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Las Vegas Residencies (updated 27/10/2019)

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  • Las Vegas Residencies (updated 27/10/2019)

    In March 2002, Celine Dion made a decision that would have a long lasting impact - at the height of her fame, she made a decision that she would move to Las Vegas and commit to a residency (that would eventually begin on March 25th 2003). Not since the heyday of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra had a star of this stature agreed to a Vegas residency - prior to Celine, it was thought of a place where singers go to when their careers are in decline. But Celine changed all of that...

    Step forward, Celine Dion. Credited by many for revolutionising the Vegas residency, the Canadian singer surprised the entertainment world in 2002 when she announced a three-year contract at Caesars Palace. People were staggered, not just by the scale of the deal – performing five nights a week for a total of 600 shows – but also by the simple fact that she was still at the peak of her career.

    In the live music world, Las Vegas was always known as the place where acts went to die – where stars big and small could earn a crust in their twilight years entertaining tourists on the Strip alongside magicians like David Copperfield, or Siegfried and Roy.

    But Dion changed the game, turning residencies from a schmaltzy lounge act into a full theatrical extravaganza with pyrotechnics and Cirque du Soleil dancers. It proved a canny business decision. Suddenly, the Vegas residency looks less like a last chance saloon, more like a legitimate career move.

    “Celine was a pioneer without question,” says Kurt Melien. “Twenty years ago, we couldn’t have got someone the stature of Britney Spears to appear in Vegas. Stars likes her would never have considered it if Celine hadn’t paved the way. She changed the face of modern Vegas.” ... pears.html
    The catalyst for this change, Feldberg argues, was Celine Dion, whose 2003 residency A New Day grossed over $400m in four years. “She really proved that a Vegas residency could be really successful and really profitable in this era.”

    So while a Celine Dion show is hardly comparable to a Jennifer Lopez show, A New Day’s success sent a clear message to established pop stars: instead of schlepping around the country (or the world) you could stay put in one city, live in a nice big mansion nearby with your family, and put on a show that wasn’t restricted by what could fit in a truck

    Just as Celine Dion’s initial success lured in slightly older acts like Cher and Shania Twain, the rise of the EDM DJ has made it easier and less risky for more dance-orientated pop stars such as Britney and J Lo to take up residency. For Otto it’s a case of pop stars not only following a successful model laid out by Dion, but now also “knowing their target audience is already visiting and ready to spend money on unique experiences. Of course selling a Britney ticket to this [dance music] crowd is a much more logical proposition than trying to lure one to Celine or Elton.” ... -nightlife
    Building on Celine's model, countless stars have made a success out of Vegas in the subsequent years - in this topic, we will highlight the 10 biggest grossing Las Vegas acts of the modern era, the biggest boxscores and going forward, we can use the topic to post all future Las Vegas related boxscores. It's taken me some time, but I've compiled all of the data and where shows or legs are missing, I've had to make educated guesswork (which I've highlighted). If you spot any errors, please let me know. Not expecting much interest but please do contribute if you're interested!

    Let's go!

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    * Last updated 27th October 2019.

    Top Drawing Las Vegas Residency Acts of All-Time (by Ticket Sales)

    Highest Grossing Las Vegas Residencies of All-Time

    Highest Grossing Las Vegas Residencies of All-Time (by Average Gross)

    Residencies highlighted in yellow still have dates to go ahead and as such, their numbers will increase in due course.


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      #1 - Celine Dion


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        #2 - Elton John


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          #3 - Cher


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            #4 - Britney Spears


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              #5 - Jennifer Lopez


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                Las Vegas - Residencies Database

                Las Vegas - Smaller Residencies Database


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                  Added in the top 10 + Olivia.

                  Also bits of rankings info.

                  Will beef up with other information later.


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                    Great work!!


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                      ^ Thanks!

                      Britney Spears
                      The Axis at Planet Hollywood
                      Las Vegas, Nev.
                      Aug. 9, 11-12, 16, 18-19, 23, 25-26, 2017
                      34,167 / 39,109
                      9 / 0

                      The Who
                      The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
                      Las Vegas, Nev.
                      July 29, Aug. 1, 4, 7, 9, 11, 2017
                      20,014 / 23,256
                      6 / 0

                      Mariah Carey
                      The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
                      Las Vegas, Nev.
                      July 8-9, 11, 14-15, 18, 2017
                      20,224 / 23,452
                      6 / 0

                      The Axis at Planet Hollywood
                      Las Vegas, Nev.
                      Aug. 2, 4-5, 2017
                      9,391 / 11,605
                      3 / 0

                      Donny & Marie
                      The Showroom at The Flamingo
                      Las Vegas, Nev.
                      Aug. 1-4, 8-12, 2017
                      4,209 / 6,555
                      9 / 0

                      Last week's boxscore data relating to Vegas residencies.

