilow[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]BB Brunes[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beady Eye[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beady Eye :: The "BE" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bea Miller the " Chapter One: Blue" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bea Miller the " Chapter Two: Red" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bea Miller :: The "Not An Apology" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beastie Boys[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beastie Boys :: The "Hot Sauce Commitee Part 2" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beatrice Egli :: The "Glücksgefühle" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bebe Rexha - The "All Your Fault" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bebe Rexha :: The "Expectations" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beck :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Becky G[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Becky G :: The "Shower" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Belle & Sebastian[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ben Haenow[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ben Harper[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ben Howard :: The "Every Kingdom" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ben Howard :: The "I Forgot Where We Were" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bette Midler :: The "It's The Girls" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beverley Knight :: The "Soulville" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beyoncé :: The "4" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beyoncé :: The "B'Day" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beyoncé :: The "BEYONCÉ" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beyoncé :: The "Formation" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beyoncé :: The "Lemonade" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Beyoncé :: The "I Am... Sasha Fierce" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Biffy Clyro[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Big Country[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Big Sean[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Big Time Rush :: The "24/Seven" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Billy Joel[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Billy Ray Cyrus[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bing Crosby[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Birdy :: The "Beautiful Lies" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Birdy :: The "Fire Within" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Björk :: The "Biophilia" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Björk :: The "Vulnicura" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Björk :: The "Volta" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Black Eyed Peas[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Black Eyed Peas :: The "The Beginning" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]The Black Eyed Peas :: The "#WHERESTHELOVE" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Blackmore's Night[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Black Sabbath[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Blake Shelton[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Blake Shelton :: The "If I'm Honest" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Blink 182[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bloc Party[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]B.o.B. :: The "Adventures of Bobby Ray" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]B.o.B. :: The "Strange Clouds" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bob Dylan[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bob Dylan :: The "Shadows In The Night" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bob Marley[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bob Marley :: The "Legend" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bob Seger[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bone Thugs N Harmony[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bon Iver :: The "Bon Iver" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bon Jovi[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bon Jovi :: The "Circle" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bon Jovi :: The "Greatest Hits" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bon Jovi :: The "Lost Highway" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bonnie McKee[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bonnie Raitt[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Boyz II Men[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brad Paisley[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brandi Carlile[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brandon Flowers :: The "Flamingo" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brandon Flowers :: The " The Desired Effect" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brandy :: The "Two Eleven" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brandy :: The "Beggin & Pleadin" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brantley Gilbert[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Breaking Benjamin[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brett Eldridge[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Brian Wilson[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bridgit Mendler :: The "Hello My Name Is..." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bring Me The Horizon[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The "Blackout" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The "Britney Jean" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The "Circus" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The "Femme Fatale" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The ''Glory"' Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The "Oops...Best Of" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The "Pretty Girls" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears :: The "Singles Collection" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Broken Bells :: The "Broken Bells" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bruce Springsteen[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bruce Springsteen :: The "High Hopes" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bruno Mars[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bruno Mars :: The ''24k Magic'' Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bruno Mars :: The "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bruno Mars :: The "Unorthodox Jukebox" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bryan Adams[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bryson Tiller :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]BTS ::: The "Love Yourself Series" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Buddy Holly[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Buffalo Springfield[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bullet For My Valentine[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Burhan G :: The "Burhan G" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Bushido :: The "Sonny Black" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Busta Rhymes[/url:2l7qt6bf]


