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Mainshow Goes Diva: Kylie Minogue #2 + #1

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  • Originally posted by Mainshow View Post
    OMG!!!!!! I feel you! I am about to turn 27 later this week and I'm already "afraid" of getting closer to that 30 milestone. It makes you reflect on your life (not thinking about death or anything).
    Happy (belated) Birthday!! Hope it had you feeling fierce and mighty, like a golden boy, an Aphrodite (all right).

    • OoOh, not the duet/collabo I was expecting! Admittedly, I don't re-visit "Where The Wild Roses Grow" often, but it's a great example of Kylie's artistic experimentation in the mid-to-late-90's, and shows just how far outside her previous sounds/styles she was willing to go.
    • Having become a Kylie fan during the Fever era, I remember being shocked and horrified when I logged onto her official site, heard "Slow" playing, and discovered that I was listening to the lead single from her next project I'd been expecting/hoping for Fever Part 2 (AKA more brilliant dance-pop gems), but "Slow" ventured into hypnotic, electro-pop territory instead. Over time, its more subtle charms grew on me in a big way, and it now stands as one of my favorite Kylie tracks too. I didn't know she's referred to it as her favorite song across her entire career, but it's a fitting pick!
    • Speaking of Kylie's experimental 90's eras from above, "Confide In Me" really kicked off that phase of her career with a stark contrast to her PWL material. Without a trace of upbeat pop, "Confide In Me" features that gorgeous mix of sweeping strings, almost spoken-vocal verses, and haunting, ballad-like chorus. Although I've struggled to appreciate some of Kylie's left-field choices over the years (like "2 Hearts"), "Confide In Me" proves how she can stray far away from pop/dance and still deliver something utterly stunning.
    • I remember first hearing the "All The Lovers" chorus when someone uploaded an extremely brief, low-quality video from the set of the song's music video on YouTube. As soon as I heard the way Kylie sang the word "loverRrs", I was HOOKED! I played that clip over and over again, eagerly anticipating the song in full, studio quality. "All The Lovers" went on to become my No. 1 hit of 2010, and remains her most-Scrobbled track on my Fascinating trivia about the video censorship!

    Such an absolutely fabulous countdown that did Kylie justice, Mainshow Thanks for taking us on this ride!


    • Confide In Me is brilliant, but the video disappointed me. I had visions of Kylie in an eastern country with camels and exotic dancing...

      All The Lovers is my all time favorite Kylie song. The video made me love it even more. Great to see it's your favorite as well.
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      • I wanted to see "2 Hearts" here.
        From your top 10 I don't like only one song (the winner)
        My celebrity crushes : Monika Sedziuviene, Kristina Ivanova (YVA).
        In my head I like to imagine LastDreamer in the land of Lithuania right now with a suitcase of simcards, a box of chocolates and a wedding ring. It would be a great base for an epic Eurovision fan fiction.


        • "Timebomb" is a bop! It's the first Kylie single I experienced. Kylie is ageless in the video. "On a Night Like This" is classic Kylie. It's one of her songs that I adored on the first spin.

          "Dancing" is okay, but "Raining Glitter" is the true star of that Golden album. "Your Disco Needs You" is the campest song ever...which automatically qualifies it as one of my all-time favourite anthems. I remember when Paul introduced me to it a few years back, it was #1 on my chart for 10 days straight.

          "Where the Wild Roses Grow" is beautiful! I'm happy to see you included it here. "Slow" is okay. I was never crazy about it.

          I find "Confide in Me" to be deeply therapeutic. It's one of those songs I can have on repeat for hours and just lose myself in. "All the Lovers" is similar, but even better. It's sleek, vulnerable, even a bit sexy. It represents Kylie's image and sound superbly, and makes for a great #1!

          Great top 10!

          Originally posted by Mainshow View Post
          I'm so glad that my countdown gave you the opportunity to discover a new track! That's awesome and thank you for checking out my #10 and #9 places of Kylie's singles! - Personally, I think that "Flower" is somehow Kylie's own "Someday (I Will Understand)" - both songs dealing with the desire of becoming a mother - in different ways - but both songs are personal, intimate and gentle. Both music videos being black/white might have helped to draw that conclusion, though.

          Yeah, "In Your Eyes" is 100% Kylie sound. It's surprising that you didn't love it immediately.
          Apt comparison! Kylie's song is actually pretty good, though.
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          • [MENTION=32891]Mainshow[/MENTION] where did you read Slow was Kylie's favorite song from her own catalogue?
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            • I feared for that number 1, but somehow I knew it. I don't like All the lovers, I think it was one week in my charts or so and then fell out. It's the only song I don't like from Aphrodite.

              Confide in me is a masterpiece though, perfect song in my opinion.
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              • So... the first time I ever heard Confide in Me was this summer because it came up in the countdown I did, and I really like dit - I thought the vocals were so hypnotizing and I liked the "dark pop" aspect of it.

                All the Lovers is a great #1! It's one of just a handful of Kylie tracks that I've ever had in my personal chart.

                Looking forward to your next top 10


                • Amazing #1, it has solidified itself as a Kylie iconic classic and is always a highlight of her live sets.

                  Shame Spinning Around, Devil and CGYOOMH missed your top 10!
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