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Songs that hit #1 on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart (1984-2017) but never appeared anywhere on the Hot 100?

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  • Songs that hit #1 on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart (1984-2017) but never appeared anywhere on the Hot 100?

    I don't really know how big of a request this is, or if someone has already done it, but I'm curious which singles hit #1 on the physical sales charts but never hit the Billboard Hot 100. The first time it happened was in 2003, with Madonna's "Nothing Fails". After that, I'm not sure how often it happened before the chart was abandoned in 2017. There might be a handful of such songs or a hundred of them, for all I know.
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    In the 2000s alone...
    Madonna - Nothing Fails (2003)
    Elvis Presley - That's All Right (2004)
    Brooke Hogan - Everything To Me (2004)
    Lua - Bright Eyes (2004)
    Scoundrels - Ghetto (2005)
    The Jones Gang - Angel (2005)
    Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel (2006)
    Scoundrel Squad - Sister (2006)
    Morrissey - You Have Killed Me (2006)
    Madonna - Jump (2006)
    Crystal Dove - Until You Come Back To Me (2007)
    Billy Joel - All My Life (2007)
    T. Smith - Pretender (2007)
    Junior Boys - Dead Horse (2007)
    Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm (2007)
    Mandisa - Only The World (2007)
    Kate Nash - Foundations (2007)
    Heartbeat Boys - Christmas Oh Christmas (2007)
    The White Stripes - Conquest (2008)
    Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted To Dance (2008)
    Anna Nalick - Shine (2008)
    Spoon - Don't You Evah (2008)
    Prodigy - The Life (2008)
    Animal Collective - Water Curses (2008)
    Nina Simone - Feeling Good (2008)
    Solange - I Decided (2008)
    Mindless Self Indulgence - Pay For It (2008)
    The Cure - Sleep When I'm Dead (2008)
    Never Shout Never - Bigcitydreams (2008)
    Jack's Mannequin - The Resolution (2008)
    The Cure - Perfect Boy (2008)
    Senses Fail - Family Tradition (2008)
    Jack's Mannequin - Cell Phone (2008)
    Radiohead - Reckoner (2008)
    Connie Talbot - Three Little Birds (2008)
    Coldplay - Lost (2008)
    Madonna - Miles Away (2008)
    Dizzy D - What It Be Like (2009)
    MuteMath - Spotlight (2009)
    Butch Walker - Here Comes The... (2009)
    Gabriel Bello - Crazy (2009)
    Gloriana - The Way It Goes (2009)
    Spoon - Got Nuffin (2009)
    Metro Station - Kelsey (2009)
    Minus the Bear - Into The Mirror (2009)
    Jack's Mannequin - Dear Jack (2009)
    tobyMac - City On Our Knees (2009)

    Ofcourse the trend continued even more in 2010s and it just becomes tedious to list all of them.


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      Oh. Oh dear. I didn't realize it was that common an occurrence.


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        Oh it was becoming very common.

        Think this over:

        Elvis Presley went to #1 on the Hot 100 Singles Sales and peaked at #50 with “A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix). A year later, the “Rubberneckin” remix topped the Sales and only went to #94! Without the help of airplay, the sales meant nothing. Pretty comparable to the sales/streaming dilemma of today because the numbers are sales numbers are similar in nature.

        Thats why the Hot 100 and Hot 100 Airplay are virtually identical circa 2004 and 2005.


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          You'd almost start to wonder why the RIAA never started giving out certifications for airplay


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            It's times like this I really wish a Billboard Pro membership would allow me to see defunct charts. I would like to see the Hot Singles Sales charts, as well as the Comprehensive Album chart that ran from 2003-2009, along with other no-longer-updated tabulations of song popularity. But apparently, NOPE: If they're not still making the charts, then it's not worth making that historical info available, even to the people who are actually paying money for chart access.


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              I think somewhere on the Pulse Music Board, there is a weekly #1’s from 1991-2017. I know for a fact the 80’s and 90’s should be on this site since I requested them a couple years back.

              I’m surprised by the way Billboard handles their data. All of that information can be manually put in, but they view as a needless measure and a waste of money. I, for one, believe the Hot 100 Singles Sales and even defunct charts like the Hot Crossover 30 and Compact Discs should be viewable. All of that data is readily available here or on Pulse.


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                I’m slowly posting Comprehensive here so it will be under search. Maybe I should do Hot Single Sales next?
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                  An e-mail I sent to about access to defunct charts got a response saying that they are "working on a solution", but that's a typical corporate response that could just as easily mean nothing.
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