    [url=]Cage The Elephant[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Calum Scott :: The "Only Human" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Calvin Harris[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Calvin Harris :: The "One Kiss" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Calvin Harris :: The "Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Calvin Harris :: The "Motion" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Camila Cabello :: The "Hurting, Healing, Loving" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Candice Glover :: The "Music Speaks" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cardi B :: The "Bodak Yellow" Era[[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carla Bruni’s “French touch”[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carole King[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carla Bruni[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carly Pearce :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carly Rae Jepsen :: The "Curiosity" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carly Rae Jepsen :: The "E·MO·TION" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carly Rae Jepsen :: The "Kiss" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Caro Emerald[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carrie Underwood[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carrie Underwood :: The "Blown Away" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carrie Underwood :: The "Cry Pretty" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carrie Underwood :: The "Greatest Hits: Decade #1" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Carrie Underwood :: The "Storyteller" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cascada :: The "Evacuate The Dancefloor" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cascada :: The "Everytime We Touch" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cascada :: The "Original Me" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cassadee Pope :: The "Wasting All These Tears" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Casting Crowns[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cee Lo Green[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "A New Day..." DVD Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "Encore un soir" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "Loved Me Back To Life" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "My Love: Essential Collection" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "Sans Attendre" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "Taking Chances" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "Taking Chances World Tour" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Celine Dion :: The "Une Seule Fois / Live 2013" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cesaria Évora[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chanté Moore :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chanté Moore :: "The Rise of the Phoenix" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charles Aznavour :: The "Duos Era"[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charli XCX[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charli XCX :: The "After The Afterparty" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charli XCX :: The "Sucker" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charlie Puth :: The "Nine Track Mind" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charlie Puth :: The "Voicenotes" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charlie Winston[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Charlotte Gainsbourg :: The "Rest" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cheap Trick[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chemical Brothers[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cher :: The "Woman's World" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cheryl Cole[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cheryl Cole :: The "3 Words" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cheryl Cole :: The "A Million Lights" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cheryl Cole :: The "Messy Little Raindrops" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cheryl Cole :: The "Only Human" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cher Lloyd :: The "Sorry, I'm Late" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cher Lloyd :: The "Sticks & Stones" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cheryl Wheeler[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chiara Galiazzo :: The "Due Respiri" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chief Keef :: The "Finally Rich" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Childish Gambino[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Brown[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Brown :: The "F.A.M.E." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Brown :: The "Fortune" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Brown :: The "Graffiti" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Brown :: The "Grass Ain't Greener" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Brown :: The "X" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris De Burgh[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Isaak :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Stapleton[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Tomlin[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chris Young[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chrisette Michele[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "Back To Basics" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "Bionic" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "Change" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "Liberation" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "Keeps Gettin' Better" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "Lotus" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "Love Your Body" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera :: The "We Remain" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Aguilera/Cher :: The "Burlesque" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Millian[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Perri[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Perri :: The "Human" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christina Perri :: The "Lovestrong." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christine & The Queens :: The "Christine" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christophe Maé[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christophe Willem[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Christy Moore[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Chuck Berry[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ciara :: The "Basic Instinct" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ciara :: The "Evolution" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ciara :: The "Fantasy Ride" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ciara :: The "Jackie" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cindy und Burt[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]City and Colour[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Clean Bandit :: The "New Eyes" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cliff Martinez :: The "Drive" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cliff Richard[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Clueso :: "Neuanfang" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cobra Starship[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Coco Jones :: The "Glitter" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cody Simpson[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cœur De Pirate[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Coheed and Cambria[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Colbie Caillat :: The "All Of You" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Colbie Caillat :: The "Gypsy Heart" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Colbie Caillat :: The "Hold On" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Colbie Caillat :: The "The Malibu Sessions" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Coldplay :: The "A Head Full Of Dreams" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Coldplay :: The "Atlas" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Coldplay :: The "Ghost Stories" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Coldplay :: The "Mylo Xyloto" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Coldplay :: The "Viva La Vida..." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cole Swindell[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Collective Soul[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Compilation :: "Je n'aime pas le classique..." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Conchita Wurst :: The "Rise Like A Phoenix/Heroes" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Connie Francis[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Conor Maynard :: The "Contrast" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Conor Maynard :: The "R U Crazy" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Corinne Bailey Rae :: The "The Heart Speaks In Whispers" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Counting Crows[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Courtney Love[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cowboy Junkies[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Craig David :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Creed :: The "Full Circle" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Creedence Clearwater Revival[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cro :: The "Melodie" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cro :: The "Raop" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cyndi Lauper[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Cypress Hill[/url:2l7qt6bf]


    [url=]Daddy Yankee :: The "Dura" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Daft Punk[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Daft Punk :: The "Random Access Memories" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Daily & Vincent[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dalida :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dami Im[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Damien Rice[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Danger Danger[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Daniel Lévi[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Daniel O'Donnell[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Daniel Powter[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Danielle Bradbery :: The "Friend Zone" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Danielle Bradbery :: The "Heart of Dixie" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Danity Kane :: The "Lemonade" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]D'Angelo :: The "Black Messiah" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dannii Minogue :: The "This Is It: The Very Best Of" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Danzig :: The "Deth Red Sabaoth" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Darius Rucker[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Darren Hayes[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dave Gahan[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dave Matthews Band[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dave & Phil Alvin/The Blasters[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Archuleta[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Bowie[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Bowie :: The "Blackstar" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Bowie :: The "Next Day" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Bowie :: The "Nothing Has Changed" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Crosby[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Gilmour :: The "Rattle That Lock" Era in Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Gray[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Guetta[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Guetta :: The "Listen" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Guetta :: The "Nothing But The Beat" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]David Sylvian/Japan[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dawn Richard :: The "Blackheart" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dawn Richard :: The "GoldenHeart" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Deadmau5 :: The "<Album Title Goes...>" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dean Brody[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Death Cab for Cutie[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Debbie Harry[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]De Dijk[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Deep Purple[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Def Leppard[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Delilah :: The "From The Roots Up" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Delta Goodrem[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Delta Goodrem :: The "Wings" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato :: The "Body Say" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato :: The "Confident" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato :: The "Demi" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato :: The "Heart Attack" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato :: The "Pieces Of A Heart" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato :: The "Tell Me You Love Me" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Demi Lovato :: The "Unbroken" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Depeche Mode[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Depeche Mode :: The "Delta Machine" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Depeche Mode :: The "Sounds Of The Universe" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Destiny’s Child[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dev :: The "The Night The Sun Came Up" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Diana Krall[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Diana Ross[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Diana Vickers :: The "Cinderella" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Diana Vickers :: The "...Tainted Cherry Tree" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Diddy/Dirty Money :: The "Last Train To Paris" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dido :: The "Girl Who Got Away" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dido :: The "Greatest Hits" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dido :: The "Safe Trip Home" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dierks Bentley[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Die Toten Hosen[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dionne Bromfield[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dir En Grey[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dixie Chicks[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]DJ Antoine[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]DJ Khaled[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]DJ Snake :: The "Turn Down For What" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dolly Parton[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dolores O’Riordan[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Don Henley[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Donna Summer[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Donna Summer :: The "Crayons" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Drake :: The "If You're Reading This, It's Too Late" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Drake :: The "More Life" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Drake :: The "Nothing Was The Same" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Drake :: The "Take Care" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Drake :: The "Thank Me Later" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Drake :: The "Views" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Drake :: The "Views from the 6" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dr. Dre[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dr. Dre :: The "Compton" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dr. Dre :: The "Detox" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dr. John[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dream Theater[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dropkick Murphys[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dua Lipa :: The "Be The One" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dua Lipa :: The Dua Lipa" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Duck Sauce :: The "Quack" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Duffy :: The "Rockferry" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Duffy :: The "Endlessly" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]dumblonde :: The "Dumblonde" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Duran Duran[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Duran Duran :: The "Red Carpet Massacre" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Dwight Yoakam[/url:2l7qt6bf]


