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  • #61
    "Colours In The Dark" was certified with Gold in the Czech Republic!!

    They're very supportive for this genre, NW keeps on being very successful there as well


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      Like its prequel "The Brightest Void", the new album "The Shadow Self" is already out on Apple Music one week prior its official release

      Bye bye good chart debuts... :-?


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        Surprise surprise... the album is being promoted on Apple Music with a huge banner over here, probably in other countries as well (GSA i'd guess)

        Pointless without a physical release though for her. She's not the type of artist to go with a release strategy like this, especially when it didn't work for Katy Perry (!!)... positive thing is i can already enjoy the new music though so i guess i shouldn't complain...


        • #64

          Tarja's fourth regular rock album "The Shadow Self" is officially out now!

          The Shadow Self on iTunes
          #1 Bolivia
          #2 Argentina
          #3 Greece
          #4 Costa Rica
          #4 Finland
          #4 Israel
          #6 Portugal
          #9 Russia
          #9 Switzerland
          #10 Mexico
          #12 Brazil
          #14 Poland
          #18 Czech Republic
          #19 Bulgaria
          #19 Germany :-?
          #20 Luxembourg
          #24 Kazakhstan
          #40 Turkey
          #45 Ireland
          #59 Netherlands
          #66 Austria
          #68 France
          #84 United Kingdom
          #87 Italy
          #95 Estonia
          #109 New Zealand
          #113 Belgium
          #122 Guatemala
          #141 United States
          #153 Spain

          It also shortly made an appearance in Australia, as it was #177 a few hours ago


          • #65
            up to #7 in Switzerland

            still #19 in Germany though. It needs to rise more over there, i want that Top10 so much :(


            • #66
              The Shadow Self on iTunes
              #1 Bolivia
              #6 Finland (-2)
              #6 Israel
              #7 Portugal
              #8 Switzerland (-1)
              #9 Russia
              #12 Mexico
              #16 Brazil
              #17 Germany (+2)
              #28 Bulgaria
              #35 Kazakhstan
              #45 Austria (+21)
              #52 France (+16)
              #99 United Kingdom (-15)
              #111 Ukraine
              #136 Estonia
              #155 United States (-14)
              #156 Costa Rica
              #164 Greece
              #177 Guatemala
              #179 Italy

              The Brightest Void on iTunes
              #135 Switzerland


              • #67
                up to #15 in Germany, but with 7 compilations above, so it's basically #8 - and she's headlining Wacken today

                also peaked at #125 on Canadian iTunes (#131 right now)

                This is her best iTunes performance since i'm following her charts performances. "Colours In The Dark" did way worse, and she's a good physical seller, so i'm hoping for nice debuts all around the world

                This is so exciting!
                I've also discovered an iTunes banner. Never saw one for one of my favorite artists so far - can't believe earMusic is doing it right this time


                • #68
                  Weekend is over, here are the current iTunes positions for "The Shadow Self":

                  #4 Bolivia
                  #23 Russia
                  #24 Ukraine
                  #25 Germany
                  #27 Austria
                  #31 Brazil
                  #33 Ukraine
                  #73 Bulgaria
                  #77 Estonia
                  #86 Kazakhstan
                  #91 Switzerland
                  #98 Greece
                  #108 Mexico
                  #117 Costa Rica
                  #182 Hungary
                  #183 Argentina
                  #198 France

                  Doing exceptionally well in Austria & Germany. I think Wacken helped a lot there!


                  • #69
                    UK Midweek Charts

                    66 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                    Ooooh i'm so hoping this will end up in the Top100 as it would be her first entry ever there ( ), but i'm afraid it won't happen at this stage :(


                    • #70
                      German Midweek Charts

                      4 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                      #4 is so much better than expected
                      So Top10 will surely happen. There are another two entries above her, one of them is Blues Pills at #1 which i've never heard of, so it will be interesting to see if she can overtake one of them or if she'll be overtaken by another album below her... probably more the second situation... we'll see


                      • #71
                        Last iTunes update before we're getting the first official chart positions tomorrow:

                        The Shadow Self on iTunes
                        #25 Bolivia
                        #41 Russia
                        #48 Switzerland
                        #55 Germany
                        #113 Austria
                        #147 Ukraine
                        #150 Ukraine
                        #196 Estonia


