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Chartplus Not Showing UK TOP 200 Singles Chart

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  • Chartplus Not Showing UK TOP 200 Singles Chart

    Hi All

    Not sure if this has been posted before, I've just purchased Issue 961 from Chartplus, the Official UK Singles Chart only shows the TOP 100 now, the Album Chart is still a TOP 200 as are the Download Charts and Radio Airplay Chart. I purchased the Express Issue but this also applies to the Full Issue.
    It's unfortunately caused a few problems because I was starting to put together the TOP 200 Singles Charts from 1995.
    Apologies again if this has already been posted.

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    The official size of the chart is now just a top 100 and has been for a while. Because of changes to chart rules, namely the introduction of ACR and the limiting of tracks by a primary (main) artist to three tracks on the chart at the same time the OCC felt that it was no longer practical to publish a top 200. At the time of the change the publisher of UKChartsPlus sent subscribers an email explaining that the Singles chart would now be limited to a top 100 and explained that while the decision of the OCC was disappointing there was nothing UKC+ could do other than start to publish a top 100 rather than a top 200.


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      Hi Robbie

      Many thanks for explaining this for me, I'm not a subscriber to Chartplus I noticed recently on there website that they only showed the TOP 100 UK Singles Chart that's why I purchased the most recent one just to confirm it.


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        Yes sorry if this is a problem but it is outside our control. ChartsPlus has the Top 200 from 2001 to 2017 or 2018 (I forget which exactly sorry) when streaming and ACR appeared. - for the latest are best chart book - By Decade!
        Now including NME, Record Mirror and Melody Maker from the UK and some Billboard charts


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          Just for completeness, the final full Top 200 singles chart published without the current restrictions was in the CP issue week-ending 8th July 2017. The 'compressed' Top 100 has appeared in every issue from 15 Jul '17 onwards, as sadly it is the only version of that chart which the OCC is happy to let people outside the industry see, as to publish it alongside the compressed 100 would firstly present a rival version of what is intended to be a single source of historical record, and secondly highlight the artificiality of the 100 since the new rules were applied that skew the true rankings each week. I should say that a full 'uncompressed' tracks 200 continues to be compiled, but unless you are an industry exec or have friends on the inside, you won't get to see this.