    [url=]Earth Wind & Fire[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Easton Corbin[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eddie Vedder[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ed Sheeran[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ed Sheeran :: The "÷" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ed Sheeran :: The "+" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ed Sheeran :: The "x" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Edyta Gorniak[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elaiza :: The "Gallery" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elisa :: The "L'amina Vola" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eliza Doolittle :: The "Big When I Was Little" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ella Henderson[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elle King :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elle Varner :: The "Perfectly Imperfect" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ellie Goulding[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ellie Goulding :: The "Delirium" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ellie Goulding :: The "Halcyon" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ellie Goulding :: The "Love Me Like You Do" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ellie Goulding :: The "Still Falling For You" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elton John[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elton John :: The "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 40th Anniversary" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elton John :: The "The Diving Board" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elton John & Leon Russell :: The "Union" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elton John vs Pnau :: The "EltonVsPnau" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elton John | The "Wonderful Crazy Night" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elvis Costello[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elvis Presley[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Elvis Presley :: US Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emblem 3 :: The "Chloe" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emeli Sandé :: The "Long Live The Angels" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emeli Sandé :: The "Our Version Of Events" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emerson, Lake & Palmer[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eminem :: The "Marshall Mathers LP 2" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eminem :: The "Recovery" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eminem :: The "Relapse" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eminem :: The "Revival" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emmelie De Forest :: The "Hopscotch" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emmelie De Forest :: The "Only Teardrops" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emmelie De Forest :: The "Rainmaker" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Emmylou Harris[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Empire of the Sun :: The "Ice on the Dune" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Enrique Iglesias[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Enrique Iglesias:: The "Duele el corazón" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Enrique Iglesias :: The "Euphoria" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Enrique Iglesias :: The "Finally Found You" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Enrique Iglesias :: The "Sex and Love" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]En Vogue[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eric Church :: The "Chief" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eric Clapton[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eric Clapton :: The "Slowhand at 70" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eric Clapton :: The "Unplugged" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eric Clapton & Sting :: The "It's Probably Me" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eros Ramazzotti[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Erykah Badu[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Esmée Denters[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eurovision Song Contest 2011[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eurovision Song Contest 2012[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eurovision Song Contest 2013[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eurovision Song Contest 2014[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eurovision Song Contest 2015[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eurovision Song Contest 2018[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Eva Simons[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Evanescence :: The "Evanescence" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Evanescence :: The "Synthesis" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Example :: The "Playing In The Shadows" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Extremoduro :: The "Materíal Defectuoso" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]