                      Both Britney's and Mariah's boxscores are incorporated into their tallies already.

                      The Who are only performing a six show run but will include them in the next update as it's a mini-residency.


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                        Ricky Martin's "All In" Vegas Residency has 18 shows this year. 12 performed / reported so far. It will probably gross around $6 million.
                        Don't know if he'll add more legs next year.


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                          BSB's done really well IMO.

                          And more legs to come!


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                            jlo won


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                              Originally posted by nympho
                              Ricky Martin's "All In" Vegas Residency has 18 shows this year. 12 performed / reported so far. It will probably gross around $6 million.
                              Don't know if he'll add more legs next year.
                              Thanks, will add him in next update! What we have so far...

                              Leg 1

                              05/04/17-15/04/17 - 19,630 / 21,688 - $1,734,939 (6 shows)

                              Leg 2

                              23/06/17-02/07/17 - 22,992 / 25,610 - $2,120,356 (6 shows)

                              Leg 3

                              12/09/17-23/09/17 - (6 shows)

                              So far: 42,622 / 47,298 - $3,855,295 (12 shows)


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                                (Note for Wayne) Nothing in today's boxscore relating to Vegas.


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                                  This ended up being a much more interesting list than I thought it would! Much has been written about Jennifer Lopez's Vegas averages here - they are eye watering. And so it should come as no surprise that she occupies all of the top 5 - in fact, all of her legs so far sit inside the top 10. It should however be worth noting that her averages are dropping - her most recent leg (leg 6) saw an average per show gross of $758,403 - down 21% compared to the peak (leg 2). Jennifer's average per show gross stands at a record $856,304 to date.

                                  Elton John has the most appearances in the top 50 with a massive 25 appearances (in other words, Elton John has as many appearances as everyone else combined) - Elton is the only other artist to have topped the $800k mark (his all-time highest grossing per show average came way back in 2004 with his very first set of shows which grossed an average of $801,949). Across his 405 shows in Vegas, his average gross is $649,914 - a phenomenal number. His lowest per show average came in 2009 with $536,577.

                                  What about Vegas queen Celine, I hear you all ask? Well hers is less impressive due to the sheer volume of shows and the fact that it hasn't always been a rosy picture for her in Vegas. In the top 50, she has 13 appearances with her highest per show average coming earlier this year in April 2017 when she grossed $714,950 per show across 12 shows - just for clarity, her April shows were just over 15 years after her first Vegas shows. Her all-time Vegas average per show sits at $571,285 - that number has been achieved across 1,051 shows which represents an incredible achievement.

                                  The next act to spotlight here is Britney Spears who has 4 appearances in the top 50 with her top performing series of shows coming in the Christmas/New Year period of 2014 in which she grossed $699,910 across a 4 stretch run (if she'd sold an extra $400 worth of tickets, her average would've topped the $700k mark, placing her in elite company). Her all-time average per show gross is $532,726 - a huge number but one that has declined over time as her boxscore numbers have dwindled.

                                  Only two other acts rank amongst the 3 elite artists above - with one show apiece, both The Backstreet Boys and The Who rank at #16 and #43 respectively. The Backstreet Boys are an interesting act here as their highest per show average came with their last leg (leg 3 - which grossed $716,377) and their numbers have climbed with each leg - moving from $584,760 to $599,908 to $716,377. It doesn't look like we'll get any further shows from The Who but their 6 show mini-residency did good business averaging $659,729 per show.


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                                    Venue Capacities

                                    The Colosseum (Caesars Palace): 4,298
                                    Park Theater (Monte Carlo Resort & Casino): 5,200
                                    The AXIS (Planet Hollywood): 4,600

                                    Venues like The Colosseum, The AXIS and Park Theater can all hold over 4,000 people and gross anywhere between $600,000-$800,000 on a very good night. But there have been occasions where gross figures have been less than that - much less than that actually. We'll look at attendance separately but ultimately what drives your gross figure is your attendance and your ticket price. If demand for your show is high and you can sell the venue out at a high average ticket price, you're a Vegas dream.

                                    Rod Stewart's Vegas residency began in August 2011 - he was brought in to cover the periods of time Celine wouldn't be performing (Celine also returned in 2011 but on a much reduced annual show count). He poses an interesting case as he's never grossed less than $400k per show but of the 15 legs he's performed so far, 9 have seen an average per show gross of less than $500k. His highest set of averages came with leg 2 in 2011 in which he grossed a per show average of $566,530 and his lowest came with leg 6 in 2013 in which he grossed a per show average of $414,626.

