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    Hi guys, long time no see! A new entry on the blog, this time - Adam Ant!


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      Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) has certainly had an interesting career. In 1977 he formed Adam & The Ants as a punk band and then signed to probably the worst label at the time for a punk act - Decca Records. The band then moved to Do It Records and signed former Sex Pistols svengali Malcolm McLaren as manager. Looking for a new musical direction Goddard asked McLaren for some ideas. McLaren played to Goddard the minor 1971 UK chart hit 'Burundi Black' by Burundi Steiphenson Black and suggested Goddard look into the idea of having multiple drummers while maintaining a rock / punk sound. Goddard set about writing songs only to promptly lose his Ants when McLaren persuaded them to rename themselves Bow Wow Wow! McLaren based the Bow Wow Wow sound around the Burundi sound as did Adam and his new Ants.

      In 1980 and early 1981 Adam & The Ants had a mass appeal, appealing to both males and females but then he repositioned himself to a teenage female audience. His music, so good on the 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier' album then became pure pantomime for the follow up album, 'Prince Charming'

      Goddard then set about changing his direction again only to find that the band weren't as inspired so he disbanded the Ants and went solo with the excellent 'Goody Two Shoes'. It must have been a last minute decision as the initial pressings of the 'Goody Two Shoes' single are actually credited to Adam & The Ants including a rare picture disc single.

      Then for Goddard his problems started. His popularity began to fade and his health began to suffer. Over the next few years he battled mental health problems and was forced to temporarily retire from the industry before returning in 1990. His chameleon like character even inspired a song to be written about him. In late 1982 the Human League released a single called 'Mirror Man' leading to music fans and the music press trying to work out who the song was about. In 1988 Phil Oakey, lead singer of the Human League, revealed he had written the song about Stuart Goddard. Oakey had become concerned that Goddard was starting to believe in his own publicity and was in danger of losing touch with reality. Oakey then added that he hadn't revealed this at the time to as he wanted to avoid offending Goddard as he realised Goddard did have problems.


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        I've always contended Adam & The Ants would have had four Number One singles, rather than just two, had John Lennon not been murdered.

        The top of the charts in early 1981 were clogged with Lennon tracks that clearly wouldn't have been there but for his death. Antmusic was one of several tracks (the others were Jona Lewie's Stop The Cavalry, Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight and Vienna by Ultravox) that were prevented from reaching the top. Then Roxy Music's Lennon tribute, Jealous Guy, kept Kings of the Wild Frontier off the top!


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          Yes, that was an unfortunate turn of the events in 1981, in every way imaginable. How much better the count of No. 1s would've looked without it! Though I remember a discussion on, if my memory doesn't fail me, Freaky Trigger where people argued that the list of No. 2 hits is vastly superior to No. 1s and may even be a truer representative of the state of popular music, as No. 1 is a combination of people who love music + people who don't usually buy records but are somehow prompted to do so by external events. Interesting point of view.

          With Ant I feel the problem was his decision to bland out, and fast. Even "Friend of foe" is so-so, with some awfully mainstream elements, and "Strip" is barely listenable. Perhaps he wanted to be another music chameleon like Bowie or misguidedly wanted to appeal to wider audience, or maybe it was a result of a burn-out from previous hectic years and resulting lack of vision, but that backfired badly. Though every hero of such stature is destined to fall, but in his case that fall could've been slower...


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            NME album charts:

            Kings of the Wild Frontier

            22/11/80 1(15) 46 weeks

            Dirk Wears White Sox

            24/1/81 17 9 weeks

            Prince Charming

            14/11/81 1(2) 13 weeks

            Friend Or Foe

            23/10/82 4 4 weeks


            19/11/83 14 5 weeks

            Vive Le Rock

            14/9/85 27 2 weeks

            Manners and Physique

            24/3/90 27 3 weeks

            Antmusic - The Very Best of Adam Ant

            28/3/93 6 7 weeks


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              Originally posted by Metalweb View Post
              NME album charts:
              Thank you very much, great addition us usual. Interesting how in all "alternative: charts Prince Charming actually got to the top while in the official in was blocked by Queen, if I'm not mistaken. Judging by Smash Hits, it was a bit of a big deal then...

              By the way, can you please also post NME LP info for Human League and Kraftwerk, if that's not too much trouble? Would like to add that to my chartographies


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                HUMAN LEAGUE


                7.6.80 14 3 weeks
                5.9.81 15 4 weeks


                24.10.81 1(9) 31 weeks


                19.5.84 2 12 weeks


                20.9.86 10 5 weeks

                Greatest Hits

                12.11.88 3 11 weeks

                Romantic ?

                29.9.90 28 2 weeks



                24.5.75 5 10 weeks

                Computer World

                23.5.81 7 5 weeks
                27.2.82 19 1 week

                The Man Machine

                6.2.82 5 6 weeks

                Trans-Europe Express

                13.2.82 22 2 weeks

                Electric Café

                23.11.86 40 2 weeks

                The Mix

                22.6.91 10 4 weeks


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                  Passing_Strang commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Thank you so much!

                  Not to bother you too much, but there were also a remix project under the title League Unlimited Orchestra and Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder album. Can you please check them too?

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                League Unlimited Orchestra - Love & Dance

                17/7/82 3 13wks

                Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

                10/8/85 30 4wks


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                  I'm very slow on the updates, but here's a couple more on the blog:

                  RAI Top Parade chart collection -

                  Johnny hates Jazz chartography -