    [url=]Faith Hill[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Faith No More[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Faithless :: "The Dance" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fall Out Boy :: The "American Beauty/American Psycho" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fall Out Boy :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fantasia :: The "Back To Me" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fantasia :: "The Definition Of..." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fantasia :: The "The Side Effects Of You" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Faryl Smith[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fatboy Slim[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Feist :: The "Pleasure" Era [[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fergie :: The "Double Dutchess" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fergie :: The "L.A.LOVE (La La)" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Ferras :: The "Ferras (EP)" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fetty Wap :: The "Fetty Wap" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fifth Harmony :: The ''7/27'' Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fifth Harmony :: The "BO$$" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fifth Harmony :: The "Down" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fiona Apple[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]First Aid Kit[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Five Finger Death Punch :: The "....Capitalist" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Five Star[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fleetwood Mac[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Fleur East :: The "Love, Sax and Flashbacks" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Florence + The Machine :: The "Ceremonials" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Florence + The Machine :: The "High as Hope" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Florence + The Machine :: The "How Big How Blue How..." Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Florence + The Machine :: The "Lungs" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Florida Georgia Line[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Flo Rida[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Flotsam and Jetsam[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Foo Fighters[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Foster Pilkington[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Foster The People :: The "Supermodel" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Foster The People :: The "Torches" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Foxes :: The "Glorious" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Foxy Brown :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]France Gall[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Francesca Berlin[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Francesco Gabbani :: The "Occidentali's Karma" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Françoise Hardy[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Frank Ocean :: The "BLONDE" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Frank Ocean :: Charts & Sales History[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Frank Sinatra[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Frankie Laine[/url:2l7qt6bf]
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    [url=]Arctic Monkeys :: The "AM" Era[/url:2l7qt6bf]
    [url=]Britney Spears[/url:2l7qt6bf]
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      [url=]Jennifer Lopez :: The "Chegaste" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jennifer Lopez :: The "Como Ama Una Mujer" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jennifer Lopez :: The "Dance Again: The Hits" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jennifer Lopez :: The "Live It Up" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jennifer Lopez :: The "Love?" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jennifer Lopez :: The "Por Primera Vez" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jennifer Lopez :: The "Us" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jennifer Nettles[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jess Glynne :: The "I'll Be There" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jess Glynne :: The "I Cry When I Laugh" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Jessie J :: The "Sweet Talker" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Jessie J :: The "Who You Are" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Jordin Sparks :: The "Right Here, Right Now" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Juanes :: The "Loco De Amor" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Judas Priest[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Justin Bieber :: The "Believe" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Bieber :: The "Journals" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Bieber :: The "Purpose" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Moore[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Moore :: The "Outlaw Like Me" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Timberlake[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Timberlake :: The "The 20/20 Experience" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Timberlake :: The "The 20/20 Experience Part II" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Justin Timberlake :: The "Man Of The Woods" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]


      [url=]K. Michelle :: The "More Issues Than Vogue" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kacey Musgraves[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kaiser Chiefs[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West :: The "Cruel Summer" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West :: The "Good Ass Job" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West :: The "The Life Of Pablo" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West :: The "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West :: The "So Help Me God" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West :: The "Ye" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West :: The "Yeezus" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kanye West & Jay-Z :: The "Watch The Throne" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Karel Gott[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kasabian :: The "48:13" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kasabian :: The "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kat DeLuna[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kate Bush[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kate Bush :: The "50 Words For Snow" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kate Bush :: The "Before the Dawn" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kate Bush :: The "Director's Cut" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Katy Perry :: The ''Rise"' Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Katy Perry :: The "Teenage Dream" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Katy Perry :: The "Witness" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Keane :: The "Strangeland" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Kelly Clarkson :: The "Love So Soft" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Clarkson :: The "Meaning Of Life" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Kelly Clarkson :: The "Piece By Piece" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Clarkson :: The "Stronger" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Clarkson :: The "Tie It Up & Country EP" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Clarkson :: The "Wrapped In Red" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Rowland[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Rowland :: The "Commander" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Rowland :: The " Here I Am" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kelly Rowland :: The "Year Of The Woman" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kendrick Lamar[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kendrick Lamar :: The "DAMN." Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kendrick Lamar :: The "Good Kid..." Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kendrick Lamar :: The "To Pimp A Butterfly" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kenny Chesney[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kenny G[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kenny Rogers[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Keri Hilson :: The "No Boys Allowed" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kerli :: The "Feral Hearts" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kerli :: The "Lucky Ones" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Ke$ha :: The "Cannibal" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Ke$ha :: The "Warrior" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kesha :: The "Lover" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kesha :: The "Rainbow" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Keyshia Cole[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Keyshia Cole :: The "Just Like You" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Khalid :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Khalid :: The “American Teen” Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kid Cudi[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kid Ink[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kid Rock[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kiesza :: The "Sound Of A Woman" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kimbra :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]King Crimson[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kings Of Leon[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kings of Leon :: The "Mechanical Bull" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kip Moore[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]K. Michelle :: The "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]K. Michelle :: The "Rebellious Soul" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Koda Kumi :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kodaline :: The "In A Perfect World" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kollegah :: The "King" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kris Allen :: The "Thank You Camellia" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Krystof :: The "Inzerat" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]KT Tunstall :: The "Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kungs :: The "Layers" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kygo :: The "Cloud Nine" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kygo :: The "It Ain't Me" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Abbey Road Sessions" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Aphrodite" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Aphrodite Les Folies: Live In London" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Golden" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Kiss Me Once" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Kylie Christmas" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Kylie + Garibay" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Kylie: The Albums 2000-2010" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "Timebomb/Best Of" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Kylie Minogue :: The "X" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]