                                    With 9 legs, Britney Spears is the next most featured act in the above list - her 9 grosses in the above list are: $412,030, $428,131, $456,432, $458,893, $486,137, $489,838, $490,018, $500,961 and $511,641. These figures comprise 125 shows (55% of the total residency) and $57,982,787 (48% of the total gross thus far) resulting in an average gross of $463,862 for these 9 legs.

                                    Celine has 6 legs feature in the above list but we could potentially discard 4 of them as they were during the early part of the A New Day run (adjusted for inflation, a $480k gross in 2005 is equivalent to a $650k gross in 2017). But ultimately, they are there - they are out of sync with the rest of the run which managed to stay over $500k so they are underperforming legs regardless. Of those 6 legs, 2 of them were however genuinely very poor, occurring during June/July 2013 and December/January 2013/2014 - she grossed $495k and $496k respectively for the 2 legs which given how much she personally makes per show (over $500k per night), were loss making legs.

                                    If you were to ask me who the worst performing major act in Las Vegas was, it'd be either Shania Twain or Bette Midler. Let's start with Bette as she actually does have the worst per show average gross of the modern era (but with good reason) with her 18 show run in August/September 2009 pulling in an average of just $261,564 per show. Her first 4 legs (consisting of 66 shows) produced very good numbers actually; leg 1 polled a per show average of $615,979, leg 2 polled $616,030, leg 3 polled $483,366 and leg 4 polled $503,731 giving an overall average of $539,615 (from a box office totaling $35,614,649). But the inception of her show coincided with the economic recession and the decline in her show figures because of this which can be seen from January 2009 onwards is staggering. Not only did her ticket sales decline but the average price of the tickets that were sold fell by an alarming 27% (going from an average of $152.26 in leg 1 to $110.47 in the final leg). But Bette did at least have the excuse of a recession; her average for the entire residency was $421,238.

                                    Shania Twain didn't have that excuse. Having grossed $43,563,065 during her Vegas residency, from an overall gross perspective, Shania Twain is the 8th most successful act in Las Vegas history. However, that number doesn't give a true reflection of the commercial performance which at times was amongst the worst numbers seen by a Vegas residency act performing in a big venue. In total, Shania performed 10 legs during her residency - 8 of these sit within theh bottom 50 in terms of lowest average per show gross. On two occasions, she's fallen below the $300k mark - at this point, it is highly likely that the Casino is making a substantial loss. I can't fathom why her numbers are so bad to be honest. Shania's average for the entire residency was $414,886.

                                    Other acts featuring are Mariah (with 4 out of 6 legs), Cher (with 4 out of 7 legs) and Ricky Martin (with 2 out of 2 legs). Of the 3 acts, Cher is unquestionably the best performing - her 7 legs for her original Vegas residency averaged: $643,121, $635,429, $497,807, $463,926, $411,890, $455,714 and $586,228 giving an overall average of $507,403. Mariah's 6 Vegas legs averaged: $574,516, $588,929, $503,640, $341,079, $442,977 and $404,477 with an overall average of $478,252. And Ricky Martin's 2 legs have so far averaged: $289,157 and $353,393 with an overall average of $321,275.


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                                      The only relevant Vegas boxscore data this week:

                                      15 Rod Stewart
                                      The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
                                      Las Vegas, Nev.
                                      Aug. 18-19, 22, 26-27, 29, Sept. 2-3, 2017
                                      26,997 / 31,755
                                      8 / 0


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                                        Forget Vegas, New York City Has Become The New Go-To City For Concert Residencies

                                        For decades now, Las Vegas has been the city for musical residencies of all kinds. In just the past few years, the type of artist that heads to Sin City to set up shop has changed, shifting slightly from names like Elton John and Celine Dion, who sell more tickets to older crowds, to current-day pop stars like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, but the idea of residencies has remained a Vegas staple, and that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

                                        But why should the Nevada city have all the fun and own a monopoly on musical residencies? The occasional lengthy engagement has been known to pop up from time to time in other parts of the country, but somewhat recently, another major U.S. metropolis has established itself as a serious attraction for popular artists looking to play to large crowds night after night, but who would love to forgo the rigors of traversing the country, or even the world.

                                        New York City has seen a handful of superstars prove just how popular they are by selling out sizable venues many times over, and their presence shows that a residency can be a hit anywhere.

