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    Some of you know of a web tool that I created a month ago when BB removed their good old biz site and replaced it with the new interface that was ultimately found by many to be unreadable, uninformative, distracting and generally boggy. The tool is capable of converting charts to text, old biz or Excel format. The tool was originally discussed in one of the weekly BB topics.

    Here is the link

    Today BB introduced a paywall, which is not actually a real paywall, so the tool still works with no issues (at least for now). However, now that the paywall is introduced, we cannot treat the charts as public any more, so I'm not really comfortable with freely exposing the tool that effectively allows anyone to bypass the wall. Further more, I think we need to try to keep low profile on the ridiculuos fact that BB IT department is so incompetent they can't actually remove the charts from html code. I'm kinda hoping they are not going to fix it. Of course the chance that BB stumbles on the tool is extremely low, unless they are specifically reading this forum, but we absolutely must not get in their way with the business they are doing. I personally greatly respect the company for all their legacy, and despite some of their moves do not make me happy, I relaize that's life, so if they are not willing to take feedback from people who really care about the charts, they must have their reasons for that. This is why now I've actually put the tool under the password protection. I do not mean this tool to be publicly available - I made it for myself and for the people on this forum. So how do you get the password? Just PM me, and I will give it to you.

    Further on, I think we should use this thread to continue discussion on the tool. I've received a couple of suggestions in PM, for some of which I ultimately failed to action because I started designing another thing instead, which I will announce separately some time in the future. But if anyone really needs an improvement on the current tool, or wants to give me a refresher on a request that I've been ignoring, feel free to do it here.

    One thing that I've recently improved the tool with is the selection from a (partial) list of charts and the date selection which is now limited to 4 latest weeks. Let me try to explain the reasons for the limitations in a separate comment. They are not technical limitations. Maybe now that the tool is password protected, we can drop some of the limitations.
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    PM sent


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      Would appreciate a password for your chart converter. It is an excellent tool.


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        I got notified that the tool stopped working for Billboard 200.

        It seems that Billboard made another interface change for some of the charts, in particular for Hot 100 and Billboard 200. These charts actually look so much better now. The underlying html code has changed, that's why the tool stopped working for these charts.

        Note that these 2 charts (Hot 100 and Billboard 200) actually have 2 different views under 2 different URLs. This was always the case, although previously the design differences were minor. Hot 100 is available under hot-100 (seems to be a public version) and the-billboard-hot-100 (a biz version, which is still unchanged). My tool lists the-billboard-hot-100
        in the dropdown, so that still works, and if you use this URL format when pasting it also works. Billboard 200 is available under billboard-200 (public) and the-billboard-200 (biz). My tool previously listed billboard-200 in the dropdown, which now doesn't work (I will write a new parser for this format on a weekend, although now that the chart looks so much better, there's probably no real reason to make a conversion any more). I have changed the dropdown to show the-billboard-200, which still works. You can also use that url format when pasting.


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          Also note that at this very moment there seems to be some general slowness and occasional errors when using the tool. Let's wait and see if it's a temporary thing.