      [url=]Lady Antebellum[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lady Antebellum :: The "Own The Night" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lady GaGa[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lady GaGa :: The "ARTPOP" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lady GaGa :: The "Born This Way" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lady Gaga :: The "The Cure" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lady GaGa :: The "Fame" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lady Gaga :: The "Joanne" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lamb Of God[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lana Del Rey[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lana Del Rey :: The "Big Eyes" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lana Del Rey :: The "Born To Die/Paradise" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lana Del Rey :: The "Honeymoon" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lana Del Rey :: The "Lust For Life" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lana Del Rey :: The "Ultraviolence" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]La Roux :: The "Trouble In Paradise" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Branigan[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Marling[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Mvula[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Mvula :: The "The Dreaming Room" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Pausini[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Pausini :: The "20 - The Greatest Hits" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Pausini :: The "Fatti Sentire / Hazte Sentir" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Pausini :: The "Laura Xmas/Laura Navidad" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laura Pausini :: The "Simili" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lauren Daigle[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Laurent Voulzy[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lauryn Hill[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lea Michele :: The "Louder" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]LeAnn Rimes[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Led Zeppelin[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Led Zeppelin :: The "Celebration Day" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lee Brice[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leighton Meester :: The "Heartstrings" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lena :: The "Crystal Sky" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lena :: The "Gemini" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lena :: The "Stardust" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lene Marlin[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lenny Kravitz[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leona Lewis[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leona Lewis :: The "Christmas, With Love" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leona Lewis :: The "Echo" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leona Lewis :: The "Glassheart" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leona Lewis :: The "I Am" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leona Lewis :: The "Spirit" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Leonard Cohen[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lesley Gore[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Liam Gallagher :: The "As You Were" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Liam Payne :: The "Strip That Down" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lianne La Havas :: The "Blood" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lianne La Havas :: The "Is Your Love Big Enough?" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lila Downs[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lila Downs, Niña Pastori y Soledad Pastorutti : The "Raiz" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lil Kim :: Charts & Sales Histor[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lil' Wayne[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lil' Wayne :: The "Tha Carter IV" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lily Allen[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lily Allen :: The "The Fourth Wall" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lily Allen :: The "Hard Out Here/Air Balloon" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lilly Wood & The Prick[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Limp Bizkit :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Linda Ronstadt[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Linkin Park[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Linkin Park :: The "A Thousand Suns" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Linkin Park :: The "Hunting Party" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Linkin Park :: The "Living Things" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Linkin Park :: The "New Divide" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lindsey Stirling :: The "Lindsey Stirling" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lionel Richie[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lisa Stansfield :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Little Big Town[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Little Mix[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Little Mix :: The "Cannonball" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Little Mix :: The "Get Weird" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Little Mix :: The "Glory Days" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Little Richard[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]LL Cool J[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]LMFAO :: The "Sorry For Party Rocking" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lo & Leduc[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]London Grammar[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lonnie Donegan[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lorde :: The "Melodrama" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lorde :: The "Pure Heroine" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lorde :: The "Yellow Flicker Beat" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Loreen :: The "Euphoria" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Loreen :: The "Heal" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Loreen :: The "Paperlights" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Loreen :: The "We Got The Power" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Loreena McKennitt[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lou Doillon[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lou Reed[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Louis Armstrong[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Louis Tomlinson - The "Just Hold On" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Louisa Johnson :: The "Forever Young" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Louise Attaque :: The "Louise Attaque" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]LP :: The "Lost On You" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Luciano Pavarotti[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lucinda Williams[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lucy Hale :: The "Road Between" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Ludacris :: The "Battle Of The Sexes" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Ludovico Einaudi[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Luis Fonsi :: The "Despacito" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lukas Graham[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Luke Bryan :: The "Kill The Lights" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Luke Bryan :: The "Tailgates and Tanlines" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lupe Fiasco :: The "Food & Liquor II" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Luther Vandross[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lykke Li[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Lynryd Skynyrd[/url:1fbf1ltz]


