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  • A new chart blog

    Hi all! Just wanted to draw attention to my own chart blog. It's in its early stages right now, but, work permitting, I'm going to update it as often as I can. It's more of a historic thing, won't be too much in a way of anything current, but hope there are people who may be interested in such things.

    The blog's address is:

    Here you can read what to expect from it:

    Here's a guide to the charts I use, with short histories of them:

    Of course, I'll still be posting here, the blog is an outlet for my chart-related obsessions

    So welcome, hope it all will be of interest.
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    Looks interesting. Will browse at the weekend.


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      I will check!


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        Thanks, guys! There not much yet, but hope the blog will grow with time.

        Wanted to add that I'm happy to assist with information, so feel free with any inquiries.


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          If you want to use any of the PDF files shown on my site on your blog, you can. I use PDF archive for them. Link below. This is a free site and allows you to upload lots of PDF files of very large size, plus never removes them, though you can. It will provide you with the links to do so.
          If you search for Graham Appleyard on it, my files will appear. This saves time in searching my blog for the PDF files.
          Most software can create PDF files, or you can get PDF 24 (which is free) and all you have to do is go to print on any program you use and change from your normal printer to PDF 24, this will then create a PDF file of your document.
          PDF files I found are much easy to download and not everyone has Microsoft Word.

          Education for anyone aged 12 to 16 has made a mess of the world!


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            That's great!
            Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll


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              Guys, just wanted to let you know I posted a chartography for Yazoo on my blog. Have a look


              Graham, thank you for the offer! We'll see
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                Just posted a chartography for Alphaville - welcome



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                  Slowly coming back to the forum - and here's a (sadly) timely post about The Cars (and its members) worldwide chart achievements:


                  Also, as I missed informing about it, here's the chart collection for A Flock of Seagulls (hopefully somebody still remembers them):




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                    A new entry on the blog (not as fast-updated, unfortunately, due to me being busy) - this time about Art of Noise:


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                      Hi Passing_Strang,

                      I have the NME album chart book so can give you the info for the artists you've done so far:

                      Art of Noise

                      Who's Afraid of... 26/1/85 #18 8 weeks

                      In Visible Silence 26/4/86 #28 6 weeks

                      In No Sense Nonsense 17/10/87 #39 1 week

                      The Cars

                      The Cars 3/3/79 #27 1 week

                      Candy-O 21/7/79 #24 4 weeks

                      Heartbeat City 13/10/84 #40 6 weeks
                      17/8/85 #19 9 weeks

                      Greatest Hits 9/11/85 #17 5 weeks

                      Door to Door 12/9/87 #38 2 weeks

                      A Flock of Seagulls

                      A Flock of Seagulls 25/12/83 #19 2 weeks

                      Listen 7/5/83 #13 5 weeks

                      Story of a Young Heart 1/9/84 #29 5 weeks


                      Upstairs at Eric's 11/9/82 #1(1) 17 weeks

                      You and Me Both 16/7/83 #2 15 weeks

                      Talk Talk

                      The Party's Over 11/9/82 #26 2 weeks

                      It's My Life 25/2/84 #23 3 weeks

                      The Colour of Spring 1/3/86 #4 10 weeks


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                        From Nanda Lwin's Canadian singles chart book:

                        Art of Noise

                        Peter Gunn 21/7/86 #14 14 weeks
                        Paranoimia 27/10/86 #35 3 weeks
                        Kiss 27/2/89 #27 7 weeks


                        Let's Go 19/9/79 #12 12 weeks (CRIA charts)
                        Touch and Go 1/11/80 #18 2 weeks (CBC charts)
                        Shake It Up 20/2/82 #6 12 weeks (CBC charts)
                        You Might Think 7/5/84 #10 14 weeks
                        Magic 27/8/84 #21 9 weeks
                        Drive 29/10/84 #5 18 weeks
                        Tonight She Comes 3/2/86 #39 2 weeks

                        A Flock of Seagulls

                        I Ran 11/9/82 #19 4 weeks (CBC charts)
                        Wishing 20/6/83 #16 7 weeks

                        Talk Talk

                        It's My Life 28/5/84 #37 5 weeks
                        Life's What You Make It 19/5/86 #34 5 weeks

                        Charts from The Record except where indicated.
                        Dates are for peak positions.


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                          Metalweb, thank you very much for all this info - much appreciated! Hopefully you'll be able to contribute in future, too. By the way, I'm going to restart posting very soon, so please visit again


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                            No problem, Passing_Strang

                            I'll also post the Canadian info for the singles on your 80s One Hit Wonders thread.


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                              Yes, please! I'm going to revisit it soon, adding the missing info - so your contributions will be most welcome


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                                Finally got around to updating the blog. A new entry - Nik Kershaw:


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                                  Slowly going forward. This time - Bronski Beat:


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                                    A new post - about Dead or Alive, would you believe it (no, not only "YSMR"!):


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                                      ABC next -