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UK OCC Charts: 15th - 21st May 2020

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    ^ While that might sound unlikely, I think it would be feasible. I'm sure I remember reading when they incorporated video streams into the combined official weekly charts that video streaming data had been compiled since January 2014 when they began measuring audio, six months before it was added alongside traditional sales data. So presumably the archive overall streaming charts have been retro-compiled by adding the audio and video data together, which could account for differences in positions.

    What I've never been able to work out is why the OCC don't extrapolate streaming data - audio at least - back to May 2012, when they began compiling a separate audio streams chart that presumably was based on data from all major streaming sites and one would've assumed was reliable enough to compare with the data compiled from January 2014 onwards? I can only surmise that this assumption is wrong and that somehow the audio data prior to then wasn't considered good enough to be part of the historical canon of streaming data, despite the fact that they'd compiled a chart based on it for 20 months prior. It's almost as if they airbrushed the original stand-alone audio streams chart out of history, albeit that I see it is still accessible on their archive under a separate heading "pre-July 2014 audio streams".