      [url=]Macklemore :: The "Gemini" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Macklemore & Ryan Lewis :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Macklemore & Ryan Lewis :: The "This Unruly Mess I've Made"Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mac Miller :: The "Watching Movies" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Beautiful Game" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Celebration" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Complete Studio Albums" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Confessions On A Dancefloor" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Confessions Tour" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Hard Candy" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Hey You" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Immaculate Collection" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "MDNA" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "MDNA Tour" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Rebel Heart" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Rebel Heart Tour" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madonna :: The "Sticky & Sweet" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Madox :: The "La Revolution Sexuelle" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mads Langer[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mad Season[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]MAGIC! :: The "Don't Kill The Magic!" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mahalia Jackson[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Major Lazer :: The "Music Is The Weapon" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Malena Ernman[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mando Diao[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mandy Capristo[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mandy Capristo :: The "Grace" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mandy Moore :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Manic Street Preachers[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mani Matter[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mannheim Steamroller[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Måns Zimmerlöw :: The "Perfectly Damaged" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Manuel Carrasco[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marc Anthony[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marco Bossato[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marco Mengoni :: The "Parole In Circolo" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maren Morris :: The "Hero" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Margaret Berger[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Margo Price :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]María Dolores Pradera[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]María Isabel[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maria de Vasconcelos[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "#1 To Infinity" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "Almost Home" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "Ballads" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "Christmas" Eras[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "Emancipation Of Mimi" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "E=MC²" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The ''I Don't"' Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "Me. I Am Mariah" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey :: The "Triumphant" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maria Mena :: The "Growing Pains" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maria Mena :: The "Weapon In Mind" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marie Key[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marie Myriam[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marilyn Manson[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marilyn Manson :: The "Heaven Upside Down" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marilyn Manson :: The "High End Of Low" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marilyn Manson :: The "The Pale Emperor" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mark Owen :: The "The Art of Doing Nothing""Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars :: The "Uptown Funk" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Markus Feehily :: The "Fire" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marina & The Diamonds :: The "Electra Heart" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marina & The Diamonds :: The "FROOT" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marina Kaye :: The "Fearless" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marlon Roudette :: The "Electric Soul" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marsha Ambrosius :: The "Late Nights..." Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maroon 5[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maroon 5 :: The "Don't Wanna Know" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maroon 5 :: The "Hands All Over" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maroon 5 :: The "Overexposed" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maroon 5 :: The "V" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Martika :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Martin Garrix[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Martina McBride[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Martine McCutcheon :: The "Lost & Found" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Marvin Gaye[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary Hopkin[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J. Blige[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J. Blige :: The "A Mary Christmas" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J. Blige :: The "Growing Pains" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J. Blige :: The "My Life II : The Journey Continues" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J Blige: The "Strength of a Woman" era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J. Blige :: The "Stronger With Each Tear" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J. Blige :: The "The London Sessions" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary J. Blige :: The "Think Like A Man Too" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mary Mary[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Massive Attack[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Massive Attack :: The "Heligoland" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Matchbox Twenty[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mat Kearney[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Matt Cardle[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Matt Cardle & Melanie C :: The "Loving You" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Maxwell :: The "BLACKsummers'night" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mazzy Star :: The "Seasons Of Your Day" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Meat Loaf[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Meat Loaf :: The "Hang Cool Teddy Bear" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Medina (SE)[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Medina :: The "For Altid" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Medina :: The "Forever" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Medina :: The "Jalousi" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Medina :: The "We Survive" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Medina :: The "Welcome To Medina" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Meek Mill[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Megadeth :: The "Endgame" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Megadeth :: The "Th1rt3en" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Megadeth :: The "United Abominations" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Meghan Trainor :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Meghan Trainor :: The "Treat Myself" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Meghan Trainor :: The "Thank You" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Meghan Trainor :: The "Title" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Melanie C[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Melanie C :: The "Stages" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Melanie C :: The "The Sea" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Melanie Martinez :: The "Cry Baby" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mel B :: The "For Once In My Life" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Melissa Etheridge[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Melissa Horn[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mercedes Sosa[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Metallica :: The "Death Magnetic" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]M.I.A. :: Charts & Sales History[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]M.I.A. :: The "Bring The Noize" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]M.I.A. :: The "Matangi" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]M.I.A. :: The "/\/\ /\ Y /\" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Bolton[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Bublé[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Bublé :: The "Call Me Irresponsible" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Bublé :: The "Christmas" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Bublé :: The "Crazy Love" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Buble :: The "Nobody But Me" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Bublé :: The "To Be Loved" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Jackson[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Jackson :: The "Bad 25" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Jackson :: The "Immortal" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Jackson :: The "Michael" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Jackson :: The "This Is It" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Jackson :: The "Thriller 25th" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Michael Jackson :: The "Xscape" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Muse :: The "The 2nd Law" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Musical :: The "1789, Les Amants de la Bastille" Era[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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      [url=]Kylie Minogue[/url:1fbf1ltz]
      [url=]Mariah Carey[/url:1fbf1ltz]
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        [url=]P!nk :: The "I'm Not Dead" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Pitbull :: The "Climate Changes" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pitbull :: The "Global Warming" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pitbull :: The "Globalization" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pitbull :: The "Planet Pit" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pitbull :: The "Rebelution" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pitbull :: The "Timber" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pitbull :: The "We Are One" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Pixie Lott :: The "All About Tonight" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pixie Lott :: The "Pixie Lott" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Pixie Lott :: The "Young Foolish Happy" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]PJ Harvey[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Placebo :: The "Loud Like Love" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Porcupine Tree[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Post Malone :: The "Beerbongs And Bentleys" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Primal Scream[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Prince :: The "Art Official Age" & "PlectrumElectrum" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Priyanka Chopra :: The "In My City" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]PSY :: The "Gangnam Style" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]PSY :: The "Gentleman" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]PSY :: The "Hangover" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]PSY :: The "Psy 7th Album" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Puff Daddy/P Diddy[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Puss n Boots :: The "No Fools, No Fun" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]