                        • #72
                          The Brightest Void
                          [pre-quel to "The Shadow Self"]

                          Austria: *55* - Out / 1w
                          Belgium (Vl): *113* - Out / 1w
                          Belgium (Wa): *80* - 120 - Out - RE 149 - Out / 3w
                          Czech Republic: *11* - 29 - 31 - 33 - 28 - 52 - 75 - 74 - 79 - / 9w
                          Finland: *25* - Out / 1w
                          France: *130* - Out / 1w
                          Germany: *41* - Out / 1w
                          Switzerland: *35* - Out / 1w
                          UK Rock & Metal: *9* - Out / 1w
                          Little recap for "The Brightest Void". Still charting in Czech Republic, she's very successful there!

                          Today is the day and we get the german position plus maybe the UK position if she's charting there, plus Belgium/Netherlands. Not sure if she's able to debut in the Netherlands but Belgium always used to be quite supportive for her releases, even "Ave Maria" made an entry there

                          I'm so excited


                          • #73
                            German Album Charts

                            7 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                            Would have loved Top5 but this is still a great debut. Her lowest for a studio album though; "My Winter Storm" peaked at #3, "What Lies Beneath" peaked at #4 and "Colours In The Dark" peaked at #6


                            • #74
                              No debuts in both parts in Belgium & the Netherlands.

                              That's VERY weird, especially Belgium, as "The Brightest Void" made the charts there as well. Netherlands is disappointing as "Colours In The Dark" peaked at #29 while "What Lies Beneath" peaked at #45.

                              Belgium must have been something wrong. Maybe the wrong chart week... we'll find out in a week, hopefully.

                              Also, what i find very disappointing, she missed the final Top100 in the UK :(
                              But i found two other entries in the UK:

                              UK Rock & Metal Albums Charts
                              7 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                              UK Independent Album Breakers Charts
                              1 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                              "Immortalized" by Disturbed is at #6 on the rock charts, and they're #96 on the official UK albums charts, so it seems like she missed them by a few positions/copies, which is a shame. It would have been her first appearance as a solo artist ever :(


                              • #75
                                Finnish Album Charts

                                13 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                Her first regular rock album to miss the Top10 there. "My Winter Storm" peaked at #1, "What Lies Beneath" peaked at #7 and "Colours In The Dark" peaked at #5, BUT the album charts includes streaming there, so i guess i can be happy with that entry


                                • #76
                                  Czech Republic Album Charts

                                  3 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self
                                  48 (79) 10 The Brightest Void

                                  Great debut in CZ!! Surpasses "What Lies Beneath" (#6) as her highest peaking album there!


                                  • #77
                                    Swiss Album Charts

                                    11 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                    NO Not her missing her VERY first Top10 notation in Switzerland by one position AGAIN!
                                    Ties "What Lies Beneath" as her highest peaking album over here now. Fantastic result - i was afraid it would be the first album to miss the Top20.

                                    Her regular rock albums in Switzerland:
                                    My Winter Storm: Peak #15 / 9w
                                    What Lies Beneath: Peak #11 / 4w
                                    Colours In The Dark: Peak #20 / 3w

                                    So it would be nice if "The Shadow Self" could do four weeks on the charts. Will be tough though.


                                    • #78
                                      US Billboard Heatseekers Album Charts
                                      23 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                      German Midweek Charts
                                      36 (7) 2 The Shadow Self :-?

                                      Looks like a little disaster in Germany...


                                      • #79
                                        Swiss Album Charts

                                        59 (11) 2 The Shadow Self

                                        Not surprised by this big drop. Really hope it still gets 1-2 weeks.


