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Italy: Charts, Books and so on. Summary

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    Thank you very much! Looks great and there are already some surprising entries! Never thought, say, A Flock of Seagulls or ABC had any kind of impact in Italy Nice stuff, love it!


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      Just received the M&D monthly charts book (along with the M&D album charts book I didn't buy earlier). Fantastic stuff for those who care about those things, lots of surprising entries - even apart from the weekly charts. I'm having lots of fun with it and recommend to everybody


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        Well impressed!

        I ordered the two M&D charts books (singles/albums) on amazon's Italian site (with a little help from google translate), and two days later they arrived at my home in the UK.

        I've only had a quick look, but both books are very clear and well laid out ~ I highly recommend them!


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          Originally posted by me View Post
          For the first time a book based on the monthly charts of Musica & Dischi is released. In general, the weekly charts were always examined. But Musica & Dischi is a monthly magazine and the charts published in the magazine were almost always monthly charts. Other times they were the weekly charts (of the last week before the magazine was released) but extended to a greater number of positions. For example, when in 1966 the weekly charts stopped at 15 positions, the monthly charts had 60 positions. And when, in the 2000s, the weekly charts had 50 positions, the monthly ones had 100. This means that in this volume there are hundreds and hundreds of songs that never entered the weekly charts.
          A similar volume has just been released concerning the albums. For more than ten years the weekly charts had 25 or 50 positions. The monthly charts had 100 positions. So there are many Artists that never entered in the weekly charts: Ash, Art of Noise, B-52’s, Sara Bareilles, Blow Monkeys, Brand New Heavies and many many others. In this book there are 2864 Artists and 13473 albums. It means 700 Artists e 3700 Albums more than in the weekly charts. The first 100 pages can be downloaded here: The full book is available here:
          italian charts: (old web site) (will be out on next months)


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            Just bought the singles one. Looks like it will fill in a lot of holes. Thanks.