                                        The contemporary trend began to pick up steam thanks to Billy Joel, who was the perfect man to declare NYC the new home of the must-see residency. The hometown hero has been playing semi-regular shows at Madison Square Garden in between other tour stops around the country on his Billy Joel In Concert trek. His first show took place in January of 2014, and ever since then, he’s returned often, playing 44 shows so far, with plenty more on the way. In fact, the venue itself officially named the piano man the first-ever music franchise of “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” placing him alongside Big Apple staples like the New York Knicks, the Rangers and the Liberty.

                                        The announcement claims that he will put on “a show a month, as long as there is demand,” which may never end. According to a release posted on his website, the Grammy winner has already sold 800,000 tickets to his MSG concerts, and he shows no sign of slowing down.

                                        Billy Joel’s success in New York City may not come as a total shock (though his numbers are quite impressive), but even some acts one might never think right for a residency in America’s largest city have been able to make it work. Jam band titans Phish recently wrapped their Bakers Dozen shows, and they had no difficulty selling out 13 concerts, also at Madison Square Garden. Despite the fact that the group has never scored a serious hit single, hundreds of thousands turned out this summer for the hours-long showings, and now that they’ve managed this latest accomplishment, fellow groups that maintain cult followings may attempt to repeat that feat.

                               ... 5356514962
                                        Interesting! Looking at his boxscore data, not a single Madison Square Garden boxscore has been released! However, his average ticket price tends to hover between $110-$120 - assuming this, 800,000 tickets sold (across 44 shows) would represent a gross of between $88m-$96m - a seriously impressive sum of money.


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                                          The Residency concept is expanding and becoming popular in other cities, Billy Joel is pulling it in New york, and Cher is doing Residency shows in Washington DC.

                                          I think its matter of time for other major acts to start doing them often in cities like Los Angeles or even London.

                                          Las Vegas seems too cliche now to be honest. The format would feel "fresher" in other cities now.
                                          Britney Spears . Michael Jackson . Madonna . Metallica . Radiohead . Led Zeppelin . Oasis . Beyoncé . Soda Stereo


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                                            So she wants to do a residency basically - a concept that Celine has owned for the last 15 years.

                                            Anyway, I do think the concept will evolve - what Billy Joel is doing (1 show in a 20,000 seat arena per month indefinitely) and what Prince did at the O2 (a consecutive run of shows) - these are great ideas and will give fans a unique insight to their favourite artists.

                                            I love the idea of a traveling residency.


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                                              Mariah's new residency in Vegas (AIWFCIY)... cannot wait for the stats.
                                              My Chart


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                                                Originally posted by Wayne

                                                So she wants to do a residency basically - a concept that Celine has owned for the last 15 years.

                                                Anyway, I do think the concept will evolve - what Billy Joel is doing (1 show in a 20,000 seat arena per month indefinitely) and what Prince did at the O2 (a consecutive run of shows) - these are great ideas and will give fans a unique insight to their favourite artists.

                                                I love the idea of a traveling residency.
                                                Sure, she's totally copying Celine'so original concept of a residency ... Only not.
                                                "Complaining is an advertisement for stupidity"


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                                                  Originally posted by Wayne

                                                  So she wants to do a residency basically - a concept that Celine has owned for the last 15 years.
                                                  You obviously know she was talking about the artistic part .... The innovation will be at how she presents the show not the residency


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                                                    Be good to see what she manages to come up with then!


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                                                      No Vegas boxscores for last week.

                                                      Some more acts to add to the database - Lionel Richie, Ricky Martin and The Who!


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                                                        Vegas boxscores for this week...

                                                        3 Cher
                                                        The Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
                                                        Las Vegas, Nev.
                                                        Aug. 2, 4-5, 9, 11-12, 16, 18-19, 2017
                                                        30,768 / 37,800
                                                        9 / 0

                                                        This takes Cher's Vegas boxscore for the current residency to $13,636,129, with 97,150 tickets sold out of 115,139 tickets put on sale across 25 shows. The averages break down thus:

                                                        Gross per show: $545,445
                                                        Ticket sales sold per show: 3,886
                                                        Ticket sales on sale per show: 4,605

                                                        This takes Cher's total Vegas boxscores across her two residencies of the modern era to $111,057,427, which remains the 4th highest sum (behind Britney, Elton and Celine).


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                                                          You shouldn't have used JPGs for the artists' box score totals, but plain text in order to update them with time. Just saying cause jpegs can easily be shared elsewhere and if outdated may cause confusion.
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                                                            Originally posted by alfiebot
                                                            You shouldn't have used JPGs for the artists' box score totals, but plain text in order to update them with time. Just saying cause jpegs can easily be shared elsewhere and if outdated may cause confusion.
                                                            I've already stated I will update once per quarter.

                                                            If they get used elsewhere and without credit, they deserved to be outdated anyway.