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        [url=]Queens of the Stone Age[/url:3jcnhpk1]


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        [url=]Rachel Platten :: The 'Wildfire' Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Racoon :: The "Liverpool Rain" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Radiohead :: The "A Moon Shaped Pool" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Radiohead :: The "In Rainbows" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Radiohead :: The "Ok Computer" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Radiohead :: The "The King Of Limbs" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Rebecca Ferguson :: The "Heaven" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Ricky Martin :: The "Come With Me" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Ricky Martin :: The "Musica+Almo+Sexa" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Rihanna :: The "A Girl Like Me" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Rihanna :: The "Talk That Talk" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Rise Against[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Rita Ora :: The "I Will Never Let You Down" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Rita Ora :: The "Ora" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Rita Ora :: The "Your Song" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]R. Kelly :: The "Write Me Back" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Rob Zombie/White Zombie[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Robbie Williams :: The "...Consciousness" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Robbie Williams : The "Heavy Entertainment Show’" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Robbie Williams :: The "Reality Killed The Video Star" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Robbie Williams :: The "Rudebox" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Robbie Williams :: The "Swings Both Ways" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Robbie Williams :: The "Take The Crown" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Robert Plant[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Rumer :: The "Seasons Of My Soul" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Sabrina Salerno[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sade :: The "Soldier Of Love" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Saint Motel :: The "My Type" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Samantha Jade[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Samantha Jade :: The "Nine" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sam Bailey :: The "Skyscraper" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sam Hunt[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sam Smith :: The "In The Lonely Hour" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sam Smith :: The "Too Good At Goodbyes" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Santigold :: The "99¢ " Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Selah Sue :: The "Selah Sue" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Selena Gomez :: The "Bad Liar" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Selena Gomez :: The "For You" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Selena Gomez :: The "Revival" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Selena Gomez :: The "Stars Dance" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]September :: The "Cry For You" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Severina :: The "Italiana" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sevyn Streeter :: The "Call Me Crazy, But..." Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sex Pistols[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shady Records :: The "Shady XV" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shaka Plonk[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shakespear's Sister[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shakin’ Stevens[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Shakira :: The "Fijación Oral Vol. 1" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shakira :: The "Oral Fixation Vol. 2" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shakira :: The "Sale El Sol" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shakira :: The "Shakira" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shakira :: The "She Wolf" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shane Filan[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Shania Twain :: The "Now" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shania Twain :: The "Today Is Your Day" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shanice :: Charts & Sales History[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Sharon den Adel :: Charts & Sales History[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shawn Mendes :: The "Handwritter" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shawn Mendes :: The "Illuminate" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Shawn Mendes :: The "Shawn Mendes" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Sheryl Crow :: The "Feels Like Home" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Sia :: The "1000 Forms Of Fear" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sia - Everyday Is Christmas[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sia :: The "This Is Acting" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sia :: The "We Are Born" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Skip The Use[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Sol 3 Mio[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Soluna Samay :: The "Should've Known Better" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sophie Ellis-Bextor :: The "Wanderlust" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Soundtrack :: The "Guardians of the Galaxy" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Stefanie Heinzmann[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Stephen Stills[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Stereophonics :: The "Pull The Pin" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Stereophonics :: The "A Decade In The Sun" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Steve Perry[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Stevie Ray Vaughan[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sting/The Police[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Stone Sour[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Stone Temple Pilots[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Stromae :: The "Racine Carrée" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Sturgill Simpson[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Suede :: The "Night Thoughts" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
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        [url=]Sunrise Avenue[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]SuperHeavy :: The "SuperHeavy" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Susan Boyle[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Susan Boyle :: The "Home For Christmas" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Susan Boyle :: The "Hope" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Susan Boyle :: The "I Dreamed A Dream" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Susan Boyle :: The "Someone To Watch..." Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Susan Boyle :: The "Standing Ovation" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Susan Boyle :: The "The Gift" Era[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Swedish House Mafia[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]Syleena Johnson[/url:3jcnhpk1]
        [url=]System Of A Down[/url:3jcnhpk1]

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          [url=]Vanessa Williams[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Van Halen :: Charts & Sales History[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Van Halen :: The "A Different Kind Of Truth" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Van Morrison[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Various Artists :: The "Band Aid 30" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Various Artists :: The "Fifty Shades of Grey" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Various Artists :: The "Furious 7" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Various Artists :: The "Grammy Nominees" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Vasco Rossi[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Velvet Underground[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Velvet Revolver[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Verka Serduchka[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Veronique Beliveau[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Via Gra[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Victoria Justice :: The "Gold" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Vive La Fête[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Vox Angele[/url:f727yp74]