                                        • #80
                                          Some other second weeks:

                                          Czech Republic Album Charts
                                          9 (3) 2 The Shadow Self
                                          97 (48) 11 The Brightest Void

                                          Finnish Album Charts
                                          31 (13) 2 The Shadow Self

                                          German Album Charts
                                          36 (7) 2 The Shadow Self

                                          Austrian Album Charts
                                          64 (19) 2 The Shadow Self

                                          some missing first weeks:

                                          Spanish Album Charts
                                          46 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                          French Album Charts
                                          75 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                          Belgium (Vl) Album Charts
                                          37 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                          Belgium (Wa) Album Charts
                                          39 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                          UK Album Charts
                                          149 (NEW) 1 The Shadow Self

                                          UK positions got revealed, much weaker than expected.
                                          Meanwhile, her first entry in Spain in nine years, 2nd best result ever in Belgium (Vl) and France & 3rd best in Belgium (Wa)
                                          2nd week drops are horrible as expected though, the finnish charts is so annyoing for rock/'veteran' artists like her. They need to sell shitloads of physical copies to do very well.


                                          • #81
                                            German Album Charts

                                            52 (36) 3 The Shadow Self


                                            • #82
                                              Swiss Album Charts

                                              57 (59) 3 The Shadow Self

                                              The first time EVER an album from her is rising a few spots on the swiss album charts


                                              • #83
                                                Czech Republic Album Charts
                                                13 (9) 3 The Shadow Self
                                                Out (97) 11 The Brightest Void

                                                Spanish Album Charts
                                                92 (46) 2 The Shadow Self

                                                Belgium (Vl) Album Charts
                                                66 (37) 2 The Shadow Self

                                                Belgium (Wa) Album Charts
                                                62 (39) 2 The Shadow Self

                                                German Midweek Charts
                                                79 (52) 4 The Shadow Self

                                                & missed to post:

                                                French Album Charts
                                                184 (71) 2 The Shadow Self

                                                Leaving the charts in Austria, Finland ( ) and France


                                                • #84
                                                  German Album Charts

                                                  79 (52) 4 The Shadow Self

                                                  Same position like the midweek position on wednesday.
                                                  The previous studio album charted for four weeks in total, so it would be cool if this stays on the charts for another week.


                                                  • #85
                                                    Belgium (Vl) Album Charts
                                                    60 (66) 3 The Shadow Self

                                                    Belgium (Wa) Album Charts
                                                    73 (62) 3 The Shadow Self

                                                    Spanish Album Charts
                                                    93 (92) 3 The Shadow Self

                                                    It's doing quite well compared to her previous releases. A shame it never happened in the scandinavian countries like Sweden or Norway due to streaming, even one week would have been so cool :(


                                                    • #86
                                                      "Demons In You" is the new single It was released today out of a sudden, physical release (yay!!) will be on the 11th november.

                                                      Demons in You on iTunes
                                                      #16 Finland
                                                      #16 Norway
                                                      #22 Singapore
                                                      #30 Mexico
                                                      #51 Brazil
                                                      #82 Russia
                                                      #83 Denmark
                                                      #176 France
                                                      #176 Netherlands
                                                      #188 Canada

                                                      Shocked to see this doing so well for Tarja's standards


                                                      • #87
                                                        "The Shadow Self" is currently back in the iTunes Top100 in Switzerland following her concert yesterday.

                                                        A shame that i wasn't able to go. I'd love to see a re-entry on the official charts, but i don't think she'll do it. The competition right now seems to big.


                                                        • #88
                                                          Tarja will already release a new album this year

                                                          Very excited for this news! However, chartswise it's not the best decision to go with a late year release, as she will suffer from a big(ger) competition and i'm afraid she'll get bad peaks this time...


                                                          • #89

                                                            TARJA RELEASES WINTER ALBUM
                                                            “from Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a dark Christmas)“
                                                            ON NOVEMBER 17, 2017 ON earMUSIC.
                                                            INCLUDING BRAND NEW ORIGINAL SONG “TOGETHER“.
                                                            For more infos, check out the topic in the Rock/Alternative forum


                                                            • #90
                                                              From Spirits and Ghosts is OUT NOW!

                                                              on iTunes
                                                              #3 Finland
                                                              #8 Ukraine
                                                              #10 Argentina
                                                              #10 Brazil
                                                              #10 Poland
                                                              #15 Russia
                                                              #22 Mexico
                                                              #38 Germany
                                                              #48 Switzerland
                                                              #50 Belgium
                                                              #50 Denmark
                                                              #63 Turkey
                                                              #67 Austria
                                                              #90 Canada
                                                              #98 France
                                                              #108 United Kingdom
                                                              #119 United States
                                                              #142 Netherlands