          [url=]Walk The Moon[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]"Weird Al" Yankovic[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Wess Dori Ghezzi[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]White Lies[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Whitney Houston[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Whitney Houston :: The "...Best Of" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Whitney Houston :: The "I Look To You" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=] :: The "#Willpower" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=] :: The "Boys & Girls" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Will Smith[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Willow Smith :: The "Whip My Hair" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Willie Nelson[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Will Young[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Within Temptation[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Within Temptation :: The "Hydra" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Wiz Khalifa :: The "Blacc Hollywood" Era[/url:f727yp74]


          [url=]Xana Toc Toc[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Xavas :: The "Gespaltene Persönlichkeit" Era[/url:f727yp74]


          [url=]Yeah Yeah Yeahs[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Years & Years :: The "Communion" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Ylvis :: The "The Fox" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Yo Gotti[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]You+Me :: The "Rose Ave." Era[/url:f727yp74]


          [url=]Zac Brown Band[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Zach Sobiech :: The "Fix Me Up" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Zara Larsson[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Zara Larsson :: The "So Good" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Zayn :: The "Mind Of Mine" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Zaz :: The "Zaz" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Zedd :: The "Clarity" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]Zedd :: The "I Want You To Know" Era[/url:f727yp74]
          [url=]ZZ Top[/url:f727yp74]

          Thanks a lot to Borderwolf who has been organizing a list of these links way before I did! <!-- s --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="" title="" /><!-- s -->
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            Top Catalog Albums of the Soundscan era

            Let there be rock!


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              Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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                Thank you for this!
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                  Originally posted by AyuM
                  Thank you for this!
                  you're welcome buddy!

                  considering this is probably the place i love the most on the internet, it was the least i could do as a moderator!
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                    You're welcome. Plus, you're the best moderator around here!
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                      AutomaticBR, I have started preparing my estimations for The Supremes. I should be ready by Saturday because I have other obligations in the meantime. I don't see them in the list that you have posted, so I assume that you don't have any objection [?]. Also, I have noticed that the Diana Ross thread is not complete at all. I could calculate her sales by Saturday as well. Are you OK with all of that?
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                        Awesome!! Finally a moderator who will listen to us

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                          Originally posted by AyuM
                          AutomaticBR, I have started preparing my estimations for The Supremes. I should be ready by Saturday because I have other obligations in the meantime. I don't see them in the list that you have posted, so I assume that you don't have any objection [?]. Also, I have noticed that the Diana Ross thread is not complete at all. I could calculate her sales by Saturday as well. Are you OK with all of that?
                          Sorry for the delay to answer this!

                          There is a Diana Ross thread already:


                          so maybe you could post your info there? when you do it, please let me know so i can update the first post with your stats!

                          as for The Supremes, feel free to create a new thread!
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                            OK. I will post these by Saturday, then!
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                              Originally posted by hello
                              Awesome!! Finally a moderator who will listen to us

                              All Moderators listen. It's just that sometimes the poster dislikes the answer....
                     - for the latest are best chart book - By Decade!
                              Now including NME, Record Mirror and Melody Maker from the UK and some Billboard charts


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                                Originally posted by kingofskiffle
                                Originally posted by hello
                                Awesome!! Finally a moderator who will listen to us

                                All Moderators listen. It's just that sometimes the poster dislikes the answer....
                                Im sorry, I didn't mean it like that. All of the mods have help me lots...
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                                  Excellent job!! Thanks.


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                                    Do you think it would be necessary to open a thread for Ludacris' Battles of the Sexes or shall we discuss the 'How Low' single in the chart history topic?


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                                      Originally posted by Loverboy
                                      Do you think it would be necessary to open a thread for Ludacris' Battles of the Sexes or shall we discuss the 'How Low' single in the chart history topic?
                                      as there's no thread yet for that album you can create a new one, thought i don't think there's many Ludacris fans here to make much movement on that thread
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                                        ^ Thank you Automatic.

                                        Oh well, at least i'll try


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                                          Hi, Am I allowed to create a sales and chart thread for Blackmore's Night?


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                                            Originally posted by mercury87
                                            Hi, Am I allowed to create a sales and chart thread for Blackmore's Night?
                                            i don't know that artist but as they don't have a thread yet, yes you can =)

                                            just post the link here after you create the thread so i can remember to update the index quickly!
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                                              Originally posted by AutomaticBR
                                              Originally posted by mercury87
                                              Hi, Am I allowed to create a sales and chart thread for Blackmore's Night?
                                              i don't know that artist but as they don't have a thread yet, yes you can =)

                                              just post the link here after you create the thread so i can remember to update the index quickly!
                                              Blackmore's Night is a band started by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore with his (then girlfriend, now wife) Candice Night. They play mostly Renaissance inspired music with some pop rock influences.

                                              Here's the link of new thread
                                     ... 63#2177063


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                                       ... 6149.story

                                                With the reunion coming up I'd say a Soundgarden thread is needed!
                                                Top Catalog Albums of the Soundscan era

                                                Let there be rock!


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                                                  Is it too early for a Joe McElderry thread? He's just released his debut single - number one in the UK. But won't release his album until later on in the year...?